Kid Cudi, Eminem - The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video)

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"The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady" available everywhere now:
Music video by Kid Cudi performing The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




9 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 60
machinedean Il y a 6 heures
Eminem sounds trash on this and "F drew Brees" is the same as F Eminem is in revilence ....
Brandon Macias
Brandon Macias Il y a 8 heures
Joel Ferrari
Joel Ferrari Il y a 8 heures
em I'm from traverse City Michigan. Just another poor white man with a pen. I would spell. But I'm just a man
Joel Ferrari
Joel Ferrari Il y a 8 heures
I can't freehand I comprehend I died for my sins. The origins of my periods
Anon YT
Anon YT Il y a 9 heures
Floyd said he cant breathe before he was even on his damn knees, Too much amphetamine and bad things, All these people pretending this is a bad dream, That all cops are bad and do bad things, Watching CNN is a sad scene, George was not a hero he was a criminal, put a gun to a kids head while he was still subliminal, took every cent of the rent not minimal, BLM, CNN, and anything else that is woke can suck a donkey dick.
Austin Coleman
Austin Coleman Il y a 12 heures
Could I have some more please
Matthew Il y a 14 heures
The way Eminem killed this beat lmao 😂
Mat Burkett
Mat Burkett Il y a 14 heures
God bless drew breeze
Jul Bed
Jul Bed Il y a 15 heures
Officer i cant breathe
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar Il y a 16 heures
Everytime Eminem verse comes I listen carefully
Khyldoon Bajwa, M.D.
Khyldoon Bajwa, M.D. Il y a 16 heures
Who's song is this?
Khyldoon Bajwa, M.D.
Khyldoon Bajwa, M.D. Il y a 16 heures
@Raj Bohra thank you.
Raj Bohra
Raj Bohra Il y a 16 heures
Will K
Will K Il y a 16 heures
Just for the record George Floyd died from a drug overdose, he was saying he couldn't breathe before the cop ever had him on the hate just facts.
Spazetastic23 Il y a 8 heures
Is this real?
Will K
Will K Il y a 16 heures
I remember when I actually thought I kinda liked Eminem...what a dope I was. He's truly like a 50yr old child with the stuff he puts out. It's really like he has arrested development. PURE GARBAGE 🗑
Otniel Aponte
Otniel Aponte Il y a 16 heures
Cudi this has got to be the worst shit you ever spit! You’re on a track with em and you come with such weak resolves?! You outta be a shame. You’re suppose to spazz and write the best shit when you got Em on your song, but you seem like you gave up and picked up rhymes that you picked from your garbage can.
Al Firdaus
Al Firdaus Il y a 18 heures
Eminem Role Model explicit in my channel, check it out 🙏
Dr. Mofo
Dr. Mofo Il y a 18 heures
16k dislikes are those with brain cells powered by rotatoes wondering who George Floyd is and walking around screaming i woke up in a free country.
Cooper trumbley
Cooper trumbley Il y a 19 heures
Kaiser 417
Kaiser 417 Il y a 19 heures
i don't understand why people hate Eminem but they listent to this new trap music
Charlie Sills
Charlie Sills Il y a 21 heure
King of rap na there words not mine LOL yeah coz you the RAP GOD kings an understatement 🔥
Texas Red Nation
Texas Red Nation Il y a 21 heure
95% perfection until Em just can't help but go racist and fuvk up the song. Hence the thumb downs and only 17 million not 70 million. Politics don't go in huge rap songs. Think smart not hard.
tornado tom2
tornado tom2 Il y a 21 heure
Very happy with the decision of Eminem to go with Cleveland's Kid Cudi on a track instead of Cleveland's mg whack
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse Il y a 22 heures
He rhymes words that don't actually rhyme if that makes sense
Nicholas I Fuentes
Nicholas I Fuentes Il y a 22 heures
Oh its so sad George Floyd died. He was such a great man.
Orestis Pantzis
Orestis Pantzis Il y a 22 heures
Ems verse here is one of the best verses ever in rap
Aaron Kisselbaugh
Aaron Kisselbaugh Il y a 23 heures
Anyone catch that drake diss lmao
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Just imagine how many people visit here everyday.
