Letter To Clarence ❤️😂 (don’t watch this kids)

Chris Sails
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27 oct. 2020




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Carlos Henderson
Carlos Henderson Il y a mois
You in love with Clarence too 😂🤔
Makoto Keita
Makoto Keita Il y a 23 jours
He eating a zebra cake
ItsXavidTv Il y a 25 jours
Chris is Bisexual
ItsXavidTv Il y a 25 jours
Chris is Bisexual
eniyah bum
eniyah bum Il y a 25 jours
Monique Rose
Monique Rose Il y a 27 jours
Fr tho😂🙄🤣
The ChosenOne
The ChosenOne Il y a 3 jours
When a nigga is obsessed he gets bored chasing the woman and goes after the new man. If you want to date Clarence just say that.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Agnes Funchess
Agnes Funchess Il y a 4 jours
Chris Sails: don't watch this this kids Kids:👀👅👀
isnagankles-YT Il y a 20 jours
Debbie cake
leanne fischer
leanne fischer Il y a 22 jours
At the end of the day all the videos they all make benefit the kids. They doing they thing.
Destiny Jackson
Destiny Jackson Il y a 23 jours
this obsession is getting sad bro
Meranda Alston
Meranda Alston Il y a 23 jours
I like all of y’all tbh, and I’m open and free to say that. Keep being great 👑
Eyona K TV
Eyona K TV Il y a 25 jours
It’s the mental illness for me 😂😂😂
ItsXavidTv Il y a 25 jours
Chris is Bisexual
Mar Sam
Mar Sam Il y a 25 jours
Your taking it to social media when you could just call em.🤷🏾‍♀️
eniyah bum
eniyah bum Il y a 25 jours
this is how you wanna be him and telling people you wanna be this man you have his name in your mouth to much bro to much u love his name or sum you have to BIG CHILDISH MAN I'M UNSUBSCRIBING FROM U YOU CHILDISH ASF BRO SAD
Jada Hinton
Jada Hinton Il y a 26 jours
Y’all been broke up for some years now and you still don’t have nothing to talk about other then that woman. And now you talking ab her dude lmaoooo get a life Chris
Rihanna Johnson
Rihanna Johnson Il y a 26 jours
Its the looking like Clarence for me....
Hendrickss. Il y a 27 jours
if he type in “C” “Clarence” gon pop up thats how obsessed he is😭
Damya Denny
Damya Denny Il y a 27 jours
Telling kids not to watch this is just gonna make them watch it😭
Jordynn’s Daily Life
Jordynn’s Daily Life Il y a 27 jours
Dam you must love you sum Clarence . Smh
Life Of Shelly
Life Of Shelly Il y a 29 jours
Tink Hdufirnv
Tink Hdufirnv Il y a mois
Why do he think he’s so important 🤣🤣
Monique Newman
Monique Newman Il y a mois
I’m praying for you for common sense 🙄
Itss NIja.
Itss NIja. Il y a mois
Can y’all go live together just trolling
Vantasia Jordan
Vantasia Jordan Il y a mois
You not gone be happy when y'all really meet each other and he Duff yo shit 🥴😂
kiwi bliss
kiwi bliss Il y a mois
you wanna be him so bad dont you 😭😭
Blossom Il y a mois
You been doing a lot of bozo ish. But this back and forth w/ you and Clarence seems funny AF and I think you both are having fun w/ it. I like this Chris !!
Marshell Williams
Marshell Williams Il y a mois
Move on y’all to grown for this 😭💀
Desie Msbeauty
Desie Msbeauty Il y a mois
Chile. 😑Do u NOT HAVE a girl or something? She's with a whole dude now. Smh
Diana M
Diana M Il y a mois
Idc what y’all say. I’m here for this drama in 2020! I ain’t got nothing else to do with my time anyways right now😂
Tha_realist.princess Water
Fym don’t watch this kids I’m watching it if it says Clarence
dililah noemi
dililah noemi Il y a mois
At this point we know tht he’s gonna keep making these vids cus it’s the only way he’ll get views & attention lmaooo
BlueGhostGal Il y a mois
move on my guy you making yourself look stupid. .
