Josh Levine's Expos & Nationals Series Thank You Juan Soto !

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Josh Levine is the biggest Washington Nationals / Montreal Expos fan on the planet. He believes as go the Nationals, as goes his life. So this year, against all odds....They Won the World Series....that means, Josh Levine must finish his comeback story. The early part of the year was devastating to his beloved clients, him, his family, his reputation and everyone loves a feel good comeback story. This will be it !
Josh's Channel...
Step inside the secret sub-Culture of antiques and collectibles, secondary market trends & all things happening in the world of retro & vintage. Josh Levine is a certified auctioneer, appraiser, estate consultant and all-around storyteller. From a young age Josh was raised to appreciate antiques and collectibles and became enamored with the history, stories and lessons from these items.
Growing up he tagged along with his parents to hundreds of auctions, antique shows and co-ops and inherently learned the business and how items moved around the world and affected the lives of different owners.
Later, with an education in Accounting and Business Management, an Auctioneer Certification from the Pennsylvania State program and a passion for communications, Josh began his career in Quakertown, PA over 20 years ago.
After a few years experience in the auction business and seeing the amazing potential in the Southwest, Josh decided to tap into the treasure trove of art, Native American collectibles, classic cars, antique toys and other treasure that has made its way to the west coast. First in Scottsdale, AZ where his business more than tripled in size in less than 5 years, Josh started expanding his skills and sharing his stories. With experiences such as finding a mysterious Jackson Pollock, auctioning Wyatt Earp's gun, investigating interesting rarities, learning the psychology behind collecting and more, he began to be invited to guest auctioneer, emcee events and give informative speeches. These days, Josh continues to expand his knowledge and seek out new opportunities!
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31 oct. 2019




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Steve Wahl
Steve Wahl Il y a 7 mois
Pitchers & Catchers have reported !
Josh Levine Speaks
Josh Levine Speaks Il y a 7 mois
I can't lie....I'm excited all over again.
kenyaの日常 Il y a 11 mois
Josh Levine Speaks
Josh Levine Speaks Il y a 11 mois
Thank you....who doesn't love cats !
Steve Wahl
Steve Wahl Il y a 11 mois
Congrats Buddy !
Josh Levine Speaks
Josh Levine Speaks Il y a 11 mois
Whoo hooo !