Joe Rogan Breaksdown Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes w/Rashad Evans

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Taken from JRE MMA Show #90 w/Rashad Evans:




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Taran Jenkins
Taran Jenkins Il y a 2 heures
Alot of people need to rewatch that fight.. reyes did great but he didnt win.
Jeffrey Abraham
Jeffrey Abraham Il y a 22 heures
anybody can play the "what if" scenario but at the end of the day the contest was 5 rounds and the scores did not reflect what we saw and Reyes absolutely won by scoring. You cant predict what would have happened in the 10th round if they kept going all you want. Maybe Reyes would have turned it up a notch who knows. Thats why the "what if" scenario is a great talking point but not reality.
Cl4ssic Jose
Cl4ssic Jose Il y a jour
Joe: Who tf opens up a fight with a flying knee? Cuban Jesus: Hold my cup
tevfik enis
tevfik enis Il y a jour
Joe you can't compare this shit to street fight, LOL. In street fight, there are no rules and everyone knows who comes up top at the end wins. In pro fights, if you can't KO your opponent, then everyone knows when it comes to decision, and the decision is what you did in each round, the fighters knows that too and they fight accordingly to that rules, if you have problem with the current pointing system then say it, don't talk bullshit.
Michael Macari
Michael Macari Il y a jour
Judges are fucked, one of them gave Volkanovski a 50-45 against Holloway
FJ Jarales
FJ Jarales Il y a 2 jours
I Saw a draw
Mark Aguilar
Mark Aguilar Il y a 7 jours
If you look at history and Jones rematch’s he dominates. Cases in point Cormier and Gustafson.
alex sebastian
alex sebastian Il y a 8 jours
jon won round 2 and 3 is up for grabs
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
Like the fn hiltons
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
United airlines is gonna go under somehow there fn 300 dollars a fn ticket
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
My bodys saying get back into shape , my hearts
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
Your supposed to eat salmon stops it, the beta blockers, but salmon has 19grams of protein
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
Dude l usta train for the stp 300mi bike ride , l cant believe my kidneys are leaking out at 33 years old
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
Holmes I'm 40 50 lbs light
Anthony S
Anthony S Il y a 10 jours
Damn there trying to hem up bones jones
toxicyoutuber Il y a 10 jours
Reyes won
Brown Warrior
Brown Warrior Il y a 13 jours
Joe rogan just dick riding jones’s all good we know reyes got the win.... jones knows in the back of his head he lost
Joshua Bernardo
Joshua Bernardo Il y a 17 jours
The people whom say Reyes won, are people who've never fought at a high level, or consistently loses fights.
Joshua Bernardo
Joshua Bernardo Il y a 17 jours
"If you're gonna be a champ, you gotta BEAT the champ." Reyes was too explosive and expended too much energy; Jones maintained the same pace, taking every KO-worthy strike throughout the match. I mean, no matter how strong your punch is, what purpose does it serve if you don't suppress the threat? "If it was a fight to the death..." This statement should justify the win. You can't be throwing out everything you got, and then fuck off before the fight is over; you're still in the ring! Knowing this, Jones conserved his energy in order to capitalize on Reyes' prolonged, intense aggression. Reyes still had the KO power, but was too tired to perform as well as in earlier rounds. This is what differentiates a contender from a champion. Reyes posed a bigger threat, at first, when compared to Jones' mellow aggression, but that mellow aggression would prove to outperform an exhausted Reyes. TL;DR - Jones was consistent; Reyes exhibited progressively dwindling energy.
The fact that people think jon roids jones won that fight really shows the bias and ignorance you guys have.
Eduardo M.
Eduardo M. Il y a 11 jours
All of this. People who hate Jones will call every close fight against him; it is what it is.
Dude Lebowski
Dude Lebowski Il y a 18 jours
Jones edged it out Pretty much
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 real fight 1:19 💛❣ 👇👇
Learn 2 Swim
Learn 2 Swim Il y a 20 jours
Man, Evans has aged like spoiled milk
Mister Quince
Mister Quince Il y a 20 jours
Jones Santos would be great too. If Santos didn't injure his knee himself and Jon went on the same way he did that fight Santos would have broken him.
mladen83db Il y a 23 jours
My sincere advice to Mr. Rogan , please don't do a podcast about mma, anymore, just do a podcast about anything else it is much better
Mark. Il y a 23 jours
Ryes got ripped off, awful judging by that whoever gave Jones 4, tf.
alex sebastian
alex sebastian Il y a 25 jours
volkan oezdemir beat the shit out of reyes
sigel81 Il y a 25 jours
typical blacks always sticking together as usual lol
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Il y a 25 jours
I’m a HUGE Jones fan and even I know that jones LOST to Reyes!🤦🏿‍♂️
I take Adderall prescription [MLG]
I know I was saying Jon Jones was going to destroy Dominick Reyes and it was going to be his easiest fight. boy!!!!!! was I wrong I found myself screaming robbery after the fight but it all comes down to that third round how you score it Reyes 3-2 or draw but Jon didn't win.
