Lapis Lazuli & Her Symbolism EXPLAINED! (Steven Universe)

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She’s a character who has led to controversy and split camps of fans into those who love her or hate her. I, of course, am talking about Lapis Lazuli. From her rough, rocky start with the gems, to her powers, to her experience with trauma, to what exactly her real-world gem is like- we’re covering it all today. What's up, y’all? I’m Kris Carr, and today I’m talking to you about Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe.
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18 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Megan Field
Megan Field Il y a heure
You are kinda adorable fyi
34 guesses and games ❤️💜💙
When they are explaining ptsd and you relate to all them 😐😂🤔🤭🤷🏻‍♀️
Miss Sunset
Miss Sunset Il y a 22 heures
Kris changes her hair ever week and I'm used to it at this point lol
Psycho! Zafiro
Psycho! Zafiro Il y a 22 heures
Lapis can also enchant weapons and armor
bendy inker
bendy inker Il y a jour
Any one here love lapidot
•BurgerCraft• Il y a jour
Well lapis lazuli is not to usefull but it can enchanted my diamond sword :v
Colin Matthew Bishop
One time I was sad so started singing su songs duh but anyways I accidentally sang why so blue wrong Og ooooh ooooh ooooh why so blue My butchering uuuuwuuuu oops no wait
SweetNineTails Il y a 2 jours
Lapis the *edgy* gem
BambooKate Il y a 2 jours
Is jasper a girl or a boy XD probably a girl
Osmar Olivares
Osmar Olivares Il y a 3 jours
I like lapis lazuli
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat Il y a 3 jours
also what if they are real but we just don't know it
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat Il y a 3 jours
I thought this was the roundtable
2 subscribers and No videos
Fun fact: lapis Lazuli is also used to enchant weapons and armor....
Aspen McLellan
Aspen McLellan Il y a 3 jours
Minecraft players 😏 ima get some enchantments today
Jhan Vincent Cruz
Jhan Vincent Cruz Il y a 4 jours
Guys What Do You Think Is She The Worst Or Nice (For Me She’s The Most Savage)
Ralphie Burnzzz
Ralphie Burnzzz Il y a 7 jours
I just realised the reason lapis called herself bob On the first lapis appearance Steven said Steven: “No prob Bob” Lapis: “it’s lapis”
Garnet Universe
Garnet Universe Il y a 7 jours
DeMarco Jones
DeMarco Jones Il y a 9 jours
Water has memory after all
Just Chill
Just Chill Il y a 10 jours
I am legitimately lapis Edit: cuz I'm toxic in some cases
Deegan Kendrick
Deegan Kendrick Il y a 10 jours
If I could be any gem i would be a water or ice gem
Amber Beckham
Amber Beckham Il y a 11 jours
i feel really scared beacause i have both sulfur and pyrite. T_T
CheesyFace 142
CheesyFace 142 Il y a 16 jours
I'm Sorry The Name Is Bob you Clod
Joshua Turner-Cephus
Joshua Turner-Cephus Il y a 18 jours
that me
TryingMyBest Il y a 22 jours
Yikes - Garnet
Marko Karppinen
Marko Karppinen Il y a 25 jours
2:12 WITHOUT Peridot!
Pom Pom
Pom Pom Il y a 28 jours
How was the lapis gem used on home world ????
Pom Pom
Pom Pom Il y a 22 jours
JellyBean Animations thanks I was confused because they did Mention it in the video
JellyBean Animations
JellyBean Animations Il y a 23 jours
it's used for terraforming using the water power , just like how our lapis was able to lift up the barn. Its essential for making colonies, so that's what they are for
Wasp Sting
Wasp Sting Il y a 29 jours
Lapis will always be my favorite gem.
LIM LEON KIT - Il y a 29 jours
Don’t forgot that spinel is still standing at the garden.
Spooky Noodle
Spooky Noodle Il y a mois
“To making water clones....” Me: *NARUTO*
Fluffy Bubble
Fluffy Bubble Il y a mois
Interesting :)
mahou shoujo
mahou shoujo Il y a mois
Lapiz Lazuli's ARE strong. Because they are gems meant for terraforming
In The Dark
In The Dark Il y a mois
No prob bob
Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez Il y a mois
Lapis vs Katara
Abram Thiessen
Abram Thiessen Il y a mois
"Lapis had 2 traumatic events". what about Steven? Steven really needs his therapy.
