Kevin Hart Speaks On Bill Cosby, Bill Maher & That Time He Almost Became A Stripper

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Kevin Hart stopped by to speak with The Breakfast Club about his new book I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons. With his movie and comedy career booming right now, Charlamagne couldn't help but ask why Hart chose to write a book now. "I've got too much information. I've got too much information, too many stories that I can tell that can be of use to others," Hart said of his decision. "I'm not selfish with information in any way, shape, or form. Information is key, especially when you're talking about success. A lot of wrongs that I've done and a lot of mistakes that I've made, I think, can be valuable to other people."
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6 juin 2017




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Commentaires 100
Jeremiah Woods
Jeremiah Woods Il y a mois
Why did he throw the great Patrice O'neil UNDER THE 🚌on a platform such as this hmmm Is he envious of his realness ?tell me FRvidrs place comments right Chea 👇
Jeremiah Woods
Jeremiah Woods Il y a mois
Kev just put CCP(Community College of Philadelphia) on the Map North Philly's finest like Dr. COS say what you will we make legends in Philly 👑
Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam Il y a mois
He funny. That's why he successful comedian.
Cisco Il y a mois
I recently got hip to the breakfast club and Charlamange I can’t put my finger on it but there is a argumentative or Judge mental, critical kind of think vibe I get from him. And I don’t think those are the correct words to use to describe him. But I just can’t put my finger...But I also think he’s very intelligent and calls bullshit when he sees it.
Bob 11
Bob 11 Il y a mois
Do clones shit still?
James Ridgeway
James Ridgeway Il y a mois
Kev do not be lying lmao he go in debt 🤣
Imre H
Imre H Il y a 3 mois
Tonight @ 6pm, new scheduled episode of At The End Of The Day with AD and Yassy with special guest Adam22!! #ATEOTD #Adam22 #NoJumper
Donny Delawar
Donny Delawar Il y a 3 mois
“Nothing wrong with taking the long route”
KAY Le Il y a 3 mois
I haven't heard Charlemagne drop his book all interview, way to let another brother shine
patrick fisher
patrick fisher Il y a 4 mois
Ok no love Kevin Heart! But like he said he put in 15-16 years into swimming but stop in high school, and that he started at 9. But like that would have meant he only did it for like 9 year tops. The math doesn’t add up
Erika Harper
Erika Harper Il y a 5 mois
I miss this Kevin Hart. Now he comes off so obnoxious.
Doris Gmain
Doris Gmain Il y a 6 mois
I love interviews with Kevin every now n then I rewatch them because it’s a real conversation and motivational while so entertaining
Ezekiel Forko
Ezekiel Forko Il y a 6 mois
Hé talked about a accident that gon happen
Abstract The Entertainer
30:04 AYOOOO
Sunshine Davis
Sunshine Davis Il y a 8 mois
Hell it ain't going to be no need to get the book cuz they going to tell the whole damn thing now
last Call
last Call Il y a 8 mois
That clueless DJ Envy better put some respect on Patrice O'Neal name
JimmyJ0314 Il y a 9 mois
Why bro at 46:04 change his face like that 🤣🤣🤣
Sandra okowa
Sandra okowa Il y a 9 mois
thank you Kevin hart for this inspiration....this girl has 4 more classes to take before i graduate this year and get my certification. though major goal is to get a PhD and applied to different colleges. Once again thank you....class of 2020
Joshua Chandler
Joshua Chandler Il y a 10 mois
Kevin Hart is just a dope person, feel like he would be that friend that was everything to u..
Nikki Rosé
Nikki Rosé Il y a 10 mois
I love Kev. I’ve seen him twice and great show. He puts it all out there all the time and keeps it real. I love him for that. Met him after a show and he’s the most humble guy.
Keonne Williams
Keonne Williams Il y a 10 mois
Great interview 😎🖤😂
Jess King
Jess King Il y a 11 mois
Watching this in 2020 during nationwide quarantine
mud class
mud class Il y a 11 mois
when this man wake when i sleep on it im happiest T in de world
Niner HD
Niner HD Il y a an
RIP Patrice O’Neal Legend Man✊🏾
Jessica Moreno
Jessica Moreno Il y a an
Navi Satar
Navi Satar Il y a an
There a lot of people out there stripping to pay there bills,put food on there table and take care of there ..Even pay for there education..Don't look down on them..It might not be right for u..You may not agree with it..But there working and paying there bill.I applaud them for that..Especially the single mother taking care of there children..Or paying for school..You be surprised how many successful woman payed there way through college that way.
