Liquid & Beyond #36 [Liquid DnB Mix] (3 Year Anniversary)

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Liquid & Beyond is back! This month we are celebrating the shows 3 year anniversary, with a 2 hour long special edition.
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► Liquid & Beyond Mix:
00:00:00 Fred V & Grafix - Comb Funk
00:02:33 Futuristik - Sun
00:02:56 Philip George & Dragonette - Feel This Way (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
00:04:02 Kasger - Strangest Things
00:05:08 Fred V & Grafix - Ignite (feat. Amy J Pryce)
00:05:52 Logistics - Triangles
00:06:37 Logistics - Stutter (feat. Nu:Tone & Maduk)
00:06:59 Thomas Hood - Trip Through Tokyo
00:08:05 Maduk & Champion - Love Like This
00:08:49 T & Sugah x Lexurus - No More
00:09:55 Grum - Straight To Your Heart (Legion & Logam Remix)
00:11:23 High Ground - Beside You
00:12:30 Dan Dakota - We Let Em Go
00:13:03 Metrik feat. Namgawd - Life/Thrills
00:14:20 Friction - All Nite
00:15:27 Metrik - Fatso
00:16:32 Metrik - Chasing Sunrise (feat. Elisabeth Troy)
00:17:16 Champion - Stratos
00:18:00 Philip George & Anton Powers - Alone No More (Dexcell Remix)
00:18:45 Zazu - Unfold
00:19:30 Pola & Bryson - Walk Away (T & Sugah Remix)
00:21:19 Fred V & Grafix - Stay Here
00:22:26 T & Sugah x Zazu - Lost On My Own
00:23:09 Memtrix - Curses
00:24:16 Wide Awake - Love Me ft. Jacob Banks (Crissy Criss Remix)
00:25:45 Fred V & Grafix x Metrik - Tension (feat. Kate Westall)
00:27:13 Melano - Traveler (Kasger Edit)
00:28:40 Chase & Status - Spoken Word (1991 Remix)
00:29:47 Metrik - Electric Echo (feat. Gunship)
00:32:00 Kasger - Run Away
00:33:50 Pola & Bryson - Cinematic Fireball
00:34:56 Aperio - What You Do (feat. Jorge)
00:36:25 Logistics - Sentimentality
00:38:37 Manse feat. Alice Berg - Freeze Time (HorizenHigh & Alexvnder Remix)
00:39:20 Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Edlan Bootleg)
00:40:50 Logistics - Finish Line (Feat. Zara Kershaw)
00:42:40 Kromabis - More Of You (ft. Amber Revival)
00:44:29 Champion - What I Need VIP
00:45:36 Indivision - Gladio (Kasger Remix)
00:45:59 Sub Focus, Chase & Status - Flashing Lights (S.P.Y Remix)
00:46:20 Indivision - Gladio (Kasger Remix)
00:47:27 Dodge & Fuski - Your Love (Mob Tactics Remix)
00:49:17 Melano - Don't Fight It
00:50:45 Catas & Kasger - Blueshift
00:52:19 Thomas Hayes Ft. Kyler England - Golden (Champion Remix)
00:54:10 Urbandawn - Prime Expansion
00:55:39 Cartoon - Whatever I Do (feat. Kóstja)
00:56:44 Priority One & TwoThirds - City Needs Sleep (Fox Stevenson Remix)
00:58:12 Porter Robinson - Language (Jauz Remix) [Kasger Edit]
00:59:51 Fred V & Grafix - Constellations
01:00:58 Unknown Artist - D&B With Me
01:02:28 Wiljan - Fool's Paradise
01:03:34 Whiney - Don't Wait For Me
01:05:03 Carmada - Maybe (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
01:06:31 Metrik - Cadence (feat. Reija Lee)
01:07:59 Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix)
01:09:05 Whiney - Stranger Tides
01:09:50 Noisia - Motion Blur
01:11:17 NCT - Scarring The Alarm
01:11:39 LSB - If You're Here (VIP)
01:12:46 Maduk - Solarize ft. Logistics
01:14:37 Cartoon Ft Juri Pootsmann - I Remember U (Ownglow Remix)
01:15:21 Subwave & The Dual Personality - Full Control
01:17:33 Misun - Eli Eli (Maduk Remix)
01:19:01 Satl & Malaky - Moments
01:20:29 Muffler - Snowflakes
01:21:58 Maxin - That We Say
01:24:10 Dabin - Hold (ft. Daniela Andrade) (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
01:26:22 Kasger - Reflections
01:27:08 Dan Dakota - Stood In The Dark
01:28:57 High Ground - Taking Over You ft. Laura Newman
01:30:48 Shapeshifter NZ - Stars
01:32:16 WRLD - By Design
01:34:28 Cartoon - Feelings (Piece of U)
01:35:44 GLXY - Kinesis (Data 3 Remix)
01:37:13 Qbig & Zenith B - Sleepless VIP
01:40:09 Logistics - Icarus (Feat. Hugh Hardie)
01:42:22 Logistics - After Dark
01:43:50 Dawn Wall - Kythera
01:45:42 GLXY - The Hustle (2016 VIP)
01:47:32 Flite - Blue Spark (Kubix Remix)
01:49:00 Flite - Blue Spark VIP
01:51:17 High Ground - Ethereal
01:51:40 London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix)
► Kasger:
Special thanks to all the Patreons of the last year:
● Tijmin Jakobsen
● B Williams
● Crimson
● Marcus
● Michael Warner
● Mark Gajudo
● Allen Best
● Dave Cork
● Michael Cobb
● Michael Warner




19 oct. 2017




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Commentaires 65
TheHolyGhoul Il y a 21 jour
2:37 this sounds sooo damn good combined with the pianos OMG! way better than the original one :O
Dimitry Boersma
Dimitry Boersma Il y a mois
Such continuous energy, love it
Captain Octane
Captain Octane Il y a mois
Fowoppy Il y a mois
12:15 is stuff I live for
michael tortice
michael tortice Il y a mois
This isn't liquid.