Toya Musically
Toya Musically Il y a mois
chris fine as hell tho
Sataejah Iglesia
Sataejah Iglesia Il y a mois
This is like a tv show atp🤣
Alaysja Jackson
Alaysja Jackson Il y a mois
Your miserable asf
Lena Idk
Lena Idk Il y a mois
If you ain cheat on her this wouldnt be happening..
christian morales
christian morales Il y a mois
you not from chicago, stop using our slang
Abdul Amz
Abdul Amz Il y a mois
This guy is a btec Clarencenyc
Tacoma Bitch
Tacoma Bitch Il y a mois
I don’t understand shit he said... EAT then Talk tf
Marlin S
Marlin S Il y a mois
His voice annoying
D.R.O.P Entertainment
Y'all ain't gon fight
The Kaam Fam
The Kaam Fam Il y a mois
Is this man eating snack cakes in the bathroom??? Lmao
XOXO TheSadLifeOfJayKay
Mane eating a zebra cake
Yasmine Ibrahim
Yasmine Ibrahim Il y a mois
You’re such a loser
Cindya Sula
Cindya Sula Il y a mois
It’s not funny ,it’s annoying ,leave there family alone‼️ acting like a child (childish)
Jae Lí
Jae Lí Il y a mois
Boy your mad corny 😐.
Kayla Hubbard
Kayla Hubbard Il y a mois
Why are you so pressed about them tho 🙄 even if you say your not you’ve made yourself look bad because your commenting on your ex’s relationship 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 like yes it’s your babymother but only thing you should be worried about is your child that’s all 💯
Angel Williams
Angel Williams Il y a mois
Nah Chris really hurt fr 💯 not tryna be funny but Chris is really hurt because he messed up with somebody that was good for him and now he see he messed up and she living good just got signed released her album and more famous then what she was before and out there more and now he don't have that no more and somebody else took his place so yes he may be tryna stay calm and make it like it's all laughs and games but he's a little hurt and I can see it in his eyes
Jamiah Krampen
Jamiah Krampen Il y a mois
Midwest Kandi
Midwest Kandi Il y a mois
Never stop calling him Clare-Bear. It's hilarious. 😂😂🤣🤣
Aniyah Green
Aniyah Green Il y a mois
This is kinda sad 😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️
Riley M
Riley M Il y a mois
You a hurt n sad individual. Leave her and clearance alone.
Amerra Warren
Amerra Warren Il y a mois
i bet you wont link clare tho
Gyabstar Vlogs
Gyabstar Vlogs Il y a mois
You’re just a mad man. You need help fr😂
Chillwitdahkids Il y a mois
I feel like CJ is better for her heart but clearance is better for her health . But y they going back n forth on FRvid like walkie talkie lmaooo
Selina Carmona
Selina Carmona Il y a mois
That’s sad he’s really alone ☹️ keep hustling
Rocky Monciana
Rocky Monciana Il y a mois
This man love Clarence so much he turned into him.
Jas Mine
Jas Mine Il y a mois
If u eating in the bathroom thats disgusting.. Im Just saying
Ravince Butler
Ravince Butler Il y a mois
Lmao yaw all delusional , this man has literally gotten away w beating on a woman & there is seriousness behind all this fun & jokes , Chris puts on a face for the media & all yaw sittin here talkin ab yaw like that they having fun & should be friends are looking over this bs but stay woke a fraud can’t pretend their whole life watch & see .. what’s done in the dark must come to light.
Therealist Gang
Therealist Gang Il y a mois
Moveeeee onnnnn 👎🙄
Riahni Johnson
Riahni Johnson Il y a mois
Chris why you so worried is what im confused about 😭😭
Summer Addison
Summer Addison Il y a mois
👌😎 I think both you cool guys and nice looking and wish you two the best. You both fall in love with beautiful and talent lady. Just force on your son and grind also god bless you. Don’t let devils distract you and stay force? Please! Everybody have they moments.
Indo5024 Il y a mois
Chris you been acting like this and saying the same shit for the last three years. Stop the cap that u saying whatever now because everyone talking. No you been doing it. And to say you are careful of what you do because of the kids cj and legend? You exploit him to get views on FRvid. You are delusional.
