Is there ANY hope for game streaming? We tried them all.

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There are so many game streaming services popping up, with so many idiosyncrasies, that it’s hard to keep it all straight. In this video, James takes Linus through a tour testing GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Microsoft Project Xcloud, and Sony PlayStation Now to see which one makes the most sense...except we didn't try Shadow.
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24 mars 2020




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Commentaires 100
Sachin Dalal 3557
Sachin Dalal 3557 Il y a 21 heure
Well u can side load the GeForce now app on an android tv, I have done it and it works fine. All u need is a controller
Sachin Dalal 3557
Sachin Dalal 3557 Il y a 21 heure
The crazy thing is I play single player and multiplayer games on GeForce now with a ping of over 200 ( mainly because I am in india and closest server is in Europe) but with a good enough internet connection (100mbps connection), I still get a decent gaming experience. Like my fortnight match is like 7 to 8 kills(it doesn't include default skins) with that ping .
Bravo Kilo
Bravo Kilo Il y a jour
Any streaming service where you don’t have to actually buy the game is ok. Basically xcloud and psnow. Stadia can fuck off
Ezra Mantini
Ezra Mantini Il y a 2 jours
Can you use Gforce Now on a low end Pc?
Welcome to osu!
Welcome to osu! Il y a 4 jours
Imagine running crysis on max graphics with AA on a 100 dollar phone
Valdemire Kreshnov
Valdemire Kreshnov Il y a 4 jours
Linus: "We are going to see which of these streaming platforms is superior! Oh Linus.. we all know it isn't Stadia.
mayday mayday
mayday mayday Il y a 4 jours
looking forward for the second part of this video once Luna from Amazon releases
Nibhan Raheem
Nibhan Raheem Il y a 4 jours
pre-pandemic and pandemic Linus are like from two different dimensions
Ian Spidell
Ian Spidell Il y a 4 jours
the snapping is just destiny
StadiaGames Il y a 5 jours
This didn't age well. Now that XPlay has launched, it's totally janky, GeForce Now keeps losing games and crashes constantly and Stadia has more than tripled its lineup before the holiday season has even gotten here. ;)
man cool
man cool Il y a 5 jours
I don't think it'll be a good idea because look at Netflix or disney+ they can take movie & show down same thing can happen with gaming & also other problem they'll make to much gaming service like how there a lot of streaming service
rainwolf034 Il y a 5 jours
Game pass will have all former Xbox games at launch of XBox Series X/S.
Zainullah Khan
Zainullah Khan Il y a 6 jours
NOOOOOOOOO he forgot the ulamite service
Austin Squires
Austin Squires Il y a 6 jours
Xbox Ps plus Them others ain’t shit 🤣
man cool
man cool Il y a 5 jours
I don't think it'll be a good idea because look at Netflix or disney+ they can take movie & show down same thing can happen with gaming & also other problem they'll make to much gaming service like how there a lot of streaming service
Janar Il y a 7 jours
Personally would prefer (approach): mine steam library over nVidia, but there are this blacklisting issue. Steam had/has something similar: steam-play and steam-link. Yeah, you can play "A Plague Tale: Innocence" from your Steam library with your Android or RaspberryPi via Steam Play app, for free*, as long as you want. *Difference being: instead renting powerful enough "PC", you must have to own/provide one yourself, with good enough connection. Being tested this out, it works really well too (also with physical controllers). Having stated so, I do not currently use the feature, as playing on phone simply doesn't fit with mine taste nor current lifestyle. But planning to do so with next PC : headless noisy leaf-blower beast heating the other room, while enjoying mine media(games) without interference and quietness afterwards.
Janar Il y a 7 jours
Those services seem to be designed for Estonians, whom have no issues with 4G connection (even in some random swamp thanks to 99% coverage) with unlimited speed/data/time for around 20~15€ per month or (less than) half of it with good deal (even free from some months to a year). As for hard wired goes, there are projects under development do fully cover the whole country with optical cables .Think but instead of couple of cities, every single house in country. All rural areas included. But you would still be paying for the "last mile" + monthly fee for ISP (which must compete with 4G/5G prices). Plus having personal smartphone has become almost a requirement for citizenship (including children): On the downside, I'd assume none of the providers would have any local servers (well maybe MS(Skype?) and Google). 1. fun fact: Pärnu city land area is currently bigger than New York ;-p 2. 3 decades ago it were huge deal if there were single phone for several villages (privileged luxury item).
