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From Andrew Haigh and starring Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, and Charlie Plummer. Lean on Pete - Now available for rent or purchase (links below).
RELEASE DATE: April 6, 2018
DIRECTOR: Andrew Haigh
CAST: Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, and Charlie Plummer
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7 déc. 2017




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Commentaires 80
Pamela Manriquez
Pamela Manriquez Il y a mois
Hermosa película. Cala profundo la actuación de Charlie Plummer. Una historia demasiado emotiva. Excelente película!
truly greg
truly greg Il y a mois
Amazing and underrated film :)
The Noova
The Noova Il y a mois
Buena peli
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez Il y a 2 mois
Who's watching this now
Sophia Ames
Sophia Ames Il y a 2 mois
This trailer is inaccurate, spoiler alert the horse dies in the first half of the movie and it goes down the hill from there, an extremely sad movie with an awful ending that leaves you unsatisfied. Not trying to hate it had a good message but the ending was awful. The boy Charles's life was so sad and overall the movie was NOT about a horse at all he was only in the first 40 minutes of the movie. The actors were great the horse was beautiful it had a great message but I would never watch it again, my family was so mad and im not allowed to choose a movie ever again
Sophia Ames
Sophia Ames Il y a mois
@Luke S. sorry I just did not like it, cute horse tho
Luke S.
Luke S. Il y a mois
The horse was in nearly 80 minutes of the film.
Sergey Wain
Sergey Wain Il y a 4 mois
Incredible film, this trallair doesn't do justice. Well worth watching.
zack williams
zack williams Il y a 7 mois
B-Man Pictures
B-Man Pictures Il y a 8 mois
I was an extra in this film where I rode past Steve Buscemi on a bicycle while he was driving.
Kami Bresson
Kami Bresson Il y a 10 mois
Bryce Minor
Bryce Minor Il y a an
I FUCKED that horse.
Jennifer Paluch
Jennifer Paluch Il y a an
Little do they tell you the horse ends up getting hit by a vehicle and being killed
Emi Di Pasquale
Emi Di Pasquale Il y a an
Ragnar volve Vikingos por favor!
SRS Art Productions
Zubair Kabuli
Zubair Kabuli Il y a an
who is here because of Travis Fimmel ??
abood hjee
abood hjee Il y a an
Anne Lauricella
Anne Lauricella Il y a an
I am a mountain, I am a tall tree, oh, I am a swift wind sweeping the country. I am a river down in the valley, oh, I am a vision and I can see clearly. If anybody asks you who I am Just stand up tall Look 'em in the face and say I am a giant, I am an eagle, oh, I am a lion Down in the jungle. I am a marching band, I am the people, oh, I am a helping hand. I am a hero. If anybody asks you who I am Just stand up tall Look 'em in the face and say I'm that mountain peak up high, I'm that star up in the sky. Hey, I made it I'm the world's greatest. I'm that little bit of hope With my back against the ropes. I can feel it I'm the world's greatest. I'm that mountain peak up high, I'm that star up in the sky. Hey, I made it I'm the world's greatest. I'm that little bit of hope With my back against the ropes. I can feel it I'm the world's greatest. In the ring of life, I'll reign, love, And the world will notice a king. Paroliers : Robert S. Kelly
Melissa A.
Melissa A. Il y a an
Love it🖒
antibland Il y a an
Plot: Charlie Bucket becomes an amateur equestrian.
Elaine Snow
Elaine Snow Il y a an
Brilliant film. Just extraordinary.
FlickerFlame Il y a an
It's so good .... I can't even watch it.
Geoff Strum
Geoff Strum Il y a an
It’s much more grim than it appears in the trailer. Although in saying that, It’s really excellently produced.
Odysseus Il y a an
Gtfo of the way universal, paramount and Sony, A24 is king. They have been killing it non stop.
Fishroads Il y a an
saw it on the flight from London to NYC, such a good movie, so many shocking moments as well
PEY13 Il y a an
a24 why'd you sabotage this movie
Van Elisabet
Van Elisabet Il y a an
i want a horse
Coco Rockwell
Coco Rockwell Il y a an
who feels my own private idaho vibe? charlie reminds me much of river, idk why they just seem so similar :')
suryadi taufan
suryadi taufan Il y a an
After watched looking and weekend, no doubt this will be good amazing
Brennan James
Brennan James Il y a an
I don't comment too often, but I will say this is probably one of the saddest movies I have seen in a while. I am starting to become a fan of A24. If go get on Triyou, we will find movies you missed all the time.
