Is the Pandemic Over Yet?

Julie Nolke
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I feel like it should be done by now.
Dedicated to all my nurse and doctor friends who are really tired.




21 mai 2020




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Commentaires 80
Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke Il y a 4 jours
This video is inspired by a conversation I had with a nurse friend who was frustrated with me for wanting to see my parents. She works with Covid patients. :P
Oksana Chizhovka
Oksana Chizhovka Il y a 8 heures
Nailed it:)
David McCarthy
David McCarthy Il y a 13 heures
@Jax r They dont spread.
Admiral Smelling
Admiral Smelling Il y a 15 heures
Your friend works with patients who suffer from a virus that doesn't exist. Bravo to her. A true front line fighter.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Il y a jour
I feel like this wasn't about comedy or health, this was really just an excuse to break out those CBC socks! Agreed with all the people mentioning the best thing about the pandemic has been finding this channel.
Jax r
Jax r Il y a jour
@David McCarthy I'm curious, how do you believe viruses spread if not from person to person?
Claudia Lopez
Claudia Lopez Il y a heure
I had this video paused before watching it on one screen and watching Working Moms from Netflix on the other and when I saw Julie appeared there I was so freaking happy for her!!!!!!! She is awesome!!!! Great job!!!! So funny!, I felt like I just saw a relative in a tv show hahaha!! keep up the great work girl!!! =D
RealNPoetic Il y a 2 heures
Eh....Of course all the “experts” and those who swallow their verbatim word for word can appreciate this. But even though I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment of the doctor here, your acting in this video was fantastic!
Danéa Davis
Danéa Davis Il y a 2 heures
Jazz Cabbage
Caroline Villemaire
Caroline Villemaire Il y a 3 heures
Love the CBC socks !
Roger Goppelt
Roger Goppelt Il y a 4 heures
Funny but the doctor really shows how we should really talk about the virus. It reminds me of the airplane tlak about what to do about a crash . They should just say if we crash it's is over . I wish my friend who is a nurse could tell Typhoid Trump this is what it is like.
Howard Lam
Howard Lam Il y a 4 heures
She deleted my comment. SMH
Emily Duholke
Emily Duholke Il y a 5 heures
Love the CBC socks!!
Ronan Lapsley
Ronan Lapsley Il y a 5 heures
Eat your cereal.
casceh36 Il y a 6 heures
Lol! Thanks for making point but also making me laugh!
Terry Bondy
Terry Bondy Il y a 6 heures
Love the CBC knee highs!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Il y a 8 heures
lmao this is why there'll be a second wave soon
charnae young
charnae young Il y a 8 heures
This is me every other day. I get tired. L0l. At first I was spraying everything that moved. Now...
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Il y a 8 heures
How I screamed when I saw you in working moms 😂
Ryker Quackenbush
Ryker Quackenbush Il y a 13 heures
Admiral Smelling
Admiral Smelling Il y a 15 heures
Your friend works with patients who suffer from a virus that doesn't exist. Bravo to her. A true front line fighter.
Joakim Karlsson
Joakim Karlsson Il y a 18 heures
The emergance of Karen Nolke.
Geraint Harries
Geraint Harries Il y a 18 heures
Has anyone shown this to Dominic Cummings?
Ashleyapples Il y a 20 heures
ding for not wearing a mask
Gary Woolton
Gary Woolton Il y a 20 heures
Julie, no idea where you are based but after events in the UK over the weekend, this seemed the perfect video to find.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a 22 heures
medical staff sane! Please people, think about your poor doctor before you ask questions.
Mary Kirsten L
Mary Kirsten L Il y a 23 heures
THANK YOU!!!! I can't tell you how sick to death I am of hearing people say "I'm so over this", as though it's about them. This is an exercise in accepting that we are NOT in charge of everything folks. When did we get so arrogant??? I want to see my parents too--I can totally relate. But I want them alive :)
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Il y a 22 heures
Many people lost due to the pandemic. Julie is not one of them.
