Jaw-Dropping Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar In 2018

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2018 has already delivered a number of standout horror movies, many of them flying under the radars of most moviegoers. These are some of the very best that the year has had to offer.
Annihilation | 0:11
The Strangers: Prey at Night | 1:09
The Endless | 2:08
Hellraiser: Judgment | 3:11
Mandy | 4:25
Terrifier | 5:29
Truth or Dare | 6:23
Unsane | 7:11
Wildling | 8:10
Tilt | 9:02
Lowlife | 9:57




3 janv. 2019

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Commentaires 620
Grunge Il y a 5 mois
What's your pick for the best horror flick of 2018?
BallyWally Il y a 19 jours
Definately hereditary
Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 Il y a 19 jours
Don't say "jaw-dropping" if you don't mean it.
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon Il y a 21 jour
If they will get off their ass and stop with the jumpscares and really work on their films we will be ok. Looks like that won't happen.
kickboxer Il y a 22 jours
No contest - A Quiet Place
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon Il y a 25 jours
@Brian Bara I never said it was. I was referring to the title that flew under the radar.
Scorpionstrike7 Il y a 2 heures
I love both of The Strangers!
GAME ON YOU GAMERS! Il y a 3 heures
Mandy has some kind of weird vibe but in a good way. This movie seems had reincarnated Nicolas Cage dull career.
suny123boy1 Il y a 2 jours
Big big thumbs down for having truth or dare on there. Fuck this guy.
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo Il y a 2 jours
Okay seriously ... how did Wildling make this list? And how are they hailing it as "one of the best movies of 2018"? It was *awfuuuuuul.*
forbbiden haven 99
forbbiden haven 99 Il y a 3 jours
Did you put devil king/sengoku basara music in this vid?
Dan Crandall
Dan Crandall Il y a 3 jours
Annihilation fucked me up. I watched it on mushrooms and it was amazing
Melissa Pretorius
Melissa Pretorius Il y a 5 jours
tyler bates
tyler bates Il y a 6 jours
Delete this now
trisgav Il y a 7 jours
Unsane...was really good
Krystal Skye
Krystal Skye Il y a 8 jours
I adore Natalie Portman, so I watched "Annihilation." I was savagely disappointed by it. Far too many un-realistic actions and events through it....things that made absolutely no sense, and that any real person, even in an exact real-life situation. "A Quiet Place" isn't any better.
Yvonne Denise
Yvonne Denise Il y a 8 jours
The 1st Strangers Is Wayyyyy Better Than The Second
Kristina Cassaway
Kristina Cassaway Il y a 9 jours
Love it!!!
Alex Zemaitis
Alex Zemaitis Il y a 9 jours
I know a jaw dropping horror film that should be in this list Hint: The jaw dropping part is the ending
Alex Zemaitis
Alex Zemaitis Il y a 7 jours
MinuteBrice No here’s another hint: it’s a horror film from the 80’s
MinuteBrice Il y a 7 jours
Amy Torres
Amy Torres Il y a 11 jours
Actually all the movies mentioned here are bad
Amy Torres
Amy Torres Il y a 11 jours
Annihalation is a terrible movie
Lora Bee
Lora Bee Il y a 12 jours
Truth or Dare was a great film!
studiograficomty Il y a 15 jours
I was very suspicious with Annihilation, because i thought they would just smear us with feminism with the all female cast, but it was perfectly reasonable, even a bit more compelling, avoiding the classical militar cliches of the "super merikan soldiers", and some how that made us even more open to empathyze with the ladies and feel more fear for them...gad the bear...that was such a beautyfully creepy scene...loved it.
DarkCity94 Il y a 15 jours
I actually liked Truth or Dare 🤷🏼‍♂️
R Rockwell
R Rockwell Il y a 17 jours
I had to watch Annihilation twice to understand everything. It was great!
dynodish Il y a 17 jours
Strangers was so fucking terrifying that I'm still not over it. I have locks on my locks, plan b, escape plans, firearms, weapon at every door and hidden all over, huge vicious dogs, pet raccoons in case the dogs pussy out, alternate sleep nights, cameras, motion lights and sedatives. Lots of sedatives.
