Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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Commentaires 80
Chris Yates
Chris Yates Il y a 49 minutes
The only thing holding PSNow back from true glory is the lack of clients. Abso-fuckin-lutely no reason why Sony can't get their shit together and publish an Android or Mac/Linux client.
Chandler Hamilton
Chandler Hamilton Il y a heure
for anyone wandering what companies blacklisted their games from geforce now here you go: Capcom, Rockstar, Blizzard, Activision, Square Enix, Bethesda, 2k
Dalton Il y a heure
looks ok, no blocky artifacts... we do have badass internet though. Yeah I'd be shocked if you had any network issues with your 10 gigabit connection... in my area we have decent connections and we are LUCKY to be able to get to 0.3 gigabits per second (300 some megabits per second). Though we are fortunate to have connections that fast because I know of people in my circles that due to their location no amount of money can get them decent internet that isn't beat in speed, cost, reliability, etc at the same time by a decent cell phone plan (and we have some of the worst phone plan prices in the country if not the world). Nah, keep the streaming, I hate that jelly feeling and would rather just use my PC. I understand where it would be handy to have a streaming service but it's also a sign of the times (everything goes to the cloud, you own nothing) which I think is dangerous and just a bad idea since we already gave up physical ownership long ago for digital downloads.
its_justmagic Il y a 3 heures
I really wanted to play the last of us so I setup ps now but it was unplayable. Horrible fps, slow loading times and input lag. Geforce now was the best streaming experience I have gotten but it doesn't have that many games.
Luigi Il y a 4 heures
i think nvidia for now is the best
Crazed gaming yt
Crazed gaming yt Il y a 4 heures
Geforce now is the best I own the founders edition though and I have 1 gigabit internet with a ethernet cable with priority connection turned on
BraedenFrazeArt Il y a 5 heures
Wait are Destiny 1 servers still active?
the sorrow
the sorrow Il y a 5 heures
Geforce now sucks with the time limit
S TECHS LIVE GAMING Il y a 5 heures
7:54 to 7:57 you freaking nailed it!!!
Cooper Il y a 6 heures
What about Shadow??
davkdavk Il y a 6 heures
4:23 , You can hear the click of the thumbstick, and then 20 minutes later the screen responds. lol
davkdavk Il y a 6 heures
It's funny how we started off with dumb terminals and a mainframe, and 30 years later we're doing the same shit all over again.
Kyle Hughes
Kyle Hughes Il y a 7 heures
Fun fact: a while back, you could launch a game in geforce now that popped a “no controller support” warning, then navigate through the steam menu and install any game in your library (in seconds- data center conn + cache) and play it. Now that it’s out of beta, it won’t launch anything that isn’t the game you launched from the GFN menu. /shrug
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith Il y a 7 heures
I waited 18 minutes and 30 seconds for the ad to end, and then the video ended.
J3tP4ck93 Il y a 8 heures
Good Video, but i dont think, That much people wanna stream with Delay. I mean lets say in 10 years everyone on earth have Internet with 1ms Ping then ok but even if i pay more for a pc Gaming rig, i like it to have my own power under the Table. And of course i can do what i want especially pay what i want.
Yapsonark Il y a 9 heures
CEO of Circle... ness..
Nirwanda Il y a 9 heures
"i don't know ermac" You know, the character from 1995's mortal kombat 3
nick13b Il y a 9 heures
stadia is already dead! Only sold 50k units since launch!
Mr. Martell Sincere
Mr. Martell Sincere Il y a 9 heures
No thanks to live streaming
whoisQ Il y a 9 heures
Main reason I stopped my stadia subscription was not game options, but was very slight latency from controller to game. It bothered me very much in destiny and other FPS games. This is something I have also experienced while using Blade’s Shadow. Haven’t tried GeForce Now. I am very pro cloud gaming but I just keep going back to my Xbox/ PC.
BigPileOfWesley Il y a 10 heures
Y'all forgot about ShadowPC ... Basically a cloud desktop and no game restrictions.
CaviDS Il y a 10 heures
you need to really test it on a lower internet service
tuskuniversal Il y a 10 heures
YOU DONT KNOW ERMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The_HBK_23 Il y a 11 heures
Does Linus game? Sounds like he knows jack shit for a guy that does half videos on gaming hardware
владлен хазиев
Lol, it showed me an add with linus, before ltt video. Linus in a suit, hmmmm, I wonder if he wore socks and sandals in a suit...
