Justin Bieber - Intentions ft. Quavo (Official Video)

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Directed by: Michael D. Ratner
Production company: OBB Pictures
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg and Andy Mininger
#JustinBieber #Intentions #Changes

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Intentions. © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




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Commentaires 80
Paradoxic Knox
Paradoxic Knox Il y a 50 minutes
This is the song that’ll hit a billion views, Mark my word, love you Justin, been a fan since day one!
OCFromDaVille Il y a heure 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥
Lyrical Lyfe
Lyrical Lyfe Il y a 2 heures
Hey! If you can check out my lyric video for this song, I would really appreciate it, subscribe and like for more! This song is very powerful and gives everyone hope! Am I wronggg? :)
Josh Wellfare
Josh Wellfare Il y a 2 heures
Shit, i guess theres no excuses now lol
Dave Panuelos
Dave Panuelos Il y a 2 heures
Nice song,idol.
Larry AstroStar83
Larry AstroStar83 Il y a 2 heures
Justin Bieber, great song! You've got a Heart of Gold! Big Shout Out to Canadians!!!
Ayla Puckett
Ayla Puckett Il y a 2 heures
I gotta say I'm not a fan of the mustache.
Berwin Razon
Berwin Razon Il y a 3 heures
Once a belieber, Always a belieber!!!!!!!!! dont hate just love and support!!!!!!! like this if you love justin
musweu mulijani
musweu mulijani Il y a 3 heures
Is this Justine Bieber in the video or just a guy that looks like him, that is playing his role? He looks old n skinny
Leondina Rodrigues
Leondina Rodrigues Il y a 3 heures
Like Brasil!!!!!
Liza Theuil
Liza Theuil Il y a 3 heures
That chorus ! 😍
Александр Давыденко
Это всё поёшь не ты
Whitey Tune
Whitey Tune Il y a 5 heures
Justin Bieber can you come the scooter and me a video of single you singing with you
David Mu
David Mu Il y a 5 heures
angel cookie
angel cookie Il y a 5 heures
Justin beiber butt was in the camera at 5:13
Lina Rodriguez
Lina Rodriguez Il y a 6 heures
justin bieber is a very good person i love you justin bieber who is doing very well in life and in your musical career
kench saito
kench saito Il y a 7 heures
ilove my skidamarink kadink kadink
Maimuna Inna
Maimuna Inna Il y a 7 heures
Ella Handley
Ella Handley Il y a 7 heures
This is why Justin's such a down to earth guy
Julio Serafín
Julio Serafín Il y a 7 heures
Еврей Израильтянови4
I wish you good health
Bishal GC
Bishal GC Il y a 7 heures
Oh god this man born to sing
BlackxTree Studio
BlackxTree Studio Il y a 7 heures
Demo Song Official Out Now!!!
erico frederico
erico frederico Il y a 8 heures
Lynn Monique
Lynn Monique Il y a 8 heures
there’s my elementary crush back!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sol Nayre
Sol Nayre Il y a 8 heures
Lynn Monique
Lynn Monique Il y a 8 heures
kim miicha
kim miicha Il y a 8 heures
Who came here from taehyung's tweeter post ? :)
Mineko Il y a 8 heures
Medina Ozbay
Medina Ozbay Il y a 9 heures
This is literally my favorite Bieber song of all time!! It sounds like your average bubble gum pop song, but when you really listen the lyrics are so beautiful. And we are all “picture perfect” we don’t need filters! 🥰 I’m a singer it’d be so cool if you’d listen to my music. Xo
Kelli Hoffman
Kelli Hoffman Il y a 9 heures
Absolutely LOVE this song and the video is just as amazing!! WELL DONE SIR!!!!!!! :)
Aprishiela Hartono
Aprishiela Hartono Il y a 9 heures
Justin’s generosity is very inspiring. It makes me remember when someone said “Study hard & work hard, and help others when we successful” i fully agree with that and i think we can start helping others on our way to success by giving the favour that we are capable. Well, people said that charity and helping others will accelerate our success, sort of investing in good karma. Peace and bless to you all❤️
Charles White
Charles White Il y a 9 heures
The one Justin gave that car to is beautiful. Love her complexion
Francois y punto
Francois y punto Il y a 10 heures
#IMPRESIONANTE #POLLO El Pollo que dá Corriente - I M P R E S I O N A N T E
Sakaorat Il y a 10 heures
I love this song
King Collado
King Collado Il y a 10 heures
wow . ❣️❣️❣️
IMchris !
IMchris ! Il y a 10 heures
Everyone had a story, it made us to keep going! Thank you Justin !
Minaj Myles
Minaj Myles Il y a 11 heures
Your not relevant anymore bye 👋
PLATNUMZ DINOIII Il y a 11 heures
justine ur too smart but let me remand u that live is not competition but life is journey thanks
Caput Mundi Noctis
