Is there ANY reason to buy Intel?

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Lisa Su is currently rolling in dolla dolla bills, y'all.
Ryzen 3000 AND Radeon 5000 seriesannouncement on June 10, set launch for July 7th
oéo-_96stDCb-mk.html @ 34:42 @ 54:38
Nvidia “Super” tease on May 23rd
Nvidia Super release on July 2nd
o LTT Super review:éo-bnEPBcCkM2Y.html
o Price changes:éo-USjdeYfthOw.html @ 0:32
Ryzen 3000 and Radeon 5000 launch on July 7th
o LTT Ryzen review:éo-z3aEv3EzMyQ.html
o LTT Radeon review:éo-3bmQPx9EJLA.html
Ryzen - real star of the show
- Rare example of something actually living up to the hype
o People LINED UP
BIOS update shenanigans
Some people like Anandtech had BIOS that got them lower performance
BIOS didn’t properly enable boost
Some outlets that had ASUS Crosshair mobos might have higher perf - BIOS increased power limit
o XFR frequency shenanigans
Der8auer found that XFR frequencies are included in boost clocks
AMD says we’ll get more out of overclocking the ram / infinity fabric than the processor

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10 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 4 532
SindarTheWise Il y a 11 heures
Well, I'd still take 9700k over any AMD, but that's just me, I guess... Single core performance is still kinda important. Like - how many cores can You really use? 4 max?
Alekss Belskis
Alekss Belskis Il y a 12 heures
"Linus tech tips parent company nvidia" Linus Sebastian
RainbowFoxSilo Il y a 13 heures
IMA BUY A I5 6600K
Dirty Yasuo
Dirty Yasuo Il y a 19 heures
Please don't take this as mean because I love you Anthony, but he looks like the kid that eats the cake in Matilda
Atom [Holden]
Atom [Holden] Il y a jour
Anyhony is on the channel wayy too much, linus where are you?
Travis Conner
Travis Conner Il y a 2 jours
Anthony is the main reason I LTT ❤️
Frug Il y a 2 jours
Anthony has gained a cult following what happened
Pc Master Wraith
Pc Master Wraith Il y a 2 jours
so anthony, gaming strictly, from a 6600k to what. 9600k?, also remeber amd has less than 5% of industry market share and 20-30% consumer, this tells a lot to me
Seth Morrison
Seth Morrison Il y a 2 jours
I bought an I9 because all the new ryzen CPU were sold out for months and I refuse to pay scumbag resellers the 50-100$ mark up they are asking for.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Il y a 3 jours
If you want the highest performing gaming CPU on the market buy Intel. Theres a reason. Wow that was easy. 9900K FTW.
happy dim sum
happy dim sum Il y a 3 jours
Bro my guy Anthony is a G but man his weight should be looked after
Contesting Fire
Contesting Fire Il y a 6 jours
Sadly my favourite game is heavily intel favourites (rust) so I had to buy a 9600k instead of a 3600x. Got a.good deal on a watercooler and upgraded to 5ghz tho, pretty sad I lost smt for it
Kevin M
Kevin M Il y a 7 jours
loved the style of this video. Keep making them please.
Aza-Industries Il y a 7 jours
I'm on arch with an r7 3700x and a 5700xt and weekly updates are only making my system faster and faster. Absolutely amazing hardware. Linux performance is great, as long as you have the latest driver, firmware and microcode updates.
TabalugaDragon Il y a 7 jours
*Intel is obsolete?* Is Anthony high? What does Ryzen have as an answer to i7 9750h? Or maybe it can compete with i9 9880h? Heck, their TOP END laptop CPU can't even compete with i5 8300h AT STOCK. Need I tell you what would happen if we undervolt the i5 which can't be done on Ryzen? Should laptop users be offended by videos like this?
Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar Il y a 7 jours
Gameing is consistently better on intel..i will however thank amd for causing intel to lower prices
Fiffa Music
Fiffa Music Il y a 10 jours
I feel like that set background is a fair representation of each persons workload.
I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
Fiffa Music Riley is on the team that writes tech quickie everyday, so he does do a lot of work other than videos.