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax Il y a jour
Thanks to Covid, I've now found Nolke as a new addiction. GIve up cigarettes, take up gallons of coffee and bingewatching Nolke.
Cliff Jones
Cliff Jones Il y a jour
Your brilliance is a gift to us all
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr Il y a jour
Something’s wrong with me. I even found the weird Julie freaking hot. This pandemic needs to end.
Dutch A.
Dutch A. Il y a jour
Lots of medical doctors are coming out saying the lockdown is the worst thing we can be doing and the whole mask idea is not helpful and actually making things worse.
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr Il y a jour
NemoMangelk Il y a jour
I love the pant tent. Haha perfect addition to the skit
Brian Doe
Brian Doe Il y a jour
A hundred thousand Americans have died in 2 months.
TheShyscarlet Il y a jour
How I screamed when I saw you in working moms 😂
Not2Old4TEch Il y a jour
Love the CBC socks!
Elizabeth Yako
Elizabeth Yako Il y a jour
Obsessed with this entire channel!
Albert Kim
Albert Kim Il y a jour
ldobehardcore Il y a jour
I heard a Canadian accent break through.
Christine Chin
Christine Chin Il y a jour
Nice socks.
WeAreTheTwintails Il y a jour
Yes, we do get to make our own decisions, because we are free individuals. If we wanted a doctor as our leader, we would have elected one.
WeAreTheTwintails Il y a jour
So you're gonna make fun of people who want this to be over. Nice.
boban61 Il y a jour
Many people lost due to the pandemic. Julie is not one of them.
Joseph Chen
Joseph Chen Il y a jour
One of my fave characters!
Vik Il y a jour
You are hilarious. I hope you get famous!
Mr.Nelloxx Il y a jour
Isabely Madalena
Isabely Madalena Il y a jour
fred jasper
fred jasper Il y a jour
It ain't over till we say its over!
Sandeep Jayaram
Sandeep Jayaram Il y a jour
Your acting is sooooooooo good!!!!!
Blam Il y a jour
love those CBC socks
Christopher VanGogh
Go. OFF. Julie! This was so cathartic to watch. People have been showing how disgusting and selfish they can be to an entirely new degree during this pandemic and it's fucking infuriating to witness. It would be one thing if these idiots were infecting themselves and dying themselves, but they're also infecting and killing others who actually give a shit. America likes to pretend we're this perfect country, but we're really just a damaged country full of selfish, bigoted, careless assholes who prioritize money and "freedom" over human lives. I know there are also good people in this country, but God DAMN IT it's hard to remind myself of that when the selfish and disgusting people are always the loudest and most destructive.
luisago1 Il y a jour
Sanderen X
Sanderen X Il y a jour
Gee that's a nice ass
Ginger Cunliffe
Ginger Cunliffe Il y a jour
As a Canadian living in the U.S.... I feel the patient accurately represents American leadership.
mack Il y a jour
Injecting Lysol, ha!!!
marius du Plooy
marius du Plooy Il y a jour
Not that funny
Mega War
Mega War Il y a jour
3 cheers!!!
Joan M
Joan M Il y a jour
girl, you are phenomenal
Danilo Arruda
Danilo Arruda Il y a jour
"I got sensible epidemics" looool
Dg Il y a jour
I like your drunk mirror you so much, can you please make more of it?
Revamped Outdoors
Revamped Outdoors Il y a jour
Yup. That's about right.
Black Bule
Black Bule Il y a jour
You're gorgeous and your videos are awesome!
