Longest Play From Every NFL Season (2000-2017)

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16 avril 2018




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Matt Your mom
Matt Your mom Il y a 14 jours
He said he did that on the redskins... did he mean the Washington football team
Tyse Feldmann
Tyse Feldmann Il y a 22 jours
4:46 it looks like the ref is the one talking
FunManChilli Il y a 11 mois
Dylan Orebaugh
Dylan Orebaugh Il y a 11 mois
I’m so proud of my ravens 😭
DraVn SniPe
DraVn SniPe Il y a an
Bruh second highlight sounded so glitchy
Skol Vikings
Skol Vikings Il y a an
The ravens know something that we don’t
E G Il y a an
Baltimore has a lot of the plays
Keegan Allan
Keegan Allan Il y a an
Ed reed again
Victor Perez
Victor Perez Il y a an
Where the ug is Seattle Seahawks you suck
31- PEOPLE Il y a an
EXE timesss TimeForGamers16
I’m a Baltimore fan and I gotta say they were pretty good
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention Il y a 2 ans
The moral of the story: it helps to have Ray Lewis in front of you when you try and run it out from nine yards deep in the end zone.
Ronal Alcantara
Ronal Alcantara Il y a 2 ans
6:06 "And Brad Childress you could fry an egg on the top of his head" LoL
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd Il y a 2 ans
Chris Berman FTW
Brendan McKeeby
Brendan McKeeby Il y a 2 ans
More announcers need to integrate the "Wop!" into their analysis
Alexo Chromatic
Alexo Chromatic Il y a 2 ans
Jesus! Those Ravens will make you run. 5 or 6 plays for them. A good handful for NFC north, too.
MYKOL TRACY Il y a 2 ans
rip them
TheBlindCanadianCat Il y a 2 ans
I miss Jacoby Jones.
Alex Tejeda
Alex Tejeda Il y a 2 ans
We gonna act like 9:46 isn't two guys blocking one guy in the back and not get flagged?!
PanthersWatch Il y a 2 ans
Do Multi Turnover plays. (Where a team fumbles or throws a pick then the other team fumbles)
Aubrey Parker
Aubrey Parker Il y a 2 ans
watching some of these make me miss Boomer on ESPN
Team Falcon
Team Falcon Il y a 2 ans
I been watching this channel for a very long time
Yeet Sarapas
Yeet Sarapas Il y a 2 ans
0:53 #roboquality
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention Il y a 2 ans
It's alright. It was Cincinnati and Tennessee in 2001. No one was watching it anyway...
Kawaii Leonard
Kawaii Leonard Il y a 2 ans
I still can’t believe the Bears had two 108 yard field goal return touchdowns in consecutive years, I remember I thought it was surreal the first time it happened, but then it just happens the next 2 years lol.
Grant Cherry
Grant Cherry Il y a 2 ans
SmilesPlace Il y a 2 ans
First play touchdowns
Zane Pool
Zane Pool Il y a 2 ans
Yeah go Vikings
Zane Pool
Zane Pool Il y a 2 ans
Go Vikings
Zane Pool
Zane Pool Il y a 2 ans
Go Vikings I’m a big Vikings fan let’s go Vikings skol
Chris L
Chris L Il y a 2 ans
can you do a 'times where a player's penis fell out during the 40 yard dash at the draft combine' compilation?
Jackson Mettey
Jackson Mettey Il y a 2 ans
9:50 that’s a pretty fast ref he kept up a little
Flex Sinn
Flex Sinn Il y a 2 ans
What about 100 yard pick 6 by Xavier roghdes
RaVe Mart
RaVe Mart Il y a 2 ans
What we learned from this video is that the ravens are good at creating long plays
ThatGeekWill Il y a 2 ans
Wow so many Ravens plays!