Caput Mundi Noctis Il y a 11 heures
OMG . Idear by - Drake's God's Plan. Sound bited by Drake ( only in real bad)..Look bited by ALL LiL' wtf dudes. And that Imposster who thinks when he feature a good Rapper , still sings like a littel white Girl but WITH AUTOTUNE , wow, shit will be bought by his Fanbase (10 year old girls or the one who aged with that Garbage n is now 17) and IT WORKS.No emoji for that shit available...Get more facetatts dude , the methlook s awesome. Joyner Lucas forgott him on his tradelist ,forsure. Bieber vs.Chester B. would be a great deal.
Francesca Mirra
Francesca Mirra Il y a 12 heures
She don’t have money for car, but for nails..... yes 🤔
Sherriee Holder
Sherriee Holder Il y a 12 heures
She’s got nice nails so she’s not starving!
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Il y a 13 heures
Nice song both video and audio ..JB
carl dexter santos
carl dexter santos Il y a 13 heures
Ilike this
My Little Moon
My Little Moon Il y a 13 heures
I will suggest you a song please listen Hadise-Aşk kaç beden giyer
Nikolas Grundza
Nikolas Grundza Il y a 14 heures
Love you songs
Nikolas Grundza
Nikolas Grundza Il y a 14 heures
Love youu i'm vanesa 🎈🎈
lilmil Il y a 14 heures
Never thought id like a jb vid
Dorothy E ACOP
Dorothy E ACOP Il y a 15 heures
Justin Biber is handsome
Fahim Abbas Bus
Fahim Abbas Bus Il y a 15 heures
Sheia Porquia
Sheia Porquia Il y a 16 heures
Everyday I'm falling inlove with u my jb heart is so happy that u're finalĺy back! I'm very proud of u justin, I love u so much😭💖
Gagan Shah
Gagan Shah Il y a 18 heures
Big fan your jb
Shaina Ortega
Shaina Ortega Il y a 18 heures
You're so sweet JB. I love youuu❤
Paulina Bodero
Paulina Bodero Il y a 18 heures
Jesus is changing people ❤️❤️❤️
Christian33186 Il y a 19 heures
Wait? Kid at 19? Maybe should have thought about going to school before having kids.
Barrelin' Monroe
Barrelin' Monroe Il y a 19 heures
Somebody matured into a kind of wonderful person ❤ more please! 👏
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez Il y a 20 heures
Like si hablas español Auto like para no desaparecer
Mutaz Al Aeb
Mutaz Al Aeb Il y a 20 heures
Its one month passed , was covid 19 there
Jordan Lamas
Jordan Lamas Il y a 21 heure
The Best
Yasue Diaz
Yasue Diaz Il y a 21 heure
Justin bieber did really change!!
amisha gurung
amisha gurung Il y a 21 heure
i love you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
Scott Fox
Scott Fox Il y a 21 heure
Good song Justin
Seyba ToUrE_
Seyba ToUrE_ Il y a 22 heures
Who makes the difference between the content (the message) to the container (the music) for this song ??? ❤️ == THE MUSIC ❤️❤️== THE MESSAGE ❤️❤️❤️ == BOTH
gamingwithzavion 123
gamingwithzavion 123 Il y a 22 heures
1:12 So We Gone Act Like She Ain't Just Drag That Dog By The Leash...Ok Nv-🤷
cici anggraini
cici anggraini Il y a 22 heures
anyone from taehyung? or just me? ok
Anarose Martinez
Anarose Martinez Il y a 23 heures
Y’all I usually don’t comment on music videos especially pop but guyyyyssss this is the most heart felt music video that has made me cry fr fr
Danhy Garcia
Danhy Garcia Il y a 23 heures
Gran vídeo, el mensaje de humanidad y lideres que ven por los demás es genial ! Good vibes!
Prince Ebube Ichoku
So nice
vtecx626 Il y a jour
Justin trying to win back fans by giving a car.
Rob Nolan
Rob Nolan Il y a jour
Haters ...the day will come where too many people will suicide because of you and then politician will make a new law where evil comments will be reviewed and the people will get a ticket and or get jailed.
Olamide Omolabi
Olamide Omolabi Il y a jour
Quite an impression. Less drug, less nudes, less the f words
Kng Robert
Kng Robert Il y a jour
Justin Bieber is the best foreign artist. I like you. I wish you a beautiful life. We want to cooperate with EXO EXO_Ls
Aisha Noor
Aisha Noor Il y a jour
The lyrics are Just so Amazing ,they just get in to ur heart 💔😍
Zeph Faasalele
Zeph Faasalele Il y a jour
Ngl... *Real Deep, coming from JB.. Taking all his life experiences and every little detail the worlds walking pass, into a song that the worlds going to realize* Btw, listening in quarintine.. Stay safe ✨
Anjali Baruah
Anjali Baruah Il y a jour
Love you Oh so much❤
Andy YTT
Andy YTT Il y a jour
People who dislike 💀
- H
- H Il y a jour
A fiat???????
Deveondi Il y a jour
I love the meaning of this video and song. Great job bro!
Hexis Kaneki
Hexis Kaneki Il y a jour
Teagan West
Teagan West Il y a jour
I like this song and Justin did a great job ✌️👌
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