Ian Hillman
Ian Hillman Il y a jour
Yes I do make my own rules. I'm not property of any Government. I will live and die as nature intended... FREE. unsubscribed.
klaar nou
klaar nou Il y a jour
Wow. Thanks for this great contribution to the biggest crisis in our lifetime. You have really succeeded in the following: - Proving once and for all that women can be both cute and funny at the same time - Solving medical mysteries that have puzzled doctors for the last 6 months - Uplifting and empowering women Well done, keep up the good work.
woiour loin
woiour loin Il y a jour
The short answer is no. 🤨
loverrlee Il y a jour
This is literally everyone in my neighborhood 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
woiour loin
woiour loin Il y a jour
El Último Soñador
shes great
greg schultz
greg schultz Il y a jour
You Are Over The Top Right On ,Thank You !!!
The Primal Desire
The Primal Desire Il y a jour
Those CBC socks are incredible!!! 🧦
J S Il y a jour
I was SO disheartened to see this video, as I’ve been a big fan of yours up until now. But seeing you sell out and push this ridiculous narrative that has been completely debunked over and over is just so incredibly disappointing. I still think you’re funny, but this was a huge misstep. Please, do some actual research on this “pandemic” and the horrific fallout from the lockdowns, the complete ineffectiveness and *dangers* of masks, etc.. before you try to make any more videos on the subject. As someone with a popular, public platform, spreading false information is a dangerous thing. Thanks, and have a great day.
Paul Hellard
Paul Hellard Il y a 2 jours
Completely doubled up laughing here. Instead of fetal-position terror. Thanks Jules.
Angela Rasmussen
Angela Rasmussen Il y a 2 jours
Julie You're great. I found the doctor ridiculous and the person wanting to see their parents as normal. Not sure that's what you meant, but it worked for me. Your nurse friend may not be the wisest friend you have.
Maiara Freitas
Maiara Freitas Il y a 2 jours
Nossa, poderia ser um bolsominio. Só que mais tranquilo, um estilo que é só burro mesmo, sem a parte agressiva.
woiour loin
woiour loin Il y a 2 jours
Justin Trudeau's not going to be happy that you're wearing his socks!!!!!!
forthetrullz Il y a 2 jours
That chick in blue is gorgeous.
woiour loin
woiour loin Il y a 2 jours
Oh my god the socks ❤️❤️❤️
Laura Aleshire
Laura Aleshire Il y a 2 jours
Healthcare worker here. I work with COVID-19 patients. This type of frustration is in the back of my mind constantly. People don't seen to understand unless they see it up close and personal. And I've seen plenty of young people debilitated by this. It's not just older adults. The only thing I'd change is that the doctor would be wearing a mask.
Merv Silis
Merv Silis Il y a 2 jours
She is desperate to become an actress - borne out by the comments SHE has written. Don't give up your day job!
Merv Silis
Merv Silis Il y a 2 jours
Where do these idiots come from? Some idiots will do anything to be on youtube.
wade170 Il y a 2 jours
You are the best cure for the misery that COVID has brought me. Thank you Julie!
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper Il y a 2 jours
your acting skills are genuinely very impressive!
Jay Cole
Jay Cole Il y a 2 jours
I’m so grateful that my father died before all this. It would be terrible to have him alone at the end of his life. I’d rather die of Covid 19 than to have one of my family members die alone.
James Remus
James Remus Il y a 2 jours
The short answer is no. 🤨
woodpecker sings
woodpecker sings Il y a 2 jours
0.4% in the U.S. will die from this. I would ship this doc to China, she sounds like a communist.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Il y a 2 jours
Was expecting "Doc" to pull out a tranquilizer gun, saying: "Now we're playing by my rules!"
Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury Il y a 2 jours
Loved her alter ego crazy lady!
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Il y a 2 jours
No, the lockdown has not ended yet, Julie. We will inform you when the time comes. Until then, stay in your house and don't go outside. Remember, one look at the monsters
Yuuup Il y a 2 jours
The CBC socks are awesome
Scottie Ray
Scottie Ray Il y a 2 jours
Julie Nolke is my Dream Girls...
Rob D
Rob D Il y a 2 jours
OMG, I don't know how this video could be more perfect. It makes a point so clearly and with humor I think even the open up people might get it. Thank you for doing this
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