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Jenna Marbles is an excellent dancer.
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19 août 2019




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Commentaires 80
dylan reynolds
dylan reynolds Il y a 9 mois
She was one of the coolest guests. The clip at 3:08 was pure gold 😂
Julian Herrera
Julian Herrera Il y a 4 jours
What do you mean she is so cringy
dylan reynolds
dylan reynolds Il y a mois
PRINCE BLUU thank you haven’t looked back at this comment since big thanks 😊
PRINCE BLUU Il y a mois
Rose Sicurello
Rose Sicurello Il y a mois
@KlusterFuk she is a FRvid personality. She was FRvid from the beginning pretty much. She goes way back and has a huge following. I love her so funny.
KlusterFuk Il y a 2 mois
I mean they actually had guests worthwhile Jenna Marbles who is she what does she do other than having boobs?
bronlokis Il y a 3 jours
m'lady is hot af
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty Il y a 7 jours
HolyFreakshow Il y a 9 jours
What was with the one dollar bill hang out of the last guys collar
Bike Mike
Bike Mike Il y a 11 jours
Has she lost it?
ADub Il y a 12 jours
She looks like a human that hasn’t evolved all the way...
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Il y a 15 jours
I've been watching her videos ever since 2009 and I'm still in love with her. LOL
Robbie Morris
Robbie Morris Il y a 17 jours
They should take chanel stupid ass off an put her as co host
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross Il y a 17 jours
Is no one gonna point out the face that the Nerf dart stuck to homegirls phone after it bounced off of her head?
Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler
Who is this Jenna girl? Is she a porn star?
Freda Matthews
Freda Matthews Il y a 24 jours
Jenna’s laughing was soo fake I love it
Bad Guy
Bad Guy Il y a 28 jours
I'm watching this episode right now
Ally Il y a mois
This is the woman that just did a "napping with my dogs" video lmao, I've been with her since the beginning and sometimes I forget how hyped up she used to be. Love you Jenna!!
Tony cheeser
Tony cheeser Il y a mois
What a dumb nasty looking bitch
DieselDabz710 Il y a mois
Anyone else have zero clue who Jenna Marbles is?
Laura Henderson
Laura Henderson Il y a mois
Yes plaid jammies
revamp edits
revamp edits Il y a mois
So much gen z nostalgia with those bad plastic boys
Bobby Ortega
Bobby Ortega Il y a mois
Damn when she said naked....🥰😍😛🍆
Retarded Faggit
Retarded Faggit Il y a mois
Jenna is the only girl that has comedy and I ain’t simpin
Nils Nyman
Nils Nyman Il y a mois
Wtf is a Jenna Marbles and who cares?
Moss Il y a mois
It’s crazy how you can tell how old this clip is just from the way Jenna talks.
PVC Go Kart
PVC Go Kart Il y a mois
This is evidence, that girls can be (jocks) to....🤔
DonkeyBalls4Gaming Il y a mois
When a Nerf gun isn't enough, go for the Nerf Stinger
Jawa 2
Jawa 2 Il y a mois
Chanel must be jelly......haven't heard her say much this episode lol
Yes I love it
Yes I love it Il y a mois
4:07 Foos Gone Wild
Wade F.
Wade F. Il y a mois
West coast always looks so jealous when another girl is on
TIMOTHY Tice Il y a mois
he had a $ in his neck, i was there at Bob's when you were trying mega, i yelled mtv bleeps, you were yelling is't like a 12 stair, i said x 10
c v
c v Il y a mois
Is she a pornstar ?
Dylan B
Dylan B Il y a 2 mois
But she isn’t funny
Illuminated Crosshairs
Just fuckn show Marbles already, ok? Jenna , Spenna , fuckn dimma! MARBLES!! Just let Marbles talk ..
KlusterFuk Il y a 2 mois
Why is Jenna Marbles famous? Oh right she has boobs I forgot all meta looking girls with boobs because of twelve-year-olds can be famous.
Martin Zavala
Martin Zavala Il y a 2 mois
gahhdamn she was orange back then 😂
Shay Sonsalla
Shay Sonsalla Il y a 2 mois
The fact that Chanel is wearing a dare shirt when we all know she loves her pot
Cereal Killa
Cereal Killa Il y a 2 mois
God, she is fucking funny, and cool, and hot, and funny, cool, hot, etc....
Alvaro Fabio Delgadillo Lujan
4:13 why does he have a bill around his neck? 😂
Neva' eh's Natas
Neva' eh's Natas Il y a 2 mois
What kind of a dumbass actually watches MTV 🤦🏻‍♂️
Bipedal Hominid
Bipedal Hominid Il y a 2 mois
And why is this person famous and rich?
