Joe Rogan Reacts to USA Marijuana Laws Map

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Taken from JRE #1426 w/Justin Martindale:




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Commentaires 80
Otis Cat
Otis Cat Il y a 20 jours
Legalization took the fun out of smoking bud.
Non Mutual Group
Non Mutual Group Il y a 21 jour
Today Alot Of Shops In The Valley Closed Or Got Regulated..No More Real Weed..Plus Tax.
Brian Sho
Brian Sho Il y a 26 jours
Watching two gay comedians have a conversation high is very interesting....
walter hank
walter hank Il y a 27 jours
“Is that right Jamie?” “Let’s find out” “Hoolyyshiet” LOOLL
hugh hemmerich
hugh hemmerich Il y a 29 jours
Joes baked
dino59mob Il y a mois
Will it’s be fed legal in 2021?
Ryan Scuba Rhino
Ryan Scuba Rhino Il y a mois
Are those elk meat burps Joe
BackToPray Il y a mois
Kevin x
Kevin x Il y a mois
"In Florida bathsalts are fine"
Ayylmao Il y a mois
"WHATS THAT" Wyoming. "WHAT'S NEXT TO THAT" Idaho. lmao
ExNihilo Il y a mois
Wyoming has CBD
Travis Wright
Travis Wright Il y a mois
Ezra's Art
Ezra's Art Il y a mois
Joe "Geography's hard" Rogan
Elijah Berry
Elijah Berry Il y a mois
Doesnt know basic American geography..yeah joe keep micro dosing's working great for ya
*IPrimetymeYT* Il y a mois
The lighter states are bullshit. Meanwhile me in Kentucky...yeaaa tell me bout it
Vexyis Il y a mois
Ever since January 1st here in IL we've had legal weed. And this boring ass state has been so much more fun ever since
Masked Patriot
Masked Patriot Il y a mois
Rarely ever get anything good greenwise in Tennessee. The shrooms on the other hand I can walk outside and get them. I wish the govt would just charge a $12 month for a permit. Using profits to increase public healthcare. Offering marijuana in place of opiates. In doing so I believe it would help get people off the pills given the choice. 80% of Tennessee is for legislation yet the retired doctors,judges that sentenced for pot,prosectors that convicted people for what is classified as medicine worldwide. We all bleed red. If religious beliefs come into play ask what kind of fruit have they ate. The forbidden fruit was depicted as an apple. Marijuana was mentioned a few times in good light. America is the diverse people that are here from all parts of the globe. Just because you are a Dr of 20 years with no other training except for opiates does not trump over 50 years of documented research of human trials. We have had the trials for the opiates epidemic. I don't understand. Living proof and practice worldwide ignored by a govt that says unity. Nothing says unity more than telling the foremost authorities on the subject worldwide that their research of over 50 years is inferior to their 20 years tops using what little data from legal medical trials. I never understood why I had to make a choice of tobacco or alcohol, both killers, addictive, and legal. Or, pot which is illegal and makes me not want either of the previous. Think about it.
lucyfur coffin
lucyfur coffin Il y a mois
CBD is a topping at icecream stores
Dylan Sager
Dylan Sager Il y a mois
See this is what the devils lettuce does to you it makes you forget all your states :( rots your brain RIP
Core Puncher
Core Puncher Il y a mois
Joe doesn't know his states. How depressing.
mark p
mark p Il y a mois
How a substance can be a crime is just crazy to me. The bad drugs I know shouldn't be just sold anywhere but its wrong to make any substance a real crime. They don't have to make heroine available but just not a crime would be great that's just wrong the way it is. WRONG.
CJ_ 901
CJ_ 901 Il y a mois
"Gotta sneak around in Tennessee" jamie knows whats up 😂
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Il y a mois
I stayed in Colorado for about four months and the cost of living went straight through the roof when they legalized marijuana, it was unaffordable for me unfortunately so I moved back to Louisiana.
C Vandy
C Vandy Il y a mois
New "Live Free or Die Hard" Hampshire
Mike B
Mike B Il y a mois
We’ll be one of the last states to approve marijuana...Wisconsin.
