Jason Chaffetz on impeachment: Dems just don't want Trump to win in 2020

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Former Republican congressman and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz responds to press coverage of the House impeachment mangers' case and the ongoing debate on witnesses.
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23 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 1 815
claudette johnson
claudette johnson Il y a jour
Of course Dems dont want Trump to win 2020. Republicans are rich , racist or dumb. THE RICH/GREEDY/GOP/SOB'S GAVE THEMSELVES A PERMANENT TAX CUT & THE MIDDLE CLASS A TEMPORARY TAX CUT. THAT SKYROCKETED THE DEFICIT WHEN THEY HAD RECORD PROFITS. THEN THEY PLANNED TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY/MEDICARE HURTING THE ELDERLY TO LOWER THE DEFICIT WHILE THEY KEPT THEIR TAX CUTS. Marco Rubio let the cat out of the bag. THE DEMOCRATS STOPPED THEM WHEN THEY TOOK BACK THE HOUSE. The racist Republican dont care if the GOP hurts them as long as the minorities are hurting . They dont realize the GOP is using them and laughing all the way to the bank. The dumb Republicans are letting the rich Republicans redistribute the wealth to the rich. GOP states are the poorest in the country, they take from the middle class and give to the rich. They dont care about you just your money and your votes . Stop listening to GOP lie and follow the money.
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Il y a 20 jours
No longer a Senator, Opinion is worth what we paid ,nothing.
rick oddon
rick oddon Il y a 29 jours
WWE Undisputed champion.....yea OK, so many dispute and want to win a staged fight, lol
Alexei Voloshin
Alexei Voloshin Il y a 29 jours
What nobody is asking is what is basis for the articles of impeachment? It's not constitutional or judicial since Trump is not accused of violating a single statute or article. If it's political, then Senate should just vote down the party lines and end it and then investigate Dems for abusing their political office for political gain and interfering in 2020 elections. So what is the basis of this?
Denis Ng
Denis Ng Il y a mois
If I was a Lawyer for President Trump one of the things I would bring up is Adams Shifts Lies and Lying to Congress with the plan to defame an innocent man who happens to be the President of the United States. I believe Adam Shift should be brought up on charges and the others on the House management Team should be dragged into it as well for being part of the team to Lie under Oath! Pelosi should be brought up on charges for misleading the Country.
Rob Il y a mois
Anyone noticed strange numbers on FRvid news channels? Fox down and CNN through the roof. I think someone is fixing the figures. Go Fox, Go Trump.
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil Il y a mois
I am voting for Trump in 2020 for sure!
Super Max
Super Max Il y a mois
Saw Schumer speak on today My God in what room was he in when the white House lawyers spoke he is saying completely the opposite
MariOlsdatter Il y a mois
"Disciplined"? Is what you call mass plagiarism of each other? Nothing new, just expansion of crystal ball-isms...THEY in their magnificence, know what is going on in everyone's minds & THEY know what everyone "needs". Eff the Demwits.
151Tommy Il y a mois
Drown these 4 in the swamp before you drain it
Shirley Mascarin
Shirley Mascarin Il y a mois
Steven Dragoo
Steven Dragoo Il y a mois
bloviate = nadler, shiff, and other democrats talking...
Steve D
Steve D Il y a mois
good that every can say their opinion mine is Best government $$$$ can buy
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Il y a mois
Why is Biden talking to the news on his back, I have never seen this before. No one is able to see his face. Is this a new democrat trick
Anthony Starfield
Anthony Starfield Il y a mois
I can always count on Fox News to be biased and irrational. What's sad is the Republican senators are marching in lock step to defend the king of the fools, Dumb Donald. If Barack had attacked one woman, the dim wit Republicans would have had a collective meltdown. At least 23 women have accused Donald of assaulting them. Donald is as guilty as sin of forcing Ukraine to interfere in the election, in return for foreign aid. This impeachment trial would be a slam dunk, if The United States had intelligent senators.
MoonCrow Il y a mois
LOL, kinda hard to complain about FOX being biased and irrational considering your own biased nut bag comment.
Charles Il y a mois
When he was saying 'Farce' he truly did...
Frida Martin
Frida Martin Il y a mois
This is so obvious. We all know. The Dems are trying to fix the elections. Put them on trial. I would vote for a potato before I vote for a donkey demo!
Daryl Chance
Daryl Chance Il y a mois
Gayle Sayers of the Chicago Bears, although incredible as a runner, was not the "The Galloping Ghost". That was Harold Edward "Red" Grange of Illinois.
Charles Hull
Charles Hull Il y a mois
What is Creepy Uncle Joe covering up? Where's the crack smoking deadbeat dad, Hunter?