J Otto
J Otto Il y a 17 jours
Annihilation was PC bullshit.
Bubster 1969
Bubster 1969 Il y a 19 jours
The guys who made The Endless: I couldn't get into that one, same with Resolution. *But you have to see Spring.*
Rachel Soto
Rachel Soto Il y a 20 jours
terrifier was trash
Phil Dawson
Phil Dawson Il y a 21 jour
Absolutely a joke of a list. Pathetic
Chris_P_Critter Il y a 21 jour
Mandy was amazing! Completely exceeded my expectations.
QUIETSTORM1323 Il y a 23 jours
Shimmer? Sounds like chick Ghostbusters 2 no thanks.
Ricky Pisano
Ricky Pisano Il y a 23 jours
Find and watch the movie CALIBRE!! Stuck with me for days!! I watch A LOT of HORROR and this movie got to me. As disturbing as it gets in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts.
Joey Il y a 24 jours
Technically wasn't horror, but Upgrade deserved way more attention
Mr. NES Il y a 24 jours
Annihilation is complete trash. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The characters are complete morons. The ending is garbage too. Do not watch it. It made me angry how terrible it was. What a wasted sci-fi idea. 3 seconds into the video and I'm shutting it off id you think that mess is good.
Brian Bara
Brian Bara Il y a 25 jours
Interesting choices, given the many negative fan reactions to a few of these.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Il y a 25 jours
Please take out the background music.. it takes away from your voice describing these films.
X-MISMA-X Il y a 25 jours
Shit you are just telling us the movies released in 2018, nothing jawdropping at all
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Il y a 25 jours
annihilation was booooring
Ginisis !!
Ginisis !! Il y a 26 jours
and thanks for spoiling it so we dont even watch it
Havalina Chiel
Havalina Chiel Il y a 27 jours
. . . rips off " It follows . " Whatever follows- ( Nuff said . )
Kris Fisher
Kris Fisher Il y a 27 jours
Mandy is a work of absolute art and art at its very very best. I saw many movies last year and many were good but none had the look,style and beauty that Mandy has....oh and the OST fits stunningly,in fact I'd say it fits better than any other OST in many many years.
J_For Freedom
J_For Freedom Il y a 27 jours
cant believe what you just said about Friday the 13th!! cant give you credit on anything now...
Heretic’s Calling
Heretic’s Calling Il y a 27 jours
Dang! Did you just diss Friday the 13th?
Beardy Ry
Beardy Ry Il y a 28 jours
Mandy was fucking unreal,it was like a B side Rob Zombie movie,even darker,even weirder even better.
Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin Il y a 28 jours
I feel like a child could have made this list.
Mummy Napkin
Mummy Napkin Il y a 28 jours
Annihilation, isn’t a horror film. It’s a phenomenal movie, but not by any means a horror film...
Jing Biscarra
Jing Biscarra Il y a 28 jours
asusual a lot of talks
jimicrack29 thibodeaux
jimicrack29 thibodeaux Il y a 28 jours
2018 an 19 all stupid people out there so there is non yet thers is check what back in in mind.
Timothy Howard
Timothy Howard Il y a 27 jours
This guy gets it.
Khal Netherfields
Khal Netherfields Il y a 29 jours
annihilation is good but unimportant despite its big budget, unsane is doooooope, hellraiser judgement was fun because i love hellraiser (but its not that good a film really), the endless was low budget but really fun, strangers 2 is slow but ok. mandy, truth or dare, lowlife, wildling, tilt and terrifier are all on my to do list, will return with reviews. maybe.
Adi Iqbal
Adi Iqbal Il y a 29 jours
Idc what anyone says, truth or dare is a scary movie. Creepy faces and unexpected jumpscares kept me on my feet and was pretty unsettling. The plot on the hand was dog shite
Jenna Morris
Jenna Morris Il y a 29 jours
Terrifier was great
Raven Vargas
Raven Vargas Il y a 29 jours
The Endless is a really good movie
Henry Gallego
Henry Gallego Il y a 29 jours
Strangers prey at night better than original ?!?!? Are u crazy
Dragons Potatoes
Dragons Potatoes Il y a 22 jours
Different strokes for different folks I suppose. I do think part two was pretty enjoyable but the original overshadows it completely.
