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Beloved Saturday Night Live cast and NBC family member, the irresistibly funny Kenan Thompson stars in a new family comedy that delivers on his undeniably charming and wondrously magnetic personality. In the series, Kenan strives to be a super dad to his two adorable daughters, while balancing his job and a father-in-law who “helps” often in the most unhelpful ways. Kenan's got a lot to juggle, but if anyone can do it, he can! Subscribe to tvpromosdb on FRvid for more Kenan season 1 promos in HD!
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» Watch Kenan Tuesdays at 8:30pm/7:30c on NBC
» Starring: Kenan Thompson, Don Johnson, Chris Redd




16 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Elaini Young
Elaini Young Il y a 4 jours
Three men trying to raise little girls? HAVEN'T THEY ALREADY DONE THIS BEFORE?!?!
R. M
R. M Il y a 12 jours
Maybe they can recast the Don Johnson role, with Kel. I have never really liked DJ.
PHENIEL LANZ Il y a 18 jours
Well, most of these shows are the same. BUT IT'S KENAN THOMPSON SO I'M GONNA LOVE IT!
angrr Il y a 24 jours
Bri Mal
Bri Mal Il y a 25 jours
I’m definitely watching, fuk u nbc. Wasn’t aware of this show coming up. Tik tok informed me thanks. Supporting Kenan
thecoolestones Il y a 25 jours
How am I only hearing about this now! I can’t wait!
Holly Dot
Holly Dot Il y a 28 jours
Anyone else think that was Beck when the older guy says "who is that?"
Bob Hills
Bob Hills Il y a 28 jours
Ok that actually would have been dope. Lol
Josiah Martin
Josiah Martin Il y a 28 jours
How the hell they get Don Johnson back on tv regular? Actually no network tv is freaking wild for him
Bo Cowan
Bo Cowan Il y a mois
Did he lose weight? Good for him!
Kakanyo Thibedi
Kakanyo Thibedi Il y a mois
Can we all watch this so it doesn't get cancelled after one season
A Person
A Person Il y a mois
Be honest, did any of you laugh at anything in this promo? I'm honestly a Kenan fan, been so since I was a kid. I'm talking way back in the Mighty Ducks days, but not one thing in this promo made me even chuckle a little bit. And that's the footage they are trying to sell us on. Hoping for the best though.
Black Light
Black Light Il y a mois
Good luck with that.
Jimmy Hu
Jimmy Hu Il y a mois
Kenan is only good with a little Kel added!
mccraejoey82 Il y a mois
I'm sure this will get canceled but I hope it does well
Ricky Powell
Ricky Powell Il y a mois
getting axed 7 eps in.
Ethan Farrell
Ethan Farrell Il y a mois
This is gonna be bad
Jadzia Dax
Jadzia Dax Il y a mois
This should be somewhere where they drop a whole season at a time. Nobody is going to tune in weekly for this garbage.
SWYPA825 Il y a mois
Where is Kelly and his orange soda 🥤
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas Il y a mois
Keenan is good but if they can incorporate kel as a reoccurring character do you know how many of us from the “all that” and “Keenan and kel” days will tune in!!! If this show doesn’t last then Keenan and kel need to make their own show on Netflix. $$$$ in the bank!
Evan Burton
Evan Burton Il y a mois
This has canceled written all over it
Zay Session
Zay Session Il y a mois
Damn finally lol
MrBeans Il y a mois
Its just not the Same without Kel....
Terron Isaac
Terron Isaac Il y a mois
A sitcom??? Aww man, it’s not gonna last. Oh well, still happy for Keenan. Long overdue.
Hedgehog’s Dilemma
Well it was about time he got his own show Jesus
Sizzla212 MAne
Sizzla212 MAne Il y a mois
Kenan is one of the few child stars from the 90s that isn't a complete nut and is till doing well.
Frank Guziak
Frank Guziak Il y a mois
I hope this show does so well. Love Kenan. Dudes been one of my faves since All That.
codedxxx Il y a mois
Yay! My boy finally got his own show.
