Joe Rogan Experience #1479 - David Pakman

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David Pakman is a television & radio host, political commentator, and FRvid personality. He is the host of the internationally syndicated political television and talk radio program The David Pakman Show. @David Pakman Show



22 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Jeffrey Paguio
Jeffrey Paguio Il y a 3 heures
I love how Biden’s mind is discussed, but trump, who obviously cannot read well, can’t understand basic comprehension, has no sense of empathy, and is a clear narcissist, is never brought up
Mad Guy
Mad Guy Il y a 18 heures
Orange-man-bad, Orange-man-bad, "Free market right wingers" ffs... This show needs to get out of the commie-fornia eco chamber.
JJloManning Il y a 19 heures
What a great episode of the David Pakman experience- feat. Joe Rogan
Jagsher Dhaliwal
Jagsher Dhaliwal Il y a 21 heure
After 2 hours, Joe just started rumbling and didn't really have a coherent argument.
9881RootOriginPort11 Il y a 23 heures
1:02:37 David was talking about Joe Rogan.. Correct? Lol
Jagsher Dhaliwal
Jagsher Dhaliwal Il y a jour
Bernie hiding his political ideology does him no favours. We know what he really means, whatever the terminology he replaces socialism with and critics will call him out on it. Then he would have to defend it, no point. Don't agree with pakman there
Adam Polansky
Adam Polansky Il y a jour
Why does Joe give Trump so much leeway? Literally, Joe Biden forgets a word and Biden has cognitive decline, Trump talks about ingesting or injecting disinfectant and he just says Trump is winging it. Its insane.
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Joe is incredible at missing the point of an analogy and going on a directionless rant about unrelated details of said analogy. We're talking about the arbitrary and unclear limits on abortion and he got distracted talking about cars and for profit speed enforcement. If he let Packman talk for 1/10th of the time he spent ranting, might learn something.
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Isn't the executive branch choosing the heads of the judicial branch in direct conflict with the separation of powers?
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Joe hasn't really thought out revising the first amendment to apply to private individuals and entities. That's gong to open everyone up to liability. Then you'll be able to sue me for not allowing you to say whatever you want on my potter property.
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
I wouldn't be surprised if there were a peer to peer open source equivalent of Twitter. Something like that has the potential to be a truly free platform that isn't under the control of any group or individual.
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Whether Trump remembers shutting down the pandemic response division is kind of immaterial. The point is that he did disband it, and he's responsible for the decisions that he makes regardless of his recollection. In that moment he chose to undo something Obama did without considering that it existed for a reason. Why Joe feels the need to carry water for Donald, I don't understand.
Mark Timothy
Mark Timothy Il y a jour
Packass is a freak
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge Il y a 2 jours
You can see Rogan trying to try different approaches and tactics, and Pakman seeing through EVERY FUCKING ONE.
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge Il y a 2 jours
Nidhi Il y a 3 jours
omg why are there so many dislikes
Mockracy Il y a 22 heures
Because pakman is a known liar and propagandist
jimmmmy41 Il y a 3 jours
The ability to mobilize their healthcare system, and their society, it why South Korea managed the virus so well.
Sean Forbes
Sean Forbes Il y a 3 jours
If autistic date rapists were an oppressed people's in Nazi Germany, this is the fact they would paint on the propaganda posters
Aoradh Lōtəs
Aoradh Lōtəs Il y a 3 jours
So much ring sting over the presence of David Pakman.