Jeremy Odell
Jeremy Odell Il y a 26 jours
why yall mad at the black brother for winning
Aleksandar Sikanic
Aleksandar Sikanic Il y a 27 jours
Bring the champ back again Joe! A lot happend since you had him there!
Steve S
Steve S Il y a 28 jours
JewRogan gonna JewRogan.
Roy Eichelkraut
Roy Eichelkraut Il y a 28 jours
Joe "if The Williams sisters were in the UFC they would beat everybody" Rogan.
jay rodriguez
jay rodriguez Il y a 29 jours
Broke windows alert 🚨 on a sick one.
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Il y a 29 jours
6:40 Rogan with Juice Jones balls in his mouth.
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Il y a mois
Jones lost 3 rounds to 2. Plain and simple. No more no less. The Junkie lost with rocket fuel in his system and he still couldn't K.O Reyes. Just proves how much of a beast Dom truly is.
El californio El mariachi
Of course he’s your bro . You have to choose your bro 😂 but we already know who won the fight.Reyes
Matt Guerra
Matt Guerra Il y a mois
Love you, Joe - but your rationale about who “lost” this fight and why is complete nonsense. Jones may have looked fresher after 5 rounds but at no time did Reyes look beaten.
brian homer
brian homer Il y a mois
Well obviously the last 2 rounds did count for more, cause Jones won after getting his arse kicked for 3!!!
Item 9
Item 9 Il y a mois
At the end of the day Rashad still has a massive frown line
hail iron man
hail iron man Il y a mois
Ur a bias piece of shit!
hail iron man
hail iron man Il y a mois
Reyes won the fight! It was fixed
D'mauro Szvesz
D'mauro Szvesz Il y a mois
Rashad "He's total package to win 2 of 5 rounds and win the fights" Evans and Joe "in a fight with 5 rounds: the last 2 rounds count more" Rogan.
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin Il y a mois
Joe always defends UFC in these moments. He’s never critical of UFC. The final rounds aren’t weighted any more. Jones didn’t do any damage to Reyes. It was clearly 3-2 Reyes, with Reyes doing more damage and landing more, and harder strikes.
Jack O'Jack
Jack O'Jack Il y a mois
If you can convince yourself that Jones won 4 rounds, you're either his mother or you're madly in love with him.
whoopdeedoo Il y a mois
I'd like to see Jon step up and be a great champion, no drugs, mature attitude and keep his damn hands closed (that clearly hasn't happened yet). Regardless before that can happen he needs to fight Dom again and actually win. Rogan being stupid with that he would've won if it kept going bullshit. Score it accurately on the rounds that happened and Dom wins without a doubt.
alexandro sosa
alexandro sosa Il y a mois
is this rashads older homeless brother??
lasthumankind Il y a mois
I cant believe someone as "woke" as joe rogan believes only the two last rounds are considered championship rounds, THE WHOLE DAMN BOUT ARE FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP ROUNDS! Does that mean that dominick could of legit just run around like a chicken for the first 3 and would win if he just fought the last two? Why not just make championship fights just two rounds?
lasthumankind Il y a mois
"When jon jones was first competing -" *GULP*
R U M H A M Il y a mois
Am I the only one who doesn’t hate the “to the death” 4th and 5th round counting more argument? It makes sense tbh
The Metal
The Metal Il y a mois
So the Diaz bros never lost cause they would win every fight if it would go on til death?
Dustin Myers
Dustin Myers Il y a mois
The Corey Anderson comments didn’t age well 😂
Dre McCoy
Dre McCoy Il y a mois
Dominick won hands down
Don Wilson
Don Wilson Il y a mois
exactly how I seen it Reyes expended his energy in them first 2 rounds he slowed down greatly in the 3rd round so at best the fight was nearly a draw but Jones's stamina and skill shone over and above last 2 rounds and if you want that title you need to beat the champ points and judges taint that old rule!
bassman vibes
bassman vibes Il y a mois
No way jones won that fight Reyes was all over him for the 1st 3 rounds
erhe etrherh
erhe etrherh Il y a mois
Joe likes that Jon Jones cock.
john ramirez
john ramirez Il y a mois
Joe Rogan Ariel Helwani Chael Sonnen.... Fix the secret scores problem
john ramirez
john ramirez Il y a mois
Joe Rogan.... Why is it that boxing and mma are the only sports that keep the score a secret until the end of the match..... It makes no sense to me.... I say..... Post the scores after each round give the fighters an extra 10 or 15 seconds between rounds to game plan for the next round after the scores for the round that just ended have been revealed..... Football..... scores posted Basketball.... scores posted Baseball.... scores posted Hockey..... scores posted Golf..... scores posted Boxing/MMA....scores kept secret It makes no sense to me..... Even the slam dunk contest posts the scores after each round....