Psylent Rage
Psylent Rage Il y a 8 jours
p.s... SAMURAI SHOWDOWN!!! One of my G.O.A.T. favourite PvP games! (was funny how Linus thought he was picking Ryu from Street Fighter XD
Psylent Rage
Psylent Rage Il y a 8 jours
I like Nvidia shield best, from the get-go. You own the games, no subscription. BUT, and a BIG but... Here, in South-Africa, the shield pro costs as much as a console and as much as a decent second-hand PC (maybe as new as intel gen 7). What's the point then? Our physical tech, i.e. PCs, cameras, etc, are STOOPID expensive, compared to our salaries. Not to mention our prohibitive internet costs... ALL in all, for someone here, to pay for fast enough internet, own everything you need AND be in a safe enough location so as not to worry too much about theft, etc., we, as GAMERS, are on AVERAGE screwed XD Have been for the longest time. HOW do you enjoy a game, if you had to go into gut-wrenching debt just to play? Most of our gamers this side, with the "set-ups', are either breaking their backs, in debt, or some other unseen hurdle to overcome. So, yeah, adding a subscription on top of that, would be most heartless and cruel...
ocean on fire
ocean on fire Il y a 8 jours
Yes there is
ClashMedia Il y a 11 jours
12.becase i cant afford it
G01DEN BOI Il y a 11 jours
and none are in Australia
Darth MadV
Darth MadV Il y a 12 jours
This is the future. And it will force developers to update their games in order for people to keep playing their games. No one wants to play a hacked crack house. Also it will force games to become virtually free and depend on battle passes for most profit so again... they don’t neglect their game after a year. These days companies create games, neglect them after a year and it just gets ruined by hackers yet you still have to pay $50 just to figure that out...
DAVID GREGORY KERR Il y a 12 jours
What about a rig running a 3990x plus 2TiB of Threadripper compatible DDR4 RAM running Linux Mint 19.3 CINNAMON (Tricia) 64bit and the Linux Steam Client and see if you could play your favourite Steam Games.
Rajdeep Bhullar
Rajdeep Bhullar Il y a 12 jours
No linus we cannot ''see that framerate'' because even after having access too all the fu"king resources in the world........ YOU STILL UPLOAD IN 30FPS!!
Aadi Sahni
Aadi Sahni Il y a 5 jours
I don't know about you but I could easily see it was in 30FPS vs 60FPS
Wakarimasu Tech
Wakarimasu Tech Il y a 13 jours
We need anthony's linux channel
thomas krol
thomas krol Il y a 14 jours
These thing are good for people without good pc
treos2 Il y a 14 jours
@video title: i sure hope not cause the very concept is idiotic. plus there's the argument regarding ownership and the act of purchasing things... . with video game streaming you are paying to purchase nothing and get nothing of tangible value in return for your money's not even renting anything. it's literally donating money to a company for permission to access their servers and that permission can be revoked at any time for any reason. . while with steam, gog, and irl still purchase things and own the things you purchase. PLUS thanks to digital piracy you can go and download backup copies of a great many games you may have bought. backup copies. except for gog's case as they give you an installer to begin with with no drm or any other strings attached. . with video game streaming this doesn't happen and you get...nothing of tangible value for your money. you're just donating money for an empty promise.
Heldscissors41 Il y a 15 jours
I think most of the problems on the xcloud occurred because of the phone (I played the xcloud on both a low end and high end phone) on the low end phone it was nearly impossible to play as it’d always screen tear (take note that this was like a $70 ZTE phone so can’t blame it) and on the higher end phone there wasn’t any tearing at all or anything
Nicholas Xavier
Nicholas Xavier Il y a 15 jours
1:54 Seriously Linus? Cmon you're better than this
Jimmy McDriller
Jimmy McDriller Il y a 15 jours
Linus is a rl god!