Jim Welch
Jim Welch Il y a mois
REALLY???? The MEDIA has died and useless!
Al Capone
Al Capone Il y a mois
Let's all stand behind our president lie hide documents and be crooked maybe our country will be blessed by God so America will be great again..our future depends on it..Trump 2020..
Rhonda's Regular Days
Well....has the fact that Trump invited foreign interference and investigation been shown both by documentation and video of Trump? Well yes. Is it illegal enough to be impeached for? That's the real question that appears to be argued.
MoonCrow Il y a mois
@Rhonda's Regular Days I can respect that 😁 Thanks for your time!
Rhonda's Regular Days
As I appreciate your professionalism and is the only reason why I am willing to continue to respond. I will not say I know everything, and I appreciate your review and education on the subject you are very well spoken.
Rhonda's Regular Days
@MoonCrow I am not a Bernie supporter. Tbh I haven't seen any candadit or current president who isn't a steaming pile of crap that I would be proud to support. Lol
MoonCrow Il y a mois
@Rhonda's Regular Days I take it you're a Bernie supporter?
MoonCrow Il y a mois
@Rhonda's Regular Days """no documentation or proof. It strengthened his support.""" There's no documentation or proof that Russia's actions swayed a single voter either, but that's irrelevant because what matters is the attempt. But then again, if Ukraine investigating a political rival doesn't actually effect anything, what's the impeachment about?
John Harvey
John Harvey Il y a mois
GOD BLESS FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pat Walker
Pat Walker Il y a mois
This Ukraine thing is just a glimpse into how Li'l McThug Donald operates every day.
MoonCrow Il y a 28 jours
@Pat Walker LOL! Of course, you care about everyone BUT Americans. You've been brainwashed into thinking a President who actually does what's good for the United States is a bad thing. How can you fall for that?
Pat Walker
Pat Walker Il y a 28 jours
@MoonCrow I care about life on Earth, and most of Donald's supporters are oblivious to what is really important.
MoonCrow Il y a 28 jours
@Pat Walker Because Donald's supporters care about America and you don't.
Pat Walker
Pat Walker Il y a 29 jours
@MoonCrow Why do Donald's supporters keep repeating 'best president ever'? Because he's the worst, and they want to wish it away; like the climate?
Urszula Gromadzka
Urszula Gromadzka Il y a mois
Haf fez
Maximum Limit Videos
facts ARE undisputed. nah ...just kidding. 🥰
IQ MATTERS Il y a mois
PRESIDENT TRUMP, is selfless when it comes to preserving true American values. Law abiding citizens TRUMP 2020🇺🇸 Some Democrats feel very threatened by him, and will say anything to protect what they thought to be corrupt job security. We're on to them bigtime, keep up the pressure and we'll sail into a great future for all.🇺🇸
Tony Decker
Tony Decker Il y a mois
Biden is a complete idiot has done everything trump is getting impeached for right now
WJRIII Il y a mois
Responding to the comment by someone who said they're "disappointed" w/Fox News: What would you prefer? That the public NEVER be allowed to hear the other side of a story? That dissenting opinions on what facts MEAN should not be debated? You are "disappointed" because you've been lied to, leaving you brainwashed and ignorant and incapable of dealing with what's actually going on in this country. I'm disappointed with YOU.
Mary Betz
Mary Betz Il y a mois
Schiff, is nothing but slime. The devil, himself. Democrats, are so scared 😳 they won't win at the election. They know they won't. Biden, is another piece of slime. Demons are just evil
Maria Santos
Maria Santos Il y a mois
Biden needs to retired low energy man
Ted Thompson
Ted Thompson Il y a mois
I'll quote joe stalin "give me the man I'll give you the crime " typical left tactic. America should be worried. And Biden should be pleading to testify under oath and unsully his name if hes innocent. Hed just lie anyway, Congress won't do anything.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Il y a mois
For starters
David Philippi
David Philippi Il y a mois
Hey Joe, it's already a farce and has been since your party started this ignorance, you corrupt asshat.
Balsha 18
Balsha 18 Il y a mois
MAGA! Trump
nowonyuno Il y a mois
if the dems didnt want Trump to win 202 they should have spent more time trying to prove why they;re the better choice and ran better candidates instead of trying to mask everything by attempting to make Trump look bad by fabricating stories about them. Talk about misdirecting your energy. But they know their party is a dumpster fire filled with human garbage so the had no other choice
Lorin S
Lorin S Il y a mois
Trump has already won 2020 and they know it.
stephy31uk Il y a mois
Democrats don't get it, they are going to lose whatever happens as the people in droves are moving to the Republican party. I read comments on every video I watch and names don't keep repeating them, its clearly doing the Democrats great harm, they are going to lose bigger than anytime in history.