jermed2001 Il y a 2 ans
Step Child
Step Child Il y a 2 ans
Fun to watch! Cool video
BoomBoomPowe Il y a 2 ans
Hey you should do longest in terms of time (if you can). For example the longest play in NFL history is the Saints' Relay play and ... well we all know how that turned out
jisung Il y a 2 ans
No Seahawks?☹☹
I would like to see a longest offensive plays version
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler Il y a 2 ans
Love the vid but that was not the longest played by the Chiefs the longest play by the Chiefs was in 2015 against the Texans in the Wild Card but still a very good vid😉
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler Il y a 2 ans
Highlight Heaven David Johnson plays for the Cardinals
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler Il y a 2 ans
Highlight Heaven the human joystick
Kaeden Wheeler
Kaeden Wheeler Il y a 2 ans
Highlight Heaven it was 😱 omg
Highlight Heaven
Highlight Heaven Il y a 2 ans
nope, the chiefs one was 106 yards while david johnson's was 108
Its yo boy 5 gum
Its yo boy 5 gum Il y a 2 ans
Ravens all over this list..................RAVENS NATION
stlcardinals251 Il y a 2 ans
2:19 absolute WORST person you could imagine blocking you
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Il y a 2 ans
2:23 was an illegal hit by Lewis.
BH _VINCENT#21 Il y a 2 ans
Great video your videos are amazing and interesting keep up the good work
ZealKingdom Il y a 2 ans
Sounds like Chris Berman is talking into a fan on the second clip.
Ruby O
Ruby O Il y a 2 ans
Longest fumble return from every NFL team please
itsJoshPlayz Il y a 2 ans
3:00 A Summary of the Browns
*_-12054life-_* Il y a 2 ans
Nathan Vasher. That's a name I havent heard of in years
Caveman Hikes
Caveman Hikes Il y a 2 ans
When I die, I want to go to highlight heaven.
Hoff Il y a 2 ans
If I didn't know any better, judging by this video I would've guessed you were a Ravens fan!
James James
James James Il y a 2 ans
For entertainment purposes only, but has adds, and gets add revenue 😂😂. Hella copyright
Hoff Il y a 2 ans
*Highlight Heaven* I'm gonna recommend this on all of your videos I watch. Most broken tackles in a single run, with the option of doing it for every NFL team. Also, please pin this comment so more people back this idea!
Luckiest play for each nfl team plz!!!
Brandon Reck
Brandon Reck Il y a 2 ans
2:48 RIP ankles
tyrer maxwell
tyrer maxwell Il y a 2 ans
dat boy fell flat on the ground
Dare Benji
Dare Benji Il y a 2 ans
Brandon Reck he fell like WHOOP 😭
shararcion Il y a 2 ans
that was pretty defensive
Brandon Reck
Brandon Reck Il y a 2 ans
Julian Shipp J.R. That’s kinda stupid. It saves you 5 letters, that’s it. 😂
Julian Shipp Jr
Julian Shipp Jr Il y a 2 ans
Brandon Reck that's what fr means
Ravens awesome
Abel Leyva
Abel Leyva Il y a 2 ans
I miss the Al Michaels John Madden combo
JD_ 1823
JD_ 1823 Il y a 2 ans
Stupid thumbnail
Sports Brawls
Sports Brawls Il y a 2 ans
Back when the bears had a fucking VENOMOUS special teams.
sung john
sung john Il y a 2 ans
How about best christmas moments
Chris Li Loia
Chris Li Loia Il y a 2 ans
As a HUGE Arizona Cardinals fan I must say... #1...the very beginning of this video = AWESOME! Go Aneas Williams!!! #2...6:13 = the great rookie season of David Johnson!!! ... but #3 = the terrible special teams from the Cardinals! ...the video started sooooo feuding good but ended sooooo badly!
Al. Ben.
Al. Ben. Il y a 2 ans
#RavensFlock this is one hell of a list
Carruthless1 Gaming
Carruthless1 Gaming Il y a 2 ans
my boy edd reed best safety ever
The irony of 2015 - 2016 😂😂😂
PyroPongerVG Il y a 2 ans
13 seconds into the video and the ref is already getting in the way
Topher Il y a 2 ans
First first one for each franchise team NFL
I Don't Know-Aupc
I Don't Know-Aupc Il y a 2 ans
That GOAT in the Thumbnail 😎 Perfect
Brandon Petrovia
Brandon Petrovia Il y a 2 ans
It felt like they were all ravens clips...
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods Il y a 2 ans
every tom brady or russell wilson interception
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention Il y a 2 ans
+Jeffret Woods Tom Brady gas played nearly twenty years...Do you know how long that video would be if they showed each play in its entirety? Probably close to two hours.