Whitestar Il y a 11 heures
weird I get no latency with Stadia what so ever..btw you get multiple free games a month with stadia pro like you do with PsPlus and xbox whatever it is called
Mr nice guy
Mr nice guy Il y a 11 heures ovoius...we all see it....
Sindre Elnes
Sindre Elnes Il y a 11 heures
PlayStation Now isn’t really meant for newer multiplayer games. It’s Sony’s answer to backwards compatibility for older games. I have PlayStation Now mainly to play old ps2 and ps3 games because my ps3 has started to defect and crash. It’s hands down the best game-streaming service, ever more so for veteran-game players
alejo cataño
alejo cataño Il y a 12 heures
If anybody that is interested in something like this the best one is shadow pc, it’s like having a pc inside your pc, is the best one yet it does cost a bit more around 15 a month, but it is the best one and this year they are releasing new tears
Tyler Il y a 13 heures
That's me playing against you in rocket league at 6 minutes.
zgoaty92 Il y a 13 heures
Another thing to note about Playstation Now, is that any supported PS2 Classics and PS4 games available on the service are also available for direct download on PS4 consoles.
Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan Il y a 14 heures
What about steam link?
Si7ent Mashup
Si7ent Mashup Il y a 14 heures
The name Stadia sounds like some kind of disease. "Ma'am, it seems like your son has early onset Stadia. His input latency is at 200 ms."
Alex Wawroski
Alex Wawroski Il y a 14 heures
You guys are the reason I got Shadow and then don't include it? It's on all the screens and plays all the games!
DCERC Il y a 14 heures
He just said "Playstation 1" when talking about Bluetooth controller support xD
Nico Machiavel
Nico Machiavel Il y a 14 heures
You guys... Had never played Samurai Shodown (not a spelling mistake) before??? You really need to play the 2D version. It's a pretty good series if you're into fighting games! =)
GreyKid Il y a 14 heures
I love xCloud, it's like having a beta Xbox Game pass that I can play anywhere
Chopped Liver
Chopped Liver Il y a 14 heures
Had not played games since I was in high school 12 years ago, bought stadia founders. Its fine, not a high end gaming machine and honestly their biggest misstep was marketing towards dedicated gamers. As long as they keep adding new games Ill keep playing.
Vision33r Il y a 14 heures
I don't think game streaming old games make any sense. It's the huge newer games that will benefit. Many new games that takes a long time to download and install not to mention higher hardware requirements.
ivan velho
ivan velho Il y a 15 heures
There was a paper that guide the PS2 development. That paper said a multimedia device must have a very very low latency as a primary attribute . That's why this streamming solutions are all suboptimal solutions . We have a class of games which integrate network features but they always use a local client to avoid network latency . Only when latency will be low enough , this solutions could be feasable . 50ms ( in the best projection) is not good enough.
Mitchell Jon Pallatte
Mitchell Jon Pallatte Il y a 15 heures
Playstation 1 Linus? Lol
Zerosou Il y a 16 heures
linus playstation one what nani!! 1:53
solopernumeri2 Il y a 16 heures
So... a resume?
Rieve Naïlo
Rieve Naïlo Il y a 16 heures
Don't need a shield tv to play GeForce now on a TV. Laptop + HDMI works just fine. Been playing assassin's Creed Odyssey with no complaints that way
Titan Darkie
Titan Darkie Il y a 17 heures
useless for csgo though XD
fuzzy Il y a 18 heures
i will never be able to use any of these cos i get 5 mb/s for like 60 bucks
Junior Sarpong
Junior Sarpong Il y a 18 heures
So your the special 5% smh. Ppl kill me.
IvanPlayStation4LiFe Il y a 18 heures
At 1080p you cannot tell the difference is bullshit if you say you can.
DarK Il y a 18 heures
I kove how he used the xbox controller to play the PlayStation now lmao
Breydon Davis
Breydon Davis Il y a 19 heures
12:30 he should play on a rog phone
jameswalker199 Il y a 19 heures
Can you use the stadia controller on any other platform?
Chris Prevosto
Chris Prevosto Il y a 19 heures
Right off the bat. Geforce Now with a Samsung phone using a usb multi-port hub, a keyboard, mouse, or controller, and a nice size screen is the best way to go hands down. Xcloud performs well with same setup as well.
Kilo Metrez
Kilo Metrez Il y a 19 heures
What about SHADOW?