SeriousGamer753 Il y a 16 jours
But destiny 2 is free...
M4G1CFOG Il y a 16 jours
PC MASTER RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santa Six
Santa Six Il y a 17 jours
It's clear. These services are not for the people who know about this channel.
Andrewik Il y a 18 jours
I have a really fast internet connection, the only caveat is that rats chewing on the fiber-optic cable 3 miles from my home, causing downtimes is not as uncommon as you'd think. And I bet there are no data centres in my country, so it's not just local rats that I'd have to worry about. So fuck them. Game streaming can die in a fiery pit of hell.
Eshaan Pisal
Eshaan Pisal Il y a 18 jours
lmao i've played The Silent Cartographer soooooo many times on Halo Trial
Do You Mind
Do You Mind Il y a 18 jours
The guy on the left is too boobish for me.
Dean Walker
Dean Walker Il y a 19 jours
Never use Destiny for latency tests! It's bad anyway
ichatterbot Il y a 20 jours
This is why Xbox series x is making such a big deal over ultra low latency.
TheSamurai Spirit7
TheSamurai Spirit7 Il y a 21 jour
Hmmm it seems to me like PS Now and xcloud are the 2 most promising choices when it comes to streaming
Ak47hsnyn4 Il y a 14 jours
idk theyre the only 1s that seem good and i even have psnow but ik for a fact that stadia is shit
Munoobinater Il y a 21 jour
Destiny 2 is HORRIBLE with HDR, especially in the dark. I had to turn mine off
Gabe Ross
Gabe Ross Il y a 21 jour
FYI game streaming (at least stadia) kills your internet if you don't have an unlimited plan
JWMGaming Il y a 21 jour
Loool Stadia watching this like 🥺🤬🤬🤬
skylar stanley
skylar stanley Il y a 21 jour
Follow me @ "romdell" on Twitch
Nick Llama
Nick Llama Il y a 21 jour
Cloud gaming is to the gaming industry what 3D is to the movie industry: A bunch of fucking hype that never really delivers.
Infidel Gaming
Infidel Gaming Il y a 22 jours
I was getting better gaming when streaming from the Xbox servers instead of streaming a game from my console. Every time I streamed from my console there was a disgusting lag between movement or button action
Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson Il y a 22 jours
Why no steam link or Xbox streaming?
videowatcher495 Il y a 22 jours
Even none console guys know Halo's Theme... Bungie why you leave Halo!?!
Rylee Moore
Rylee Moore Il y a 22 jours
Shadow PC beats it all
sayan sarkar
sayan sarkar Il y a 22 jours
what about language of the games in PS now. So in Germany you get all the games in German and only few in English. That sucks!!!
SilverEye Il y a 22 jours
I don't understand the argument for why Stadia is good for someone who doesn't own any games or a PC. You just said you can play Geforce Now on mobiles...
elterrible00esb Il y a 22 jours
I played G force now when it was in beta a few times and even on moderate 30mbs internet it was pretty decent at 720p. I was playing that ninja platform game and it was completely playable, any kind of lag really had no affect on a platformer. I was pretty impressed. Turned it up to 1080p and it would start to glitch out and 4k was like a slide show.
cryora Il y a 23 jours
So Linus just randomly found a filthy casual out in the street and invited him to be a part of this video?
The unbreakable
The unbreakable Il y a 23 jours
K sweeney
K sweeney Il y a 23 jours
Linus without a beard is just as cringy as I remember
MBprime Il y a 23 jours
Sadly, most are not supported in my region
scout2723 Il y a 24 jours
Did he say playstation 1
AlexTalk Il y a 24 jours
i play steamworld heist on stadia and i love it
Daniel Amanfo
Daniel Amanfo Il y a 24 jours
If you don’t have access to a decent computer and especially crazy fast WiFi these streaming game platforms suck major ass.