Ozzy Krahn
Ozzy Krahn Il y a 2 mois
Rob loves brining on brain dead guests
Ozzy Krahn
Ozzy Krahn Il y a 2 mois
And becoming brain dead but i guess thats to late with the brain dead
peteyjuice Il y a 2 mois
Chanel's laugh is sooo fucking annoying. The #1 reason why I stopped watching this show
Anthony 707
Anthony 707 Il y a 2 mois
mike ludwig
mike ludwig Il y a 2 mois
jenna shouldnt be on this fucking show....shes just a yt person and thats it....a dead one at that
Buttery Peanut
Buttery Peanut Il y a 2 mois
i’m so confused what this even is, why is it ridiculous?
Christopher Foreman
Christopher Foreman Il y a 3 mois
I've always been a fan of jenna marbles shes hilarious and gorgeous.
Jeseph Willis
Jeseph Willis Il y a 3 mois
Jeseph Willis
Jeseph Willis Il y a 3 mois
You know what? I'm gonna say it.... Idc that I forgot ridiculousness was a thing 😏
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio Il y a 3 mois
Then there's that douche channel
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio Il y a 3 mois
Don't know who this skank is
Mark X
Mark X Il y a 3 mois
Is that the weird guy who used to rollerblade or something 🤔
swoosh sheriff
swoosh sheriff Il y a 3 mois
Alright I just got this Recommend. Who the fuck is Jenna marbles
Linda Nicole
Linda Nicole Il y a 3 mois
Notice how Chanel does not laugh at anything she says. That's a first how rude Chanel.
Luv2BMe Il y a 3 mois
Jenna would be a great re cast for Chanel shes actually interesting!
Ziggy The Adventurer
Ziggy The Adventurer Il y a 3 mois
you just need to turn that music at the end up a bit more. then it could be heard from space
hagler10033 Il y a 3 mois
Host needs to dress age appropriate 🙄
Jason Wick
Jason Wick Il y a 3 mois
One of the most annoying thots on FRvid. Subscribers are proof human race is doomed...
Chay Stevenson
Chay Stevenson Il y a 3 mois
__ Il y a 3 mois
Dyrdek still dressing like a 15 year old heading into the new decade.
Ro Co
Ro Co Il y a 3 mois
Not very funny
Greg Gentile
Greg Gentile Il y a 3 mois
She thicc, yo!
Gregg D
Gregg D Il y a 3 mois
I haven't seen her in so long. It is really nice to see how big she has gotten. I had no idea.
Diego87 Il y a 3 mois
Wow am I the only person that finds Jenna annoying and fake?? At least back during this time I did. I hear she’s different now?
Riley Walker
Riley Walker Il y a 3 mois
Greg Ireland
Greg Ireland Il y a 3 mois
I don't see what everyone in the comments likes about this girl. She's obnoxious.
Greg Ireland
Greg Ireland Il y a 3 mois
@Luv2BMe You'll get no argument from me on that.
Luv2BMe Il y a 3 mois
Well COMPARED to Chanel shes a beautiful hilarious Goddess among women...i mean..night and day...
Alien Brain
Alien Brain Il y a 3 mois
She seems very pretentious
Altered Penguin
Altered Penguin Il y a 3 mois
Who watches it's Always Sunny in Philly. Doesn't she sound like the horrible Philly accent Dee tried to imitate.
Mitchell Crager
Mitchell Crager Il y a 3 mois
Ole Steelo is in love!! I have never seen him be so quite in an episode. Pretty sure he was mesmerized 😂😂
Xplicid Il y a 3 mois
Literally so dumb. But rich so I guess not that dumb 🤣
villen Il y a 3 mois
Ironically her voice sounds like the one you'd use to impersonate a stereotypical basic white blonde chick
Tahj Vader
Tahj Vader Il y a 3 mois
2:02 #ChanelFace
Knowledge Will Increase
That chick is actually a dude.. Open your eyes.
Allen Lake
Allen Lake Il y a 3 mois
Sure looks like Chanel knows exactly what getting hit in the nuts feels like👀
Rapportus5 Il y a 3 mois
It's so weird to see Jenna Marbls on camera without Kermit having a shivering panic attack nearby for any reason at all.
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter
Sara Underwood >>>>>> Jenna Marbles
cyc25ruffneck Il y a 3 mois
Jenna the word naked, in one concentration went right out the window. 🤤
Idontknow Iforget
Idontknow Iforget Il y a 3 mois
The way she curls her lip like "yeah bruh epic im one of the dudes" is annoying af
Antonio Mata
Antonio Mata Il y a 3 mois
44 seconds in the nerf dart stuck to the phone and Steelo never caught that shit!!!!!! Lmmfao!
Garrett Il y a 3 mois
1:39 they did him wrong lmaoo😂
Driftwood Il y a 3 mois
She’s crook
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Il y a 3 mois
I like onesies or nekked.
ali sanad
ali sanad Il y a 3 mois
The worst guest ever smh
Rest in Peace.
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