BlueSunset Il y a mois
The dems are.. not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They are going to get crushed.
NGMonocrom Il y a mois
Apparently FOX is still covering this farce. Meanwhile, no one is watching the proceedings. So much so that CBS (one of the biggest TV networks in the entire world) has gone back to airing their regularly scheduled programs during the same time these proceedings are going on.
Sean Il y a mois
Buy Greenland!
enviro kat
enviro kat Il y a mois
"The facts are undisputed" ... yet they need more witnesses. For a phone call...
Suzette Petillo
Suzette Petillo Il y a mois
A phone call that led to assumptions that led to DEM HYSTERIA, AKA:TDS I feel bad for them, Trump Curse is the result of TDS, n nothing can stop what's coming.
Evan Gelist
Evan Gelist Il y a mois
Why is it that every time I see slow mo Joe his audience look like retirees in a nursing home. Come on Dems try just try and fill a stadium like the Trump. Jason is right the Dems are just setting up their narrative for the next election.
Your Conscience
Your Conscience Il y a mois
Anyone that think shifty was good, I won’t them to count how many times he has lied In the past three years
MariOlsdatter Il y a mois
If they think he was good, they aren't competent to discern a lie...ANY lie.
Elizabeth Santos
Elizabeth Santos Il y a mois
Dazzling like his dancing with the stars. What a definition. 😂. It’s so bad that their not allowing the President do his job. Their acting wasting the people’s money while the Congolese and other immigrants are coming in the borders.
Autistic Andy
Autistic Andy Il y a mois
Here’s my recreation of the impeachment trial so far... 💤
nowonyuno Il y a mois
You miss how the media used to fellate Barry dont ya?
Absque Religione
Absque Religione Il y a mois
The republican presentation was the weakest ever seen. Based on lies, ignoring and distorting the facts and embracing conspiracy theories. A coverup never looked so clumsy.
Magda Mulford
Magda Mulford Il y a mois
I got so tired Schiff almost put me asleep! I had to work away!!
SanAntonioSlim Il y a mois
Swamp creatures often bite back when you wrestle with them. Doesn't mean you stop draining the swamp. Not tired of winning yet.
waiotahi52 Il y a mois
'Dems just don't want Trump to win in 2020' My God this man is as sharp as a tack. Another stable genius
S. D.
S. D. Il y a mois
Another sell out GOP Congressional enabler.
Jeffrey Binder
Jeffrey Binder Il y a mois
No witnesses will appear and the war cry COVERUP will be all over the FAKE NEWS and the Dumbocrats will find another fake crime. It's Ironic that they started this hoax with a guy going to jail for lying to Congress and end it with another guy going to prison soon. How much more credible star witnesses can anyone have ? Great job Schitt, that's what CNN and MSNBC told me so it must be true.
Eric Skelton
Eric Skelton Il y a mois
I almost wish Trump WOULD shoot someone on 5th Avenue, as he said he could do with impunity, just to watch Jason Chaffetz find a way to justify it.
nowonyuno Il y a mois
Like you Barry fluffers justified everything he did and when you couldnt you just called people racist who didnt agree with you?
Cobradriver99 Il y a mois
Oh is this like hillary having 100 people killed and getting away with it?
S Scherliss
S Scherliss Il y a mois
Zero content you can’t fill 5 minutes with any rebuttal to 20 hours of factual narrative of trumps gross negligence of his oath of office.
Cobradriver99 Il y a mois
There was none, a legal phone call, with a law on the books that actually supports it. Mind you the whistle blower has been part of the democrat camp and worked for soros for years and he wasnt even there for the call, he was told by someone else.
S Scherliss
S Scherliss Il y a mois
Indisputable how laughable we’ll let’s see oh yeah what is disputed ???
Matt Barnhouse
Matt Barnhouse Il y a mois
I wonder how many times these Dems and media outlets will allow themselves to look like jackasses before they decide to stop with all this BS and just admit they were wrong? Or will they ride it to their bitter end of their careers which should start happening soon for some.
Jody S.
Jody S. Il y a mois
Chaffetz got beat up every day in high school. Now we get to listen to an upset little baby on network news? Nice hiring Fox.
Angelina Il y a mois
“Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had” ~ William T Kelly, former Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Wharton. Now he’s the “Dumbest” President we’ve “Ever” had.. AND, his cult followers and the Right are thrilled?! Now too invested in his psychopathic high on the rector scale Superbia; to admit they were wrong about him?! Or can’t see the Forest beyond the trees beyond complicity?! An unsolved mystery..
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Il y a mois
Biggest cover-up in american history thx to GOP...and Putin celebrate his coup
MoonCrow Il y a mois
LOL!! Cover up of what? You're an idiot.