Learning Japanese to Watch Anime Makes You a Weeb?

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If you learn Japanese to watch anime, will you turn into a weeb? Some people are afraid to learn Japanese because they will be associated with weebs and those strange otakus who also happen to watch anime. So is wanting to watch anime without subtitles a good reason to learn Japanese?
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21 nov. 2016




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Commentaires 52
2CentsBear Il y a 4 jours
Love these videos. Come back! You got me into learning Japanese
Kokanno's Vlogs
Kokanno's Vlogs Il y a 22 jours
Cool video Liked!
Selena Lamothe
Selena Lamothe Il y a mois
i love how crazed and excited you come off in this video.
Selena Lamothe
Selena Lamothe Il y a mois
@Fluent Japanese From Anime Hey Im the same. We will get there again.
Fluent Japanese From Anime
I miss the ol' days too.
Cristian Becerril
Cristian Becerril Il y a mois
*"Your brain stays the same size-- it's crazy!"*
2CentsBear Il y a 4 jours
The climax of this video
nunyo biznez
nunyo biznez Il y a 3 mois
I'd like to learn it because I'd like to know what they're saying in anime when I'm doing something else, like playing vidya games, also, it'd be handy to know if I ever go to Japan.
RafPlayZ Il y a 4 mois
Guess im a weeb?
Safir Il y a 5 mois
Honestly, the average weeb watches so much anime, that if they watched it all with japanese subtitles, they’d know Japanese.
JackMasterOfNone Il y a mois
doesnt work like that, i tried.
Azrael Il y a 5 mois
The thing about learning a new language just for one reason is that you thought it would be just a hobby but then you would think "Why not strive for the pinnacle?" thoughts would flow through your head like 'Do foreign people learning my native language struggle too?' 'Do people learning my native language struggle to pronounce words?' and then that will spark something in you to learn a new language to the point of being able to point out mistakes in the smallest of detail like you would do in your native language like how people point out mistakes like "It's you're not your; it's they're not their; it's we're not were and etc" that gives you the best satisfaction, to learn a language to the pinnacle, to point out mistakes even the natives couldn't see.
Aron Lollollo
Aron Lollollo Il y a 6 mois
Tbh i dont care if they called me a weeb or being a weeb
The improvaholic
The improvaholic Il y a 7 mois
just watch dubbed lol like i do
SwagItachi Uchiha
SwagItachi Uchiha Il y a 8 mois
I wanna learn Japanese because I want to read visual novels.
8BIT Scorpion
8BIT Scorpion Il y a 6 mois
Same, I have other reasons but it would be nice to play Dai Gyakuten Saiban without relying on fan translations.
Akisina Ketchup
Akisina Ketchup Il y a 8 mois
There's so many untranslated hentai doujin i want to fap them that's all
Izzaldin Samir
Izzaldin Samir Il y a 8 mois
I know language learning is nice because my main language is Arabic and secondary language is English :D.
Kurisu - Kun
Kurisu - Kun Il y a 10 mois
Daijobu, kore wa hontodesu.
Foodfangirl Il y a 11 mois
No it doesn't. Actual weeaboos stereotype Japan as being like anime and they never bother learning Japanese beyond "KAWAII DESU SUGOI NE!!!" If you're making a real effort to learn Japanese, even if it's to understand anime, you aren't a weeaboo.
J Miuna
J Miuna Il y a an
I learn Japanese because it’s fun and it’s such a beautiful language and i don’t give a crap about anime. Am I still considered a weeb?
Aoiblue Il y a an
I'm learning the language so I can watch anime without subs.. Basically confessing that I'm a weeb. But hear me out >_< Because I know I can never visit Japan and noone speaks Japanese here. The only way I can incorporate the language is for anime only.
Sam Il y a an
I just want to watch anime without reading the subtitle. I was a crazy weeb when I was like 15/16, but at 20 now I just want to learn the language because it sounds cool, and I actually like anime. I want to become more fluent in Spanish and German as well.
Ömer Erdem Şentürk
Ömer Erdem Şentürk Il y a 11 mois
It's the Passport Immigrants in germany want, not the language
Z Il y a an
Redeemed How is it going for you?
