Leonardo DiCaprio & Quentin Tarantino Break Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Main Character

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Quentin Tarantino break down how they wrote and developed Rick Dalton, the main character in their new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino explains how important early 1960s Hollywood leading men like Edd Byrnes and George Maharis were for the concept of Rick while DiCaprio goes into the challenges of playing him.

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Quentin Tarantino Break Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Main Character




31 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Poli Il y a 20 heures
Leo looked like he heard this story nine times but he doesn’t want to be rude.
Glory Boii
Glory Boii Il y a 22 heures
Leo the man give you 3 hour movie can't you shut up for 14:02 minute . Plus : you know your one of the most talented people in movie industry when you Break down you whole movie and still make it blockbuster , and win so much awards . Quentin Tarantino selfevidentlay prove the idea of passion
Saljon Il y a jour
It's kind of hilarious how Quentin is animatedly talking about Leo as if he wasn't right there next to him in the same room, in the same interview.
hussein chaytylle
hussein chaytylle Il y a jour
Hate to say it buy its a very boring movie
Laura Il y a 3 jours
Why have I never heard Leo say his own name before
Lg Lg
Lg Lg Il y a 2 jours
Same i was like woah😲😲
J Leo
J Leo Il y a 4 jours
I swear nothing terrifies me more than imagining working in a Tarantino movie and make something wrong. I mean, can you imagine that guy angry? It's sheer fear.
Lamia Mahpara
Lamia Mahpara Il y a 4 jours
People who don't like to talk much will relate to Leo so much. 4:53 You keep wondering how do people talk SO much. 🙂
sev johnson
sev johnson Il y a 5 jours
When Tarantino is only there to remember names
Rinaldi James
Rinaldi James Il y a 6 jours
This setting reminds me of the Matrix.
Fxx Alaba
Fxx Alaba Il y a 6 jours
I love the way Tarantino Talks, it’s just a constant flow of thoughts it seems like he’s telling a story with his whole body and explains it in a mesmerising way
Fxx Alaba
Fxx Alaba Il y a 6 jours
I love the way Tarantino Talks, it’s just a constant flow of thoughts it seems like he’s telling a story with his whole body and explains it in a mesmerising way
VisionEmu Il y a 8 jours
I'm sorry but this was the worst movie I have ever seen, very missleading and builds on small events that has nothing to do with each other.
Michael Annunziato
Michael Annunziato Il y a 9 jours
Leo: Mmm Bill the butcher: you got glue in your mouth, I asked you a question!
harphilcha Il y a 9 jours
Mmm hmmm
Fauthal Il y a 9 jours
OMG Quentin never shuts up does he. LOL
Matt Moseley
Matt Moseley Il y a 11 jours
Interviewer: "So Leo, what was it like working on set for this film?" Leonardo: "Well you know it's alw-" Tarantino: *so anyway I started blasting*
Ada Tatlı
Ada Tatlı Il y a 12 jours
Tarantino is so excited for talking about the movie and explaining it it's not annoying its cute
Cal Il y a 13 jours
-Leonardo DiCaprio- & Quentin Tarantino Break Down Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Main Character
Luna Il y a 13 jours
They reminds me when i was little and my mum use to come with me to the doctor: "She has a bellyache", "mmh", "and her head hurts", "mmh"
Max Bateman
Max Bateman Il y a 14 jours
Tarantino’s brain is a remarkable thing. If he was Victorian he’d probably have been the great author with this story telling ability. As it is, he makes movies, because he loves them. It’s funny him talking about the world changing for Rick when Quentin himself is so enthusiastic about the history of Hollywood and the way he does things repeatedly echos the past! I feel this was very personal for him! Good film though.