Ragen Morrison
Ragen Morrison Il y a 2 ans
Bro I remeber when he only had 20k those where the days
Ragen Morrison
Ragen Morrison Il y a 2 ans
Major games where underdog won
Bud Grant
Bud Grant Il y a 2 ans
"You could fry an egg on the top of his head!" Favorite call.
kyle clark
kyle clark Il y a 2 ans
Please do balls caught by two players at the same time or balls ripped out of players hands on the way down
Chris Negley
Chris Negley Il y a 2 ans
This makes me miss jacoby on the ravens man
Eternal Nick
Eternal Nick Il y a 2 ans
3:40 when you have been waiting to go to the carnival all day but you find out that it’s closed...
xevan Il y a 2 ans
Fake Spikes
Omar Proa
Omar Proa Il y a 2 ans
Bad plays that some athletes got away with?
Maurice Young
Maurice Young Il y a 2 ans
REEEEEEED!!! R.I.P Stuart Scott.
Iziah De La Torre
Iziah De La Torre Il y a 2 ans
Do best play from every year
Juan El Bean
Juan El Bean Il y a 2 ans
Every pass thrown in the nfl
ThatGuyYouKnow Il y a 2 ans
So many good plays and im just wondering how brent celek isnt done yet
Aksel Valenzuela
Aksel Valenzuela Il y a 2 ans
Boy do I miss football season! Baseball, basketball etc aren’t as close to being as good as Football
Redskinsman10 Il y a 2 ans
Dammit. We lost that Cardinals game by 1 point. If we had stopped him, we win.
Anonymous Il y a 2 ans
The NFC North are in a lot of these
Kyle Grunert
Kyle Grunert Il y a 2 ans
Tom Coughlin’s teams always giving up special teams touchdowns 😂
Jacob Motzel
Jacob Motzel Il y a 2 ans
Am I the only one who thinks Randall Cobb’s punt return is one of the most amazing returns ever.
Jacob Motzel
Jacob Motzel Il y a 2 ans
Shortest play from every NFL team from 2000-2017. Idk if there’s many more then 1 yard tho lol. Nice video tho!
Uncultured swine
Uncultured swine Il y a 2 ans
Do the best team play by every college football division (SEC)🏈
Wearemadrid Il y a 2 ans
Longest kick of every season
Noah Lochran
Noah Lochran Il y a 2 ans
Where is the James Harrison highlight tape?
Jack Whitehead
Jack Whitehead Il y a 2 ans
Do the longest LASTING plays
e. Il y a 2 ans
I miss the old ravens. Now none of their receivers can catch nor get open and flacco can barely throw more than 2 yards
Maurice Young
Maurice Young Il y a 2 ans
FaxMachine 14 you aint laying lol
FlyontheWall412 Il y a 2 ans
Every teams first championship? (For whatever sport you choose)
janthony1101 Il y a 2 ans
ravens dominated this list, i love it
Fearless WR11
Fearless WR11 Il y a 26 jours
Not really
Itz J J
Itz J J Il y a 28 jours
Yeah go Baltimore baby
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Il y a 2 ans
sad that's the only thing they can dominate
Maurice Young
Maurice Young Il y a 2 ans
janthony1101 REEEEEEEED
Alfredo B
Alfredo B Il y a 2 ans
Forgot cowboys
spritz19 Il y a 2 ans
Can you do a video on home crowds booing their home team?
Jake Huizar
Jake Huizar Il y a 2 ans
Best play from every #2 overall since 2000 in draft and beyond that
JMP 2319
JMP 2319 Il y a 2 ans
My God!!! Ray Lewis killed that man.
byrongammon byrongammon
@Maurice Young ....savage comment.
DonDa1 Il y a 2 ans
Made me jump out of ny bed when i seen that hit. JESUS!!
Maurice Young
Maurice Young Il y a 2 ans
John Mark Prestridge wouldn't be his 1st haha
Duke OfOmnium
Duke OfOmnium Il y a 2 ans
When I saw the field goal attempt, I thought, "surely 57 yards wasn't the longest play of that season." And then the attempt was run back for a 108-yard touchdown, so never mind. I was prepared for the other field goal misses.
kane Il y a 2 ans
David Anaya II
David Anaya II Il y a 2 ans
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