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
2:28:00 the Number 1 issue with more likely to be in poverty is Single Father House Holds. and what do the Dems/Left break down the Family. Statistics About Fatherless Homes #1. 85% of youth who are currently in prison grew up in a fatherless home. (Texas Department of Corrections) #2. 7 out of every 10 youth that are housed in state-operated correctional facilities, including detention and residential treatment, come from a fatherless home. (U.S. Department of Justice) #3. 39% of students in the United States, from the first grade to their senior year of high school, do not have a father at home. Children without a father are 4 times more likely to be living in poverty than children with a father. (National Public Radio) #4. Children from fatherless homes are twice as likely to drop out from school before graduating than children who have a father in their lives. (National Public Radio) #5. 24.7 million children in the United States live in a home where their biological father is not present. That equates to 1 in every 3 children in the United States not having access to their father. (National Public Radio) #6. Girls who live in a fatherless home have a 100% higher risk of suffering from obesity than girls who have their father present. Teen girls from fatherless homes are also 4 times more likely to become mothers before the age of 20. (National Public Radio) #7. 57% of the fatherless homes in the United States involved African-American/Black households. Hispanic households have a 31% fatherless rate, while Caucasian/White households have a 20% fatherless rate. (National Public Radio) #8. In 2011, 44% of children in homes headed by a single mother were living in poverty. Just 12% of children in married-couple families were living in poverty. (U.S. Census Bureau) #9. Children who live in a single-parent home are more than 2 times more likely to commit suicide than children in a two-parent home. (The Lancet) #10. 72% of Americans believe that a fatherless home is the most significant social problem and family problem that is facing their country. (National Center for Fathering) #11. Only 68% of children will spend their entire childhood with an intact family. (U.S. Census Bureau) #12. 75% of rapists are motivated by displaced anger that is associated with feelings of abandonment that involves their father. (U.S. Department of Justice) #13. Living in a fatherless home is a contributing factor to substance abuse, with children from such homes accounting for 75% of adolescent patients being treated in substance abuse centers. (U.S. Department of Justice) #14. 85% of all children which exhibit some type of a behavioral disorder come from a fatherless home. (U.S. Department of Justice) #15. 90% of the youth in the United States who decide to run away from home, or become homeless for any reason, originally come from a fatherless home. (U.S. Department of Justice) #16. 63% of youth suicides involve a child who was living in a fatherless home when they made their final decision. (U.S. Department of Justice) #17. Children who live in a single-parent or step-family home report less schoolwork monitoring, less social supervision, and lower educational expectations than children who come from two-parent homes. (American Sociological Review) #18. Even when poverty levels are equal, children who come from a two-parent home outperform children who come from a one-parent home. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) #19. Within the African-American/Black community, about 2.5 million fathers live with their children, while 1.7 million fathers are not living with them. (Huffington Post) #20. In a 2014 study, only 3% of single mothers fell into the strongest demographic groups, while 44% fell into the weakest demographic groups. (Brookings) #21. About 40% of children in the United States are born to mothers who are not married. Over 60% of these children were born to mothers who were under the age of 30%. (CDC) #22. 25% of children are the age of 18 are currently being raised without the presence of a father. Around 50% of single mothers have never married. 29% are divorced. Only 1 in 5 are either separated or widowed. #23. In single-mother households, 50% involve just one child. 30% of single mothers are raising two children on their own. (U.S. Census Bureau) #24. 27% of single mothers were jobless for the entire year while taking care of their children. Only 22% of those who were out of work were receiving unemployment benefits at the time. (U.S. Census Bureau) #25. The median income for a household with a single mother is $35,400. The median income for a home with a married couple raising their children is $85,300 in the United States. Two-thirds of low-income working families with children are in the African-American community. (U.S. Census Bureau) #26. Over 30% of fatherless homes are classified as being food insecure, yet only 13% of homes will utilize the services of a food pantry. Over 30% of fatherless homes also spend more than half of their income on housing costs, which classifies the household as experiencing a severe housing burden. (U.S. Department of Agriculture) #27. In the United States, Mississippi has the highest number of fatherless homes, with 36% of households falling into the category. Louisiana comes in second at 34%, while Alabama is third at 31%. (U.S. Census Bureau) #28. Children who live in a fatherless home are 279% more likely to deal drugs or carry firearms for offensive purposes compared to children who live with their fathers. (Allen and Lo) #29. 92% of the parents who are currently in prison in the United States are fathers. (Glaze and Maruschak) #30. Pregnant women who do not have the support of the father experience pregnancy loss at a 48% rate. When the father is present, the prevalence of pregnancy loss falls to 22%. (Shah, Gee, and Theall) #31. For single dads, 39% of households had a family income which was $50,000 or more. 44% of single dads were divorced, while only 33% had never married. (U.S. Census Bureau) #32. 43% of fathers do not see their role as something that is important to their personal identity. 54% of fathers in the U.S. say that parenting isn’t enjoyable all of the time. (Pew Research) #33. Even in homes with fathers, the modern dad spends only 8 hours per week on child care, which is 6 hours less than the modern mom. On the other hand, 43% of the modern dad’s time is spent with paid work, compared to 25% of the time for the modern mom. Dads are spending 3 times more time with their kids than dads did in 1965. (Pew Research) #34. Only 5% of households in the United States say that the ideal situation is to have the mother work and the father stay home to take care of the children. (Pew Research) #35. 53% of Americans say that mothers do a better job at parenting than fathers. Only 1% of Americans say that fathers are able to do a better job at parenting than mothers. (Pew Research) #36. 70% of adults say it is equally important for a newborn to spend time bonding with their father and their mother. (Pew Research)
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Do those studies distinguish between fatherless and same sex families? For instance, how do children with two mothers, two fathers, a mother and a father, a single father, and a single mother compare? Yes, everyone agrees that having two parents is preferable and a healthier environment. What are you going to do about it though? Punish out of wedlock births? Abolish divorce? Reduce incarceration somehow? Teach Judeo-Christian values in public school? Hmmm. Two easy things are reducing the number of non-violent offenses that are jailable. There you have millions of absent fathers back. You could also expand access to birth control, sex education, and stop making early term abortions inaccessible. Then you have fewer unwilling parents and abandoned children. Parents can wait until they are mature and responsible to have kids.
