If I could only have one computer this would be it. - Alienware m15 Review

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The Alienware m15 R2 can do basically everything I'd ever want a computer to do... but at that price, should you just get two instead?
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7 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Jack Garrett
Jack Garrett Il y a 2 heures
Turned video off when Linus started dancing... 👎
Deadpool Il y a 2 jours
Haha my undervolted and repasted 8750H does 3.8 to 3.9 Ghz on all cores as advertised in Cinebench. It smokes every 8750H chip out there and also most of 9750H chips.
Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence Il y a 2 jours
How does this compare to the R3? That one is so heavy it seems, but would it be quieter/better performance? I know nothing about gaming laptops haha! But love the look and do video and music editing.
F A Il y a 3 jours
So a year later and area 51m users are differentiated between R1 and R2. That's right they developed a new model for an upgradable laptop. Why that makes no sense you may ask? And you know what, you're absolutely RIGHT. R1 users aren't given the opportunity to upgrade to the newer chipset that comes with R2 , NO motherboard upgrades to utilize Intel's new 10 series chipset. So basically they lied. They cheated. They failed. Don't buy Alienware
Lee Hong Jin
Lee Hong Jin Il y a 4 jours
Laughs in 2100usd laptop with RTX 2070 Max P plugged directly to the display with way more storage
Bob Thecow
Bob Thecow Il y a 4 jours
Linus, this has nothing to do with this video. But I'm considering buying the dell xps 13 touch laptop at $850 dollars I currently have the Acer Chromebook R11 so this would be a massive upgrade, (this would be the biggest purchase of my life) would you recommend this laptop?
TechLion Il y a 5 jours
In my country there is no alienware , but for me razer is better.
Rishi Som
Rishi Som Il y a 5 jours
Is it only me that doesn't have any problem with fan noises? I kinda like them.
TeddyBearisms Il y a 8 jours
Please keep your cloths on. Please. Don't ever recommend a 3400 dollar computer again.
mike p
mike p Il y a 9 jours
saw crotch warnings, still wasn't prepared.
Bosley Il y a 9 jours
The price of the one he reviewed is 2,500. It may be an excellent laptop but not something many people can afford.
Nilanjan Patra
Nilanjan Patra Il y a 10 jours
Can I upgrade ram
Gawayne Il y a 12 jours
If you wan't a touch screen on your laptop, get a tablet and save yourself some money
Peterson Family
Peterson Family Il y a 12 jours
Agreed where is Windows Hello, Tobi eye-tracking is not a benefit when compared to Windows Hello. At least for how I used the system.
AbdulAhad Il y a 13 jours
7:02 like seriously linus!, stop being like this kinda gay. I wonder how your wife puts up to this.
Nick Ferdinande
Nick Ferdinande Il y a 14 jours
I drive a truck over the road and I need a laptop to manage paperwork but want to hook it up to my 32 inch tv so I can play War Thunder. I'm a noob at this stuff so would this be overkill? Thanks for any help.
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Il y a 14 jours
I've spoken about getting an Alienware to a friend and he just said straight up, "Yeah it's cool, but I don't want to look like a tool in public." He's not wrong...
pabzy2 Il y a 14 jours
It looks like you can't upgrade the wireless adapter either, which is annoying. That is a necessary upgrade for all Dells with the rubbish Killer wireless adapter.
lttstore is protected from COVID-19
7:02 Gonna make this my pfp
swayam bongirwar
swayam bongirwar Il y a 15 jours
i wish i could get it
C.I.A Il y a 16 jours
Love alienware i bought a alienware 17 r4, i7 1070, and its been almost three years still works perfectly and the warranty is very good on these, i messed up my heat synk while opening it for thermal repaste, but i broke fhe motherboard and they replaced the whole motherboard!!😆
123abc Il y a 16 jours
Just get a gaming desktop. Gaming and laptop don’t go together.
Spencer Linkous
Spencer Linkous Il y a 17 jours
Woah, I have something that linus has. 6:51 even though g hub is kind of trash, the keyboard is good. XD
NITHISH KUMAR Il y a 17 jours
Is this good to heavy video editing & vfx? ... Pls tell me bro
Sung Kim
Sung Kim Il y a 18 jours
I have this computer. The hinge can get stuck and crack, so it’s not very durable. I still love this computer but have to be careful in using it.
Skanda Rao
Skanda Rao Il y a 19 jours
just create an onlyfans at this point..
TheBaldr Il y a 21 jour
Dell G7 is an unbranded Alienware that is more affordable. Don’t pay the Alienware tax and still get an fast laptop
Peterson Family
Peterson Family Il y a 12 jours
I found doing a comparison of a similarly spec'd G7 and M15 R2 the R2's performance was noticeably better than the G7. I did not have the same experience with temps that Linus stated though.
Jessica Telles
Jessica Telles Il y a 22 jours
This or Asus Zephyrus g14???
A.L Streams Channel
A.L Streams Channel Il y a 23 jours
hex means 6 so why is the 7 core a "hexcore"
A.L Streams Channel
A.L Streams Channel Il y a 23 jours
the beginning ad placement is really cringe
Dreamwake Il y a 23 jours
$3300 LMAO, screw that. I'd rather have the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 w/ RTX 2060 and save the $1400.
Zayaan Zahir
Zayaan Zahir Il y a 23 jours
Linus just had to dance around in his pants when my wife walked in.........
Venkat Prabhav
Venkat Prabhav Il y a 23 jours
cant afford a £200 laptop lol
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Il y a 24 jours
I've been wanting a gaming laptop, but I think I'd want it to have lower specs then my desktop. Man I need to get a new CPU and GPU...
