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this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain




7 nov. 2019




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kaylynn polanco
kaylynn polanco Il y a 6 minutes
I freaking love her she- I’m so dead luv u Emma 💕
Erica R.
Erica R. Il y a 9 minutes
I recommend tony hawk underground or tony hawk American wasteland on playstation 2. Take it easy on the real life skateboard
Crystal Ngo
Crystal Ngo Il y a 23 minutes
pro skater right there :))
Kayla Rios
Kayla Rios Il y a 34 minutes
Ethan is probably punching the air rn 🤧
Kimi Erwandee
Kimi Erwandee Il y a 47 minutes
(Aaron doesn’t skate) Ethan has entered the chat
Shiny Diamond
Shiny Diamond Il y a 48 minutes
• SadderDxys •
• SadderDxys • Il y a heure
🎵He was a skater boi She said see you later boi He wasn’t good enough for her Now he’s a super star Slamming on his guitar To show pretty face girl What he’s worth 🎶 -Avril Lavigne He was a skater- “Oh wait I can’t sing that or I’ll get copyrighted” -Emma Chamberlain
Nesha Swan
Nesha Swan Il y a heure
she has make up on whaaat
Smith family
Smith family Il y a heure
Were is the kitty
Hannah Campbell
Hannah Campbell Il y a heure
emma talking about cracking her phone is such a mood, I got an iphone 11 for my birthday, which was literally less than two months ago, and i've already cracked my screen protector... I cracked in such a stupid way too, I was pushing myself onto a table so I could sit on it and I managed to push my phone against the corner of the table and crack it
CookieGurl Il y a heure
6:08 What everyone says before they fall and hit their head
i liek turtles
i liek turtles Il y a heure
Emma says she doesnt change for any guy. ~Emma tries to learn to skateboard to impress this boy she likes~
sxturnx Il y a heure
i have horrible balance-
Kri Faye
Kri Faye Il y a heure
The sound in the backround of someone 8:41 bruh
Candy Rodriguez
Candy Rodriguez Il y a heure
I hate how squeaky the board is
tyler josephs chalupa child
bro i remember when she had 6 million subs and now she's almost at 9
Madeline Potts
Madeline Potts Il y a 2 heures
Hi Emma! I have been watching your vids for quite some time,you are fab! Keep up the good work! Btw your great at skateboarding.
Shoni_Equestrian Il y a 2 heures
Guys Ethan skateboards 👀👀
Makayla Douglass
Makayla Douglass Il y a 2 heures
that moment when emma likes aaron
Grace Art
Grace Art Il y a 2 heures
*emma denying the fact that she is catching HARD feelings for this guy*
Leila Saad
Leila Saad Il y a 2 heures
Aaron hull. and that’s the tea
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements Il y a 2 heures
@emmachamberlain Oh yeah...wjo you calling grandpa? 😡🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tara Baratte
Tara Baratte Il y a 2 heures
we all know who she likes ETHAN
krisha Il y a heure
no it's aaron
Gracie Marie
Gracie Marie Il y a 3 heures
Ya’ know...Ethan Dolan skateboards😏😏😏
Faith Vlcek
Faith Vlcek Il y a 3 heures
1:32 her cat went 💨zoom
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements Il y a 3 heures
@emmachamberlain Let me guess. You was watching these girls?
Black Widow
Black Widow Il y a 3 heures
Emma struggling to speak for 10 minutes and 54 seconds straight
Ty McAlister
Ty McAlister Il y a 3 heures
Darnel Anglade
Darnel Anglade Il y a 3 heures
He was a boy She was a girl
Nugget Brother
Nugget Brother Il y a 4 heures
Emma: I like a boy who skates Ethan: 😳 JK
Jiya Il y a 4 heures
Hi literally no one really watches my vids but i love making them so it would mean a lot if you checked put my channel
Yellow Il y a 4 heures
If anyone is on a Emma Chamberlain marathon like if you are, bcz I am so I’m liking my own coment lol.
noodles Il y a 4 heures
Soo I lost my AirPods.... and decided to watch this video in the living room while I eat breakfast with my family....let’s just say it didn’t turn out well...
Jayden Nieves
Jayden Nieves Il y a 4 heures
I was hoping to see you fall lmao
madisyn ridenour
madisyn ridenour Il y a 4 heures
she needs to tighten those trucks or else she’s gonna get major wheel bite
Alex Corbett
Alex Corbett Il y a 4 heures
Alanna Travis
Alanna Travis Il y a 4 heures
emma: FUCKING BITCHES *full volume* *mom walks in* me: oop-
UnicornPrincess Il y a 4 heures
8:04 I'm sorry but you look like Rico from Hannah Montana I can't😂
chiyane malandro
chiyane malandro Il y a 5 heures
who’s here because literally all you see in aaron’s tik tok comments is emma’s name 😭😭😭
Crisia Alvarez
Crisia Alvarez Il y a 6 heures
Can you guys go follow my new TikTok, I just made it, thanks 👉🏻 @crisiaalvarez
Lyora_luna Il y a 6 heures
Guys she doesn’t like him, she wants to *BE* him
gigi genial
gigi genial Il y a 6 heures
i love ur videos
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Il y a 6 heures
Kay1zzz Il y a 6 heures
It’s Ethan Dolan he skates
Alyssa Kleven
Alyssa Kleven Il y a 6 heures
Has anyone else been watching since cooking with emma? Just me?
ty wilson
ty wilson Il y a 6 heures
I think she like tony hawk
Gigi S
Gigi S Il y a 7 heures
Ethan skateboards😶🤫
wayofthinkin Il y a 7 heures
You are beautiful , Emma. Now it's time to get a real job. Concentrate on the merch, and create something great.
Henna Il y a 8 heures
4:05 yeah i sure hope it does
Cool Yak
Cool Yak Il y a 5 heures
You got a good eye😂
tvd edits
tvd edits Il y a 8 heures
ok wtf is wrong with people, y'all just let her be happy with whoever she wants.
Tina and Flora
Tina and Flora Il y a 9 heures
all the Finn Wolfhard and Jack Grazer fans be like:🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♀️ •btw we are youtubers too!♡
Starjaws AJ
Starjaws AJ Il y a 10 heures
I don't even know who it is but since everyone in the comments is like "Arron Yeeess" ill asume it's them
Lahné Malan
Lahné Malan Il y a 10 heures
You forgot about the nose picking part.. 😂
cry•baby Il y a 10 heures
“ethan has left the chat” y’all know that ethan skates right..
Hope Gray
Hope Gray Il y a 11 heures
or ethan
Crystallize Gacha studio
Crystallize Gacha studio Il y a 11 heures
well for starters, dont tuck ur shirt in LOL
Oliwia Drewicz
Oliwia Drewicz Il y a 12 heures
You should make a vid with the Dolan twins if them teaching you how to skate
Oliwia Drewicz
Oliwia Drewicz Il y a 12 heures
Please tell me it’s Ethan !?
Mikhayla Nicolas
Mikhayla Nicolas Il y a 13 heures
Is it Aaron Hull pls tell me it's him
Deniz Atlantico
Deniz Atlantico Il y a 13 heures
Only One question is there 3M girls out there who wants to learn skateboarding to impress a boy 😬
I am so sorry about this