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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the new Netflix movie about serial killer Ted Bundy, is pretty upsetting. It explores how Bundy fooled many of the people around him with his charm and good looks, until all of his evildoing caught up with him. But here are some things the Ted Bundy movie gets wrong.

A lot of what you see in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is a condensed version of real-life events. The fictionalized version of Bundy's capture and trial isn't all that far off from the truth - which makes sense, considering director Joe Berlinger was already extremely familiar with all the gory details. It's actually his second Ted Bundy film: He also directed Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, a Netflix documentary based on actual recordings of Bundy's confessions.
Since life doesn't move along at a brisk and tidy pace, any film based on a true story inevitably combines, embellishes, or pares down real events.
For example: In Extremely Wicked, Bundy is arrested for the first time after a bag of suspicious evidence is found in the backseat of his car. His arrest is immediately followed by an interrogation, and then a scene in which Carol DaRonch picks him out of a police lineup. It feels like the whole process lasts for only a few days.
But in actuality, charging Bundy was a much longer process. He was indeed pulled over in August 1975 when officers found handcuffs and other suspicious objects in his car. But they actually let him go because they didn't have enough evidence to hold him. It wasn't until Bundy sold his car the following month that police got what they needed to charge him with a crime. Authorities seized the car from the buyer and found strands of hair that linked him to some of the missing women they were investigating. DaRonch didn't actually pick him out of a lineup until October 1975.
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A condensed timeline | 0:16
There were actually three trials | 1:53
Let's talk about Carole Ann | 3:02
The word on the glass | 3:45
The dog adoption scene | 4:46
Jerry wasn't a real person | 5:26
Liz never mentioned 'Papillon' | 6:23
Judge Edward D. Cowart | 6:56
Bundy: Not a good boyfriend | 8:08
Liz and the police sketch | 9:37
The bite mark evidence | 10:37




15 mai 2019




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Commentaires 1 769
Grunge Il y a 4 mois
Netflix's Ted Bundy movie definitely exaggerated some things. Do you think those embellishments were worth it to make it a more interesting movie?
Starscream91 Il y a mois
Lady Heart You must be very young to have such an uptight and naive view about fiction and people.
Pandora Aion
Pandora Aion Il y a mois
yes it was a good enough movie, very enjoyable. It wasn't a dpcumentary!
Lady Heart
Lady Heart Il y a 2 mois
Grung > No not worth it to me. I prefer less fiction and feel it is a rip off to mislead people about a true crime case. **
Starscream91 Il y a 2 mois
@nunya You're an idiot
Starscream91 Il y a 2 mois
@Martell Green If you're looking to movies to get your historical facts, then there is no hope for you.
Apollyon Il y a 15 minutes
Did you know that Ted Bundy's first dog, a collie, was named Lassie?
Just Your Everyday Pig
I was talking with this girl in my Spanish class about the movie and she said she thought he was going to be innocent. I asked her if she knew who Ted Bundy was before she watched the movie and she said yes... I guess she was pretty hot though
Zayaan Inglis
Zayaan Inglis Il y a jour
Zac. Efron looks so cute as ted Bundy I can't believe he got away with this
Julia Bennett
Julia Bennett Il y a 2 jours
i read the title as tud bendy
Devin Elgert
Devin Elgert Il y a 3 jours
Regarding the dog scene: some years back I heard Ann Rule (author of A Stranger Beside Me - which chronicles Bundy's crimes) speak and she recounted a story where she and Ted were working alongside one another and whenever she brought her dog, the dog would growl inexplicably at Bundy's presence.
Nicholas Ybarra
Nicholas Ybarra Il y a 4 jours
You mean Zach Efron isn't Ted Bundy LiERS!!!
olivia morgayne
olivia morgayne Il y a 6 jours
Efron played Bundy so well i found myself almost “rooting” for him. i mean if i had not known he was guilty, i would have believed him bc of his persistence. i find myself disgusted with myself even admitting this.
Georgie Eickman
Georgie Eickman Il y a 7 jours
Of course they chose Zac Effron to play the “handsome” Ted Bundy.😂
JStop88 40
JStop88 40 Il y a 8 jours
Am I supposed to be surprised?, it's Netflix.