YeeticusAurelius Il y a 25 jours
That image tear on geforce now though
Third Person Perspective
Third Person Perspective Il y a 25 jours
My God he's so handsome😍
B FCid
B FCid Il y a 25 jours
u should try nware. theyre also cloud gaming, from spain
Old Pop Collingsworth
Old Pop Collingsworth Il y a 26 jours
Destiny genuinely has the chunkiest controller settings by default anyways, they should've tweaked they settings to be more sensitive before making it the game of choice for streaming
Saeed Faheem
Saeed Faheem Il y a 26 jours
U should make an update video cause GeForce now is better and supports all android TVs
Connoc 72
Connoc 72 Il y a 27 jours
i use asus gaming laptop :D
Rosen Xplosion
Rosen Xplosion Il y a 27 jours
I love GFN but they need to bring back the devs to the platform id even pay more for it because 5$ is nothing for a gaming service where you dont even need to drop 400$ on a new console every 4 years
JeIIy :D
JeIIy :D Il y a 27 jours
Didn't even use steam's streaming service
E Gaming555
E Gaming555 Il y a 28 jours
Dude on my old laptop that has an i3 and a Intel family hd o can run fortnite at 60fps on epic settings with GeForce now
General MaCcorpy
General MaCcorpy Il y a 29 jours
Missing Onlive
haider khalid
haider khalid Il y a 29 jours
Did anyone notice on 1:55 Linus said: You can use any Bluetooth supported controller like the ps1
Trenton Barber
Trenton Barber Il y a 29 jours
Xcloud best overall
BlitzCreed Il y a 29 jours
3:52 that missions from d1 and I'm really happy they brought it back
The Vaping Samurai
The Vaping Samurai Il y a 29 jours
No, you don't have to use a Stadia controller to play any Stadia game. I use a wired Xbox One pad on my pc to play Stadia games, and it work's flawlessly. Tried and tested on Borderlands 3, Rage 2 and Elder Scrolls Online. All you need is the Stadia App from the app store and an internet connection, as well as a machine, any machine, that can run Google Chrome scene as it's all done through your internet browser.
TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha Il y a 29 jours
„We tried them all“ Shadow?
Academic Mistake
Academic Mistake Il y a 29 jours
your twitch is definitely one of the lowest viewers counts ive seen for such a big youtuber, actually shocking how little viewership your getting, i watched other night and wasnt fun tbh
Academic Mistake
Academic Mistake Il y a 27 jours
@SuperPlayz it didnt even get to 2k viewers/views, ive seen some far smaller guys with much higher viewer counts
SuperPlayz Il y a 27 jours
How much was it?
Khola Il y a mois
What happened to companies like Liquid Sky etc?
WolfPupHowls Il y a mois
Bethesda, 2k and bliard-activision pulled out of Geforce now
Steven Dorsey
Steven Dorsey Il y a mois
I tried Xbox Game Pass, and mostly liked it. The only problem is that my laptop has a 128 GB SSD, and I use an external 2TB HDD for stuff like games. It seems impossible for me to use Game Pass's app to download directly to my 2TB HDD. To download a 62 GB game on Game Pass, my computer would use the Page File, which relies on my local storage. Ultimately, when I tried installing a AAA game onto my HDD through Game Pass, it couldn't do it because my local storage space wasn't large enough to temporarily store the download. Bear in mind, I'd already set it to download to my HDD, not my SDD.That's why I discontinued my subscription shortly thereafter, since I could get the same games through an alternative source, and not be limited by an unrelated storage device.
JonVLC YT Il y a mois
Why are all these ads showing people playing outside, most mobile data is less than 10mb/sec
Dragon Saud
Dragon Saud Il y a mois
Did he say playstation 1 controller
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
Cloud is better, the more far away the hardware is the worse the latency. What if Cloud & ARM teamed up to put streaming in the dust..?
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
Whoever thought of this lantency prone idea should have actually gotten the hint to 86 their project.
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
Firmware it is a existing technology that's even better than this horrible idea
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
This game streaming idea is just bad!