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez Il y a mois
It's crazy to think I've been watching Kenan on TV for a quarter of a century.
AintItJay187 Il y a mois
Feels like they're trying to hard
Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott Il y a mois
ngr3gorius Il y a mois
He is so corny.
Otto Heckendorn
Otto Heckendorn Il y a mois
so excited!
Von Juve
Von Juve Il y a mois
Kenan has been the safe/token black for so long. At least it’s paid off. But I hope they don’t try my boy with a 1 season flop.
Letago Modiba
Letago Modiba Il y a mois
Soooooo, is this a sequel to Kenan & Kel? 👉👈
GreenDragon000 Il y a mois
Everybody Loves Kenan? He's so damn lovable. He just needs the right vehicle. Kenan call the people who made Taxi or Cheers. :)
Chris M
Chris M Il y a mois
I probably wont watch this, but I'm also glad he got his own show
Niceness_of_Gemini Il y a mois
& Kel eventually lol
Bailey Ryan
Bailey Ryan Il y a mois
Does this mean he's gonna be leaving snl? Because that's what happened when samberg when he got Brooklyn nine nine
Sway B
Sway B Il y a mois
Ye yes yes yes yes and yes can kel guest star
iamfiefo Il y a mois
WHYYYYY? I'm both quoting his Keenan and Kel character as well as questioning the purpose of the show.
Jacqueline Warren
Jacqueline Warren Il y a mois
Congratulations Kenan!
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh Il y a mois
We all know this isnt gonna get a second season
Birbal Boniface Musoba
This looks like it will flop
Maximiliano Madrigal
Ok this actually looks ok, i hope it's actally good
Shana Anderson
Shana Anderson Il y a mois
Don :)
Aleki Peilua
Aleki Peilua Il y a mois
Is this Kenan from Kenan and Kel or just Mr Thompson?
Terry Scraperfield
Terry Scraperfield Il y a mois
Is this a sequel to Nickelodeon's "Kenan&Kel'' ?
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac Il y a mois
Delacy Howard
Delacy Howard Il y a mois
Can’t wait
Ishmael Moh
Ishmael Moh Il y a mois
Wasn't this supposed to premiere a couple years ago or something. I swear I think o saw an add for this back in 2018 or 19
Spideymrw Il y a mois
Covid delayed it last year
He will be the “Bill Cosby” for this generation. Minus the bad stuff.
Heidrosign Il y a mois
Nicholas Bryson
Nicholas Bryson Il y a mois
@ManPursueExcellence us too
I hope my comment ages well, for Kenan’s sake.
Nicholas Bryson
Nicholas Bryson Il y a mois
morris m
morris m Il y a mois
don't jinx it .
Gabby Coster
Gabby Coster Il y a mois
finally NBC gives Kenan the spotlight he DESERVES
Chance Collins
Chance Collins Il y a mois
I just hope it's actually funny and not white washed comedy like Cedric the Entertainer's show is right now
Shahir Hameed
Shahir Hameed Il y a mois
Where's Kel?
Dee Pee
Dee Pee Il y a mois
There are way too many people living off of nostalgia in this comment section Kel hasn't been relevant or mildly funny since the 90s.... this show is gonna bomb unfortunately despite Kenan being funny on SNL but Kel would make it bomb even faster
Deontae Lee
Deontae Lee Il y a mois
I CANNOT imagine what this is even going to be here for it.....😂😂
Queen YasB
Queen YasB Il y a mois
Was that Don Johnson?!
bigtits ilove
bigtits ilove Il y a mois
My god kenan looks slim
li wu
li wu Il y a mois
Rich 100
Rich 100 Il y a mois
Kenan and kel still better
Joe Cunningham
Joe Cunningham Il y a mois
Don Johnson? C'mon people. Y'all could have given him some help on this one. I blame Lorne Michaels.