Chase Barnett
Chase Barnett Il y a 29 jours
Love the terrifier
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Il y a 29 jours
The last watchable Hellraiser movie was Bloodlines
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman Il y a 29 jours
The Endless was great.
Lisa Gibson
Lisa Gibson Il y a 29 jours
at 4:51 he was the DA on Law and Order (Michael Cutter)
Tyrel Rawls
Tyrel Rawls Il y a 29 jours
It would be worth seeing truth or dare for that joker like smile. I liked terrifier and had to dig up all hallows eve. for those that have not seen all hallows eve," the boy kills his sister and is taken under the clowns wing then partakes in handling the babysitter."
mugen1237 Il y a 29 jours
Terrible ass list.
Michael Hillgren
Michael Hillgren Il y a 29 jours
annihilation was just ok
FIFA Lords & Legends
Everyone knew when annihilation was coming out but people lose interest in watching it because social media said it's got feminism written all over it.
Slycargo Bravado
Slycargo Bravado Il y a mois
annihilation was a terrible movie
snydegag1 Il y a mois
I like there reasoning for including Blumhouse's Truth or Dare as JAW DROPPING. "People just took it way too seriously and its a great movie to get together with your friends and yell at the TV." Because I don't watch horror movies unless they make me yell at the characters on screen. That's how you know the movie is scary
Whoa. Lowlife has a 91% RT score.
Andy  Skiles
Andy Skiles Il y a mois
Jesus. That background music is not appropriate.
nina llew
nina llew Il y a 28 jours
Actually, I kinda appreciated it lol. I like horror but my god creepy music scares the shit out of me more than anything
Oli carter
Oli carter Il y a 29 jours
Andy Skiles i had to turn the video off a minute after reading this....didn’t notice it so much before but GODDAMN that’s annoying lol
Mass acher
Mass acher Il y a mois
D Clancy
D Clancy Il y a mois
That Hellraiser was a disappointment to me, and I think because there was just a better movie lurking in it that was frustratingly just out of reach. Like you, I did enjoy the enhancements to the Hellraiser mythos, but the human drama at the center was tired and poorly acted. Loved the others on this list, though.
MoneyMakinGoon Gaming t.v.
Yall think "terrifier" was good but "the strangers prey at night" was bad how tf is that even possible clearly y'all trolling
samuel sidique
samuel sidique Il y a mois
The endless was dumb.
texas 325
texas 325 Il y a mois
Dude sounds like dax Shepard
Wolfgang Buck
Wolfgang Buck Il y a mois
Yeah, Truth or Dare was better than it's title. Oooo, and the b👀bs of Lucy Hale helped lots tooo! Beautiful woman👍👍
Aussie Loads
Aussie Loads Il y a mois
Annihilation was absolutely shit
Oliver Rangel
Oliver Rangel Il y a mois
annihilation was really the best??? that's sad
dwaynemowers Il y a mois
Oliver Rangel anilihation was a waste of time-Pro feminist point of view...
Jeff Caldwell
Jeff Caldwell Il y a mois
I couldn't get through "The Endless". I zipped through the second half.
I thought the Endless was amazing. But i suppose cosmic existential horror is not everyone's cup of tea.
ajm dantonio
ajm dantonio Il y a mois
Annihilation sucked.
Marcos leon
Marcos leon Il y a mois
Terrified was good I thought it was going to suck, it was slightly different then other horror movies but very good
Nash Gaming
Nash Gaming Il y a mois
The first movie in your video, why did it not make success you ask, because men are sick and tired and fed up with the all woman movies, man bashing and hating men. That is why. Me and a lot of other men do not even go and watch movies like this, same with new Ghostbusters, same with new terminator man bashing on its way and batwoman, supergirl, legends and so on and so on. Sick of the lesbian sh!t and man hating. Sick of the politics and agendas. That is why they do not make success. GET IT FCKING WOMAN!!! You can make woman movies without having to man bash and man hate. GET IT!!!
elstormo Il y a mois
The Endless was great, but to appreciate it even more, watch the film Resolution first. It's even better if you don't know it's a bit of a tie-in, but still.
