Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon STUNS With Original Audition Song "Almost Heaven" - American Idol 2019 on ABC

American Idol
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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sings original song "Almost Heaven" in his American Idol audition.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.




11 mars 2019




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Commentaires 3 997
Inese Gulbe
Inese Gulbe Il y a heure
and then i listened to this song of him: wow wow wow wow wow
Rossandra Ortiz Torres
Wow he's amazing!
victoria spencer
victoria spencer Il y a heure
Your story almost made me cry, your aong made me sing, your voice took my breath away.
Meghan Boudreau
Meghan Boudreau Il y a 2 heures
Shame on anyone who made this man feel less than absolutely extraordinary. What an incredible artist. He belongs everywhere .
Dean Turchi
Dean Turchi Il y a 3 heures
I would buy this song........this guys writing is amazing/and his voice is great too!
lez paul
lez paul Il y a 3 heures
"There are times when I do feel alone... The hardest part for me is seeing how difficult it is for my family..." #selfless
Jesse Dawnchen
Jesse Dawnchen Il y a 3 heures
You definitely God's son. Heaven is in your mind, no doubt. Hope you going well! God bless you.
Javier Flores
Javier Flores Il y a 3 heures
Hella unique voice
timothy benton
timothy benton Il y a 4 heures
I am a preachers kid, my sister's kid came out, who cares, if he is happy, that is all that matters. What is right for me, doesn't always mean it is for someone else, in the end, you moral choices are between you and the creator, not you and I. As I told my nephew, my job is to love you unconditionally, your job is to find your happiness, be whom you want to be.
Lord CiBi
Lord CiBi Il y a 4 heures
Love his music 💕
Hiroyuki Mori
Hiroyuki Mori Il y a 4 heures
That was amazing.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage Il y a 5 heures
#JeremiahLloydHarmon goodluck Explore your talents
Tashina Taulton
Tashina Taulton Il y a 5 heures
His voice and artistry are amazing. The struggles he is going through to find acceptance and peace are heart breaking. The way his eyes looked when he responded to Katy saying "God Bless you" was heart breaking for me. To think that he is struggling so much makes my soul hurt for him. However he is blessed with the ability to take the pain that he feels and pour it put into his music. Top 10
Carlito Gana
Carlito Gana Il y a 5 heures
If you were born gay you must be "born again.
Stephen S
Stephen S Il y a 5 heures
Absolutely amazing!
Dennis Reinhard
Dennis Reinhard Il y a 5 heures
I am crying 😭 God bless you Jeremiah! Thank you for this.
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez Il y a 5 heures
Can’t see it for some reason
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta Il y a 5 heures
when katy says .. do you know how good you are ? oh my gosh 😭
Cane Santrac
Cane Santrac Il y a 5 heures
He looks like ginger Justin Bartha!
aj vil
aj vil Il y a 6 heures
i cried :(
Geneta Hiyang
Geneta Hiyang Il y a 6 heures
Please win
Geneta Hiyang
Geneta Hiyang Il y a 6 heures
That voice😱😱😱
Bee Teacher
Bee Teacher Il y a 6 heures
I hope he wins
Benjamin4127 Il y a 7 heures
Alejandro or jeremiah ??? Hmmmmm......
Paul Adorna
Paul Adorna Il y a 7 heures
Great song great voice great guy.💋
MASTER LUXAI Il y a 8 heures
Oh my god. AMAZING
Chris Rey Rodriguez
Chris Rey Rodriguez Il y a 8 heures
Been asking myself, too. Is there really a place for us in heaven? Cryinnnn tons of tears now....
Lesley Bronson
Lesley Bronson Il y a 9 heures
def the most talented one yet
Roma12 Il y a 9 heures
Man, Katy is the worst. No manners. Yelling out, interrupting everyone. No wonder she can't keep a man.
Bernice Ortiz
Bernice Ortiz Il y a 10 heures
Serious talent in this season of American Idol.
liveLIFE Il y a 10 heures
Luke's face! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stanley Schmidt
Stanley Schmidt Il y a 11 heures
Disgusting parents to let "religion" come between them and their child. All organized religion does is DIVIDE anyway.