Neo207 Il y a 20 heures
YUP ALL THE FILES ARE GOIN NOW BOYS! shit had me rollin lmao
The Gaming Knight
The Gaming Knight Il y a 20 heures
that segway tho
Richard Letanec
Richard Letanec Il y a 20 heures
Yeah I tried Geforce now and I said yeah this could be future if I get a bit faster internet.... and then a few days later half of the games that I tested on it were unavailable... yeah looks like if it'll go this way it won't be the future
Stephen Carpenter
Stephen Carpenter Il y a 20 heures
This same promise comes around every few years....we call it the "thin client". Its a useful tool that people have been claiming is going to replace everything, on and off, for literal decades now.
SHAdow98 Il y a 22 heures
Stadia is SSHIT,GeForce Now is actually a very nice option for when you don't have the horses necessary to run a game but you own it and want to play it,let's say you got a game as a gift but don't have the GPU for it or you have the game but recently your GPU died and you stay on integrated graphics on your PC until your new one arrives or something,you can use GeForce Now to play the game,even tho i hate game streaming i do give GeForce Now the benefit of the doubt,i would be willing to even give it a try,too bad there are some companies stupid enough to ban their games from being streamed on this service XD,this service pretty much enables ppl without a good system to play the very expensive new games that NEED a good system therefore increasing the sales for those very expensive games,its pretty much free advertisment if you think about it,and stupid greedy companies are like "Nope,we won't let ppl play our games on your system even tho that would increase our sales and our incomes" =)))))))))))))),i swear to God creediness makes ppl dumber than actual rocks XD
Daniel Robson
Daniel Robson Il y a 22 heures
You know xcloud works great on Nvidia Shield TV 2019 I have it on Pro with PS4 controller has to be sideloaded though the app
BurntFaceMan Il y a 22 heures
Should you stream games? No. The end. ether Buy a PC and play steam games(or epic/origin.. but yea maybe not those), or buy a console and play your console games. fuck re-buying games you own, and screw unnecessary latency from platform choice.
nzoomed Il y a 23 heures
Its like netflix, just for games lol
GeneralButter Il y a jour
Fun fact, you only need download to use geforce now, i LITTERALLY have 0 upload speed
Chandler191 Il y a jour
Shadow was the best
Thomas Ruehr
Thomas Ruehr Il y a jour
You have not tried Shadow. So no you have not tried them all.
Zidane Steiner
Zidane Steiner Il y a jour
Well if they do VR in streaming then it might free up a lot of restrictions for people.
Daniil Kharkov
Daniil Kharkov Il y a jour
NOW you can call them VIDEO games😏
Jackstez Savage
Jackstez Savage Il y a jour
I am procrastinating way too much due to the corona virus
SiisKolkytEuroo Il y a jour
1:50 so you can use a PS1 controller with Geforce Now? Cool!
bloodnokian Il y a jour
How can they be milking gamers for more money when you have to own the game to play it on Geforce Now? You're not going to buy a game twice.
Bill Bird
Bill Bird Il y a jour
I don't use steam, i will not use steam
h4tt0ri Il y a jour
LEL. it's going to be best on PC... consoles do not compare.
FrostzMonkey Il y a jour
I use Samsung dex mode with xbox streaming app. Works great.
Alpha's Dank Shit
Alpha's Dank Shit Il y a jour
*c o n c l u s i o n*
CocutFX Il y a jour
Geforce now was my go to, until developers started pulling games. Unfortunate situation that they can’t do anything about it unless they switch to a whole windows VM platform like Shadow.
Verbum Dei
Verbum Dei Il y a jour
Maybe in another 10 years if the world can recover from the next economy recession.
Isaias Vazquez
Isaias Vazquez Il y a jour
Does GeForce now has any noticeable lag that could screw you over in pvp games?
Yashas Pradeep
Yashas Pradeep Il y a jour
i play minecraft on geforce now and i get mad frames.
Jon Wonders
Jon Wonders Il y a jour
When 5G is widely available, latency shouldn't be an issue.
Indika Gunaratne
Indika Gunaratne Il y a jour
Whenever any staff member is in a video with Linus, they seem so stifled as if they're worried about making a good impresion in front of him
Hogan W
Hogan W Il y a jour
Did you REALLY try them all? No, no you didn't. You couldn't test the best of the bunch, Shadow, because they don't offer it up in Canuckistan yet. I have a couple of their VMs for my daughters and I've played on them myself, they've done an amazing job with the streaming technology to provide top-notch graphics quality and no perceivable lag at all. I highly recommend checking Shadow out if/when it becomes available for you.
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