Mathias Kanuck
Mathias Kanuck Il y a mois
What about Jackals??
Mathias Kanuck
Mathias Kanuck Il y a 4 jours
@Horror Queen Yeah Jackals is a good movie.... Have you seen a movie called Clown???
Horror Queen
Horror Queen Il y a 4 jours
It was sooooo good!
Al Bundy
Al Bundy Il y a mois
Isn't Liv Tyler that crazy and deranged lunatic that was having a nonsensical spastic fit about Donald Trump at the women's march? And then she uses her powers to put a political hit piece on him in a movie, unrelated and totally unnecessary, other than her declaring she's still obsessively butthurt over his fantastic presidential win? It's no wonder most of today's movie are crap and are controlled by political correctness. And wtf with Hellraiser: Judgement, that POS movie was so bad, I had to turn it off half way. So it's kinda hard to take your word on any of these other movies I haven't watched.
Mike Morris
Mike Morris Il y a mois
Very true
Shrapnel Il y a mois
WTF are you recommending a movie that has 15% rating as something that 'flew under the radar'? Another shit channel added to ad-blocker
Key North
Key North Il y a mois
The Horror the Horror!
Key North
Key North Il y a mois
These horror movies don't make any since why not use a gun? Whats with the axe?
I've seen every movie on this list but tilt and id never watch them again
H Dellamorte
H Dellamorte Il y a mois
The Endless was TERRIBLE. So Bad! You have to be a fan of the directors to like it..
phillip dutcher
phillip dutcher Il y a mois
Truth or dare was dooky 😷😷😷
J.M.A. Sudden illustrations
im total agree with Endless in the list.
Miranda Morehart
Miranda Morehart Il y a mois
If you like gore/suspense (like me) I highly recommend Terrifier
kumar manoj
kumar manoj Il y a mois
Agreed I saw terrifier movie is terrific ....
Miranda Morehart
Miranda Morehart Il y a mois
The Endless was 💯 the best
rocky mattioli
rocky mattioli Il y a mois
thanks for the it..
Joe Struggles
Joe Struggles Il y a mois
The strangers prey at night was GARBAGE terrible acting , way too short, no plot , no suspense, honestly the WORST movie I watched in 2018, I asked for my money back at the theatre.
Insert Funny Name Here
Strangers 2 was a load of crap. And why is your screen grab that really shitty movie truth or dare!? Don't watch it. It is bad.
fred derf
fred derf Il y a mois
Flew under the radar, is that the new way of saying crap.
Emilio Meeks
Emilio Meeks Il y a mois
Only good movies from this list is Annihilation, Unsane and Mandy
T Arch
T Arch Il y a mois
Hellraiser judgement is absolute JUNK!!!
riley beutler
riley beutler Il y a mois
The endless was amazing
Joseph Baldwin
Joseph Baldwin Il y a mois
Annihilation was trash, protagonists reasonings for being there was all over the place and the ending was pure shit
Luis Cuneo
Luis Cuneo Il y a mois
Jaw-Dropping Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar In 2018 starts with annihilation... LMAO thats jaw dropping? cmon
dumpsky Il y a 2 mois
'Annihilation' is a huge mess of wasted potential. seriously, everybody i know who thinks it's amasterpiece, didn't even really get it. same goes for 'Mandy' which apart from a strong visual appeal, is just a cheap and simple revenge horror flick for peeps who do not know horror flicks. you can test this by simply doing a recap of the story. these times... :-D
jeff jones
jeff jones Il y a 2 mois
Unsane was pretty good.
Frederixus Grand Maximus
The hellraiser series is dead. They totally fucked it up. Every time they have a good idea, it never sees the light of day. And the ideas that totally fucking suck, get filmed. They even make an effort to make a good hellraiser movie anymore. No wonder mr. Bradley doesn't want to have nothing to do with it.
The Architect
The Architect Il y a 2 mois
Hellraiser was a good end to pinhead.
pan cakbutt
pan cakbutt Il y a 2 mois
Dude, Annihilation sucked. Visually it was amazing, but that couldn't save it for me
Long Pig Café
Long Pig Café Il y a 2 mois
i watch these list to find the real movies in the comment section. if you have a recommendation pls reply let me know