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
2:25:00 you do realize the infrastructure of the Internet is a utility right... you go to a ISP just like you would for Electricity Water or Gas or a Phone to be connected to your Premises to gain access, and is regulated you are allowed to have Electricity to Power a TV but not for Halogen Lights to Grow Weed House with... Also there is Already plenty of Regulations of the 2nd Amendment in place, types of firearms you cant own background checks federal background checks waiting periods equipment types you cant have on firearms.. i am not even a American and i know this shit. stop acting like you can walk down to your local gun shop and buy a Fully Automatic Rifle that the Military use with 100 Round Drum Mags with Armor Piecing Rounds... You are a Hunter ffs Joe you know exactly how strict Gun Control is. Social Media platforms are the New Town Square been said from Jack Dorsey himself. their for the 1st Amendment Applies. Simple. if it aint Illegal Speech then you cant be banned for it.
Bru.u Il y a 3 jours
Brain fart
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
2:04:00 "go make your own platform" oh Conservatives do try and guess what you lefty nutters follow and get it boycotted from Payment Processors and Removed from App Stores. #GAB #Minds #Parler #Telegram #Bitchute.
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
40:50 Buy Electronic Car >>> Charges the Power from the Grid which is 60% from Fossil Fuels........OK..... if the Whole Grid was Nuclear then yeah would be great for Pollution reduction.
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
18:00 Rape Abortions are Less then 0.5% of All Abortions in the USA 95% of all Abortions are Just cause Dont want a Baby or Cant Afford one. Percentage Reason
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
Rowe v Wade also lowered the Birth Rate in the USA to a Point where the Government pushed for Immigration cause in 1973 just 2 years after the legal abortions was passed the birth rate dropped below 2.0 and the 2 previous years after it was passed in 1971 dropped by more then 10+% each year. and that was after it was Steady at 3.6 in 1961 just before Vietnam dropping to 2.4 by the End of Vietnam and stayed Steady for 3-4 years at 2.5/2.4 until Rowe v Wade, now more then 65 Million Babies have been Aborted since 1970 in the USA.. Conservatives don't want to Make All Abortion Illegal they want to make it NOT used as a Form of Contraceptive, only when it was Necessary to Save the Mother or the Baby or Both..
SirPhoenix Knight
SirPhoenix Knight Il y a 3 jours
this is in Florida. The state of Florida records a reason for every abortion that occurs within its borders each year. In 2018, there were 70,083 abortions in Florida. This table lists each reason and the percentage of abortions that occurred because of it. Percentage Reason .01% The pregnancy resulted from an incestuous relationship .14% The woman was raped .27% The woman's life was endangered by the pregnancy 1.0% There was a serious fetal abnormality 1.48% The woman's physical health was threatened by the pregnancy 1.67% The woman's psychological health was threatened by the pregnancy 20.0% The woman aborted for social or economic reasons 75.4% No reason (elective)
Sandra Maldonado
Sandra Maldonado Il y a 4 jours
Continuing to divide into separate groups isn’t going to help this country. We can’t get everything we want from a president because the president has to be president for everyone not just a particular group. That’s what trump is doing dividing. So some win and others lose. Better to have everyone win at least on some issues.
