Joker Director Finally Explains That Last Crucial Scene

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Arthur Fleck's biggest joke just might be the one he pulled on you. Joker director Todd Phillips recently made a few very interesting comments to the Los Angeles Times about the final scene of the movie comments that imply a bizarre truth about the story being presented. In case that's not warning enough, be advised that major spoilers for Joker lie ahead.
Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur is depicted early and often as having a tenuous grip on reality. The film eventually lets on that it's not always clear which events are fantasy and which are reality not to the audience, and presumably not to Arthur.
At the end, Arthur is seen with his psychiatrist in Arkham State Hospital after he has apparently killed his mother, incited a riot, shot Murray Franklin on live television, and escaped from police custody with the help of his clown-masked followers. As the shrink attempts to question him, Arthur simply laughs, telling her that she wouldn't get the joke. According to Phillips, it's this particular laugh that might hold a clue about the true nature of the story that just unfolded. He explained,
"That laugh in that scene is really the only time he laughs genuinely. There are different laughs in the movie. There is the laugh from Arthur's affliction and then there is his fake laugh when he's trying to be 'one of the people,' which is my favorite laugh. But at the end, when he's in the room at Arkham State Hospital, that's his only genuine laugh in the movie."
Why is that, exactly? Well, perhaps because in the end, the joke is on us, the audience. Phillips has said that one of the main influences on his film was The Killing Joke, the acclaimed 1988 graphic novel in which the Joker says that if he must have a past, he, quote, "[prefers] it to be multiple choice." The director made a direct allusion to this dialogue in suggesting that as many fans have speculated Arthur Fleck might not necessarily be who we think he is. Phillips said,
"There are lots of ways you could look at this movie. You could look at it and go, 'This is just one of his multiple-choice stories. None of it happened.' I don't want to say what it is. But a lot of people I've shown it to have said, 'Oh, I get it he's just made up a story. The whole movie is the joke. It's this thing this guy in Arkham Asylum concocted. He might not even be the Joker.'"
Phillips went on to state outright that the man who will become Batman's nemesis may simply be in the background somewhere, watching all of these events play out. He said,
"Maybe Joaquin's character inspired the Joker. You don't really know. His last line in the movie is, 'You wouldn't get it.' There's a lot going on in there that's interesting."
Phoenix himself also explained that Joker can be seen not so much as a straightforward narrative, but as a series of suggestions. Keep watching the video to see that the Joker director finally explains that last crucial scene!
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8 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 4 026
Looper Il y a 11 jours
How much of Joker do you think really happened in the movie? Which parts?
happinesstan Il y a 10 heures
Most of it. The scene in which he is in the audience at Murray's show (I have my suspicions that Murray's joke may have also been Arthur's delusion, based on the fact that Arthur laughs in time) and his relationship are delusions. The 3 flashback scenes that many complain about, grounds the rest of the story [up to that point] in reality. I think the joke is that Arthur has lived a life of obscurity in a society where he doesn't belong, but now that society has placed him where they think he belongs, he will gain notoriety. I'm no Batman aficionado, but it strikes me that Joker's success could be in his ability to manipulate the minds of the criminally insane. As a talented clown he has alreay demonstrated his ability to mesmerise. However, I do believe there is one joke aimed at the audience. And that joke is introduced in the scene which introduces the cinema audience [it seems painfully obvious]. In 1981 the audience are watching a 1936 film, named 'Modern Times', laughing, whilst outside the world destroys itself. It reminds me that it is over 40 years since Scorsese entertained us all with his warnings, and yet here we are again. Top film.
Sevren Hoover
Sevren Hoover Il y a jour
Pogokoala agree 110%
Painted Solace
Painted Solace Il y a 2 jours
@Ben Owen was that not the same person?
Originality Am
Originality Am Il y a 2 jours
It's multiple choice .