Leangareh Il y a 16 jours
the two come across like Calvin Candy and Sam Jackson's character in the negitiations in Django Unchained - just with Leo playing Samuel L Jackson's part :D
_ Dynamix
_ Dynamix Il y a 16 jours
I deeply enjoyed that. Also Leos "mmmh"
Hermán Dániel
Hermán Dániel Il y a 16 jours
Irais Wr
Irais Wr Il y a 20 jours
I feel this whole video was just Tarantino directing Leo, I felt I was one of the guys in the staff just listening to them while serving coffee or something 😅
TheJoker Il y a 22 jours
In the thumbnail it looks like Leo does the talking in the video but it's the other way round 😂
mary zet
mary zet Il y a 22 jours
quentin tarantino's kind of explaining this universum reminds me of my imaginery world i had at 6
Cris Garcia
Cris Garcia Il y a 22 jours
sean manno
sean manno Il y a 22 jours
Am i the only one who thinks this film was pretty tame when it came to violence?
Sara Vinci
Sara Vinci Il y a 23 jours
They look like the two kind of high people
Sara Vinci
Sara Vinci Il y a 23 jours
"But what's interesting is" -Quentin Tarantino, 2020
Super Cruiser
Super Cruiser Il y a 23 jours
Kind of weird they're talking about a fictional character like he's real.
Shawn Aymond
Shawn Aymond Il y a 24 jours
Leo always looks like hes not okay with being there
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino Il y a 25 jours
I wish to be as articulate as Quentin.
Evageliakl Il y a 26 jours
I understand that Quentin is the director of the movie, but it seems to me a little bit rude that he didn't let Leo talk about his experience portrating this guy and he was talking the whole time :(
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali Il y a 26 jours
The depth of this film is awesom, watch it a couple of time and then you really see the power of leonardo's acting
Olivia Ruth
Olivia Ruth Il y a mois
“leonardo dicaprio saying ‘mhm’ for 14 minutes”
Olivia Ruth
Olivia Ruth Il y a mois
i’m american and i can hear leo’s american accent every time he talks
Rawan A.
Rawan A. Il y a mois
I... do not understand a thing
Sebastian Cubillos
Sebastian Cubillos Il y a mois
1:55 "That IS a shiny table. Why do things reflect? Sushi sounds good right now."
Namit Prasad
Namit Prasad Il y a mois
Great actor. Amazing director. Wonderful movie.
Shpepi Il y a mois
I enjoy hearing these two people talk :)
Mason Slaughter
Mason Slaughter Il y a mois
Leo secretly hates him haha
Ibukunoluwa Ogunfowokan
How come I'm just seeing this?!
Taylor Meza
Taylor Meza Il y a mois
Tarantino is like the Doug Demuro of movies
Grace4You Il y a mois
ultradeadd Il y a mois
Never really understood the hype about Tarantino's intelligence but listening to this piece of discourse and the way he explains the world of Rick Dalton is purely amazing.
NCS Legend
NCS Legend Il y a mois
Leonardo looks always to Tarant like he is his son haha
A French Dude
A French Dude Il y a mois
leo is like "mmmhm mmhm what he says"
Cuca Beludo
Cuca Beludo Il y a mois
"yeah umhum" - _Dicaprio, Leonardo_
Marta_3&7 Il y a mois
I LOVE quentin
Fariz Afaf
Fariz Afaf Il y a mois
I love Tarantino's movies... it's like "just a story"
Kirk Larson
Kirk Larson Il y a mois
Should do this with Brad Pitt! Cliff Booth!
Fairmont Subdivision
Tarantino is definitely on the spectrum....anyway, I absolutely love this movie. If you grew up in this era watching TV and parented by the greatest generation you know what I mean. He gets everything much great detail....watching Cliff and Rick drive around town is like watching my dad and his buddy Jack Rudy drive around our hometown in Jacks silver 69 GTO. Both middle aged war vets, hard working career guys, smoking one cigarette after another and driving us kids crazy as smoke and flecks of ash peppered us in the back seat. They had no patience for hippies or slackers of any kind. Watching Cliff and Rick watch The FBI is another flash back. On Sunday nights, my dad would grill steaks (mom always complained that they tasted like lighter fluid) then it was time for chocolate ice cream and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and The FBI. Rick is literally a recreation of my dad in his fake leather chair, beer in one hand and cigarette in another. He would comment on the action while clouds of smoke wafted by us. The neon signs, the restaurants, the cars, the commercials, radio chatter, the TV shows....that's really what it was like. Despite the societal issues it was a great time to grow up. I've watched this 5 times on Starz and it always makes me smile. Anyway, I hope he makes more movies about this era....and tells these kinds of stories.....
