iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

Marques Brownlee
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Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.
iPhone 11 Pro Review:éo-DyX-QZZBgpw.html
Retro Tech coming in December!
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7 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 12 676
Maltinis Il y a 4 heures
i wish someone would make a small smartphone like the original iphone
Le Il y a 5 heures
Still not worth it.
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan Il y a 5 heures
My first smartphone was galaxy star
BLAZE_rocket Il y a 5 heures
I have an iPhone 3G
Johan Thyregod
Johan Thyregod Il y a 6 heures
my first smartphone was a samsung galaxy s3 mini that had been passed down from my sister
Tony Zheng
Tony Zheng Il y a 6 heures
Ericsson 398 back in 1997
SuperAgentMan Il y a 7 heures
The 8Bit Guy lived with an original iPhone for a week
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson Il y a 7 heures
Kinda feels like a iPhone damage control video, but cool I guess
Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel Il y a 8 heures
Nokia E71x
Ishan Bansal
Ishan Bansal Il y a 8 heures
My first ever mobile phone was the Samsung Galaxy Y (young)
El ALEX:V Il y a 8 heures
2016: Lanix idk which one but it was Lanix 2017: Galaxy J2 Prime😑 2019:Galaxy A20💛
Kirill Grebnev
Kirill Grebnev Il y a 9 heures
My first smartphone was Goldstar SP-35 (2014-2017). Then the iPhone SE (2017-2018). Now I use the iPhone 8 Plus :)
Lord frostaczek
Lord frostaczek Il y a 9 heures
My first Iphone was IPhone 4s. My Current one is Iphone Xs Max
Amir Masih
Amir Masih Il y a 10 heures
My first phone was an iPhone 4s and after that I’ve had every generation of iPhone that came out.
Matías Elorriaga
Matías Elorriaga Il y a 10 heures
that t-shirt
Peter LaLonde
Peter LaLonde Il y a 11 heures
iPhone 11 wallpaper?
Nityanand Saswade
Nityanand Saswade Il y a 13 heures
I phone stole lot of things from Symbian os so did android.
Himanshu khadke
Himanshu khadke Il y a 13 heures
HTC droid incredible
viraltaco Il y a 13 heures
My first iPhone was the iPhone 3G… It's simply the first one to be sold in Belgium. I didn't get a choice. I wanted the original but yeah… Still loved it back then. I upgraded to the iPhone 5 which I once let a friend borrow for like 10 minutes which was about 9 minutes more than it took for him to break the screen. So yeah. I have the iPhone 6 now.
szewei85 Il y a 14 heures
Haha nice. Love your comparison along ijustine version.
mr john
mr john Il y a 15 heures
your voice got way more cooler than 2007
Gabriel Matei
Gabriel Matei Il y a 15 heures
2009: HTC Magic 2019: iPhone XS Max
Locke Bell
Locke Bell Il y a 15 heures
Kyocera 6035 Palm phone
Ashish Anil
Ashish Anil Il y a 17 heures
First smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Ace. 😆
Faiz Rosli
Faiz Rosli Il y a 17 heures
The first phone ive ever owned was samsung galaxy s3. wonderful times. iconic olympic 2012 samsung ads
Tayyab Jafar
Tayyab Jafar Il y a 18 heures
Samsung champ
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Il y a 19 heures
2018 LG K20 2019 Still the same piece of junk
courtney carey
courtney carey Il y a 19 heures
The Mytouch was my first touch screen phone
Matthew De Ocampo
Matthew De Ocampo Il y a 19 heures
I remember my first phone was the Samsung S3 and dang was it good
Bandari Suneeth Kumar Sharma
iPhone 5s
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Il y a 22 heures
I got my first iPhone 10 years ago. An iPhone 3GS on ATT. Was not my first smartphone though. Had a Palm Treo from 07-08 on Cellular South. Has had a lot of Androids over the years, but have had every iPhone since but 7 and 11. And the only Galaxy I haven’t had was 6 and 8. Currently on XR, because it may be the most perfectly executed smartphone ever. Exactly what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Il y a 22 heures
5s? Whaaaaaaaatttttttt?
steve hicks
steve hicks Il y a 23 heures
My first iPhone was the iPhone 4!
