Logic - Aquarius III

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Listen to No Pressure:
Logic - Aquarius III (Official Music Video)
Director: Justin Fleischer/JT Clemente
DP: JT Clemente
Producer: Justin Fleischer
Produced by Logic, 6ix, Gravez, and 2forwOyNE
#NoPressure #Logic




28 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Shane Skorupski
Shane Skorupski Il y a 18 minutes
Never Been, The Glorious Five, & Aquarius III. Some of the most powerful words ever spoken.
H Il y a heure
"Everybody" and "The Incredible True Story" was still 2 of the best albums I've ever heard in my life. Can't wait for the next one.
Death The Kid
Death The Kid Il y a heure
I really think he will be a great dad to his son. Your a good man Logic you're a good man
Keenin Genaille
Keenin Genaille Il y a 3 heures
Man, 8 years went by fast, I'm still gonna listen to your bangers, we gon miss you Bobby:) 💕
Jatinder Castro
Jatinder Castro Il y a 3 heures
MakaOceania Il y a 5 heures
imdatboy torres
imdatboy torres Il y a 5 heures
Rip logic
Midgetbar maid
Midgetbar maid Il y a 5 heures
The only bad thing about this sound is it’s only 1:48 long.
TheDirtymikenation Il y a 5 heures
has a kid and has enough green to retire
Sofoni Beats
Sofoni Beats Il y a 7 heures
What up.....always loved your music
Hectic Sheff
Hectic Sheff Il y a 7 heures
This needs to be on gta 6 fr
Masked SniperX
Masked SniperX Il y a 9 heures
this song is short can you make it longer because I love it bro
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Il y a 9 heures
Nike Air Yeezy 2😍💯
Antoha Il y a 9 heures
The sad thing is that a year or two will go by so fast we won’t realise
starzandearth Il y a 9 heures
Happy to see you moving on to something better! Gonna miss you but your happiness is worth more than the rap game. Happy retirement!
T-A_trad Il y a 9 heures
Love this song gives me retro vibes
xRoiyaru Il y a 9 heures
[Lyrics]: Fuck all the bullshit, dig from deep down inside I wrote this sitting shotgun in my favorite ride Reflecting on memories from my childhood Bringing a baby in this world, I hope my child good All I ever gave a fuck about was my career But all that shit out the window now that my son is here Fuck sales and streams, none of that shit entails dreams Fuck rap, fuck press, fuck feeling like I'm less If it ain't 'bout my happiness, then I could give a fuck less I remember window shopping Now I'm shopping for windows for my baby new room Bobby coming soon And that's the type of line I would've second-guessed Putting on my shit before Out of fear that they would hate 'cause they couldn't relate 'Cause it wasn't relevant Give a fuck if it's evident, this right here is the evidence I'm like Leo in Revenant, bear with me You could tear me apart But that won't take away the fact I wrote this shit from the heart Where it's built from the start Where it's finna stay I've learned every day's a good day Surrounded by people that love me Don't want nothing from me but my happiness Off the internet, that's when I'm at my happiest Scrolling so much, my thumb fucked up We call that carpal tunnel vision Follow me like religion on this course of collision Feeling imprisoned, and this is my freedom through these lyrics As I repeat them and beat 'em into my conscience like Adonis All this lyricism straight to the dome like cocaine through the sinus I think I finally found my paradise, that's word to Thomas
Nasty Nate 316
Nasty Nate 316 Il y a 9 heures
Nasty Nate- problems !
Johnathan Haley
Johnathan Haley Il y a 10 heures
Fun fact this song was slowed down to give it this sound, Logic originally rapped over it with a very fast flow, he talked about it on his Twitch stream.
Milky Ripps
Milky Ripps Il y a 11 heures
LoGiC iS fIrE
Goten_Black55 Il y a 4 heures
I know right, this song slaps
StephenAndrew777 Il y a 11 heures
So tasteless.