Marky Darky
Marky Darky Il y a 10 jours
Zac Efron just makes me think Ted's innocent
Simon Liljestrand
Simon Liljestrand Il y a 15 jours
Really crappy movie. The documentary on Netflix was good though.
Reneta Fuad
Reneta Fuad Il y a 16 jours
Why I can’t find this movie in Netflix??
Marta Twardowska
Marta Twardowska Il y a 16 jours
Ted Bundy was an undercover police/FBI Investigator, who has worked in jail. It is completely clear. He has investigated there and he was an innocent policeman, he didn´t kill women or girls or men or animals. Why are lies about him spread till now, it isn´t clear. His real life and real truth about him would be more interested than all these slanders and fabrications. Besides, this man had a family, wife, child or children, it is probably hard to come clear with all these slanders
Barry Deen
Barry Deen Il y a 27 jours
Papillon story was true according to Ann Rule
Autum Leaves
Autum Leaves Il y a 27 jours
I didn't like it. Sometimes it was so cheesy.
alpha omega
alpha omega Il y a 28 jours
lies that mcu told u about
Bakujio Il y a mois
This wasn’t a ovcorse its not a accurate portrayal. It follows the guidelines of what really happened but as a **movie** it took its own direction
ivan bezimeni
ivan bezimeni Il y a mois
that is crazy that we are still fascinated by Bundy after all thoses years
Lilith Blair
Lilith Blair Il y a mois
I looked up the book “The Phantom Prince” and found out a paper copy is 300 dollars. Ugh I really wanted to read it too :(
Ali Joyce
Ali Joyce Il y a 28 jours
There's online copies you can read. If you search up the phantom prince read online, there's a few PDFs of it : )
freedom hiker
freedom hiker Il y a mois
Most movies are FOS🙄🚮✌🏼 Waste of time & money
Tomato Banks
Tomato Banks Il y a mois
This movie was not good.
Brian C
Brian C Il y a mois
It should have been a mini-series ala "American Crime Story."
Papa Panget
Papa Panget Il y a mois
I feel bad for Ted Bundy idk why
Axel Nordström
Axel Nordström Il y a mois
Ryan Gosling has such a similar face structure and smile, he should have played Ted.
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Il y a mois
i want a jeffrey dahmer movie. gimme. also is it only on american netflix? cause it isnt on mine
Marci Sunshine
Marci Sunshine Il y a mois
Who cares🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s not a documentary it’s a film..👎🏻
Jim Walker
Jim Walker Il y a mois
This guy said the movie was a condensed version of events hahaha as opposed to what? Fucking numpty. Also your title is shit, it's a movie,ya can't say "lies it told" do you understand cinema? No?
Saigen Rose
Saigen Rose Il y a mois
Zac Efron is so fkn fine... ❤
Stephanie Holey
Stephanie Holey Il y a mois
I just wish they had made it longer, like a 8-part series or something, it would've been nice to go more indepth.
The film is BS
Its on NowTv uk,, not Netflix
IceCream The Third
IceCream The Third Il y a mois
I was shocked that they made Kloepfer and Bundy's relationship seem so smooth especially since I'd read about how there were definite rifts. I REALLY glad you covered this!
Cheyenne Jordan
Cheyenne Jordan Il y a mois
“FaMoUs ReLaTiVe ChEcK 🥴”
The Splendid Gael
The Splendid Gael Il y a mois
Honestly, shockingly wicked read more like Hollywood feminist propaganda than a true recalling of the history of what Bundy was and did.
The movie was better than I expected. Efron does a good job hiding the evil Bundy, he never looks threatening at all. A bit like the real Bundy I suppose. The only thing giving Bundy away is his eyes....some pictures and footage give us a glimpse into his real nature and its chilling.
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Il y a mois
wo cares ? what's really annoying is that America can't just let it go...fuck ted bundy, that shit happened in the 70's for fuck sake if American are not getting scared on a regular basis, they won't fucking be happy at all
Bernice B
Bernice B Il y a mois
Why is Ted Bundy mostly smiling all the times when he's getting arrested?
Bernice B
Bernice B Il y a mois
@Amanda Spring Thanks!