Dimas S
Dimas S Il y a jour
E. P. I. C. w o r d p l a y .
HAUNTED Il y a jour
corrigerende tik
corrigerende tik Il y a jour
eminem's voice sounds way better not screaming constantly.
cowpieification Il y a jour
When is the Shady and Moon Man EP coming out? 😃
megapet777 Il y a jour
Kid Cudi & Lil B - I Hear Them Calling Me / G. Tevzadze Illegal Drift (Prod. Eminem) this is wayy better
John Temple
John Temple Il y a jour
Slim shoulda left this be he sound like an amateur compared to kudi verse
Nicholas Rubino
Nicholas Rubino Il y a jour
Maybe Em should go back to the lab... and then add a verse about the new bodycam footage and how the media used George Floyd and people of color to encite violent protests... but I doubt y'all would admit to being played like a fiddle.. Trump 2020!!
2D Sketchez
2D Sketchez Il y a jour
Plot Twist: Eminem is the ranger and Cudi is the rap god
STRYDER Il y a jour
This song is so sick. Love Cudi and love Em. Perfect combo
Vikas Hegde
Vikas Hegde Il y a jour
Ems verse giving the vibe like its subliminal diss towards snoop
Scott Il y a jour
It’s gonna take me life sentences to catch up with these bars...
Novus Neo
Novus Neo Il y a jour
I noticed a couple of times that Em drops songs that could be future disses... Snoop threw some dirt after the song was released... now listen to Em‘s verse and imagine the song was dropped AFTER that... 🤔 And that’s not the only one... 🧐
Rob Carter
Rob Carter Il y a jour
This ladies and gentlemen is the reason why Royce Is mad 😂
Iam Lestat
Iam Lestat Il y a jour
This Kid is GOAT Cudi
Cody Schneider
Cody Schneider Il y a jour
If you want it, you can get it. Two of my favorite music artists of all time doin a colab? Let's fuckin gooooooooo
Shawn Knox
Shawn Knox Il y a jour
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream Il y a jour
Shady got several god tier bars in this song. "like of like medusa, that's how you stay aHEAD OF SNAKES."
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream Il y a jour
"I don't do weed, purp nor lean, that's Tunechi, that's New Orleans, fuck Drew Brees." Holy shit I died laughing.
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream Il y a jour
These oldhead rap artists don't need to release lyrics vids, we can understand every word.
Siamese Dream
Siamese Dream Il y a jour
Cudi only having 1.6m yt followers is why 2020 falling apart.
Micheal Angeo
Micheal Angeo Il y a jour
this was super
giant 23291
giant 23291 Il y a jour
Em never fails to disappoint and kid u did better than most on on a track with the GOAT well done.props
The Legend Himself ヅ
The Legend Himself ヅ Il y a 17 heures
I know right?! I seriously cannot get over how good this song is, and how well it's put together. The way the instrumental goes at the beginning just sets the tone for the song, moon man's lines perfectly building up to slims flow 😮 We need more adventures of moon man and slim shady
Brad Kennedy
Brad Kennedy Il y a jour
Show me a good time , aw yeah.........fuck wrong song.
Salmane M.
Salmane M. Il y a jour
Who clicked to just go straight listen to EM!? I GOT GOOSEBUMPS! I can almost promise EM’s best lines ever! DESTROYED EVERYONE IN THE GAME! GOD MC Slim not RAKIM!!! Fight me!
Justin Philpott
Justin Philpott Il y a jour
This is the worst lyrics video why do crazy fonts and shit
Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost Il y a jour
Slim should be worried.. false God will see the Lord's wrath
Keny K
Keny K Il y a jour
Eminem VS Snoop Thoughts??🤔🤔 2:04 E’m will always ahead Eminem probably hit snoop and Tunechi 😄😄 GOAT🐐🐐
Sean Yeeets
Sean Yeeets Il y a jour
Why did this remind me of invader zim?
Ocean Il y a jour
3:08 at 2x speed sounds like Em goin at his full speed
Hefty Gaming
Hefty Gaming Il y a jour
Benny Ogston
Benny Ogston Il y a jour
Am I the only one who hears the glitch at 2:39 when he goes "worst rappers of All time haha"
Rebecca Nampui
Rebecca Nampui Il y a jour
Em's flow means blessing... Or nasty virus...😁..see my channel as Wake Up Hero..😘
Benny Ogston
Benny Ogston Il y a jour
Wtf is is Cudi talking about lol. Makes no sense
KING KUSH Il y a jour
these beats tho f***. Super fire always a pleasure listening to em just absolutely crush shit still. Best of the best.
Baker Sweezy
Baker Sweezy Il y a jour
This song is so fire but I don’t like that one line em drops about covid. Too political
JustHere ForFun
JustHere ForFun Il y a jour
Well that's really what rap is.
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