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen Il y a 11 heures
He's a Catie Turner level of genius when it comes to songwriting. Moving forward, I would love to see him show off some of his falsetto because I feel like he has a good one. Spoilers ahead He's in the top 14 :)
matt schnoor
matt schnoor Il y a 12 heures
Reminds me of David Gray and thats a good thing.
Laquida Rush
Laquida Rush Il y a 12 heures
You know you done good when looks constipated or Katy stretching her neck to make sure she hearing right ...
Jolly Kids' Village
Jolly Kids' Village Il y a 12 heures
He is original voice 👌👌
britt69 Il y a 12 heures
I'm in awe of this young man, he's my hero.
Seethus Il y a 12 heures
The audition song should always have to be an original like this. Then when the actual show starts they can sing covers.
brooklynn gallagher
brooklynn gallagher Il y a 12 heures
Can American idol put this on Apple Music or Spotify pls
Dhona Kretosastro
Dhona Kretosastro Il y a 12 heures
Who are we to judge? ..maybe he is gonna be in heaven..only God can judge
Emman Padolina
Emman Padolina Il y a 12 heures
I subscribed again on this channel coz of this performance. 🖤
adrienne1958l Il y a 12 heures
His voice reminded me of Jeff Buckely 's
BENJAMIN:KEY Il y a 12 heures
His voice would fit perfectly with the style of John Legend's 'Love in the future' Album kind of vibe.
Indalao Joan
Indalao Joan Il y a 13 heures
He reminds me of sleeping at last and i'm lovin' it!!!
Erik Borger
Erik Borger Il y a 13 heures
This guy is a STAR! And exquisitely loved and cherished by God!
Ally Wu
Ally Wu Il y a 13 heures
This dude is like hazier and Sam smith
Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy Il y a 13 heures
OMG I hear Sufjan Stevens! What is happening to american idol! I fucking Love it. starting to see some true artists! Not just fame hungry burn outs, being an artist is not about having the perfect timbre of voice or showcasing all you're vocal technical ability, it's just singing or writing from your soul
Danielle Seel
Danielle Seel Il y a 13 heures
I literally came here to listen to his song again. So good.
SavedbyGrace Il y a 13 heures
Yo what the heck is going on? All these years of AI and suddenly all these super talented people are coming out of the wood works?
Chris Black
Chris Black Il y a 13 heures
PK = PERVERTED KIDS And I bet Katy Perry was a perverted kid. Because she sure is a perverted adult! God Bless Her!
eydrey Il y a 13 heures
I could have this on repeat over and over again
Red Clay
Red Clay Il y a 14 heures
Jeremiah Llyod Harmon, Being Gay is not the unforgivable sin. Unbelief is the unbelievable sin, for obvious reasons. Now I know you probably won't see my comments, but someone that's struggling with what you're struggling with will. Just continue to Love GOD, and trust GOD and HE will protect you. Just keep blessing us with your talent that can only come from the CREATOR of HEAVEN and Earth.
Sadie Noyes
Sadie Noyes Il y a 14 heures
Link to the full song he posted on his channel!
Anthony Villegas
Anthony Villegas Il y a 14 heures
why did i start crying as soon as i heard sufjan stevens in the background i-
Jennifer Cavins
Jennifer Cavins Il y a 14 heures
Awe I just love love love this human
star guev
star guev Il y a 14 heures
Eric Lester
Eric Lester Il y a 15 heures
Im not thouching you...😂 Im not gonna lie it was a great song he wrote and sung but keep that being gay shit quite #ItsNotRightToBeAbominationToGod I hope he finds a right path to a woman Heart someday
bookmarkthis Il y a 15 heures
This ginger is not better than Billy Joel. He is like a more annoying Elton John. That's saying a lot because Elton John is really annoying.
sadie marsden
sadie marsden Il y a 15 heures
Got goosebumps!! 😍
Daniel Talis
Daniel Talis Il y a 15 heures
still in love with this song
Aaron Emanuel
Aaron Emanuel Il y a 15 heures
I'm officially a fan of American Idol again! That song is a HIT!
lovely 123
lovely 123 Il y a 15 heures
I listened to this like 50 times
tonyguse Il y a 15 heures
AI found some top notch talent this year. I’m really enjoying the format, KP chilled out a little bit, and so many talented artists and musicians!