Amanda Spring
Amanda Spring Il y a mois
That's how psychopaths work
Stonecake Il y a mois
Ppl always hype up how “attractive” Bundy was, but he’s kinda ugly. I dunno if ppl in the 80’s had lower standards, but he was so basic looking
Mireille Il y a mois
I really liked this movie. It wasn't a documentary it was just a movie based on true events. So of course it's not what really happened and I wouldn't call it 'lies'. The movie really made Ted seem like a charming and loving guy until the end when they showed he had actually done it. I feel like it showed how people thought about him. That he was a charming and innocent man. If they'd actually showed the abuse to his girlfriend, you wouldn't have liked him during the movie.
Tehya Blackburde Moore
My mom’s name is Kimberly Dianne...
Farcus Menix
Farcus Menix Il y a mois
Man I have a dog that hates me, makes me a killer? Since "animals know" also have dogs that love me. I thought that was retarded in the movie.
ranger1986ka Il y a mois
Natalie Zelante
Natalie Zelante Il y a mois
Loved the dog scene. Dogs KNOW man, they sense & see things we can't. I'd trust my dog first. Shit.
Joey Russo
Joey Russo Il y a mois
White girl's are so wet
Yogirlnessa 10
Yogirlnessa 10 Il y a mois
Imagine ted bundy and jefferey dahmer talking😐
Tun Ba Kyu
Tun Ba Kyu Il y a mois
Ted Bundy committed his Crimes for 4 years and the film is only 2 hours and it also said “based” and it is not a documentary film so therefore, it will be condensed version and since it is movie, it needs to be entertaining for the audience. Nothing wrong I guess
Leon Baca
Leon Baca Il y a mois
DO NOT WATCH THIS PIECE OF SHIT.. what a horrible, boring depiction of the ted bundy story. Blows my mind that the guy that made the documentary The Ted Bundy tapes made this piece of trash. So uneventful, of course they're not going to show scenes of what he did to the women but good God show nothing about any of the killings come on how retarded
Urszula Gromadzka
Urszula Gromadzka Il y a mois
Namen Opfer sind bistimt nicht richtige eingegeben weil die deutsche notorisch lügen sie Stelen sich ständig als Opfer.. Bund wilhelmer diber
Jakob BW
Jakob BW Il y a 2 mois
This wasn't a docu. Zac did an amazing job on the take of ted & the way he was structured as a human. Stop criticizing this amazing film
Val val
Val val Il y a 2 mois
Disgusting movie
Mickey Burgess
Mickey Burgess Il y a 2 mois
Wow Zac Efron went from Troy Bolton to a Serial Killer
Denai Naomi
Denai Naomi Il y a 2 mois
i cringed when the said: “the lies that the movie told you” when it clearly said BASED ON 😂
Nitro Ginger
Nitro Ginger Il y a 2 mois
It’s not even on Netflix wtf
ImColbyy Il y a 2 mois
A 2 hour movie based off a book doesn’t have all the facts of the trials and Teds life beforehand? WHAT A SHOCKER EH? It’s not a documentary, it’s a movie. It’s meant to be a form of portrayal of how the events went as well as condensing it into a feature length movie. The director clearly knows the events if he’s made a proper documentary on the events. This movie is just meant to be a summary of it all. There’s also clips of the trial and other documents accessible to the public. The movie isn’t trying to sell lies, it’s just giving a SUMMARY based on a book.
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels Il y a 2 mois
শালা তুমি এভাবে মিথ্যা বললে
Adriauna DNM
Adriauna DNM Il y a 2 mois
I’ve tried watching this like three times but I keep getting bored
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield Il y a 2 mois
You forgot to mention how the person in the movie isn't actually Ted Bundy.... It's called FICTION!
caroline elder
caroline elder Il y a 2 mois
When You were born in the same hospital as Ted Bundy..😬
mark kettrick
mark kettrick Il y a 2 mois
Always get some little smug cunt who criticises a good movie, yeah its not perfect... no movie is ever, however there is many, many other movies that are a lot worse than this. I think Efron did a great job depicting Ted Bundy.
SML Movie: Officer Jeffy!