Dean W. Thomas
Dean W. Thomas Il y a 2 jours
I don’t believe any of it happened except for the final scene.
fact gasm
fact gasm Il y a 28 minutes
Personally I thought the last scene was straightforward enough. Joker walks away, leaving his psychiatrist's blood in his footprints. "You won't get it" he says.
fact gasm
fact gasm Il y a 30 minutes
Superb movie. The makers really understood how someone can slide all the way from struggling with life all the way to insanity. I felt very sorry indeed for the main character. He had a bad start in life and took one huge blow after another in quick succession with no safety net there to catch him. That's why he resorted to suicide ideation. He couldn't take being who he was any longer, being a no-one, rejected, humiliated and tormented every direction he turned. He had to become someone else. Once he found a source of strength, a way to punish and to eliminate those who wronged him, he felt power - probably for the first time in his life - and suddenly he was a someone.
fact gasm
fact gasm Il y a 30 minutes
Superb movie. The makers really understood how someone can slide all the way from struggling with life all the way to insanity. I felt very sorry indeed for the main character. He had a bad start in life and took one huge blow after another in quick succession with no safety net there to catch him. That's why he resorted to suicide ideation. He couldn't take being who he was any longer, being a no-one, rejected, humiliated and tormented every direction he turned. He had to become someone else. Once he found a source of strength, a way to punish and to eliminate those who wronged him, he felt power - probably for the first time in his life - and suddenly he was a someone.
Aglaitso Il y a 40 minutes
So... no one's going to talk about the "Arthur flex" on the beginning?
Noël de Cocq van Delwijnen
If the whole movie is an imagination of Phoenix or he tells a story because he wants to chose a past, why would he have any imagination inside his imagination? He tells a story about his past but within that story he makes up things wich he believes really his imagination that is because he tells a story...that doesn't make any sense. So for me everything really happened except offcourse being in the audience with Murray and having a girlfriend.
Ryan English
Ryan English Il y a 5 heures
Don’t shit on a masterpiece by saying “it was all a dream” 😑
walter black
walter black Il y a 5 heures
this was real Hollywood movie (before spielberg Comes)
Slayerlv Il y a 6 heures
I just saw the movie it was awesome.. my take of the film is that everything happened as we saw it from him getting mugged in the alley to killing people in the subway I feel he was telling his story to the shrink in the hospital at the end of the movie which would explain the hallucinations about the girl friend and other hallucinations in the movie at the end where he laughs at himself about his life being a joke saying that she wouldn't understand
Hellspectre1 Il y a 8 heures
Hello anyone wanna talk? I like to have some human interraction
MrJustwatchin9 Ontheinnanets
Arthur was probably the progenitor of the Jack Napier joker who Possibly could be a copycat joker and took it to the next level.
The Mr. J Show
The Mr. J Show Il y a 10 heures
Until todd says different, this is joker and this is his true origin
N FORCE 5 Il y a 11 heures
Screw no Batman. He’s a dumb director.
Kali Il y a 11 heures
I think the scene where another joker killed Bruce's parents was a sign that Arthur inspired the joker but isn't the actual joker we know
Jia Hajime
Jia Hajime Il y a 13 heures
So much hatred reflexed by the audiences and the movie. The first time I can finally see people embrace this topic. How about self defense? How about society? Who is the hypocrite, is he pyscho clown or the rich or the comedian star?
Eldar Isgandarov
Eldar Isgandarov Il y a 14 heures
I love how the character slowly forms into the cartoony joker we all know from the comics and early shows/films, with him prancing about on stage after shooting Murray and running around the hallways of the asylum in the last shot!
J Rizzo
J Rizzo Il y a 14 heures
My friend who was a producer on this movie confirmed this movie is a set up for the soon-coming REAL Joker -- Jared Leto. Just kidding. Love you, guys.
Donald Shero
Donald Shero Il y a 15 heures
Don’t tell me when he killed Murray the laugh wasn’t genuine cause I’m not buying it! I felt that sick laughter
Jourdan Immanuel
Jourdan Immanuel Il y a 15 heures
I absolutely hate the idea that everything up until the end was all a lie. The scenes where Arthur imagined having a relationship would become pointless if this was true. What's funny is that Arthur was clearer in thought when he came off his meds and as he began to fall into Nihilism. He was in Arkham some time before the movie for reasons he can't even explain but at the end of the movie, he knows exactly why he's there. I didn't think I'd enjoy a Joker with an fleshed out origin story (I didn't even like the multiple choice one from the Killing Joke) but I love Arthur's story.
Medicinewind Chaney
Medicinewind Chaney Il y a 16 heures
If it wasn’t real then why show bruce waynes parents get ... nevermind I get it
Catnium Il y a 16 heures
Sometimes.. I remember it this way... hehe ..and... Sometimes... Sometimes I remember all the nonsense the media said about my movie..