Arlon Heersma
Arlon Heersma Il y a 11 heures
what is it called that he is wearing? really want to have it.
ghfgf Il y a 13 heures
The best songs always be the shortest
Jamie Kittiphanh
Jamie Kittiphanh Il y a 14 heures
Bobby looking stressed for a retiree...
2JZ Il y a 16 heures
how did they slow down the video but still have his mouth synced with the song ?
Larry Hargrove
Larry Hargrove Il y a 16 heures
Who else comes here everyday just for the music video? Lmao
Barraga_N Il y a 18 heures
Good luck on your new journey logic. Cannot wait to see what you going to do in the future.
HighAtisTV Il y a 18 heures
The Diamond Nether Star
The Diamond Nether Star Il y a 18 heures
I actually checked my playback speed
Elka Tshena
Elka Tshena Il y a 20 heures
Happy ending
wristbraka1 Il y a 21 heure
This should be longer. Beat is fire it gives me that mixtape logic feel!
TECHSPEC Il y a 22 heures
Lol this song is the typic Millennial attention span 1:48 🤣🤣🤣
Linh Đặng
Linh Đặng Il y a 22 heures
Hit song ok 👌.. Oy oy
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Il y a 23 heures
Gta 6 theme song? lol
The Kangaroo Gamer
The Kangaroo Gamer Il y a jour
First Music videos were him walking and rapping last music video is walking and rapping
shimron larose
shimron larose Il y a jour
Tough 💪🏾
Lar Zoid
Lar Zoid Il y a jour
Why does he look like he will do a gta heist
Rcp 3
Rcp 3 Il y a jour
Vital Docteur V
Vital Docteur V Il y a jour
Il rap comme drake
ricxxu Il y a jour
That "you you you you" Is fucking amazing
I’m Michael
I’m Michael Il y a jour
He actually looks kinda old here,
Rod Allredd
Rod Allredd Il y a jour
Jerz White
Jerz White Il y a jour
Production is dope as usual
Néstor Hernández
Néstor Hernández Il y a jour
Young Sinatra
Raproduz Il y a jour
Alguém assistindo em plena pandemia ???
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Il y a jour
Logic better not quit rap he is my favorite rapper
The Space Bar
The Space Bar Il y a jour
*Sinatra* 😎
Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross Il y a jour
This song is fire - Trash Can
John B
John B Il y a jour
how do you film a video in slow-mo, but his mouth is in normal speed? this is so sick
Cpt. Baloou
Cpt. Baloou Il y a jour
Alcide Ganier
Alcide Ganier Il y a jour
Orion Anderson
Orion Anderson Il y a jour
Everdays a good day... epitomy of a white privileged rapper. Ice Cube>Logic
Oh_Squizza Il y a 10 heures
@Dragan Anev W
Orion Anderson
Orion Anderson Il y a 23 heures
Put your mask on
Dragan Anev
Dragan Anev Il y a jour
damn bro i guess people can't rap about positive shit, we need more of that drugs, bitches and ghetto rap, cause that makes a good original rap style right?
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks Il y a jour
This music song give me positivity use fast up of views igrocket *DOT^ com
Bryan Worley
Bryan Worley Il y a jour
This is a corona safe music video
SniperBuddy Il y a jour
Happy retirement man!
Aaqib 1369
Aaqib 1369 Il y a jour
@logic nice music
set me on fye
set me on fye Il y a jour
"all i ever gave a shit about was my career all that shit out the window, now that my son is here" farewell bobby
Alex Thaxton
Alex Thaxton Il y a jour
Logic is rated 99 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥🐐 FAREWELL.
UK B BOY7 Il y a jour
love this - so smooth!!!
Sidney Hartmann
Sidney Hartmann Il y a jour
Thanks logic!!! Best outro ever!!
G Goon position 6
G Goon position 6 Il y a jour
So let’s get this straight... at least 14 hrs of being a dad. Maybe slide at least 2 hrs of studio sessions like damn you really letting your fans down. And don’t say “it’s for his kid” bc no matter what he’ll always be there for his kid anyway
wristbraka1 Il y a 21 heure
He has been in the game a long time and maybe his life is the best with his kid and he has said everything he had to.. idk but this is tough!