Connor Finnerty
Connor Finnerty Il y a 4 jours
lol Route 2, from Cambridge/Boston to Western MA, where UMass Amherst is, still has a 55mph max speed limit the whole way! David must not make it back to his alma mater very often!
Bidwellz9 Il y a 4 jours
so, joe rogan thinks biden has cognitive issues but praises trump........hmmmmmmmm
James Volk
James Volk Il y a 4 jours
He doesn't really praise trump. He semi endorsed Bernie which was awesome
Dave Gilles
Dave Gilles Il y a 6 jours
Things are going to change when we elect a 40 year senator with 8 years as vice president.
Swagger Cre8ion's
Swagger Cre8ion's Il y a 6 jours
This Pakman guy is bias AF.... just talking trash about trump.... and there’s nothing wrong with Biden...
bigone24 Il y a 4 jours
Swagger Cre8ion's one is more valid than the other. Although they are classified as a bias, informed bias stems from expertise and a well versed background. Packman is communicable to clearly lay his ideas out. Einstein.. you’re either dumb or lazy af lol
Swagger Cre8ion's
Swagger Cre8ion's Il y a 4 jours
napppstar0 yep, one is informed... the other is uninformed... way to go Einstein. Both are still bias
napppstar0 Il y a 5 jours
There's such a thing as an informed bias and an uninformed bias.
Creepcreep99 Il y a 6 jours
Yikes a lot of triggered people in this comment section
justdynee Il y a 7 jours
No. No quarterbacking. I saw COVID coming and i social distanced in January. I thought group events should be shut down then. I'm just a schmuck in the streets that follow the news and FRvid surf.
Antea Comhewnes
Antea Comhewnes Il y a 7 jours
As someone currently living in a country slowly turning into a socialist dictatorship: Holy shit Rogan is a MORON. Socialism is *not* everyone taking care of each other in the community. It's a totalitarian SCAM where the party consolidates power, do really nasty things like capturing the judiciary, setting up "counsels" to rule by decree etc etc. Most socialists are corrupt and got the support of other totalitarian regimes, mainly China or even Russia. These socialists got their loyal supporters, the only ones who benefit from the system, while everyone else lives in total misery. The socialist elite all live in mansions and their most loyal supporters are also all well off upper/middle class "well educated" dipshits. Read Animal Farm for a better understanding. Andrew Yang is *not* a socialist. He wants to implement his UBI within a capitalist framework. Most socialists hate Yang. Without capitalism your country's FUCKED.
Dave Gilles
Dave Gilles Il y a 6 jours
Some animals are more equal than others.
Ma Pa
Ma Pa Il y a 6 jours
Animal Farm was written by one of the most prominent socialist to have ever lived, lol "The Spanish war and other events in 1936-7 turned the scale and thereafter I knew where I stood. Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic Socialism, as I understand it. It seems to me nonsense, in a period like our own, to think that one can avoid writing of such subjects." ~ George Orwell ("Why I Write," _Gangrel_ (Summer 1946)) "In my opinion, nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of socialism as the belief that Russia is a socialist country and that every act of its rulers must be excused, if not imitated. And so for the last ten years, I have been convinced that the destruction of the Soviet myth was essential if we wanted a revival of the socialist movement." ~ Preface of "Animal Farm", handwritten by Orwell and included in the Ukrainian edition "Looking at the world as a whole, the drift for many decades has been not towards anarchy but towards the reimposition of slavery."
S B Il y a 7 jours
Wow, Joe was very very high.
truhhhhhhhokIII3 Il y a 7 jours
Joe: ** full fledged explaination of Dunbars number** ...then argues how Trump just suffers from that...but biden is just mentally deficient because he forgot a quote 😂 If anything trump just lies so much he cant keep up with them all and hence lies about everything all the time
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
I did get the impression that Joe isn't judging them on the same playing field. Does he not see and hear Trump's much more pronounced and obvious speech difficulties? And the fact that Trump brags and makes wild claims about his intellect and vocabulary...I'm more inclined to judge him more harshly when he makes nonsense nothing statements, can't answer a question, and wants to know the oranges of i investigations. If you make no claims of grandeur, you have nothing to prove in my opinion.
truhhhhhhhokIII3 Il y a 7 jours
Joe: [when referring to structures of government] "we're comfortable with windows 95...too bad we dont have windows 10 of government" **european social democratic countries scowl**
napppstar0 Il y a 5 jours
@Dave Gilles do you have a passport?