Stephanie Klug
Stephanie Klug Il y a an
Puppies and kittens 😂
Dame Dame
Dame Dame Il y a an
SHAKE SUM Il y a an
5:30 bro wtfff 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she said illl slang some drugs so I’ll slang this dick 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
David Whittaker
David Whittaker Il y a an
When I justify kave I got in trouble there's no hope for a black man to justify
John Underwood
John Underwood Il y a an
This is how an interview should be done. Good job everyone!!
WhyYouTube Playing
Ifgaf Kevin is fine 😍💋🤷🏾‍♀️
Sol MB
Sol MB Il y a an
who could support Cosby today
Timothy Hines Jr.
Gawd Have Mercy When Angela Said "Slang Some Dick"Ouuuuu💙🤣
Me GUSTO es Uno de Los mejores
Perfecting your imperfection= Very Happy man... XXL LAVATEAM 🌋‼️‼️‼️
Wirdelia Salmons
What a true man.
Fran Stoker
Fran Stoker Il y a an
This is Sara Corbello bill did the crime he got do time
Joseluis Chavira
Didnt kev drink and drive nd crashed this year 2019??
Solider Il y a an
Joseluis Chavira no
Audio Visual Proof
Looking at Kevin Hart's dark skin tone, Kev looks like the Charlamagne Before Picture and Charlamagne looks like DJ Envy, the After Picture.
Inès Munyemana
Inès Munyemana Il y a an
This is honestly one of the best book I've ever read! 💯
Siphelele Shange
Who is Charlemagne?that name sounds familiar🤔what is he known for
mt4ds Il y a an
i cant wait for this dude to be back on his feet
Eunwoo Lee
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Alternate Adventures
What a good dude
ralph Lauren mascot
It ain’t Awkward it’s real pimp line
ルトヴィク Il y a an
18:52 pray for him 😢
Paul St. Marie
Paul St. Marie Il y a an
His cover is genius. He’s absolutely right, but don’t do kittens, go like hamsters or something
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Il y a an
Dude all kevin hart does is humiliate himself! Kinda grossed out
mica the real
mica the real Il y a an
Who is here after his accident 😢
shannel artis
shannel artis Il y a an
Kevin Hart is one of my favorites! I’m at work laughing out loud 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raymon Eldridge
Raymon Eldridge Il y a an
Can’t help but laugh when Charlemagne laughs
Eunwoo Lee
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Owen allen
Owen allen Il y a an
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Owen allen
Owen allen Il y a an
Thats alluk police deserve to see lucky I'm not white nigga
Owen allen
Owen allen Il y a an
Bun dem
Robin D. Phillips
Eunwoo Lee
Eunwoo Lee Il y a an
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Dante Miles
Dante Miles Il y a an
😂 Angela wanted to see lil key the bastard stripper
Lesego Lingane
Lesego Lingane Il y a an
Greatest comedian of all time...Kevin ''chocolate droppa'' hart💙
mt4ds Il y a an
Kevin Hart kills CTG
Happy Sun
Happy Sun Il y a an
Michael. Abosaid
None of this stuff will get you into the kingdom of heaven when you die. Having a mental belief in Jesus but you're still living a lifestyle for making money and achieving personal success is still a perfect recipe for being thrown in hell. Repent and live for Jesus!
Sovereign Mind
Sovereign Mind Il y a an
19:51 when you check yourself, nothing will go wrong. its when you don't check yourself anything could happen. Good move on your part Kevin.
Latisha Il y a an
So did Kevin Hart admit that he doesn’t write all of his own standup at the 43:00 mark 🤔
Dorothy Mays-Pitts
Kelvin Hart should be about the business of suing the woman and the known Black man takedown lawyer Gloria Allredd for the slander and attempt to frame and destroy Kelvin marriage and career with a slander that was falsified and done for money 💴 gain Both the accuser and Gloria Allredd should be sued. Someone has to stop ✋ the madness. DPitts🤚🏽💪🏾✋🤜
Wayne McAlister
Wayne McAlister Il y a an
@ 35:20 - 35:45 good stuff...really good stuff.