ToxicCrafterz Il y a 2 mois
ligöd än bajand bajnd bajand
Chocoboranger Il y a 2 mois
too much jungle mumble
Holy Paladin
Holy Paladin Il y a 2 mois
1:15 :00- 1:16 :00 is best transition ever
Jasper Ranes
Jasper Ranes Il y a 3 mois
i gotta make sure i dont play this shit in the car i love dnb but its gonna get me a speeding ticket XD
T Bo
T Bo Il y a 3 mois
3 tracks in this morning ...... mind. Blown. Thank you for your service 🤯👻🙌🏼🙌🏼
Chilloutextract Il y a 3 mois
Czerwona Pigułka
Czerwona Pigułka Il y a 3 mois
same but without vocals please for work and study
V1adls1av Il y a 3 mois
Это лучший микс, который я слышал.
TheVmorgan Il y a 3 mois
nah not feeling the start too tuff but def gets better
UndeadOnDope Il y a 4 mois
The stranger things @ 4 mins is dope.
JaysonR0 Il y a 6 mois
damn on my worst days this makes me feel so much better
Patrick Il y a 7 mois
Dylan Il y a 8 mois
32:11 Yesss
E-Frame Il y a 11 mois
too many ads
Lee Barker
Lee Barker Il y a an
Been a huge D n B can since I was 12 and now I'm 30. Long live DnB ...
EVoI JaMeS Il y a 2 mois
On the Dloor Cranking the Skip ftl ForTheLove
Brice Dench
Brice Dench Il y a 2 mois
Fucking Eh! 9 when ifound edm, 10 when i found dnb, 13 when i found liquid dnb, dnb/edm for life !!! PUT YOUR HANDSUP AND JUMP AROUND!!! 31 thismonth so keep the good vibes jammin :P
Danikka Hughes
Danikka Hughes Il y a 3 mois
Fuckk Yeahh DNB For life!!
POW Games
POW Games Il y a 3 mois
I got hooked in my early 20s. Now I'm nearly 47 and still hooked.
Lee Clemits
Lee Clemits Il y a 4 mois
I fuckin love dnb 😈
lacowie Il y a an
excuse my ignorance but wtf is this set?? did liquid suddenly become a pop music? those synths and vocals are pure shit its just insulting.i get every style has its progression and evolving but not to freaking pop:(..dont forget the roots
Kasger Il y a an
@lacowie You're welcome :D
lacowie Il y a an
@Kasger relaxing and simple back to the roots liquid with atmospheric and mystic vibe to it.nice! this is exactly what i need when taking the rest from all the skull smashing neuro/tech dnb. thanks bro:)
Kasger Il y a an
Ah too bad you didn't like it, maybe this series is not for you. Check out the mix sessions from Fokuz Recordings, they might be what you're looking for :)
DNB Database
DNB Database Il y a an
Dex Il y a an
Great channel! Amazing mixes, gorgeous artworks, no clickbaits - top notch content, mate! 👍🏻
Mada Boldea
Mada Boldea Il y a an
reallivejay gaming
Love your music man. Keep it up!
KDen ShowEm
KDen ShowEm Il y a an
Dope mix, good for on the go
Bomb Vial
Bomb Vial Il y a 2 ans
This mix is insane
Ondra Muzika
Ondra Muzika Il y a 2 ans
I love it!!! I couldnt work in our openspace without you music. Awesome for productive week and focusing on my job! THX
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Glad you like it! Thanks for listening :D
P.D. Il y a 2 ans
19.10. is my birthday. The video was uploaded on that exact day. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Ash Il y a 2 ans
when melano traveller comes in. HRRRNNNNGGGG
Ash Il y a 2 ans
when melano traveller comes in. HRRRNNNNGGGG
MelonSaf t
MelonSaf t Il y a 2 ans
I love u
Lucipherous de Illuminati
Play at 0.75 speed ...get super high .... trust me...😎
GioCanShuffle Il y a 2 ans
@ 1:52 :00
Thomas Nicolaï
Thomas Nicolaï Il y a 2 ans
Awesome mix man!