Dave Gilles
Dave Gilles Il y a 6 jours
Hell holes of tyranny
veilofreality Il y a 7 jours
Joe "I now have all the main left wingers and atheists on my show to please the oligarchs" Rogan
luke shoulders
luke shoulders Il y a 7 jours
I wish Joe let David answer a question without interrupting him, I want to here both sides not just Joe's side
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a 22 heures
@luke shoulders I hadn't watched him for a while. I didn't remember it being like this, but I was also a lot more naive to the conservative media game then...maybe back then it just seemed like a fair "centrist" take.
luke shoulders
luke shoulders Il y a 23 heures
@Caleb Edwards Yea. Joe has really bought into the conservative talking points about social media and free speech
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
Yeah, if Joe actually listened to Packman he might learn a few things. Packman is careful with his assumptions, logic, and facts. Joe is impulsive and speaks faster than he thinks sometimes. He completely missed so many of the points that Packman made, especially on the 1st amendment. I'm not sure if Joe understood that it applies to the government, not individuals or private companies. I can't sue you if you infringe on my free speech. I can sue the government if they restrict my speech. My guess is that Joe just threw in "oh, yeah I mean amend the first amendment" because that is nuts. Like if I have a concert venue and someone starts screaming the n-word, I can't throw them out. And nationalizing Twitter is absurd. In 5 years it will be Myspace, and we'll have just paid 8 billion for it. No, if you want a true public forum, we need to be creating some open source peer to peer platform that is beholden to nobody, and is only profitable to individual users based on the popularity of their content... and the algorithms are democratically determined.
Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman Il y a 7 jours
I don’t like that Joe’s looking at me
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian Il y a 7 jours
Tesla stock is skyrocketing! David has to be pissed about selling half his shares, now.
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 8 jours
Who would you trust to regulate Twitter and FRvid.. the 1st amendment.... It's actually really simple. You designate social media platforms as privately owned public spaces where constitutional amendment need to be respected. Boom problem solved
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 5 jours
@Some Guy that's not how I understand it... But if that's the case then yes I agree it needs to be stopped... By regulating social media companies as privately owned public spaces beholden to the 1st amendment, that basically already happens. But the law could specifically be worded to make sure it does
Some Guy
Some Guy Il y a 5 jours
@Miguel Suarez-solis notice the distinction in word choice. It can be illegal to HOST the data. At no point are they considered the publishers or speakers of said information, but can still be punished for hosting the data on a server in said companies possession.
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 5 jours
@Some Guy look up section 230
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 5 jours
@Some Guy that has already been done as I understand it. If it hasn't then yes of course I agree
Some Guy
Some Guy Il y a 5 jours
Then you need to remove culpability of illegal behavior on the owner of said "public space". The government forces censorship upon social media by stating that illegal things posted by users on social media are at some point the responsibility of said business. Remove the liability of hosting illegal content on social media from the business, and place it solely upon the uploader, and you've solved the unfair predicament they have been placed in initially,. Always remember, the core reason social media feels the need to censor is because they are told by the government they can be held legally liable for hosting illegal things that people outside of the business payroll post.
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 8 jours
Find it funny how David pakman calls hipocracy that conservatives wanna regulate anything but now all of a sudden they want to regulate Twitter, but fails to see the hypocrisy that liberals want to regulate all big companies but now don't want to regulate Twitter
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 5 jours
@Rikistoteles I'm not saying to regulate free speech. I believe social media companies should be designated privately owned public spaces where the 1st amendment applies totally... Btw I'm not sure how that's something different. Liberals want to regulate the corporate world for a variety of reasons, one of them being to ensure corporations don't have sweeping power
Rikistoteles Il y a 6 jours
Liberals regulate the corporate world for a different reason. Most of the new corporate regulations (which "liberals" support) concern corporate transparency, which is deeply in the realm of public interest. On the other hand, Twitter is a social media platform (like FRvid, Instagram, Facebook) in which regulating free speech is a slippery slope. Who gets to share their ideas and who does not? Who draws the line? Eventually it would lead to extreme censorship of certain parties and that's when it all goes wrong.
SVisionary Il y a 8 jours
Always enjoy having a guest on who I completely disagree with but who I believe is trying to be their best true and authentic self. Cheers David!
