Learn Japanese phrases with anime 01

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6 juin 2017




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Commentaires 46
Victor Triump
Victor Triump Il y a 3 mois
Bonzy Il y a 5 mois
I'm half-way N5. I CAN'T understand a thing. So depressing
Putri Novitasari
Putri Novitasari Il y a 5 mois
Learning japanese with Kamiya Hiroshi, Fukuyama Jun and Sakurai takahiro 😂😂
Apollo's Gift
Apollo's Gift Il y a 5 mois
MechanicalMachines Il y a 6 mois
first one should be more like 'whats wrong panda kun" or "whats the matter"
SAM Jain
SAM Jain Il y a 8 mois
I want Japanese speaker with English accent
Apollo's Gift
Apollo's Gift Il y a 5 mois
Although it sounds stereotypical, there are engrish anime compilations
Simple Fun - Kids TV
Simple Fun - Kids TV Il y a 9 mois
Cool! 😊👍🙋🏼‍♂️
Neutron Pixie
Neutron Pixie Il y a 10 mois
Trying to hear the difference between the iinaa at 1:51 and the iinaa at 3:01. Is there a different pitch I'm just not hearing that changes the meaning? The last A on the 2nd one sounds like it's more of a stretched vowel, but I can't tell if that's just the voice actor reacting or if the pronunciation is subtlety different.
I know this is late but, yes “iinaa” exactly translates to “thats great” which can be said in a envious way “I envy you” or in a assuring way like “thats a great idea”. The change of pitch is just the context of emotion when saying it. The way you change the pitch of a word to show some kind of emotion is different in every language so its hard but you can get used to it. Hope this helps!
The Japanese ways
The Japanese ways Il y a 10 mois
So cool.. thank you, It is very helpful when you are tired and you want just relax but in the meantime learn more.... keep going
VeteranCape Il y a 11 mois
Let's learn the language of a country that doesn't allow foreigners
S P Il y a 2 mois
kuria fairu
kuria fairu Il y a 10 mois
Japan does allow foreigners especially nowadays even if the country is homogenous. The younger generations are becoming much more open minded.
Y F Il y a 11 mois
すごいわかりやすいアニメw 日本語教えるのにちょうど良すぎる‼︎
Dee Danner
Dee Danner Il y a an
Some of these translations are questionable. They are very context heavy.
Popcorn Ale
Popcorn Ale Il y a 10 mois
@Dee Danner it looks awesome, i really thank you <3
Dee Danner
Dee Danner Il y a 10 mois
@Popcorn Ale Daiweeb is the best website. Animelon is good as well. They will change your life. :-)
Popcorn Ale
Popcorn Ale Il y a 10 mois
Yes, do you know where can i find anime or translated videos for learning japanese but with better subs?
diego armando
diego armando Il y a an
What a horrible editing, seriously 👎
Serg Podolnii
Serg Podolnii Il y a an
Funny :)
R.D. Dragon
R.D. Dragon Il y a an
This is so cute.
忘れ雪 Il y a an
Shirokuma Cafe really is perfect for learning the language. I've been studying it on and off for a few months now, and have over 300 sentence cards from this show alone!
martin de santiago
忘れ雪 nice. Have you tried using hellotalk? You can use your cards to chat up some Japanese folk
DJ SkyView
DJ SkyView Il y a an
Norman P. Chesterton
Shiro Kuma!
DeathKid Grim Reaper
This anime is Shirokuma Cafe for those who don't know.
H. Sch.
H. Sch. Il y a 3 mois
Shirokuma = White Bear
Kurama Rosetta
Kurama Rosetta Il y a an
What is this Anime? Lol
Lovely Trumpet
Lovely Trumpet Il y a an
tanen ki naika suite means?? 0:16
Jacob Spivack
Jacob Spivack Il y a an
Lovely Trumpet he says, tameiki nanka tsuite =ため息なんかついて、which basically means “is it something about your sighing” or “does it have to do with your sighing”
weo1weo1weo1 Il y a an
1:26 "soudayo" does not translate to "I am" at all, it's closer to "that's right" or "it is"
sam Il y a an
Things can often be said in multiple ways. On top of that, especially with languages that are drastically different like Japanese and English, the best way to naturally translate something is often with a loose translation. You should be in the mindset of translating J to E and vice versa in the most *natural* way possible, not in the most literal way. For example, people often say 「嘘? 」in Japanese which literally means "lie?" or "it's a lie?" but the most natural way to translate it into English would be something like "are you serious?", "seriously?", or "are you kidding?" I think you get the point.
martin de santiago
weo1weo1weo1 in the specific context it might.
Shaida Sabah
Shaida Sabah Il y a an
Chino MTB
Chino MTB Il y a an
This is awesome more of this please
Rayme Michaels
Rayme Michaels Il y a an
What was the idea the bartender had?
Ray Il y a an
一日丈入れ替わって見ない? いちにちだけいれかわってみない? Won't you change places with me for just one day?
Cubik Il y a an
Thanks. If I could offer a suggestion, it may be helpful to provide an intermediate step that breaks down each word within the statement.
Walt Gordon
Walt Gordon Il y a an
Should've included translations on how to pronounce the hiragana, if I didn't know already, I'd be lost.
Daniel Saito
Daniel Saito Il y a an
go learn hiragana befor start the japanese itself, it's the ebst way of not being dependent of it
teewhaay Il y a an
Can you break the Japanese words bit by bit please??
Miguel tvid
Miguel tvid Il y a an
one person has trouble learning
Ahlem SAIDANI Il y a 2 ans
More video please it helped me very much q
Maruša Anžin
Maruša Anžin Il y a 2 ans
this is the best thing ever
Ghostdisease Il y a 2 ans
I like this! Thank you for including both kanji and furigana. I think it would be nice at the end to replay the entire scene without translation, as a comprehensive practice.