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ok ALSO why is my grandma like this
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5 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 60
LARRAY Il y a mois
and that's on what?
seaveysbeans Il y a mois
periodttt girl😌🤚
* inkyxroses *
* inkyxroses * Il y a mois
eden mulholland
eden mulholland Il y a mois
Liza-Grace Boachie
Liza-Grace Boachie Il y a mois
Hi Larray
Taj .B
Taj .B Il y a mois
Makayla Il y a heure
CHASE: PLAY SOFIA THA MOTHER FUCKIN FIRST Charli: swear at me one more time and see what happens THAT PART HAS ME DEAD
Fabian Diaz
Fabian Diaz Il y a 2 heures
9:27 omg
amarielle Il y a 3 heures
That moment when charli says “chase would never be racist“ and well uhm- that didnt age well.
scoobisasnack Il y a 3 heures
basic bxtch
basic bxtch Il y a 4 heures
pov: *”this video is not available in your country.”*
iiTheNoob_ You never saw
iiTheNoob_ You never saw Il y a 4 heures
Get noob.
Witch Inspired
Witch Inspired Il y a 5 heures
First time watching you. You funny af. What a personality lol.
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Il y a 6 heures
0:50 song?
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Il y a 6 heures
Your welcome
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Il y a 6 heures
Haha Haha
Haha Haha Il y a 6 heures
It’s called elastic
Kenyon Il y a 7 heures
Chile anyways-
Lucy The Water Bottle
Lucy The Water Bottle Il y a 7 heures
“Chase of all people” that didn’t age well
Meme queen teehee
Meme queen teehee Il y a 7 heures
W҉h҉y҉ w҉a҉s҉ C҉h҉a҉s҉e҉ s҉o҉ m҉e҉a҉n҉ :(
newton chiv
newton chiv Il y a 7 heures
Everyone in Da house: AhHhHh its a damn snaKe!!!!!!! Larray: Doing Debbie Ryan acting like everything's ChIlL
Yara Santos
Yara Santos Il y a 7 heures
Did anybody noticed in 4:14 that Charli ran away from Larri bc of the snake
Abel Palomares - Gaming and Vlogs
Charli is the one to make this COMEDY
Jello Games
Jello Games Il y a 8 heures
The dolans-
Jello Games
Jello Games Il y a 8 heures
6:53 oml charlis putting a mask on her eyes lol
Xx_Mocha Midnight Mochii_xX
me watching this in zoom class and lmao... teacher:*calls on me* teacher:whats funny Me:Nothing just saw something.... teacher:*makes me answer the question* me:*stays quiet and acts like im lagging* me:*leaves,continues watching*
Laniyah GarciaEscobar
Laniyah GarciaEscobar Il y a 9 heures
larry ima big fan omg i watch all ur post and tik tok u are my faviorte
Lxvin_1 K
Lxvin_1 K Il y a 10 heures
Ur my twin I swear we do everything the same but ur the guy version of me
Misty Brillhart
Misty Brillhart Il y a 11 heures
This is my third time watching this video 💀😂❤️
A potato
A potato Il y a 13 heures
“I’m not-BYE” 💀
gracie Elizabeth
gracie Elizabeth Il y a 13 heures
Ngl Taylor was 🎂
gracie Elizabeth
gracie Elizabeth Il y a 13 heures
『 Lázy Gácha 」
『 Lázy Gácha 」 Il y a 15 heures
1:33) kouvr is so sweet. 🥺
gaming on android
gaming on android Il y a 16 heures
When u walk back in class after quarantine trying to act brand new 1:04
fl.᭙eɾ Il y a 18 heures
Nobody: No one: Larray: 4:12 me: 👁👄👁 *shook of how iconic she is*
MARSHAWN TV Il y a 18 heures
Yay Charlie yay larry
Cutie Me
Cutie Me Il y a 19 heures
Redoing this Chase: *Casually swears* Charli: Swear at me one more time *see what HAPPENS* Me: *sips tea VERY LOUDLY*
Cutie Me
Cutie Me Il y a 19 heures
Chase: ~casually swears~ Charli: Swear at me one more time -SEE WHAT HAPPENS- Me: ~CaSuAlLy SiPs TeA~
Il y a 20 heures
N-A-S-T-doubleY. Thats me.
Paige Kuykendall
Paige Kuykendall Il y a 20 heures
I’ve watched this video a million times to see Tayler helping Charli 🥺
Probir Kumar Ghosh
Probir Kumar Ghosh Il y a 20 heures
wait a minute what if you do gooba
Probir Kumar Ghosh
Probir Kumar Ghosh Il y a 21 heure
this is a good
Lizzy O_o
Lizzy O_o Il y a 21 heure
10:45 Get it boo!😝
Ross Family
Ross Family Il y a 21 heure
ive been part of the thicc squad forever i love you i just got a account im so happy
Sophia Mendoza
Sophia Mendoza Il y a 21 heure
When u said my fav twins is d Dolan's lol u lokey funny and ur grandma
Zakurakk Il y a 21 heure
Eu assitindo o vídeo sem entender nada: 👁👄👁
maddy e
maddy e Il y a 22 heures
Cassey Wilkinson
Cassey Wilkinson Il y a jour
Your grandma is so funny
Anahi Rubio
Anahi Rubio Il y a jour
Chase sounds drunk
Killer Queen
Killer Queen Il y a jour
SadïeWade Il y a jour
The girl sitting on the bed seems fake ashh
izuku Il y a jour
"Chile anyways" larry
Jessica Victoria
Jessica Victoria Il y a jour
why put your number you never know who's texting you, my 8 year old niece just got caught texting you so I hope you know your talking to little ass girls
Simply_ Coffee
Simply_ Coffee Il y a jour
I swear Larray is a whole mood
Hailey Angel
Hailey Angel Il y a jour
Diesoft FN
Diesoft FN Il y a jour
Wow thats crazy 😳😳
Lee Sternberg
Lee Sternberg Il y a jour
I try to acted like you in roblox sis
Lorena Jiménez
Lorena Jiménez Il y a jour
When you said what if i yank your eyelashes
Nogz Il y a jour
La rr i that’s me
Lanrx On YT
Lanrx On YT Il y a jour
Why are you gay?
Mio Il y a jour
Chile anyways
spill the hot tea
spill the hot tea Il y a jour
s u n s x t
s u n s x t Il y a jour
3:55 lol
abdiaziz hussein
abdiaziz hussein Il y a jour
Nobody is talking about the moment when he was in the elevator and saw Kylie Jenner I was like 🧐
Pia H
Pia H Il y a jour
abdiaziz hussein what are u talking abt
candy bang
candy bang Il y a jour
chile anyways
Daisy Pace
Daisy Pace Il y a jour
His editing is everything
Kyara Coppins
Kyara Coppins Il y a jour
Do you know cry hate means I said crackhead so like I love your music video but like but like I don’t know what to say about your music video I just want to say that I love you and you tell me not to call me
Tatiana Girado
Tatiana Girado Il y a jour
what is the name of the song that charli and larray sing in the car? -can someone tell me ¿cual es el nombre de la cancion que cantan charli y larray en el carro? -alguien puede decirme HEY LARRAY
Emmaaa Lynn
Emmaaa Lynn Il y a jour
larray did not say “ dyi “ as if it was so yourself it ✨✨
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