BennoYaKnow22 Il y a 6 jours
Dont trust Davis one bit.
Ferrando Davis
Ferrando Davis Il y a 8 jours
Damn, watching Joe trying to argue a government takeover of a private business on behalf of conservatives. Holy shit.
Paul B
Paul B Il y a 8 jours
Lmao he said Yang said Biden is fine Yang would literally sacrifice a family member just to see a Democrat win . GTFOH
Joey Bridges
Joey Bridges Il y a 8 jours
David "capitalism is a type of socialism" pakman. What a joke 🤣
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian Il y a 8 jours
You can't see the irony in an administration who says the US will never be a socialist country, yet, grants trillions to corporations - i.e., corporate socalism; corporate welfare. The fed is buying corporate debt at neck break speed.
Kieran Kinney
Kieran Kinney Il y a 9 jours
joes cord is important to yall? USA....listen to his voice, his thoughts. Please dont infantilise your society....please try to exercise your education and your natural intellect.)))))
Htimez2 Il y a 9 jours
David is such a leftist hack its not even funny, he has ZERO credibility, especially when denying sleepy joes cognitive disability.
Peepo Happy
Peepo Happy Il y a 8 jours
Cry more
gmaureen Il y a 10 jours
55:50 Pakman is right. We saw what was happening in China, Korea, Italy...we saw the videos. We also knew the festival in Spain, in March, was going to spread it. So all those tourists returning to the US from Europe should have been tested, but they weren't. Saying the masks wouldn't help was an outright lie. We didn't have enough masks for both medical personnel and the general public so they didn't want the public making a run on them. Fauci admitted this to a reporter and there is video.of it.
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler Il y a 10 jours
Xensonar Il y a 10 jours
1:13:23 Dr Drew? What the hell are you listening to that quack for? He said covid was less serious than the flu and that the media was panicking over nothing.
Dave Gilles
Dave Gilles Il y a 6 jours
Which is true. Theres virtually no deaths verified from covid.
Miguel Suarez-solis
Miguel Suarez-solis Il y a 10 jours
Andrew Yang sold out to Biden. Of course he's not going to say that he's got dementia
Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux Il y a 11 jours
I bet David Pakman likes Pizza.
Rachel Fustice
Rachel Fustice Il y a 11 jours
It’s pretty fucked up how political they made Hydroxychloroquine. It’s infuriating.
dballz510 Il y a 11 jours
pakman is not as smart as joe thinks. a small group can profit from a vaccine scheme, how does that small nefarious group profit from everybody getting sick from not being vaxed. That is an obvious refute to pakmans claim. he was all " heres the reality " followed by a completely unrealistic assessment. literally not one single person on the right have any issue with profiting off vaccines. in fact the right completely understands the necessity and benefits of the profit motive. it seems to be self evident that other then coercion , the more you incentivize a particular behavior the more of that behavior you will observe. if you expect someone to dedicate their entire life and thousands of hours to medical research and you want lots of people to do the same so we can save countless lives with medical breakthroughs such as insulin or aids medication and many many more . you libs are so educated but somehow you think there some way to get all the people involved in all of these extremely complex and time consuming tasks to give the effort and sacrifice and risk necessary to achieve this.
Andrew Gold
Andrew Gold Il y a 11 jours
Pakman/Rogan 2024
Will J.
Will J. Il y a 11 jours
David "Joe Biden's cognitive health is perfectly fine, let's talk about Trump's" Pakman
Guy Koopa
Guy Koopa Il y a 6 jours
Pakman's deflection was a little cheap, but the fact that they're discussing the noticeable cognitive decline of either the current president or the other Biden who wants to be the president says a lot about the state of politics and political discourse in the US.
Parau !
Parau ! Il y a 6 jours
he never said Bidens is perfectly fine, but why does it bother you speaking about trumps instead of biden.
babajohn100 Il y a 12 jours
I can't believe Rogan invited this idiot Biden fanatic
MazyMetric Il y a 12 jours
Why so many dislikes? I don't get it.
9881RootOriginPort11 Il y a 12 jours
1:02:16 David Pakman is doing stand up and I'm liking it :)
Swiss Memer
Swiss Memer Il y a 13 jours
Great podcast
Chad Morgan
Chad Morgan Il y a 13 jours
What does Joe think the Congress and Senate are for? We elect them to make the laws. The President has to work within the laws. He doesnt make them. We are led by a group and not one person. That's why shit keeps getting worse the same fuck heads stay in office forever amassing power and forcing opinions.