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Il y a mois
we know who won. it is all about paper.
First name Last name
Unsubbed rogan should fucking die!
Lazy beach bum
Lazy beach bum Il y a mois
John might have won but Reyes didn't lose. Draw!
Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler Il y a mois
A street fight wouldn’t have rounds. Who cares about round 5?
Ebo Good
Ebo Good Il y a mois
He did win in the beginning but that's NOT how you Beat a CHAMPION. The Champ walked through all the punches and brought the FIGHT to him
JaBoi Il y a mois
Thank gawd I watched this clip so I know now to not listen to this whole episode
Love Joe Rogan, but take issue with his comments about if this fight was to the death Jon wins. Reyes thought he was fighting a UFC 5 round title fight where if you win 3 and don't lose the other 2 by a 10-8, he wins. If he would of known it was a fight to the death or the later rounds counted more his approach would have been vastly different. Reyes was presented a problem that nobody has been able to answer for a decade which is beating Jones in a 5 round UFC title fight and then when Reyes solves it you change the question and say his answer is wrong. That is just not right.
taLLdavid Il y a mois
Joe is sooo full shit. For an expert he really makes a shitty analogy with the schoolyard brawl. School fights dont have rounds and a reff to make a stoppage. Reyes had the best of him for the first 3 rounds which would be the more crucial time in a real fight. He knocked jon jones down and defended several take downs. Its pretty baffling to hear this come from Joe.
Gaex K0
Gaex K0 Il y a mois
Joe Rogan is such a fucking shill. God damn. You can only get an honest opinion out of him of he is talking about some underrated fighter, because if it is a champ he will twist everything to favor Dana's shiny boys.
C 7
C 7 Il y a mois
Its hard to judge against JJ because he never looks uncomfortable in a fight no matter whats going on, always composed , doesn’t look tired or show weakness
Chad Carroll
Chad Carroll Il y a mois
No, Joe. I agree with you most of the time. But if Jones had won the first three rounds, and Reyes came on strong in the last two...we'd be saying Reyes didn't do enough to beat the champion. Jon is great, but the sport is scored round by round, not just who won the last few minutes.
Murad Pervez
Murad Pervez Il y a mois
Dana called Rogan and told him to fix his tone. When the decision was announced Joe was pissed and confused. He literally said "oh no we have bad news". He did a 180 and landed right back on Jon's lap with his head in Dana's crotch. Rashad, as far as I'm concerned is Riding Jon because he lost to Jon so hey everyone lost to Jon. Rogan you lost a lot of respect here man.
A. SwampMan
A. SwampMan Il y a mois
So this sport is really about who could survive extreme real violence like a civil war? My grandfather is the light heavyweight champion then.
Juan Garza
Juan Garza Il y a mois
Why are the last two more important? because you said so?? A knockout in the first is just as good as a knockout in the fifth.
Ale 805
Ale 805 Il y a mois
He took the shots well.. Hell of a chin... he was pressing Reyes in the last round.. what the fook kinda conclusions are these.. Reyes fucking beat him.. simple..
Noor Ul Arfeen
Noor Ul Arfeen Il y a mois
Big drama show
retsub k.
retsub k. Il y a mois
How stupid is Joe? If it was a fight to the death, or a school yard fight, Dom wouldn't have spent 3 rounds out pointing Jon, they would have been trying to kill each other from the start. Joe was bias af during the fight as well, as Dom won round after round with Jones chasing him all over the place, all Joe could say was "eventually Dom is gonna get tired."
Louis Jenkins
Louis Jenkins Il y a mois
When we would watch fights after school most of them were under 5 min and you could always tell who won...
naz mzd
naz mzd Il y a mois
That's not true. Jones was scared
dan the man
dan the man Il y a mois
Not much happened in the fight but what little did happen, Reyes was doing it. Hell, even when Jones took Reyes down, the story was how easily Reyes got back to his feet without taking damage.
J Xavier
J Xavier Il y a mois
Reyes had the right idea.. But he aint in the WBO.. that running shit worked against him in the end.. Great fight nonetheless! Jon jones had extreme discipline and showed he is a pure mentalist.. I think he Proved why he is the GOAT. However a rematch is in order; this fight was a DRAW at best!
Tango Bang
Tango Bang Il y a mois
You gotta ask yourself why that judge was put on this fight and the answer is money, greed, corruption. In reality, Jon Jones lost the first 4 rounds.
abbey alabi
abbey alabi Il y a mois
Dominick reyes won the fight.
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