EyeTheSkies Il y a mois
Joe "I count the upper peninsula of Michigan as a separate state" Rogan
Jesse Pacheco
Jesse Pacheco Il y a mois
Yoo get me on ur show I'm the anti Christ
Fresh SOAP
Fresh SOAP Il y a mois
“Fl well bath salts are fine.” lmfao 😂
Steve Menard
Steve Menard Il y a mois
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸are retard ,best country in the world with an homeless each corner
BoostCTRL Il y a mois
Oakland, California decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms.
J Lassiter
J Lassiter Il y a mois
Jesus Joe doesn't know the States. I mean they teach that shit at age 9 in schools.
Jared Hempfield
Jared Hempfield Il y a mois
How many of those 12 can actually grow their own though, means nothing if you have to buy super cropped popcorn nugs with a 30% tax. I'm in Nevada, have to be like 30 miles from a shop and inside a greenhouse. Good enough for me but would rather fill my acre with industrial hemp, only need one or two MJ plants
SurgeTheUrge Il y a mois
1:24 i don't like that shit. I feel like a lot of weed enthusiasts are more into weed because they like how potent and obnoxious the smell is. They want others to smell it. They want to bother other people with the smell, everyone knows the smell even people who don't smoke. Most of the time they have the power to prevent exposing the public bystandards to the smell, but they enjoy doing it. If weed didn't have a smell, i think it would be way less popular.
Dave Kiss
Dave Kiss Il y a mois
The GOVERNMENT wants EVERY one fucked UP so THAY don't no what is really going on that's how STUPID SHEEPEL are
Aj Gaming
Aj Gaming Il y a mois
Shit...I love you joe...but please learn ur states
Brandon N
Brandon N Il y a mois
Joe Rogan says weed being illegal in Idaho is what's keeping people from moving here. This could not be further from the truth. Boise and the surrounding area is #1 in the US right now for population growth. Mostly Californians. Southwest Idaho used to be a nice place to live. Its slowly turning into another island of California, unfortunately.
Lugen Jordan
Lugen Jordan Il y a mois
I'm in Kansas fuck my life
Michael Mcconnell
Michael Mcconnell Il y a mois
It's decriminalized in Denver, not Colorado
Jon the Carguy
Jon the Carguy Il y a mois
Cbd is booming in Houston , wait until people learn about the entourage effect with cbd and thc , then we will be going here. After they legalized cbd here there is a shop every 3-4 miles . They decriminalized it here for up to two ounces. Not much longer hopefully.
Jason Rhyne
Jason Rhyne Il y a mois
South Carolina sucks
Max Power
Max Power Il y a mois
Good thing hes a successful podcaster and face of MMA because that dumb fuck doenst know shit about geography
Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice
I wouldn't call it fully legal unless you can grow it in your garden without any type of paperwork needed, etc. Come on MN.. be a leader in that!!
Memo Ramos
Memo Ramos Il y a mois
Acid and shrooms are good for ya. Does anyone hear how insane this shit sounds lol
Donovan Wilson
Donovan Wilson Il y a mois
Joe "what is that state? To the left" Rogan
Diabetes Il y a mois
Can’t we make it nationally legal just don’t drive smoking it and read the label and America will have a lot less crime.
Matthew Il y a mois
Ethan Silva
Ethan Silva Il y a mois
Cbd the gateway
Ethan Silva
Ethan Silva Il y a mois
Texas Texas get to Texas
Bruce Gilmour
Bruce Gilmour Il y a mois
The weed in the dispensary are not as strong they are more expensive...I can get the good stuff from joe shmo dealer from down the street...they will go out of’s a recipe for disaster
Chris Bynum
Chris Bynum Il y a mois
Weed is still illegal in Idaho because the fuckin Mormons run that state. Those retards are HEAVILY against weed.
