Joaquin Phoenix on the making of 'Joker'

Popcorn with Peter Travers
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The actor talks to Peter Travers about starring in the new DC Universe film.
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4 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 100
Octopod Il y a 10 jours
Joaquin is still acting. I believe that there is no way this is the same person who could create the art that is joker and this person is just a mask. Whatever we see here does not reflect who Joaquin is. Its smart. Why share with strangers if they lose respect for who you really are? Joaquin is holding back himself on purpose in front of a live camera. There is something too natural to Joker that's natural to Joaquin.
vernonsmusic Il y a 10 jours
Love Jo's shoes
Cory Randolph
Cory Randolph Il y a 10 jours
Peter Travers and Sean Evans are the best interviewers.
The Salazzah
The Salazzah Il y a 11 jours
Joaquin reminds me of my dad a lot except the voice but still same smile and such. The thumbnail picture looks like one of my father's pictures
Kathy Jean
Kathy Jean Il y a 16 jours
Man, what a great interview!
Stewart Trego
Stewart Trego Il y a 17 jours
Why is your foot on the chair?
John Reid
John Reid Il y a 19 jours
Julian Il y a 19 jours
Anyone notice the scene cut at 14:08
Reza Alipour
Reza Alipour Il y a 21 jour
Rope Kittens
Rope Kittens Il y a 24 jours
Violence in art and movies doesn’t encourage people. Violence being covered by the news and seeing how if you make a big enough noise, you’ll be famous encourages people.
Adele Depp
Adele Depp Il y a 26 jours
Well, thank god hes not gonna be dead after joker☹❤💔
Ann Jee
Ann Jee Il y a 27 jours
Such a laid back personality..I mean giving interviews in Converse shoes ❤️❤️..Love Joaquin
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato Il y a 27 jours
I am so obsessed with this man.
Guy Blackwell
Guy Blackwell Il y a 29 jours
Movie sucked
Grand Roofing
Grand Roofing Il y a mois
Thank you for ruining the Joker with your stupid politics. Dumb ass.
Vickie Mcneal
Vickie Mcneal Il y a mois
It was long drawn out and not good ..I couldn't wait for it to end .it was psyche issues he played out
Reza Alipour
Reza Alipour Il y a mois
بدجوری غالفگیر شدم.من هرچی یاد دارم ازشما عزیزان و اساتید محترم ودوست داشتنیه. بنده نوازی فرمودید.خیلی سپاس گذارم.
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith Il y a mois
s mulla
s mulla Il y a mois
take a shot everytime joaquin says "according to my research"
Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter Il y a mois
Beautiful man, JP 💜🖤💜
Jon Marsh
Jon Marsh Il y a mois
this interviewer is annoying. eccentrically annoying
Darron Edwards
Darron Edwards Il y a mois
Fantastic movie....I can honestly say I was not a fan of JP and wasn't really expecting much from the movie....BOY WAS I WRONG !! Watched it again last night ...brilliant acting and brilliant movie.
EntoSanto Il y a mois
Peter knows his job. After watching his two interviews, I immediately subscribed to his channel.
TAYLEN DAY Il y a mois
It cannot be understated how good this movie is.
Deborah Shingleton
Deborah Shingleton Il y a mois
It seems to me He has played so many parts and experienced so many different personalities he has lost himself....He reminds me of a lost little boy trying very hard to please daddy (the industry)
Ford Slither
Ford Slither Il y a mois
I'm a bit worried about his health, the Joker is one of those dark characters that seems to be a destructive influence....he's definitely high
Kyle Sky
Kyle Sky Il y a 2 mois
This interviewer is a chump
Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear Il y a 2 mois
Sorry I totally disagree with Joaquin as someone who is mentally ill when you take these medications and I am assuming he is referring to antipsychotic, mood stabilisers etc then you weight does change rapidly but it ain’t going down it’s going up. Most people you speak to who have serious mental health issues will tell you it causes weight gain not loss. I wish it did cause loses. People who do lose weight it is usually if they stop taking their meds that this happens. Only comment I disagree with. Loved the movie and yes it is extremely lonely living in a world that does my understand you and where finding help is exactly difficult and expensive.
norm2014 Il y a 19 jours
@Bipolar Bear Yes, but we don't know what drugs are, I suppose one of those 7 medications is an antidepressant.
Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear Il y a 19 jours
norm2014 while I don’t agree with you I see where you are coming from. His character shows signs of psychosis in which case he would be on harder drugs than antidepressants. I have been on antidepressants most of my life and they do not cause me to gain weight however the antipsychotics and mood stabilisers I take cause massive weight gain and if his character is as mentally ill as he appears he would be on some serious drugs 7 if I remember the movie stating.
norm2014 Il y a 19 jours
Well, i suffered from depression and when i started taking medications i lost many weight, is obvious his character suffered from depression too, so for me Joaquin was right. I think it depends of the medication you are taking.
Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fuller Il y a 2 mois
I'm not sure what "method acting" is, but it seems realistic, as if the actor is not really acting. Watching Joaquin, I got that sense. Usually, when a scene comes on TV or a video, I can immediately tell whether it's acting or not. Just something about the demeanor, the unnatural way the actor presents, the way the actor delivers lines (unlike normal people talk)... Joaquin seems real. Even up close, his facial expressions, nuances, reactions, etc., all seem as those of someone who's actually in pain and slowly going mad. I wonder if many of us sympathize with him, hurting on the inside but laughing it off on the outside.
Zade hayder
Zade hayder Il y a 2 mois
Who else thaught the movie would ve been better without the random dancing exept for the stair dance scene
Baron Bromley
Baron Bromley Il y a 2 mois
great interview 😁
Cool Night King
Cool Night King Il y a 3 mois
Joaquin just doesn't give a faaaaaaaack !!!!!
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan Il y a 3 mois
Joaquin Phoenix need to do Off camera and do his most iconic roles.
Kayla Latz
Kayla Latz Il y a 3 mois
kings of leon
Payton Turpen Vlogs
Payton Turpen Vlogs Il y a 3 mois
I like to watch the interviewer laugh and look at Joaquin and can’t help but think does Joaquin have a sense of humor I love him to death but he seems like he’s lifeless and is hard to impress and smile
Lil Strats
Lil Strats Il y a 3 mois
Can we just appreciate that Phoenix has dogs, if he was serious
Rachel Murphy
Rachel Murphy Il y a 4 mois
Okay well the joker is my all time favourite comic book villain and that is because I do sympathise with him on a deep level, I don’t want to into details about why specifics because they are too personal and are something you talk to a therapist about HOWEVER I never felt compelled to copy him and I don’t agree with his methods at the end of the day his a clinical psychopath and I can’t kill a mouse with mouse traps with feeling like pure shit. When I seen the joker in movies I never did feel like anyone captured him properly and the things I saw in myself that he did in terms of world view and his backstories they never felt that close too home like the comics did so I never had high expectations for this movie and never saw it in the cinema. So when mum bought it on Sky I gave it a watch and that too close too home feeling came right back and my love for the character came back and I did cry after watching it.
Tracy Isaac
Tracy Isaac Il y a 4 mois
He has so much discipline,it's amazing.
Jab_ox Il y a 4 mois
he seems like a joy to be around
BIG MONEY Il y a 4 mois
Out of the movie I got that Thomas Wayne was a ass and a rich jerk 🤣
moved mind / poRUSZony UMYSŁ
An incredible actor, an incredible man.
Jordanrian Anderson
Jordanrian Anderson Il y a 4 mois
There scene in the movie were He stab someone with Scissors
Nat Jak
Nat Jak Il y a 4 mois
How could you feel any other than feel sorry for Arthur?
freshmeatpopsicle Il y a 4 mois
just a terrible interviewer. loved the movie though
Jerry Tom
Jerry Tom Il y a 4 mois
I like this guy, who had a strang character.
paige :P
paige :P Il y a 5 mois
He’s such a phenomenal actor and I just admire him so much. The joker was such a great movie and the message it really showed. He’s my favorite actor and person overall.
Nancy Dawson
Nancy Dawson Il y a 5 mois
Love joaq
Lana Il y a 5 mois
This movie was begging you to sympathize for Arthur.