Micheal Asik
Micheal Asik Il y a 23 heures
Is there is a good fast charge wireless docking station for aipods, watch and iPhone?
George Costanza
George Costanza Il y a jour
I can remember when people thought my parents were cool because they had a red landline phone like the President. ☎️☎️☎️ I feel old as $hit now. FML 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😭😭😭😭
Dan Tomlinson
Dan Tomlinson Il y a jour
iPhone 3GS 😁
GLR Il y a jour
those iphone 1 images are as bad as my aunts Samsung J3..... just saying...
Erindale Il y a jour
My first smartphone was a Nokia 6600 running Symbian S60
James Il y a jour
Hand me down Palm Treo 600. My mom was a futuristic woman.
Demonetized Dylan
Demonetized Dylan Il y a jour
Ya know this video really makes me appreciate the stuff I have. Thanks Mark
Michael Baierl - Einfach Websites
Well done review. As a matter of fact I was the first one buying the original iPhone in Austria when it came out. The boss of the provider handed it over to me... was and still is a nice phone, that changed a whole industry...
truth seeker
truth seeker Il y a jour
Sony Xperia u
Alexandre Ferreira
Alexandre Ferreira Il y a jour
My first smartphone was an HP iPAQ Pocket PC
Josh Bragdon
Josh Bragdon Il y a jour
My first Smart Phone was the Samsung Galaxy Infuse
Tommy Kinsman
Tommy Kinsman Il y a jour
My first was a T-Mobile G2 MyTouch 3g (Aka: HTC Magic). I believe it was the second ever android smartphone, only behind the G1 (HTC Dream). I loved that phone. even came in a super cool zip up case
MH S Il y a jour
Microsoft I-mate
Joel Dougay
Joel Dougay Il y a jour
My first phone was a Google Motorola Razr. Good times.
Vignesh Srinivasan
Vignesh Srinivasan Il y a jour
my first smartphone was the iPhone 7 :D
Rytus Simkus
Rytus Simkus Il y a jour
3:26 ten finger multitouch on first iphone? I do not thing so.
Bidhek Lamaa
Bidhek Lamaa Il y a jour
yours tees is dope
louiegraphy Il y a jour
My first smartphone was the iPhone 3GS which had the similar design as the first iPhone with a few improvements. It still works as of today. The build quality of Apple devices is truly amazing. 💯💯💯
Jayden v Ward
Jayden v Ward Il y a jour
I got the 3G then 4s then 5c then SE and I’ve still got my SE
Graham John Hockey
Graham John Hockey Il y a jour
Nokia Lumia 800.
Sundown Moon
Sundown Moon Il y a jour
I am... I'm in just absolute disbelief how chonky that thing is. Like it's just so round! Why??
Jeremy Pessoa
Jeremy Pessoa Il y a jour
The first iPhone I ever purchased was iPhone 5s, too.
Atikah Mohamed
Atikah Mohamed Il y a jour
My 1st smartphone was the iphone 3gs. But immediately “upgrade” to iphone 4s. Now i’m still using 6s, not sure when to upgrade. Maybe i’ll wait for the 11 pro max s? 🤞🏻
Louis Caceres
Louis Caceres Il y a jour
Wallpaper name please
Felix T
Felix T Il y a jour
2:18 is that a crack in ur Iphone's front screen ?
Ajaydeep Virk
Ajaydeep Virk Il y a jour
Well my first phone was samsung galaxy y
Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart Il y a jour
My first Smartphone was the Motorola Droid running Android 2.0 on Verizon back in 2009. It was a great phone.
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