Jae In
Jae In Il y a 13 jours
@PowerfulJRE: Mr. Rogan, I don't know if you ever read any of these comments, but on the off-chance that you do, I would encourage you to read "The Federalist Papers" and see that some of the fears among the Founding Fathers who were debating the US Constitution vs the Articles of Confederation have come true because of the advancement of technology. One of the arguments against a strong centralized government was the fear that someday a demagogue would gain the Presidency. I may not always agree with you, but I do appreciate that you never bully your guests and you give them time to argue against your points. Please take care.
Ingrid Schmid
Ingrid Schmid Il y a 13 jours
Nice conversation but for sure both of you suck at biology even if neither said anything terribly wrong which is proof of intelligence knowing your limits . Promoting vitamin D supplementing is a good idea , especially for people with a dark complexion.
Antolin Perez Torres
Antolin Perez Torres Il y a 13 jours
Why all the dislikes?
Doodle Captain
Doodle Captain Il y a 14 jours
It'sok 2bwhite
It'sok 2bwhite Il y a 14 jours
Pakman looks like a stick figure. He looks like most lefty betamales.
deee 327
deee 327 Il y a 15 jours
“I won’t comment on Biden’s inability to speak coherently as im not a doctor. But, Trump once lost his line of thought after a minor shoulder cramp which is clearly evidence of a neurological disease" - David Pakman
deee 327
deee 327 Il y a 11 jours
@TheRadish1 imagine coping so hard that you actually believe that Trump is less fot for office than Biden :D
American Crime Journal
American Crime Journal Il y a 12 jours
Not only that, but Trump's gait is only, *only* present in those who have entered into advanced stages of cognitive decline. That's using just experts before Trump even announced his run for president.
TheRadish1 Il y a 13 jours
He says that because he has spoken to multiple medical professionals about trump's behavior on his show. They confirmed that trump's behavior is common in people in cognitive decline. As Biden is not the president, he has not been the focus of investigation.
Godei Gon
Godei Gon Il y a 15 jours
What are you talking about??? You doing a roadtrip and stuff is exploding while you at the gas station, how often does that happen, that you need to prepare for a scenario like that?
Timothy Bewley
Timothy Bewley Il y a 15 jours
When you use a platform and say let everything ride no censorship you end up with 4chan insanity. It becomes so insane it completely outweighs any benefits 2:08 mark
Insert Here
Insert Here Il y a 15 jours
What are everyone’s opinions on why there are so many dislikes on this podcast?
Shay Afshar
Shay Afshar Il y a 13 jours
Long Dick Jones , yes Sam Harris is left leaning, but big part of it is that Pakman talks way more politics than Harris ever does. Another reason is that Harris has more public conversations and hangs out with some of the right wing/conservative figures. And I also think Harris is better at speaking and drawing audience. So yes, I’d actually expect more dislikes for Pakman than for Harris.
Long Dick Jones
Long Dick Jones Il y a 14 jours
Shay Afshar pretty sure he’s had Sam Harris on here who’s a liberal and no one dislikes the video. Joe Rogan himself is left wing. It probably has more to do with Pakman, as he’s said questionable things in the past especially about political censorship not being biased towards conservatives
user295295 Il y a 14 jours
Because Pakman is a dork.
Shay Afshar
Shay Afshar Il y a 14 jours
Rogan has a diverse audience of right to left wing. So a lot people with conservative or right wing beliefs would downvote. But there’s still more likes than dislikes.
Stephen Il y a 14 jours
Rogan’s audience is predominately right-wing.
Insert Here
Insert Here Il y a 15 jours
This is the first time I have ever seen David Parkman but to me he looks like a young Jon Stewart
indigo Gloves Tech
indigo Gloves Tech Il y a 17 jours
Sad that we're at a point where we're arguing over which candidate has less mental problems and cognitive decline.