Marine Warrior
Marine Warrior Il y a 5 mois
At first sight I thought Joaquin Phoenix was Mel Gibson 😂
anjasy Il y a 5 mois
great iterview which he actually liked, felt comfortable answering :) Btw He is the best actor alive, and what a beautiful soul you feel he is...
JakulaithWolff Il y a 5 mois
The interviewer is lowkey fanboying.
JakulaithWolff Il y a 5 mois
5:17 the way he's sitting confidently comfortably
JakulaithWolff Il y a 5 mois
That Joker at some parts reminded me of that one drug addicted homeless I see in the city
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Il y a 5 mois
I cannot see the arthur in him. Seems a different person
John Cortesi
John Cortesi Il y a 5 mois
he didn’t care about someone copying his character...B.S. if he did he wouldn’t have been in the movie. actors are full of shit!!! i wouldn’t go see this movie because it’s disturbing and people do copy this shit today. he did it for the money. who wants to play a crazy character like this for their acting skills??? bunch of bullshit! he got paid...big bills!!!!
Darth Palp
Darth Palp Il y a 6 mois
Wow this was a great interview! He seems so comfortable with you.. good job. This movie is my top movie of all time now.
Oliver Griffiths
Oliver Griffiths Il y a 6 mois
The joker is the best then batman
Maria Emilia
Maria Emilia Il y a 6 mois
I want a Joaquim Phoenix for Mi 😍😍😍
Robert Friedrich
Robert Friedrich Il y a 6 mois
The movie felt like a real life Usa Experience movie.
Rayban Rudy
Rayban Rudy Il y a 6 mois
Soohana Nova
Soohana Nova Il y a 6 mois
I really love the way he sits!!! Because I do that pretty often😁 loved the movie👍 one of the greatest actors of our age👏
Blackman Hulk
Blackman Hulk Il y a 6 mois
Such a great actor
Ti Zhang
Ti Zhang Il y a 6 mois
"will this make others violent?" what a stupid question is that! its like "he told me to kill because i don't have individuality".
Fabery, Lauren (12A) [Ac+]
his eyes are stunningly beautiful.
Fabery, Lauren (12A) [Ac+]
that little "um" at 6:06 is so freakin cute
SANGJUN멋있는놈 Il y a 6 mois
How about another subject to talk , Joker?
Hans Von Mannschaft
Hans Von Mannschaft Il y a 6 mois
_No Pedro, I won't sing, I said no. However, what about another joke, Peter?_
Serial Killing : A Podcast
I'm sorry, but I think Joaquin Phoenix's intelligence is underestimated. He comes across as a very deep thinker and is trying to be careful to not share too much of his own personal opinions on things he has internally, rather than just 'surface' things he gets asked in every interview he does. I've heard people say that he's weird or a jerk; I don't agree. I think he is withholding a lot to try to fit the mold that the industry and people want him to force himself into and that's understandably it comes across as him having an attitude. I don't know. I like him.
Tonya Reddinger
Tonya Reddinger Il y a 6 mois
Hay Joaquin I'm kind a scared to watch your movie joker seriously
LMSILVIA Il y a 6 mois
"I don't know what to do with my leg..." Joaquin Phoenix.
Graziela Almeida
Graziela Almeida Il y a 6 mois
His pircing eyes always seems to glare at people even when he's relaxed.
smallblueangel Il y a 6 mois
he is so relaxed talking to him. i love that
Si Ca
Si Ca Il y a 6 mois
he is so hot with the beard 🙈❤️
Justyna Buniowska-Mate
Joaquin call me!! :)
Lou SF
Lou SF Il y a 7 mois
I didn’t know how naturally funny Joaquin Phoenix actually is! He is witty & quick. Love him even more!
Kallie Last Name
Kallie Last Name Il y a 7 mois
"When I have the answers, I grew bored" That one got me
Indirá Camotim
Indirá Camotim Il y a 7 mois
Even though his childhood was mentioned, the film is about him as the adult. It is difficult to find compassion for someone that goes on a rampage because of rage and fury, but one should remember that the place where we can make a difference is in childhood. One cannot be immune from a feeling of terrible agony and also so much compassion for what that little child went through. We have to bring to mind the terror that he must have gone through as a child and this is what we need to concentrate on - keeping children safe and protecting them from these horrendous living conditions. The world needs to make this the top of our agenda for change for the better so that we don’t have adults emerging from these horrors, sick, isolated and enraged at not being able to fit in.