Casanoah Il y a 2 ans
kom je uit nederland want dat accent heb je wel voor de rest dikke mix! Keep up the goodwork
Liquivillian Il y a 2 ans
So far the best liquid dnb mix!
David Marshall
David Marshall Il y a 2 ans
Filthy mix mate
Jack El
Jack El Il y a 2 ans
drop at 21:42 was so bad hahaha
Jakob Altmann
Jakob Altmann Il y a 2 ans
In my opinion the best Liquid set of the year 2017 :D Maybe also my favourite set of the whole year 2017!
abhitubby Il y a 2 ans
Just keep coming back to this. Absolute tunes from over the years! Cheers Kasger
XperfectdazesX Il y a 2 ans
Happy Anniversary duuuuude!!! I am always super-happy when I see a new mix posted. Keep that music going)))
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Thanks :D!
Connor Buckley
Connor Buckley Il y a 2 ans
Liquid and beyond is sooo good!! Listening while studying applied mathematics ;D
Leslie Guerue
Leslie Guerue Il y a 2 ans
This mix is absolutely phenomenal! I've listened to it 3 times back to back now. Love it so much
Donski65 Il y a 2 ans
A mix of the mixes from previous episodes.
Clipse DnB
Clipse DnB Il y a 2 ans
Greeat mix and woonderful track selection!! 2 hours of fine mixing, not bad mate!! I have never endured it for more than an hour xD Id be glad if you chek out my newest liquid mix!
MrEp41 Il y a 2 ans
after hearing liquid & Beyond and kasger into you already know it will going to be good music
Frantisek Krajcovic
Frantisek Krajcovic Il y a 2 ans
Hello sir, How did you make that effect of the stars coming out of the picture please ?? thank you
Habanero 123
Habanero 123 Il y a 2 ans
Happy anniversary! Simply beautiful mix, glad to see your back :)
Vincent Pisano
Vincent Pisano Il y a 2 ans
yessssss.back baby!
Rid Z
Rid Z Il y a 2 ans
Awesome work Kasger, Really memorable mixes.
Fredrik ljunggren
Fredrik ljunggren Il y a 2 ans
Thanks you for these mixes dude! You've really helped me through my studies. I think i've listened through all your mixes, from LnB 1 to your latest and then repeat at least a couple times. and then a bunch around LnB 16-23, which are my favourites :)
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Sweet! Glad you like the mixed man, thank you for the kind words :)!
Jinxed Lotus
Jinxed Lotus Il y a 2 ans
Jan Sichlor
Jan Sichlor Il y a 2 ans
3 years and I'm in since almost day one! Keep up ur good work!!!!!! me my Phone and I love those LnB mixes ;)
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Glad to have you around man :D!
BrorGertrud Il y a 2 ans
Please update your Spotify playlist too. Cheers and keep rocking!
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
I'll do that! Thanks :D
Guitam Musique
Guitam Musique Il y a 2 ans
bon anniversaire mec!! good vibes ::)))))
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Thanks :D
Mike Dang
Mike Dang Il y a 2 ans
Woohoo, a new Kasger mix? This is going to be a good afternoon.
Jakob Altmann
Jakob Altmann Il y a 2 ans
big up Kasger, absolutely smashed it! incredible set!
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Thanks man!
AlmGandiFreshOeL Il y a 2 ans
Fcking awesome, love it
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
lancehutch Il y a 2 ans
Woooop! Loving what i've heard so far!
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Glad you like it! :)
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Il y a 2 ans
So much looking forward to hearing this. You've got me hooked!
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Hope you like it :D!
Cool Rainbow
Cool Rainbow Il y a 2 ans
Yay, another LnB I can to listen to, that's awesome!
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Woo :D
AxaFin Il y a 2 ans
Bloody hell matey finally another episode :D GRATZ ON 3 YEARS BOI
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Sorry for the wait! The show will hopefully return to the normal monthly schedule now ;)
Doctor Disco
Doctor Disco Il y a 2 ans
3 years? Oh man, thats a long time, i wish i discovered you before LnB 15, but whatever.. Its only better and better. Keep up the good work!
George Haselwanter
George Haselwanter Il y a 2 ans
i joined u at the 1 year anniversary mix :D i believe it was like #12 or so
Kasger Il y a 2 ans
Thanks :D And since 15 is still pretty early on :o Glad to have you around!
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