Josh James
Josh James Il y a an
Wow. What an amazing experience. This film really stays with you. When you see the *A24 logo,* you know it's going to be a good film. Great acting & the main character shows real resilience & restraint, throughout, while remaining so sweet, fragile & innocent, in spite of everything life throws at him. I had tears in my eyes at a few parts. If you're reading this & questioning whether to watch this film, the answer is _yes._
İkizler Ahmet Melih
Travis Fimmel gülüyorsa izlerim
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Il y a an
Am i the only one who thinks Charley kinda looks like River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho?
Lenél Fick
Lenél Fick Il y a an
Such a beautiful trailer for such a horrible movie??!!
Luke S.
Luke S. Il y a mois
Other way around
Lula AMH
Lula AMH Il y a an
My daughter has just begged to download this as she is horse mad! So I looked up the trailer. I'm really excited because I used to volunteer at a Racehorse rehabilitation centre and know how many of these poor horses are so traumatised and messed up from greedy people hell bent on making money. Of course there are good stables who love their horses but alot cannot always know what staff are up to and then the Horse becomes deemed untouchable. Put it back with normal horses in a field to become a horse again no humans needed!! Looking forward to this film so much.😀
Luka Sertić
Luka Sertić Il y a an
dont watch the movie its so pointles, buy battlepass
Mike Nunyabizness
Another movie for white people only by a studio that does movies for white people only...
Mike Nunyabizness
Mike Nunyabizness Il y a mois
@Luke S. Awww I think I triggered a racist snowflake incel. Tissue Princess?
Luke S.
Luke S. Il y a mois
lou Il y a an
1:51 "there is nobody" … i felt that
Dan Adams
Dan Adams Il y a an
I loved this movie. It was so good. There is so much CRAP out there these days. This movie is not part of it.
The User With No Name
I can't be the only one who got a slgith hint of Cormac McCarthy's The Border Triolgy here right?
Pancho308 Il y a an
Went out and bought it...fantastic performance by Charlie. Read the's also great.
Finn Haverkamp
Finn Haverkamp Il y a an
It's weird that this trailer took 45 seconds to even show Buscemi's facce even though he's an obvious selling point.
Oriol Fages Medina
Lol, Ragnar Lothbrok
INVENTA Il y a an
Ragnar lothbrok !!!!
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Il y a an
Wow! I have no idea what A24 is but I see everyone talking about it. All I can say is that this movie looks very good. Just the preview gives me a certain “feel” for what it will be, which is great! I’ll be shocked if I don’t like this movie. It’s on DirecTV pay per view right now, so I’m gonna watch it in a few hours.
Cori Baker
Cori Baker Il y a an
I just watched this movie for the third time and now I’m watching the trailer and sobbing all over again
shonaalannah Il y a 6 mois
@Cooliotopnotch jfc lol give up - just bc theres white people in it doesnt make it toxic or problematic. stop making it a race thing when the film is absolutely stunning and not toxic or problematic
Cooliotopnotch Il y a an
low_selfestmeme Sorry, but as a BLM and POC+ ally, I will never support white supremacy.
Cori Baker
Cori Baker Il y a an
Cooliotopnotch You should watch Andrew Haigh’s other films! I think Weekend is a really important contribution to the LGBTQA+ film canon 💕
Cooliotopnotch Il y a an
The film is decent at best. To be honest, the toxic and problematic whiteness of the film is rather off-putting.
I want to see it but it looks like a sad movie where a kid steals a horse and the horse ends up dying because the kid can't take care of it!!
Jonathan G. R.
Jonathan G. R. Il y a an
TRUTHISABSOLUTE777 that's exactly it
Hamster Smash
Hamster Smash Il y a an
Muhammad Haziq
Muhammad Haziq Il y a an
After he become become so rich in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD..Paul take a break and try to live a low life in countryside, keeping and take care of a race horse. Hahahaha
Carlos S
Carlos S Il y a an
Nice movie!
Luka Il y a an
Hard life, sweet ending, love that...