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones Il y a 10 jours
Answer PCI-E lanes
Also Not Ankur
Also Not Ankur Il y a 12 jours
tille is there any reason to buy intel. it means intel vs amd o btw amd is also compete with nvidia so out of the title amd vs nvidia
David Perry
David Perry Il y a 13 jours
AMD X470 and B450 motherboards even X370 motherboards are forwards compatible with Ryzen 3rd gen.
Tushar Jamwal
Tushar Jamwal Il y a 14 jours
Der Bauer is like = "there" "bower" it means 'The Builder' It's German
Tushar Jamwal
Tushar Jamwal Il y a 12 jours
@crusher1980 appreciate the insight :) so this is similar issue is Drawing -> Drawer as well I guess xD but we don't use it for that, it's an artist...
crusher1980 Il y a 12 jours
Actually Bauer is a farmer :). If you take the word literally then you would be right because "bauen" means "to build" something, but Bauer never is used in the context of a builder, it always is used only for a farmer (how do I know ? because Iam German). A Builder is called a "Bauarbeiter" (and "Arbeiter" means worker, so there are 2 words combined for the context of a builder).
Riku Heagle
Riku Heagle Il y a 14 jours
Oh I love this Anthony guy
abdul alim khan
abdul alim khan Il y a 15 jours
I'm gonna be honest,intel is better where i live.first of all,a i3 9100f and a r3 1200 is almost same price.but the i3 just rips.last 6 month i bought 2 r3 2200g,a r5 2400g,a r3 1300x and a r7 2700x as well as one i3 9100f and a few i5 for a few pc i built for contract.must say,the intel chips killed the ryzens in the speed sector.of course,none of those were for gaming so i dunno.
Garka Bana
Garka Bana Il y a 16 jours
the big guy is the soul and brain of ltt
Chad Wahl
Chad Wahl Il y a 17 jours
Love Anthony ! Just a calming ,he has a way of describing complicated subject into an easily understandable way.
BlackRabbit Gaming
BlackRabbit Gaming Il y a 17 jours
I love how AMD prices their products and the way their current generation of products have been presented is great for those that are more inclined to do productivity type activities with their Computer but as a gamer I still dont feel that they are pushing enough Performance for the gaming consumers to justify me switching to AMD besides the fact that Intels product prices are getting ridiculous. $4,500 NZD to fully build a PC running a i7 9700k and a 2080 with 16GB of RAM and a highend board for overclocking I feel is pretty excessive. But again as a gamer the performance from AMD's chips just doesn't make them attractive enough for me to make the switch 🤷‍♂️
hardino0311 Il y a 17 jours
Did that guy really nap during the intro? Or was it a joke? It seems like it was real. Rude AF.
- NjjX
- NjjX Il y a 18 jours
Intel processors, AMD gpu
Der Spacer
Der Spacer Il y a 19 jours
So... der8auer is pronounced with a 'b' in the middle and you guys were pretty close. Der is actually just a german article "the" and bauer means "farmer". Probably in reference to him being from a rural background?
Iosono I.
Iosono I. Il y a 22 jours
0:41 false: you know he does
ZicMortal Il y a 24 jours
Is AMD better for laptops?
Dan Gir
Dan Gir Il y a 25 jours
yes if you have sponsored by intel
Paweł Sadecki
Paweł Sadecki Il y a 26 jours
This table is so fancy 👌
Vignan Sheelam
Vignan Sheelam Il y a 26 jours
i7 9700k or ryzen 7 3700x ?
David C
David C Il y a 27 jours
No, going across the CCDs on Ryzen 3000 actually has LESS latency than going across the CCX on Ryzen 1000/2000. Also, they fixed the boosting problems. RTX IS A BULLSHIT FEATURE. AS CORETEKS AND TOM SAYS, IT IS A FLYING CAR THAT CANNOT FLY AND WILL BE OBSOLETE IN 6 MONTHS.
Choronzon39 Il y a 27 jours
You might be better off if you watch some serious tech shit. Coreteks
Choronzon39 Il y a 27 jours
You might be better off if you watch some serious tech shit. Coreteks
wally chambe
wally chambe Il y a 27 jours
Yes, AMD is not stable , Intel just works!
Richard Bogan
Richard Bogan Il y a 29 jours
Worst host in the business right here ^
Kain Hernandez
Kain Hernandez Il y a mois
Sign my toenails Anthony!
ilia Gofman
ilia Gofman Il y a mois
Anthony is good at explaining stuff
ilia Gofman
ilia Gofman Il y a mois
Intel does higher clock speed for single and dual core operation even with an 8 core cpu and higher all cores speed, which seems to be best performance for those types of apps and games, then AMD is 2nd.