Luke D. Humphrey
Luke D. Humphrey Il y a 16 heures
Getting Sleeping At Last vibes vocally. So much talent this year
Speedy23 Il y a 16 heures
Kayla Antalek
Kayla Antalek Il y a 16 heures
Sam Smith mixed with a young Elton John.
Dottie Calderon
Dottie Calderon Il y a 16 heures
I now watch the voice Katy perry makes the shoo seem trashy
Me KD Il y a 16 heures
2:24 to 4:41
NINJAS_LIKE_ADOBO Il y a 16 heures
Wow, this seasons' line up is heavy
Skylar Meik
Skylar Meik Il y a 16 heures
This song sounds like it should be in a disney movie
Vaughn Reyna
Vaughn Reyna Il y a 17 heures
How is he this dreamy? I'm melting.
Alberto Autún
Alberto Autún Il y a 17 heures
OMG he’s gorgeous!! And what a lovely voice.
Maz Il y a 17 heures
Holy crap this guy is amazing! God given talent right here!
Abdul Haris
Abdul Haris Il y a 17 heures
6:03 GBU 2 ... (.)(.)
Carl Hammill
Carl Hammill Il y a 17 heures
had to listen to this twice as I was stunned by his emotions first time.
edwina kharisma mononutu
edwina kharisma mononutu Il y a 17 heures
I am obsessed!!
Gabby Walker
Gabby Walker Il y a 17 heures
Absolutely beautiful. ❤
Christine Dor
Christine Dor Il y a 18 heures
Listening over and over A hope and peaceful song for everyone
endelmann Il y a 18 heures
2:25 if you want to just keep listening over and over like I am.
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Il y a 18 heures
Chills up my spine :-)
Lahela Bobbitt
Lahela Bobbitt Il y a 18 heures
I'm a fan that was amazing
Ali Maao
Ali Maao Il y a 18 heures
Very humble young man an very blessed to have a God given talent that the world needs to hear 👍
Yuki Pansoy
Yuki Pansoy Il y a 18 heures
Babe you deserve more than the Hollywood 💋
Nopppe Thom
Nopppe Thom Il y a 18 heures
Can i buy him 😭
Carol Mahagnoul
Carol Mahagnoul Il y a 18 heures
My heart is weeping.
Courtney B
Courtney B Il y a 18 heures
Active child anyone?? He gives me the same performance feels. Love him
Guilherme Carlos De Camargo Dias
OMG He’s so cute and gifted . I think I already picked my winner for this season.
Vicki Sexton
Vicki Sexton Il y a 18 heures
I love him. I get some Rufus Wainwright vibes with his tone 😍🙌🏼
yeSIdo sianturi
yeSIdo sianturi Il y a 19 heures
Pergilah kau setan. 😤
Amber Schaefer
Amber Schaefer Il y a 19 heures
Jeremiah and Alejandro are the ones to watch. and my favourite so far
Becky Meyerson
Becky Meyerson Il y a 19 heures
Beautiful! Tears!!!!!!
gogett7867 Il y a 19 heures
Okay Now, I Give Up, I Think That We're Being Punk'd, AI Needs To Just Go Straight To The Finals With The Top Top 13 And Just Forget Everything In The Middle, This Is Crazy Awesome! There Will Be No Losers This Season!
josh ford
josh ford Il y a 19 heures
sounds like a song I've heard before a classic, but I've never heard it . Incredible!
Awesome Life
Awesome Life Il y a 19 heures
I also wondered if there was a place in Heaven for me. Then I realized that a religion that leads a person to question this, is not a religion for me. The problem is not with lgbts but with religions that teach they’re going to Hell.
Happy Life
Happy Life Il y a 20 heures
Too bad hes gay for his parents and believers. Too good for us.
Trudie Bellamy
Trudie Bellamy Il y a 20 heures
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this now, just beautiful 💕
boloniño Il y a 20 heures
Just Google "French president Macron" and thank me later.
Chris Desiderio
Chris Desiderio Il y a 20 heures
Amazing beautiful voice
Danny Sandoval
Danny Sandoval Il y a 20 heures
He needs to win! 👍🏼👏🏼
Where's Wali
Where's Wali Il y a 20 heures