Fittastic Shape
Fittastic Shape Il y a mois
It's about fucking time
maxxfatal Il y a mois
Finally getting his own show. Wait a minute, will he no longer be on SNL?
c park
c park Il y a mois
They need to have Kel on this show. It would get insane ratings
All Hail RETCON Il y a mois
Wait... this ISN'T an SNL sketch? This is a legit show?
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Il y a mois
Finally he has his own show ❤
Tam Il y a mois
Another show thats trailer will last longer than the series. 🙄
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu Il y a mois
Supervandal Il y a mois
Did I say we ain't wearing bags? It's a raid! Who cares if you can see! Can the Horses see!? That's all that matters!
Ernie Manning
Ernie Manning Il y a mois
I really wish him success with this show, he deserves to be a stand-alone success! He is going to need some really good writers to keep it alive. I will be watching!
He's awesome. i'm so happy for him even if this show just gets one season
Brian Hunter
Brian Hunter Il y a mois
I like kenan but he can't be funniest person on show. He more straight man which do well with like marlon wayans
Chris Lai
Chris Lai Il y a mois
where's kel?
leslie mathew
leslie mathew Il y a mois
kenan and kal where amazing to watch 👍 😁
Miguel Moreno
Miguel Moreno Il y a mois
Kenan's wake up face XD
Alex McGillvrey
Alex McGillvrey Il y a mois
Please have Kenna’s best friend Kel Mitchel be in this show.
D&A Il y a mois
“Ya boy.” Hmmm. Perhaps not.
Christopher Neves
Christopher Neves Il y a mois
Is he still going to be on Saturday night live?
O'Shea's Televised Opinions
Happy to see Kenan getting his own show its long overdue, definitely going to support we all should.
Lathan Miller
Lathan Miller Il y a mois
Most definitely going to give him a chance I need my favorite 90s actors in my heart staying relevant
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell Il y a mois
You can't have Kenan without Kel but let's see if I'm wrong but I'm not looking forward to this without him
Craig Christian
Craig Christian Il y a mois
They’re gonna cancel this so fast
Ashley Lindley Shaffer
This man has been busting his ass since All That and HE FINALLY gets the sitcom. GOOD. FOR. KENAN!
M567dk Il y a mois
He does have experience with prime time shows. I can see this work if handled with properly.
Why Kenan and Don Johnson of all people? This feels like a fake NBC show 30 rock would have.
R. M
R. M Il y a 12 jours
That is a little odd casting. Keenan is very likable, never been crazy about Don Johnson. To me he is the week link. They may need to recast his role.
Matt Moore
Matt Moore Il y a mois
Honestly I think Don Johnson was just inexpensive.. His last few roles that I have seen him in (Watchmen, From Dusk Til Dawn, Django Unchained), he's been a super racist. He probably wants to show "hey, look.. those were acting roles.. they aren't me". Pure speculation of course.
mxchic05 Il y a mois
Giant's Milk
Giant's Milk Il y a mois
omgg that oddly makes soo much sense lmaoo
Yellow Starmite
Yellow Starmite Il y a mois
Aw here it goes...
Vonszeil Spight
Vonszeil Spight Il y a mois
Sax to be you
Vonszeil Spight
Vonszeil Spight Il y a mois
Wait what
John Fox
John Fox Il y a mois
Where’s kel?
Cosmic King
Cosmic King Il y a mois
Wait does this mean he’s leaving Snl?
Spideymrw Il y a mois
No he said he is going to do both shows
Jizzle Doops
Jizzle Doops Il y a mois
This better be canon with Kenan and Kel
Jennifer Morataya
Jennifer Morataya Il y a mois
.....and Kel!
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond Il y a mois
I hope it's good!!! He deserves a good show
Larry Woolridge
Larry Woolridge Il y a mois
I wish him all the best
blossm Il y a mois
Ceno Il y a mois
Kel: "My time has come."
Candice Il y a mois
"sax to be you" ... that's actually pretty funny lol
#HeyJay Il y a mois
I'm just so proud of him but I wish it could have been a reboot of Kenan and Kel so that it would last longer!
Sener Il y a mois
Why does this look like an SNL parody of typical bad sitcoms?
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