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
It's just better to have your cpu & gpu or even ARM cores present to do the work where your located. You wouldn't even need a harddrive on a cable box. Your smart phone runs all apps on the same arm core processing. Imagine trying to log into an Australia desktop when your smart phone is literally in your hand.
jonathan schenck
jonathan schenck Il y a mois
If anything of a streaming service should be more like a loading firmware platform like a cable box. Your save data & collection could be else where like a server acting as catch ready to be loaded at home.
Og Miserable *
Og Miserable * Il y a mois
If u like bo4 snd check me out im just starting?*****?
Parsa Vafaei
Parsa Vafaei Il y a mois
His gaming talent is the best :)
Eren Silva
Eren Silva Il y a mois
dame dane dame yo dame na no yo anta ga suki de sukisugite dore dake tsuyoi osake demo yugamanai omoide ga baka mitai yooooooooooo
Clement Bouveret
Clement Bouveret Il y a mois
you mentioned Shield as the 'pc gaming streaming experience', but have you guys heard about Shadow? it's a pretty good service for PC gaming.
Arthur Dias
Arthur Dias Il y a mois
You should make an update specially since Stadia improved in catalog + quality.
Monika Berlińska
Monika Berlińska Il y a mois
I just uploaded a video of spanking my ass... Subscribe my onlyfans .com /monikapb to see it!
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming
im kinda sad that PSNOW dont have PS1 games
Anonymous Idea
Anonymous Idea Il y a mois
Nvidia shield is not the only way you can use gefore now on a TV if you have the power of god and anime on your side
Donavyn Hawkins
Donavyn Hawkins Il y a mois
Why do i need an xbox already to stream games, sucks for me
I wish there was a streaming service Where if you purchase games like on steam for example you can use your account from steam play that purchase came on said service will be on mobile or whatever
Chompions Sawelo
Chompions Sawelo Il y a mois
*but i stink.... Like you*
James NotmyLastName
what about steam link
Markimus Il y a mois
I don't even understand who this is supposed to be for. It's not for the budget gamers as they wouldn't want to sign up to a subscription service, and it's also not for the rich kid gamers as they already have the best devices to be able to use their own machines. I can only really see a benefit if you're living in a van or an RV, or moving around the country a lot. The energy savings could definitely be worth it. It's unlikely for you to have great connection though in those circumstances.
Drew Tignor
Drew Tignor Il y a mois
What about the "Shadow" company that you toured a while back? I think it was 2018? What ever happened with them?
Drew Tignor
Drew Tignor Il y a mois
@Tyler Hodges I'd certainly say so. That tour Linus did back in 2018 was showing some pretty amazing stuff. Especially since, from Shadow's platform, you have good prices for good specs, and the fact that, like he mentioned, you can use i as just a standard Windows desktop, if you'd like. That'll be nice for future Mac machines, since they are doing away with Bootcamp as "Apple Silicon" takes over Macs, during the next 2 years!
Tyler Hodges
Tyler Hodges Il y a mois
They are the best overall streaming experience.
The Huns King
The Huns King Il y a mois
“Casual Controller Player” Hes only played controller in his videos, he’s probably never played with a controller out of his vids
The Huns King
The Huns King Il y a mois
It’s so cringe watching him play with a controller. I know he’s a pc kinda guy but Linus looks like a boomer when he plays with a controller.
maskedathiest Il y a mois
I didnt buy a 4k 43 inch tv to play my games on a phone. the very idea of playing a game on a phone screen is just insulting to me as a gamer.
The Executive Chairman Of Smart Water
nvidia sheild is the only way to play geforce now: *me playing geforce now streaming the image to my wii*
FaintAcrobat Il y a mois
Project xCloud allows you to stream all Game Pass games if you have the Ultimate subscription (with both Xbox Live and Game Pass subscriptions in one.) It also has console streaming where you can stream the games from your console(your console will be running the games) to your phone. I'm pretty sure it works over the internet since it said that you'll get the best experience with Wi-Fi, though I haven't tested that yet so I'm not sure. It pretty much just screen mirroring on your phone of your Xbox, meaning you can fully control your Xbox through it. Backwards compatibility doesn't work however.
ChicoFishBanana Il y a mois
15:52 right when you finished saying low bit-rate, my internet cut out for a few seconds