Roary Nymeria
Roary Nymeria Il y a mois
No prob bob.
Choco Chipzzz
Choco Chipzzz Il y a mois
Pearl Il y a mois
i feel like it wasn’t just jasper who was the problem in their relationship. lapis was the one who trapped her and dragged her into the relationship. yeah jasper was bad but lapis trapped her and jasper came back to her (a common thing in abusive relationships).
Fourteen Gathline
Fourteen Gathline Il y a mois
Ur mom loooooool
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns Il y a mois
Gligor Silviu
Gligor Silviu Il y a mois
Maybe Bob is an ISFJ.
Yung Cash Register
Yung Cash Register Il y a mois
Bruh are gems gender less or are there male gems and female gems wit gem dicks and balls n pussies n shit? Moral of the story is lapis can catch this human penis any day of the week 🥵
Fourteen Gathline
Fourteen Gathline Il y a mois
Can they have sex?
Official fangirl 28 _
Yung Cash Register they have gender, they don’t have sex
Andrew Mcfarlane
Andrew Mcfarlane Il y a mois
I know people hate the "I've felt worse" line but to me it was fine because I've always seen Blue's power as making Gems share her emotional state but not the context of it. Blue represents emotional abuse and manipulation, so saying "No, I don't feel bad for you just because you've been through something and you can't make me bend to you will by trying to punish me with feelings." isn't so much saying Blue's loss was less than her own past trauma just that she's been through real shit and this false wave of sorrow won't stop her protecting her friends.
UNKIND NOOB Il y a mois
Lapis is hot....
:3ふぃっっっ Il y a mois
1000th comment
Stellar Whisper
Stellar Whisper Il y a mois
My favorite Crystal Gem, mostly because her experiences and the lines derived from them I myself can relate to my own situation. And she also has one of my favorite designs, she's truly adorable.
alus nova
alus nova Il y a mois
Still bummed that Lapis and peridot never fused.
Idiosyncrasies Il y a mois
Am I the only one who didn't like the whole "I've felt worse." line? Like comparing pain and suffering for a badass quote? I guess it's nice to see someone who's had a lot of emotional injury come off cool and alright after it all is nice and I get that Blue was the bad guy, but I still don't like how it pushes Blue's pain down.
Idiosyncrasies Il y a mois
@DeathnoteBB (I love your username by the way) She says something along the lines of "feel what thousands of years of grief have done to me". It might just be me, but in my brain that implies that she's forcing her pain upon the CGs. That's real bad if she is, I just don't like seeing peoples pain compared and judged.
DeathnoteBB Il y a mois
Idiosyncrasies wasn’t Blue’s pain it was her “make everyone cry” power. Lapis has felt worse than the attack made her feel.
dr cringe fest 2.0
dr cringe fest 2.0 Il y a mois
I just want to enchant my armor (diamond)
Graining Rice
Graining Rice Il y a mois
Lapis means pencil in Tagalog xd
kjiop1 hraje
kjiop1 hraje Il y a mois
´´re-expirience the trauma until you re-live it in a negative way´´ well there sitn really any positive way to rethink PTSD is there
Teyla VanHeiden
Teyla VanHeiden Il y a mois
I've loved lapis because I relate to her the most now I think she is still the one I relate to the most still
dawn milton
dawn milton Il y a mois
But. There was a gem in that barn. LAPISSSs yOu ShaTTerEd a GEM
Poptop Tart
Poptop Tart Il y a mois
b O b
Desbug’s YouTube son
Lapis is best character
Mary Chloe Roquios Cristobal
Lapis lazuli's journey in life went from pain to paint
Kaleb R
Kaleb R Il y a mois
I don’t care about how everyone loves peridot. I think Lapis is not a bad gem for not immediately forgiving or treating her former captor with kindness
TheGamer928314 Il y a mois
Bobipot is my OTP
Corrupted acorn Edits
Yep, bob
Lucky The Protogen
Lucky The Protogen Il y a mois
I don’t know anyone by Lapis, but she looks like Bob
Artbug Il y a 2 mois
What kindness has been taken advantage of? We've never seen her be especially kind, never had a call back to it. There are much kinder characters that have hard journeys and end up much better people. When we see other Lapis' they also have her bad attitude. This is why I'm in the "dislike" camp. I think people are creating ideas of what Lapis is, projecting what they want her to be, and not seeing who she actually is.