For real I laughed not one second in this interview go watch michael blackson interview
S.A.J Il y a an
He said “ZIG ZAGZ” too funny 28:45
S.A.J Il y a an
I love you kevin the greatest comedian i know
Ballsy Bunny
Ballsy Bunny Il y a an
Kevin Hart is NOT writing that book lol you know how long it takes to write a book? and he is making movies like every other week, so how does he have time? stop lying Kevin lol
yetty zack
yetty zack Il y a an
Author Candace Phillips-Anderson
I'm loving this interview and the hosts. I can't wait until my controversial novel comes out, "Brutality The Third Eye." It will release November of this year. Just in time for Christmas. It would be great to be interviewed with these you guys.
Author Candace Phillips-Anderson
I'm loving this interview and the hosts. I can't wait until my controversial novel comes out, "Brutality The Third Eye." It will release November of this year. Just in time for Christmas. It would be great to be interviewed with these you guys.
Blak Brain
Blak Brain Il y a an
That in a stance waiting to counter punch his ex was laugh out loud funny!!!!!
jrunnels04 Il y a an
And those Oscars haters couldn’t find this? Him acknowledging his mistakes and how he no longer makes them? Smh.
José Ríos Martínez
Kevin the most straight up guy ever he just says the truth how it is
Ami Talati
Ami Talati Il y a an
I fly proper ... hah 😆
Hayder Algburi
Hayder Algburi Il y a an
Every time l doubt myself l come back to listen to kevin hart thx🙏🏼🐐
EZ E Il y a an
I don't really follow Kevin, but I found this really inspiring. Learning life's lessons promotes powerful truth. I'll have to find his book and check it out. Good interview.
Jayden Bowman
Jayden Bowman Il y a an
Kevin such a great role model what a legend💯
Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi
"Perfect your imperfections" #RealTalk ✔❌💯
Kev Dev
Kev Dev Il y a an
Kevin Hart is the best and funniest stand up of this time
hambell Bello
hambell Bello Il y a 2 ans
Nobody's going to talk about the pick in kevs hand? I was scared for his eye for a sec. Lol
Junior Il y a 2 ans
kinda sound like kendrick lamar
Sxyldy Il y a 2 ans
Cosby got some nerve. Looking for support from his black fellow comedian. After the way he used to 🐕 them. I think not
Lord Jah
Lord Jah Il y a 2 ans
42:52 i think of Russ when Kevin explains that you can’t succeed and prosper just on your own. Russ has claimed he’s did it all by himself but without his supporters and people who saw the vision in him he would be no where.
Love M3
Love M3 Il y a 2 ans
This was before all the Oscar controversy.
Colin Gazley
Colin Gazley Il y a 2 ans
Kevin Hart talking about flying private is legendary.
Ajay Rob
Ajay Rob Il y a 2 ans
Society cost him The Oscar 🥺
Zeena Greene
Zeena Greene Il y a 2 ans
Kevin always talks in circles lol 😂
happy Go lucky
happy Go lucky Il y a 2 ans
You could tell by the way Kevin Hart speaks he's very intelligent I didn't expect him to have that and him as funny as he is but like they say there's two sides of the coin and his intellectual side is very high good for him and his success
Denny Skerb
Denny Skerb Il y a 2 ans
Charlemagne should just come out
Ade Olaitan
Ade Olaitan Il y a 2 ans
Isn’t this the comedian who slagged off Dark-Skinned Women in his tweets 2010?
Anthony GIBBS
Anthony GIBBS Il y a 2 ans
Lol I just realized how charlemagne treats kev like the president...hold the book up yee, matter a fact stand it up and than how he automatically just marked Cosby guilty..smh
Ernesto Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez Il y a 2 ans
30:00 LOL
Dan Mallon
Dan Mallon Il y a 2 ans
Charlamagne flat out admitting he's racist. Cool.
Wayne McAlister
Wayne McAlister Il y a an
It's nothing new.
KungFuBlob Il y a 2 ans
Social media shows us all the success and tragedies. People think they can just skip to the riches. Sure, you might get lucky selling something, but you still put in work, you still put in time and thought to make what ever it is that you made and sold for however many thousands/millions/etc. PUT IN THE WORK! DO YOUR TIME! YOUR TIME WILL COME IF YOU PERSIST!!!!
karen beal
karen beal Il y a 2 ans
It is nice to hear a comedian speak and not just watch cuz u waiting for him too be funny...I enjoy just him being him .
karen beal
karen beal Il y a 2 ans
#1 fan