HSWG WL Il y a mois
just buy intel it's currently the HOTTEST cpu in the market.
michaelrw10 Il y a mois
"unless you really want nvidia or you really need hardware h264 encoder, there's no reason to go nvidia" lmao these guys can't be serious.. A few mins before they were saying "classic AMD.. they have some decent cards in a narrow range, and then beyond that it's anyone's guess" So let's get real for a minute..the only card they were able to beat outright was the 2060 (non-super).. so ok, if you're in that narrow price range, AMD may be a good alternative. This is a far cry from "there no reason to go nvidia" .. no reason? There are more reasons to go nvidia than to not go nvidia; it's as simple as that. The only people this may be relevant to are those who have limited gpu budget and are looking for 2060-ish performance. They do a really nice job of wrapping this in an AMD bow and delivering a gift of false hope. They make big statements that seem to imply AMD is rivaling green and blue globally.. remember at the very beginning of the conclusion he said "there are many hills" .. they basically are describing a single pricepoint, a narrow slice of the CPU/GPU market, and afterwards they present it as if the competition is global, when in fact it only in this tiny slice of the market. Nice job with your exaggerations and false extrapolations.. not every viewer will be paying close enough attention to realize that nice trick.. they will simply hear "no reason to buy nvidia" and nothing else #AnthonyRights
William Horton
William Horton Il y a mois
I didn't know Axl Rose was an AMD fanboy... JK. Subscribed.
EliteExpression Il y a mois
Anthony has a foot fetish, confirmed 6:44
Custom E'
Custom E' Il y a mois
Intel line up is just done for 😂😂😂
beerpowered Il y a mois
Cascade Lake for the 44 PCIE Lanes. 16x/16X bandwidth matters in SLI at high resolutions such as 4K. Remember M.2, Wifi Card and the PCH get its 24 PCIe lanes from the Chipset now. Why are 44 Lanes needed from the CPU? 32 for SLI and thats leaves 12 left for addon cards. Like additional M.2 expansion cards, PCIe SSDs, SSD cache, sound card, capture cards etc. Why would I do this? Same reason I have a bramble running PiVPN/PiHole/pfSense/DHCP/DNS. Its FUN!
Mickey Zombish
Mickey Zombish Il y a mois
0:40 lol
Daniel Lima
Daniel Lima Il y a mois
this man is a monster O.o waste more energy, you deserve it...
Brady Lyter
Brady Lyter Il y a mois
riley is my favorite
Calamity Il y a mois
You always have a reason to buy an i7 9700K.
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Il y a mois
@Calamity you wanna go huh? YOU WANNA GO BITCH
Calamity Il y a mois
@Franklin Clinton Nothing from AMD beats an 9700K in gaming. Come at me fanboy.
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Il y a mois
No we don't AMD all the way :)
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Il y a mois
I just feel like you feel so much heart behind the brain when he talks. Anthony Soft-spoken humble he's like the smartest guy in the room that doesn't make you feel dumb. Definitely deserves a nerd gold medal
Joel Stuart
Joel Stuart Il y a mois
Anthony could have his own show I like Linus but let's face it Anthony definitely has the horsepower underneath that come over. Definitely my favorite .
Travis Retriever
Travis Retriever Il y a mois
Intel: absolute performance, cost, be damned. AMD: power to cost ratio is better (and includes cooling systems! :D) while being overall cheaper. Boom. I just saved you about an hour of research.
Quagmire88 Il y a mois
I still plan on watercooling a 5700xt and use the voltage unlock to OC it.
Valomat Il y a mois
what happened to Jason Priestley?
Timothy Lowe
Timothy Lowe Il y a mois
Gilbert Gottfried @ 10:57, "Guess what, Price drop!".
LOoOn ARTs Il y a mois
Both of you spelling of "der8auer" is pretty good, just so you know. BTW: there´re two meanings for it in german, once it´s a farmer and the other is someone who builds/ creates things.
Xogroroth666 Il y a mois
You should be ashamed not to get payment from Nvidia. Oh, and Intel!!! Damned!
"Negative Latency"
Huawei's BACK!