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards Il y a jour
@deee 327 Wait, Obama/Biden started a war? I thought Bush Jr. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, then left Obama/Biden in the middle of protracted war. They had a tough choice whether to abandon everything and leave both countries to self destruct after having their leadership deposed, or continue and attempt to stabilize the situation. Also, Trump is not just kind of douche sometimes. He's a huge douche all the time, and he makes awful, impulsive, reactionary decisions about everything. Yes, he's totally foul as a person, but he's also horrible at leadership and policy making. And yes, I'm aware that there are more parties, but the last election I gave my vote to a third party and got stuck with Trump. It's unfortunate that in practice, there are only two actual parties, which pisses me off. Something needs to change systemically however to make the difference. You can't just blame voters or the media for the duopoly, because that's not the source of the problem. The source is election law, and the way elections are conducted. Change has to come from there, though if there were groups of citizens to get media attention and pressure legislators to reform elections, it might become viable.
deee 327
deee 327 Il y a 13 jours
@Mishna Murdy There are more than two parties...You idiots are just not voting for them!! Why? A: You are so brainwashed by the media that you actually believe in the duopoly. B: You are so brainwashed that you would elect a demented warmonger that hasnt achieved anything in 40 years except for selling out US jobs because the other candidate can be kind of a douchebag.....A douchebag that lowered unemployment, taxes and regulations and has not started a new war.
Mishna Murdy
Mishna Murdy Il y a 14 jours
I wish there was a third party. Why one has not been created under all of this mess I'll never understand.
John B
John B Il y a 14 jours
Just last night trump was ranting on Twitter (like usual) about how fox news should’ve not hired some lady that worked with Hilary Clinton and bashed the network for not being too “pro trump” and question “where’s roger allies” (the founder of Fox News) well he’s been dead for 3 years
deee 327
deee 327 Il y a 15 jours
“I won’t comment on Biden’s inability to speak coherently as im not a doctor. But, Trump once lost his line of thought after a minor shoulder cramp which is clearly evidence of a neurological disease" - David Pakman
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Il y a 18 jours
David Pakman makes my IQ hurt.
Chasmal Il y a 19 jours
Sorry Rogan but the excuses for Trump are ridiculous especially about remembering a response team. He’s got the entire executive branch to remember for him
horrovac Il y a 19 jours
Joe has Net neutrality all backwards. It's not about the bandwidth that YOU can get or afford, it's about the bandwidth that companies with lots of money can get AT THE DETRIMENT of everyone else. Net neutrality is not about everyone having broadband. It's about Netflix, Amazon etc. not being able to drown out everyone else by buying out all of the available bandwidth. It's about Internet staying open to everyone, instead of allowing big companies to control the discourse. Which is exactly what he's arguing against here, arguing that Twitter has too much power. Net neutrality is supposed to prevent Twitter from interdicting bandwidth to a competing similar platform. It's about allowing others to have a shot at it, allowing others to have a voice, the marketplace of ideas, it's EXACTLY about taking away YET ANOTHER means of Twitter, FRvid etc. becoming too big and usurping the discourse and the town square. Listening to Joe is often infuriating. I think he has his heart at the right place, but he's at times horribly uninformed and talks out of his ass. He is not a right-winger, but he does allow himself to be co-opted by right-wingers who are - contrary to him - very well versed in the intellectual subterfuge and instrumentalise him for their cause. It's a kind of intellectual martial art they are practising, and he wanders into the ring untrained and unawares. Like a old-timey boxer being shoved into an MMA or Thai-Boxing ring. Or an Aikido master expecting his opponent to come at him by stretching out his right hand.
Mtuhk Mtuhk
Mtuhk Mtuhk Il y a 19 jours
"More opportunity for people who were dealt a shitty hand" sounds awful lot like universal healthcare, free higher education and decent social security. All of the above equate to socioeconomic mobility.
Long Dick Jones
Long Dick Jones Il y a 14 jours
Until you realize the quality of all those services declines when you universalize them. Gov getting into college for example is one of the reasons it got more expensive other than the demand created by brainwashing youth that a college degree is a must.
d3st88 Il y a 16 jours
No. It sounds awful lot like collectivism. Incentivising bad behaviour. Lack of personal responsibility.
Nigel Wiseman
Nigel Wiseman Il y a 19 jours
NTD and China Uncensored get demonitized and harassed by FRvid.
Nigel Wiseman
Nigel Wiseman Il y a 19 jours
herd mentality?
Hawkknot Il y a 20 jours
He brushes off Bidens mental decline, and then points out Trumps usual body language as a brain issue? This David Pakman is very biased.
Long Dick Jones
Long Dick Jones Il y a 14 jours
He’s a liberal my friend
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