peridot the third
peridot the third Il y a 2 mois
lapis is the best
Dan Green
Dan Green Il y a 2 mois
I absolutely adore Lapis because I really connect with her. I really like seeing characters who's pain is acknowledged and respected, and who are given the room and time to heal. as much as I love my parents, they really don't take my mental health seriously. I've fairly recently decided to just repress my feelings about my mental health because it's really unsafe for me to keep talking to my parents about them. I just love how much care and love Lapis is given, how Steven treats her in particular. I wish I had the support network Lapis has.
gerry obadiah
gerry obadiah Il y a 2 mois
"With her hydrokaniesis" *cough* you mean her waterbending ?
LoverOfComedy Il y a 2 mois
Ohhh wow, 'it's all chaos, be kind' is gonna be my new life mantra.
Arizz Faizz
Arizz Faizz Il y a 2 mois
Tbh i really like Lapis, the first time they introduced her i immediately suspected she’s goin to go through alot of growth. Aside from her tremendous power & excellent control due to her emotional growth throughout the series. Even tho her growth took a long while, it’s reasonable. Considering she got stuck inside a mirror for a 1000years, made the decision to imprison herself & jasper underneath the sea for idk how long. Most of the time choosing the road of being alone, because at some point of our lives, we have to go through it alone. After all that i’d understand she had a hard time trusting anyone other than Steven whom she owes to for setting herself free from the mirror. Spinel’s story although tragic as well, all the Diamonds were willing to grow along side with her. Their party needed to move on & grow from Pink. Lapis literally one
Anika Lawyer
Anika Lawyer Il y a 2 mois
You are bathing your lips in shatteredgems you disgust me
CrystalOtaku93 Il y a 2 mois
Uh... Am I the only one feeling kinda cheated of the bonding between lapis an bismuth? I mean I love em both but I kinda think we skipped a step in them going from allies due to a common enemy to bffs.
chillgalaxy pixelcat123
*She's a water bender*
Kaitie Saxe
Kaitie Saxe Il y a 2 mois
I wish we had gotten a lapis prison fusion
Sana all Sana all
Sana all Sana all Il y a 2 mois
Lapis Lazuli is one of my favorite character in the Steven Universe see my name Lapiz Lazuli (s replace by z)
Albedo IZ MY LIFE Il y a 2 mois
TigerTaylor 23
TigerTaylor 23 Il y a 2 mois
y e s
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Il y a 2 mois
:O I must be exclusive....
Ben Hammack
Ben Hammack Il y a 3 mois
Don't cha know that she's toxic 🌊💧
SuperGemologist 4Ever
SuperGemologist 4Ever Il y a 3 mois
Brooklen Mink
Brooklen Mink Il y a 3 mois
I love how this channel gives you the option to support them with money and materialistic things but reminds you and encourages the idea that simply liking their stuff is equal to spending cash
strawberry_milk_ boy
strawberry_milk_ boy Il y a 3 mois
When i first watched this show, i never paid really attention to the gem’s personality but i main focused in the show when i was a whole lot younger, now that i’m older (im in the young adult stage) I realized that these gems are all female and different for a reason. And Lapis Lazuli is the gem that i mostly relate to, i’ve been abused, stressed, have anxiety and feared of many things. I keep thinking running away will help but it doesn’t, it makes things worse. Now that i’m in therapy and such, i’m learning how to overcome those fears and break free from my box and try to make and understand other people and maybe, make new friends along the way.
Delightful Doodles
Delightful Doodles Il y a 3 mois
Please sub to delightful doodles
Ruby 4life
Ruby 4life Il y a 3 mois
Did you know that if you put a lapis on your brow it opens your third eye I read it in a book and they have been mined for 6000+ years
Chelsea Il y a 3 mois
Lapis was my least favorite gem for a while, but looking back I was introduced to her while I was going through my own PTSD so I must've been finding too many of my feelings in her. I couldn't imagine not liking her now
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Il y a 3 mois
When you relate to Lapis too much to be safe. Seriously my mental health is terrible, and the way they wrote her is exactly how I am a lot of the time. Also, she is definitely the strongest gem in my opinion, besides the diamonds. She is my favourite character, by far, all her toxic traits and everything, I am just like her.
Emery Il y a 3 mois
can you do malachite? That would be cool
Agust D '대취타' MV
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