Kyle Man
Kyle Man Il y a 18 heures
Of course Arthur can't be the real Joker that Batman fights. He'd be too old by the time Bruce becomes Batman!
shreyas shelar
shreyas shelar Il y a 18 heures
I heard someone saying that ...the man trying to catch Arthur in the last scene is the actual JOKER. What abt this theory?
Shendue Il y a 23 heures
The movie goal is to put us into Joker's perspective. The movie itself is multiple choice.
Freshminster Il y a jour
I think everything is real until he doesn't get medicated. The second half of the movie is him fantasicing , about killing and becoming a person someone would look up too. In a city where bankers are so arrogant and selfish , why would they ride a dirty train ? Why does he fire 7 shots with a gun that only can hold 6 bullets ? Where is the lady who went away ?
Henry Ayers
Henry Ayers Il y a jour
My brain just assumed most of it was real and at the end he escapes from Arkham before turning into heath ledger and fighting Batman in the dark knight!
DadGeek UK
DadGeek UK Il y a jour
Think about it though. If Arthur is the actual Joker, he's a 40+ year old man when Bruce Wayne is a child. That means that by the time Bruce is old enough to be the Batman, Joker is going to be 70+. It's much more likely that events/stories of Arthur's 'Joker' are an inspiration to the child who will eventually become the real Joker.
maraontheblock Il y a jour
The point of the movie is that you HAVE to be uncertain about what really happened and what not. It's not important to understand. That's the joke. That's why the movie is so beautiful.
Rank You
Rank You Il y a jour
Anyone else think he was a sexy clown?😉😆🤣 like cmonn guys! That hair slicked back, the way he smokes and flicks it off and them cool azz moves down those stairs with so much swaaaggg😩🙌uhhh😁😩🤯🙌❤️😂😂😂
carina Il y a jour
i wish it was real joker plzzz
Brian Rosin
Brian Rosin Il y a jour
So the guy who suffers from the pseudobulbar effect, and is mentally ill, isnt the joker?
only a comentary nothing special
This whole "he isn't really the Joker thing" really starts to piss me off
wildfire 456
wildfire 456 Il y a jour
I personally think the "joke" was indeed the story of the Joker as many suggest. But I have another thing to add. The entire story is not a joke. Only the parts where he gets recognized e.g where he's with his supposed girlfriend, where Murray acknowledges him and even where he's surrounded by his followers. Perhaps the joke is that he never really got any sort of attention. And ofcourse, it was too complex to explain it to the psychiatrist at the spot. Hence "you wouldn't get it". This is just my take on the movie.
Woke Cat
Woke Cat Il y a jour
Holyshit now after hearing it’s meaning it hits hard after hitting this
Zuloten Il y a jour
I would love to see a death in the family with phoenix
elle_aye Il y a jour
"It was all a dream"... meh
Msc Solar
Msc Solar Il y a jour
I just watched it
Joshua Wrathall
Joshua Wrathall Il y a jour
Two little tidbits...I might be talking crazy here but I think a Batman and Joker movie would be ok...without Batman...if that makes sense. I think it would be cool to have Joker fully embrace his chaotic Joker. Have Arthur actually he Joker. And throughout the whole movie it’s kind of building on Bats becoming Batman but always trying to find a different way to fight things until finally he fees the only way to win is to fight fire with fire in a sense...and that’s how we can lead into the newer Batman generation. Only problem is that would have to mean Robat (Pattinson’s Batman) will have to come out after. It’s make sense cause Pattinson is still pretty young so the age difference wouldn’t be too crazy. Something along those lines at least. My second point...I honestly think they made a point to specifically show that Sophie wasn’t his girlfriend after all and that He wasn’t actually on the Murray Show at the beginning part. Just think it would be weird to specifically only make those parts obvious and not the rest...🤷🏼‍♂️🤔
Sky Barry
Sky Barry Il y a jour
Tbh I love villain movies. I love learning about the past of them
James Henchy
James Henchy Il y a jour
No definitely not....epic and happy to hear the sequel will stay it’s own
Kori Hayes
Kori Hayes Il y a jour
If you want to see what The media has to say about it head over to my Channel 🥴 why so serious media
victor evans
victor evans Il y a jour
This is the reason why DC movies never reach its target audience... cos they(DC production) are the only people who thinks their films are interesting... do it right... be straight to the point... we all just wanna be entertained...
☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢
I love this movie
Miss Raline
Miss Raline Il y a jour
Just watched this movie for the second time and i think all of it is real except the part that shown in movie it's not.. At the very beginning scene Arthur was talking to the social activist that he feel better locked up in Arkham asylum , and there's a glimpse of Arkham white room which he's banging his head. I thought that scene shows Arthur is in mental illness condition and tried to hurt himself so they locked him up.. Remember when he get to Arkham Hospital again to look up his mother ( Penny Fleck) documents? In that scene he's asking the clerk how to get in here, while the clerk answers people who get in here is hurting other people or hurting themselves.. In my opinion Arthur done every bad thing to get in there.. At the very last, he locked up for killing 5 people, and he thought of joke. That joke might be his life nothing but comedy.. Who's with me?
Roo Seph
Roo Seph Il y a jour
This is all BS to drum up hype and mystery for the movie/character and it's all cop out answer for the director.
Madison K
Madison K Il y a jour
You didn't explain the ending at all
Lucas Arnquist
Lucas Arnquist Il y a jour
This is stupid just let us enjoy the movie
I really hate the "it was all a dream" cliche. It totally ruins the impact of the movie when you want to rewatch it, because hey, why should I care about anything that happens when it's all a feverdream? Its interesting to think some things were just Arthur's imagination but the whole thing? That would kill the love I have for the film entirely.
Callie Pait
Callie Pait Il y a jour
It’s pretty obvious that Arthur Fleck had realized, by the end of the movie, that he was just a character. He starts to sing the song that is then presented as the ending scene song so he is just coming to terms with the fact that his life is a tragic comedy written for an audience. Arthur Fleck is the joker. The joker knows he’s a character. He is breaking the fourth wall and the entire movie was just working up to that fact.
Dakota Stepe
Dakota Stepe Il y a jour
I think the whole clown riot thing was real and the end is after he has been captured by Batman and figured that he Cause Bruce Wayne’s parents to get killed
Jeremy Menning
Jeremy Menning Il y a jour
Cesar Romero. Jack Nicholson. Mark Hamill. Cameron Monaghan. Zack Galifinakis. Jared Leto. Heath Ledger. Joaquin Phoenix. They were all The Joker. And none of them were The Joker.
Thomas DL
Thomas DL Il y a jour
I want him to be the joker!
giada Il y a jour
The director seems to openly approve the theory "The movie was just Arthur's immagination. Arthur is not the real joker". Too easy! This means, to me, that the theory will soon prove to be wrong XD I have experience with series's writers who approve fans's theories and then write different stories XD I think Todd and Joaquin are really considering a "Joker" sequel, and maybe when/if they'll confirm the sequel they'll tell us the truth abous the last scene.
Ileamar Ferrer
Ileamar Ferrer Il y a jour
Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker! No one else!
Hugo Brömme
Hugo Brömme Il y a jour
"Perhaps he told the story to a fellow Arkham State Hospital inmate who then became the real Joker who fights Batman" Not only does that sound like stupid overanalyzing bullshit but also unsatisfying as fuck if it's actually true. It would ruin the movie for me completely.
DonutWarLord Il y a jour
All of it happened except the part with his girlfriend. The end scene was in the future where he more than likely got locked up and he was thinking of batman.
Muath Nasser
Muath Nasser Il y a 2 jours
He is the Joker's father. (Although I don't like this scenario) In the movie you can notice how he draws a smile in Bruce's face, and how he do the same action many times throughout the movie. Maybe that is what the original Joker meant when he tell the story of his scars "why so serious son"
david ortega
david ortega Il y a 2 jours
The movie is actually pretty simple. He is the real Joker. It's just that at the very end scene, he's giving another Bull crap story that he made up to yet, another Doctor trying to understand what made the Joker INTO the Joker. Think of it as the abusive father story that he fed to Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated series. It's all Bull shit.
Sebastian B
Sebastian B Il y a 2 jours
The one thing that makes me wonder is that Arthur is one generation ahead of Bruce. He would have to be over 60 when meeting Batman.
Sweta Rani
Sweta Rani Il y a 18 heures
Exactly I thought so
Ryan King
Ryan King Il y a 2 jours
So what, he explained it by saying its a mystery?... right...
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