WuzohHitsBills Il y a mois
not having weed legalized in idaho isnt keeping people out lol everyone is still moving here
Dank Hitman
Dank Hitman Il y a mois
Good Ole Divided States Of America.... I live in WI and Its never been on my ballot. I guess when Obama said he would leave it up to the states, He meant Senators and Old Dirty Politicians... Tony Evers was elected in WI and put in all 3 proposals, Rec, Med, and the repair act... The WI Financial Committee struck it all out and said that's not the way we wont to go... They must be Drs
Treeman201 Il y a mois
Spent a couple yrs trippin balls when i was a younger man. Perhaps i need to try this micro dosing. Hell trippin balls was a blast! I swore everyone should do it at least 1x a yr.
Tickleshits Il y a mois
"What's that one next to Wyoming???" - lmaooo you mean Idaho?? that's an easy one, too lmaooo
Captain bludream
Captain bludream Il y a mois
Eat your cereal
Oliver Toller
Oliver Toller Il y a mois
Legal in my house 😆
Lawn Man
Lawn Man Il y a mois
Denver has gone to shit with an unbelievably large amount of bums running the city. Swear that most people walking around were homeless and on the same drug.
Lawn Man
Lawn Man Il y a mois
@Lil Tree Have you been to Denver in the last few years? If so, you must be one of the bums talking to themselves that I saw on the streets a few days ago. True that native coloradans are healthy but the influx of homeless people is unreal and you shouldn't speak about it until witnessing it firsthand.
Lil Tree
Lil Tree Il y a mois
Lawn Man you dumb as heck bruh Colorado has the most healthy people in the world
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Il y a mois
Joe ive got powerful friends in Alaska rogan
Ian B
Ian B Il y a mois
In Texas it’ll take a while because the private prison system wants to make as much money as they can by locking people up for weed charges, unless ur in a major city that has bigger problems to deal with.
Charlie B
Charlie B Il y a mois
lol @ anyone who every tries to explain Rogan is smart. he is a rich funny dude who did well for himself.
Garrison Wolf
Garrison Wolf Il y a mois
“A few back woods states” hell yeah NC
Matthew Tuttle
Matthew Tuttle Il y a mois
Texas is still behind I got a first degree felony for wax
MAGA Magic
MAGA Magic Il y a mois
All states should file lawsuits against Feds to stop this crap! Legalize It!
Quinton Taylor
Quinton Taylor Il y a mois
Joe Rogan failed geography
Lil Tree
Lil Tree Il y a mois
Quinton Taylor Be honest nobody knows where Idaho or Iowa is on a map unless you from there
J NanceLvr
J NanceLvr Il y a mois
Joe, bring back Alex Jones & Joey Diaz to your show together, I can just see that and have a blast
Tyler Hiland
Tyler Hiland Il y a mois
Yeah you gotta sneak around in TN frfr
vandomthoughts Il y a mois
Google Andrew Yang
Shaun K
Shaun K Il y a mois
The benefits of CBD is complete bullshit. You have to triple the dosage amounts for any benefits at all. Its a money pit, and obviously Joe is talking it up because he is in the business
bobbo857 Il y a mois
CBD is legal federally (CBD comes from the Hemp variety of the cannabis plant) TCH (from marijuana) is recreationally legal in 11 states and medically legal in 33 (22 not including the rec states)
Josh Martin
Josh Martin Il y a mois
Joe Rogan is a dumb mans smart man
Vegas Baby!
Vegas Baby! Il y a mois
Wow you just lost some credit on not knowing Wyoming or Idaho.
Vegas Baby!
Vegas Baby! Il y a mois
Umm it's not a good idea to get caught smoking and driving.
Matt Pickett
Matt Pickett Il y a mois
Learn a map Joe wtf hahaha
Dale Trueman
Dale Trueman Il y a mois
Tyler Searls
Tyler Searls Il y a mois
Love how joe doesnt mention michigan and Illinois even though its a huge deal weed is finally legal in both areas and we had to fight hard for it to happen. But then again cali is the only place that actually exsits in america so i get it.
2munkey2 Il y a mois
We been smoking weed n texas from day one only thing stopping me from killing everyone lol
Moss Bogger
Moss Bogger Il y a mois
if you think about it weed legalization is a conservative idea, since originally weed was legal and it was a progressive movement that turned it illegal
Christian Lauren
Christian Lauren Il y a mois
I’m down to try micro dosing shrooms..tripped out once and it was amazing
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