Re’Mona Lavon
Re’Mona Lavon Il y a mois
When y’all do come together, you HAVE to wear the infamous jeans. Congrats on your upcoming album 🥳
Angel Fisher
Angel Fisher Il y a mois
He should’ve kept his hair😂 instead of trying to be like Clarence 😂👌🏽
Journey Il y a mois
He literally been trolling fw they ass for the longest. Now he wanna give us this growing speech 🤣🤦‍♀️
realist. americaa
realist. americaa Il y a mois
bruh i didn’t even understand one word you said when you were chewing that zebra cake LMAOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nasra Aden
Nasra Aden Il y a mois
Who eats food in the bathroom😭😭
T-shana Gumbs
T-shana Gumbs Il y a mois
You look mad dumb😞
Ruby_ Bxx
Ruby_ Bxx Il y a mois
Lol ( don’t watch this kids) and all the kids just tapping on the video 😂
Riley Nuño
Riley Nuño Il y a mois
But why y’all got the same hair 😭
Mrs B
Mrs B Il y a mois
Chris high as shit
M&C Nation
M&C Nation Il y a mois
Why Chris sound like a 7 year old 🤣🤣
Daisy._ W
Daisy._ W Il y a mois
Yo voice is so annoying 🙄
Hi Yall
Hi Yall Il y a mois
Your about to have a kid and you still on they topic
Kai Goon KBE
Kai Goon KBE Il y a mois
He did not just say "on fo'nem grave" Stoppp itt 😭😭🧢
Million Dollar monie
Get a lifeeeeeeeeee
Jenn JennTV
Jenn JennTV Il y a mois
You funny asf though , very entertaining i cant cap
Jenn JennTV
Jenn JennTV Il y a mois
#TeamClarence 😭
Jenn JennTV
Jenn JennTV Il y a mois
Raymond Pharrell
Raymond Pharrell Il y a mois
I feel like we hear this message every 3 months. Sb: did this n*gga say “my trolling makes me happy” 😂😂
Karolina Tee's
Karolina Tee's Il y a mois
Please stop calling that man Clarebear Chris
True Essence
True Essence Il y a mois
Its Ace
Its Ace Il y a mois
Keep living brotha💙
Anthony Jay
Anthony Jay Il y a mois
every video you make is literally about them. move on. and find peace.
Jiselle Greaves
Jiselle Greaves Il y a mois
No you’re weird. Grow tf up Chris. This isn’t some high school drama bro. Y’all all got y’all own kids and was hurting stop tryna act like this shit is a joke. You just look stupid
Princess Rees
Princess Rees Il y a mois
it’s the FRvid drama for me 🤣🤣
Jalasia Mayfield
Jalasia Mayfield Il y a mois
Just stop being petty... maybe they will come around. Or not because you be in they business soo bad.
Duling Breonna
Duling Breonna Il y a mois
U need some help bro fr like go find some help u ain’t getting her back.
Ciera n
Ciera n Il y a mois
At This point they’re best friends
ThatGirlDeshia Il y a mois
you are irky ...... just say I WANT SOME ATTENTION 🤣
Princess Alonna
Princess Alonna Il y a mois
i like those but the strawberry flavor but you better have a bev next vid😭😭😭💙💙
Jordan Kragenbrink
Jordan Kragenbrink Il y a mois
you clout chase so bad & at this point when you have queens name in every title you look obsessed & weird asf .
Joseph Aramide
Joseph Aramide Il y a mois
I hope he didn’t the track to supposed new album like he stole track to he ain’t you
Naomi Berrios
Naomi Berrios Il y a mois
Lol ain’t no way this is just for entertainment purposes cause they about the only thing you ever talk about 😂
Ken&Tay Nation
Ken&Tay Nation Il y a mois
He eating a zebra cake
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Il y a mois
Y’all need to just do a “the girl is mine” city boy remix ft you and Clarence and GET IT OVER WITH. DAMN. 😑😂
Shae Espitia
Shae Espitia Il y a mois
sorry but he funny af to me 😂😂
4ZARATH Il y a mois
you makin yoself look bad bro
Tyra Gallimore
Tyra Gallimore Il y a mois
I can’t even finish the video , his voice makes me wanna off myself
Tyra Gallimore
Tyra Gallimore Il y a mois
Bruh why are you eating in a bathroom , you real sus
IamSuzy. Q
IamSuzy. Q Il y a mois
“Getting mad at people you don’t know?” 😂😂 “that’s just weird “ I’m dying lol
Niambi Bien-Aime
Niambi Bien-Aime Il y a mois
I can never understand what he saying
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