Mini Yama
Mini Yama Il y a mois
I could literally listen to Tarantino two About films all day long
Kacho S
Kacho S Il y a mois
Would just Quentin let Leo a single word in?
Rob Lo
Rob Lo Il y a mois
I didn’t get the point of the film. The movie was supposed to be about the Manson Murders, not the time in Hollywood at the time!!!
Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner Il y a mois
After seeing this interview, I know Leo was acting in the movie. Rick is kind of dim, Leo is eloquent.
Nathan Damery
Nathan Damery Il y a mois
12:35 leo gets that? Why is he roasting leo hella during this?
Enes Kül
Enes Kül Il y a mois
türkçesi niye yok hay amk
Ethan Dever
Ethan Dever Il y a mois
Did anyone else notice he kinda still had his accent
Dominic Yoya Kabinga
Aries and Scorpio interaction in a nutshell.
Pedro Rangel
Pedro Rangel Il y a mois
That's what Fiona Apple was talking about
Purpose Toons
Purpose Toons Il y a mois
Tarantino’s such a good directer but he’s such a weird guy. I like it
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks Il y a mois
I love that Di'caprio has worked enough with Tarantino to know he's going to constantly be interrupted, and has accepted it by now.
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks Il y a mois
The amount of lore and backstory Tarantino gives his characters..... It's astounding.
Avenue 43
Avenue 43 Il y a mois
Di Caprio always looks bored or lost, he's most likely thinking is this guy ever going to let me get a word in.
Zziiggyy Airing
Zziiggyy Airing Il y a mois
Quentin Kiss your feet after this video
Swedish American
Swedish American Il y a mois
I thought the Pete Duel connection was interesting as the basis for the Rick Dalton character. It never occurred to me. The difference though is that Duel was only 31 and his career was on the upswing. Duel was starring in a popular show. So Duel would have been like the Rick Dalton character 7-8 years before the movie.
Swedish American
Swedish American Il y a mois
Is Tarantino always this wired?
dee stranger
dee stranger Il y a mois
Garbage movie... horrible... but better than Hateful Eight which was worse.
Sonny Red
Sonny Red Il y a mois
Tarantino Is Sicilian, Di Caprio Is Napolitan...
Essi Il y a mois
Netflix is short on Leo so needed to come here
Kyleigh Smialek
Kyleigh Smialek Il y a mois
santiago Gomez
santiago Gomez Il y a mois
Would´ve been great if they actually linked Dalton's emotional issues to the development of the plot and climax of the movie :(
Grace4You Il y a mois
I think they kinda did by having him pull out a flamethrower to use on a deranged hippie only to show him later in the evening having a cordial calm conversation at Sharon Tate's LOL.
Marge Shilling
Marge Shilling Il y a mois
I love Quentin Tarentino. He absolutely loves making movies and it shows.
Rhely Putra
Rhely Putra Il y a mois
This comment section is savage
Christ black
Christ black Il y a mois
this is such am insightful look into the mind of the genius tarantino
Cedric Douglas
Cedric Douglas Il y a mois
I definitely don't believe that Quentin Tarantino has ADHD.
Nautilus1972 Il y a mois
Tonight on FBI ""All the streets are silent.." Cliff: "Not when Rick Dalton has a fuckin shotgun they aren't...I'll tell ya that"
inaz parsaei
inaz parsaei Il y a mois
rideman tarin film 🧡
Levi's 14th birthday
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