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh Il y a an
It's weird that I can understand anime even without subtitles now. Japanese porn is even easier ..... hmm
2CentsBear Il y a 4 jours
Gross, porn
Scott The NINJA
Scott The NINJA Il y a 3 mois
reallly how does it feel
Erick Comics
Erick Comics Il y a an
I want to study more about Japanese to pass the JLPT n5 next year. I was inspired by anime but later on I want to learn the language due to the fact that it challenges your logical thinking skills and helps you learn more about their culture. demo, nihongo wa tottemo muzukashi-i desu.
lil zux
lil zux Il y a an
im a weeb
lil zux
lil zux Il y a an
hey i know some weebs that know some perfect japanese
I watsh Anime all the time i have like 1000h on Anime :v
xhaithamxable Il y a 2 ans
As one of those "crazy people" I kind of find this offensive
xhaithamxable Il y a 2 ans
I missed "the prevailing though on FRvid, Facebook, etc." part. I agree with you, listen to what your heart tells you and do it
xhaithamxable Il y a 2 ans
Sorry I misunderstood.
Fluent Japanese From Anime
I'm sorry. Maybe I didn't choose the right words. I was trying to encourage more people to pick up Japanese despite what others may think of them, and there is always a better way to do it than offending people.
Oldy Il y a 3 ans
You might get associated as a weeb cause you look messy as well, bro. That facial hair needs grooming. Respect the hustle, though. Keep learning.
Oldy Il y a 3 ans
@Fluent Japanese From Anime Haha, I feel you man. Keep up the hard work, that's the most important thing!
Fluent Japanese From Anime
I have been trying to go a beard for the past 5 months. It has devolved into "I'm going with neckbeard look as par of the theme of weebs learning Japanese from anime". I might shave it soon :)
Dead See Life
Dead See Life Il y a 3 ans
I have several reasons. -It's a personal challenge to me. -My memory has always been kind of lackluster so I hope that it helps me improve that. -a friend of mine told me once that it was impossible to learn a language in your 30s. Lol -I love Gojira. ❤️️😂 -Japanese culture and food fascinates me...although oddly enough I don't eat seafood. I get the same strange looks when I say that to my Italian family as well. Lol -Japan looks beautiful to me although I've yet to go there. -the idea that there is an entire country full of cool people that I can not yet communicate with. (Obviously there are tons...but one language at a time. Lol) I've been trying for a few years now but now with all the apps and resources available....I am going 100% full speed with learning. No more putting it off. Thanks for the motivating videos. 👍
Tóy Il y a 2 ans
Dead See Life progress? :3
Nulliel Il y a 3 ans
People who start learning Japanese exclusively to watch anime almost never get anywhere in the learning process. It's just not a good enough reason to want to learn the language. Every single person I've seen with that goal in mind who actually stuck with the language ended up not even using it to watch anime. They found some other thing that sparked their love for the language.
Akisina Ketchup
Akisina Ketchup Il y a 4 mois
You know i learned English to watch anime with english subtitile... Turksih subtitles was suck
Oof Il y a 6 mois
i started learning english to watch cartoon and it worked out for me xD
Bob Smithy
Bob Smithy Il y a 8 mois
It's not anime, but I've talked to some translators that have learnt japanese to just read light novels. I'm currently learning japanese to almost exclusively read light novels as well. Waiting for updates is killing me, most of the series I'm quite interested in either aren't translated good enough or never get updated.
Nulliel Il y a 3 ans
I think talking about self-development could be a good idea. You could also maybe talk about willpower, burnout, and pacing if you're well versed on those. Too many beginners think they'll study several hours a day and learn 10x faster than everybody else, just to burn out in a month and never pick the language back up.
Fluent Japanese From Anime
There's some truth to that, and it's hard to anyone to suddenly pick up Japanese because of one video. I will make a better one and keep trying. Perhaps I should make one about reasons to pick up Japanese and talk a bit about self-development?
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape Il y a 3 ans
This resonated super well with me, actually. I don't think I was ever really interested in foreign languages until kinda recently and even still I don't think I'm ready to commit myself to learning another one. Even so a little tidbit video like this was super interesting and helpful in asking myself the right questions. I would enjoy more videos like this that aren't about learning Japanese (or Korean or whatever you may do in the future) but more so about what you learned and what experiences you gained from this ambition of yours. Or perhaps what you'd hope to see once you start learning more languages.
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape Il y a 3 ans
Quick take my hand before it's too late!
Fluent Japanese From Anime
Shit, I'm out of scotch tape.
Scotch Tape
Scotch Tape Il y a 3 ans
*thumbs up*
Fluent Japanese From Anime
Thank you scotch tape for your kind words and always being there for me at my office :)
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