MrCounsel Il y a 7 mois
So, there is an actor who actually researches PTSD and persons upon whom he references his character, then has the sensibility and subtlety to determine he was doing the wrong approach and, like plastic, modify his acting? And all of this without wanting to air his personal beliefs on mental illness and politics, since he knows he is not a qualified pro to do that? Respect.
ꓭiTe mǝ
ꓭiTe mǝ Il y a 7 mois
When Joaquin laughed I expected the Joker laugh to come out followed by the gun. Not that the interviewer deserves it... 😂
Wael Il y a 7 mois
He looks kind of comfortable in this one :)
jmpfjoy9858 Il y a 7 mois
Yes indeed.
Gianluca G.
Gianluca G. Il y a 7 mois
How about another joke, Peter?
A A Il y a 7 mois
joaquin is really smart in the fact that he didn't want to give an answer on camera about the violence issue. he knows what he's doing. i love him for that👏
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
interviewer is from rolling stone? Depth of a puddle, missed so much potentially beautiful interaction with Joaquin Phoenix, you see him scale back his expectations throughout the interview... Love Joaquin Phoenix!
Garden Life 19
Garden Life 19 Il y a 7 mois
Liberal trash, 100% made for their radicalized evil, unloved audience.
Bruce Hepting
Bruce Hepting Il y a 7 mois
I have now watched the Joker twice currently. I am a Mental Health Advocate, and the real substance under this movie is how it portrays the many souls of neglect. Their constant survival to face Humility, Bullying, Mocking and complete put-downs that cause significant harm, while they struggle to rely on their emotional intelligence not to react. The steady abuse, unwarranted stigma, ignorance they face is inhuman, and we humans need many more lessons in humanity.
EngleHump Il y a 7 mois
please do try not to interrupt Joaquin when'he's speaking
lillian wemyss
lillian wemyss Il y a 7 mois
I felt a range of emotions watching this his laugh cry sound made me sad at first then it was upsetting til I got annoyed I think everyone has a coping strategies for life my go to thing is laughing or joke when stuff gets tough but this movie is unsettling not in a bad way but bits maked me cringe
mystery machine
mystery machine Il y a 7 mois
movie "critics" is a parasitic 'job'
Bobo Badapski
Bobo Badapski Il y a 7 mois
is it just me, or does peter travers look like a slightly older Ralph Fiennes?
Isu Il y a 7 mois
Do not drink the milk!!!!!!!!
teppolundgren Il y a 7 mois
Only an American would soil a chair with his shoes.
teppolundgren Il y a 7 mois
@Y T Yes! And what about how our American relatives came to visit once and stepped right into our house with muddy shoes and nearly destroyed our Persian carpets? And then they got pissed off because we told them to take their shoes off! Like, whose house IS this, hmm?
Y T Il y a 7 mois
What about when they get on the bed wearing outside shoes. It shocks me every time. Like, how??
XtreamG57 Il y a 7 mois
After watching other super hero movies i tealised that the joker just gaveus tue punch into reallity anout what a villan in this fantasy world actually is, is real, inspirational and a real mesage for us in our society
Betty Boos' Sister
Betty Boos' Sister Il y a 7 mois
What is scary REALLY SCARY is that we can identify with the joker...if enough happened and in society today it's challenging to remain sane
Rescue Rhonda
Rescue Rhonda Il y a 7 mois
I'm a 56-year-old vegan female looking for an older Joaquin.
John Zyski
John Zyski Il y a 7 mois
He is explaining the work to be an actor. Great answers.
Farah Il y a 7 mois
Could this be the young man mentioned at 18:43?
Coco Federer
Coco Federer Il y a 7 mois
The end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julie Wilson
Julie Wilson Il y a 7 mois
I'm so happy at Joaquin's Oscar win. What an all-round amazing human. His Oscar speech was riveting and he spoke from the depth of his soul. I thought his comment about De Niro here was so lovely, really sweet, vulnerable thing to say. He has not become cynical - remarkable man! And what talent!
Jill Gilson
Jill Gilson Il y a 7 mois