Freddy Mazzi
Freddy Mazzi Il y a jour
Youzgui Tha Noob
Youzgui Tha Noob Il y a jour
definition of spitfire
S I N A T R A Il y a jour
This is the, I’m not crying, you’re crying! song
Pray For
Pray For Il y a jour
Это конечно прикольно, но почему такая концовка?
Zane Wright
Zane Wright Il y a jour
Watch at 1.75x speed to see the pace he used to record the vid
Qs Rt
Qs Rt Il y a jour
biting kendrick on his last album proves how much of a trash ass rapper logic is.
Andrew Worts
Andrew Worts Il y a jour
I’m like Leo from revenant, BEAR with me. That is so clean
DrewBob Il y a jour
Change to 1.75x speed that's how fast he rapped to get the slow mo effect lined up with the song
TrollOfTime Il y a jour
Been here since "The Spotlight". Goodbye buddy.
Marlo Playz
Marlo Playz Il y a jour
Heiße Wurst
Heiße Wurst Il y a jour
Why does everyone need to be happy? What's wrong with being sad?
Frank White
Frank White Il y a jour
Logic will be back when time's right, just watch.
Jan R
Jan R Il y a 11 heures
U better be right
Sannie Il y a jour
0:40 what is that between his legs xD
kataa aa
kataa aa Il y a jour
fcking legend
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad Il y a jour
That effect of Logic looking all slowed down but still in time with the lyrics is a filming technique. When filming this he would of bn doing it at double speed. Then in editing you slow it down, it’s really cool.
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson Il y a jour
This gave me hectic goosebumps, great words
10 subs without videos Babe?
Farewell 🤝
Rashi Kapoor
Rashi Kapoor Il y a jour
Why bro why are u retiring Plz don't do that
Alyssa Barr
Alyssa Barr Il y a jour
While obsessing about Christina
Mike Clark
Mike Clark Il y a jour
vBxsnia AU
vBxsnia AU Il y a jour
You can only like if you came from deji❤
Oh_Squizza Il y a 10 heures
deji used this??
Lando Plays
Lando Plays Il y a jour
We will miss u bro
Jerimiah Music
Jerimiah Music Il y a jour
soo wanna hate..why????...Hey now, I like IT!!!!
Lewis Frusciante
Lewis Frusciante Il y a jour
He raps super fast just make a slow mo video so the lyrics almost fit the video. Mind blown!
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez Il y a jour
Mans always dressing like a Daytona 500 driver
bashort1 Il y a jour
Always liked this dude. I'm gonna miss him but glad he's moving forward in life. Thanks for all the jams.
Ernie Rosas
Ernie Rosas Il y a jour
Does ANYONE know where I can find Ray Angry's Piano lick? And what sample is the "these days" background vocals.
Ernie Rosas
Ernie Rosas Il y a jour
What sample did they use other than the "OCD"? What are the vocals?
Blue Door Media Channel
thank you Logic you're an inspiration
Ryoung 42
Ryoung 42 Il y a 2 jours
I Love This Damn Song!!!!!!!!!!
ItsRCK Il y a 2 jours
Let’s hope “No Pressure (Deluxe” will exist. ✌️
Jeff Kim
Jeff Kim Il y a jour
It doesnt, a lot of people on logic’s team confirmed it probably wont happen
MooniiDay :D
MooniiDay :D Il y a 2 jours
Your not the fastest rapper after all That girl with the inhaler kicked your 👑 off
DEDSEC X Il y a 2 jours
Old logic video vibes😂
duckyzzz Il y a 2 jours
Too bad Logic more white than black... He's aging poorly.
psyched Il y a jour
Damnnn chill 💀
starfeyze music
starfeyze music Il y a 2 jours
Retire when streams going up
Im Legend
Im Legend Il y a 2 jours
Another monotonous trash song from an actually good rapper. It doesnt makes sense to me
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag Il y a 2 jours
DJ Shawty Swag
DJ Shawty Swag Il y a 2 jours
Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥
Eminem - Fall
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