José Javier Aldabe Urteaga
Magnífica película. El chaval se va quedando sin referentes. Al único que puede contar lo que siente es a un caballo. Pero se queda sin él. Toda la película se la pasa peleando contra lo que le va quitando la necesidad de vivir. Película sobria. Por fin encuentra con quién compartir su angustia y poder empezar a vivir una vida más normal. Felicidades a la dirección y actores.
Aaron Moiche
Aaron Moiche Il y a 2 ans
The horse and his boy
Steve Wertz
Steve Wertz Il y a 2 ans
A great movie with Travis Fimmel, I'm glad I saw it. Using boxxy softaware i can filter and watch all movies with him
Franca Mars
Franca Mars Il y a 2 ans
I'll watch it for you, Steve
flummoxed.mp4 Il y a 2 ans
Such an incredible, well crafted and well acted film, gave me a reality check about being content. A24 never disappoints.
Hugo Castro sv
Hugo Castro sv Il y a 2 ans
having seen yet but i bet i cry like a byotch when i finish it
zach logan
zach logan Il y a 2 ans
Just watched this movie and its awesome!!!! Damn cried a lot!!!!
Santiago Il y a 2 ans
beautiful film, although the trailer makes it seem like the movie is about Charlie's relationship with the horse, when it is more about his journey to his mother
Olivia Lauren
Olivia Lauren Il y a 2 ans
wow just saw this and it’s actually a lot deeper/grittier than the trailer suggests, but in the best way. visually stunning too. pls see this movie.
Alex V
Alex V Il y a 2 ans
Just watched it, and I agree completely. Heartbreaking film, I loved every bit of it.
Kube Dog
Kube Dog Il y a 2 ans
Unfortunately, most people have seen this movie 100 times. Too bad, because it looks well done.
Luca Cycles
Luca Cycles Il y a 2 ans
The book's incredible, I hope this doesn't ruin it...
Jammez Il y a 2 ans
it doesn't
Vincent H.
Vincent H. Il y a 2 ans
Buscemi the legend. Been a fan of his since Living in Oblivion in the 90s
Bene Shee
Bene Shee Il y a 2 ans
Am here coz of ragnar 😍
Damiani Il y a 2 ans
Looks good
Aimee Barton
Aimee Barton Il y a 2 ans
I’ve never seen a comment thread mention the movie company ever. Let alone 90% of the thread. kissing A24 ass. Weird
Morgan Mercier
Morgan Mercier Il y a 2 ans
Amazing movie, so much sadness and beauty.
Joshua Ehl
Joshua Ehl Il y a 2 ans
I love it already.
Brad Woods
Brad Woods Il y a 2 ans
Anyone know the song ? 🙏
1997residente Il y a 2 ans
Adam from Your moviesucks recommend this film
Ziad Obaid
Ziad Obaid Il y a 2 ans
Double toasted brought me here
Tony Sloan
Tony Sloan Il y a 2 ans
I saw this at the Florida Film was a great film!! A24!!!!
paco99able Il y a 2 ans
If you guys all love a24 SOOOO much, why are all their films flopping? we need the audience to BUY tickets.
Aubrey Crowder
Aubrey Crowder Il y a 2 ans
Came here for Travis
Soani Velez
Soani Velez Il y a 2 ans
We’re going to be seeing a lot more Charlie Plummer after this and I cannot wait
Black Eyes
Black Eyes Il y a 2 ans
ragnar would love horses
Pancho308 Il y a 2 ans
Read the book and am a big fan of Willy Vlautin and Richmond Fontaine (his band) looks great. Yeah, I love A24, too!
Thomas Rainbow
Thomas Rainbow Il y a 2 ans
I read the book can't wait to see the movie
Ollie L
Ollie L Il y a 2 ans
He also made Weekend. Talented director!
Gavin48 Il y a 2 ans
A24 is the new Weinstein company.
Sir Willis IV
Sir Willis IV Il y a 2 ans
Kinda hope this finally scores Buscemi an Oscar nomination.
Fabrizio Ciavoni
Fabrizio Ciavoni Il y a 2 ans
I puked during a screening at the Venice Film Festival. I was sick and the movie was kinda cool.
Romilda Boffano
Romilda Boffano Il y a 2 ans
Fabrizio Ciavoni ti am
Giorgia Farruggio
Giorgia Farruggio Il y a 2 ans
buoni i cavalli
"5 ROUNDS" | Bigg Jah
i'm back!
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