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Il y a 24 jours
Why would they solder the ram??
Töghrill Börjigin Ögödei Irgen Gioro Hala Iyn
Got a 17 inch version. Absolutely love it, so sweet, only laptop you should buy. (and OMG the Keyboard)
warrior wizard
warrior wizard Il y a 24 jours
"If I could get only 1e +6b laptops, one of them would be this"
icl Il y a 24 jours
Would you recommend this or the Lenovo X1 Extreme gen 2 for work as a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer? I won't to any gaming on it, but I will do tensorflow modeling which benefits greatly from GPU power. I like thst the Lenovo is more serious-looking (I don't care at all about rbg lights everywhere, it's more a con than a pro for me) but it seems that the Alienware has a much more powerful GPU for the same price? Also, how do they fare in terms of buld construction (my current laptop is 9 years old and still working "fine" even if the battery died some time ago) And what about the keyboard? The ThinkPads are famous for their keyboard, but you said this one is very good also. Better than thinkpad, worse or just different? Thank you in advance for your answers ;)
icl Il y a 24 jours
Regarding the last part: they are assuming that everyone has a lot of space to fill with computers. My home only has room for a laptop so the alienware and a screen is the maximum I could afford to have space wise. Also I don't want to have to synchronize all my data, I want to have everything with me and be able to do any task wherever I go. So the good desktop + decent laptop option does not do it for me.
FivePercent Il y a 25 jours
If Linus likes it, I buy it.
Victor Ulhôa
Victor Ulhôa Il y a 25 jours
area 51m is better than this one isn't it?
Joshua Grupp
Joshua Grupp Il y a 25 jours
What? No performance testing?
Devashis Shrestha
Devashis Shrestha Il y a 25 jours
The price really made me cry 😭
ThatShibe Vibe
ThatShibe Vibe Il y a 28 jours
Alienware really stepped up their game over the years.
Emerson warren
Emerson warren Il y a 28 jours
Got this 5 months ago worst purchase of my life. Had to factory reset it after about after 30 hrs on the phone with AW. After that thing still doesnt work and nobody calls back to finish the support calls after we both schedule an appointment. The support is beyond awful. You are basically paying to work on a computor. Maybe I got a bad one idk, all I know is the customer service is horrific. I asked to be transferred to the complaint extension and they acknowledged it and sent me to another technician. Definitely will not consider another dell product.
S A a M A Y
S A a M A Y Il y a 29 jours
Why linus why!
Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee
Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee Il y a 29 jours
Recommend a laptop with 2k please
Jose Lazala
Jose Lazala Il y a 29 jours
Zephirus g14.... thats my choice for the ultime laptop..
Ned Il y a 29 jours
What about the 17" ?
M1co29 Il y a mois
I came here from a guy who uploaded a PS4 launch shopping video and the cashier was talking about getting this Alienware that day
Mohican Theluststar
i bet this thing costs ur kidneys plus liver and other organs
DrHairPeaZ Il y a mois
Would be down if the useless eye tracker was a speaker.
Chris O
Chris O Il y a mois
7:02 😂😂😂
Mikaela Banks
Mikaela Banks Il y a mois
Just ordered, gaming is going to be liiiiit
Pappy Drei
Pappy Drei Il y a mois
where do you buy that desktop?
Alex andru
Alex andru Il y a mois
Waw, i spent like 300$ for my laptop 3 years ago and you guys speak about laptops 10 times as expensive lol :)) But i guess that laptop is more then 10 times better then mine so probably it could be worth the price. I personally would like a laptop like that :)
Zachary Butterfield
I want to like and also dislike.
Priyanshu Panja
Priyanshu Panja Il y a mois
I bought this laptop 🥺🥺🥺🥺 I am in jail now.................Save me
Nithin Sai K J
Nithin Sai K J Il y a mois
Don't mind me, I'm just crying with my *HP i3 7th gen 4gb lpddr4 1tb hdd*
Xiaotong Li
Xiaotong Li Il y a mois
M17 2070 is about $2200, with $500 more you can get area 51M which has 9700k and full rtx 2070, comes with two power bricks and desktop parts. But it is hard to move around.
Noah Davis
Noah Davis Il y a mois
aight! imma sell ma kidneys now..
Omar Ben youssef
Omar Ben youssef Il y a mois
A 1.5k gaming laptop pls
Edward Muller V
Edward Muller V Il y a mois
Alienware is garbage
Taemeister Il y a mois
Thumbs down for the underwear scenes
Justin van Zuilekom
I hope the 10th Gen Super revision will have either 32GB Ram options, or actual SODIMM slots.
TrYwHaRD Mendes
TrYwHaRD Mendes Il y a mois
Is the Alienware area 51m more powerful ?
Inkaz2 Il y a mois
Alienware: the only computer company that designs its laptops to burn through our desk and carpets.
Veo 16
Veo 16 Il y a mois
After spending the past entire week (6-8 hours a day) reviewing the best high-end gaming laptops with 10th gen processors and SUPER cards, I've finally come across the end of this video that has the best advice one could want. Now I am shifting my priorities to a mid-level ultrabook, great thermals, good enough performance, 16GB RAM/512GB NVME storage, and keeping the price at or under $2000. Then building a high end desktop later in time for ~$2500. I think that's the best compromise, instead of shelling out $4000+ for a high end gaming laptop. With terrible thermals and needing to repaste, purchase a cooling pad, external mouse/keyboard/monitor just to run it.
im your dad
im your dad Il y a mois
if only my laptop could evolve
Luigi Il y a mois
Use metric pls. Nobody care aboid punds.
J Ramirez
J Ramirez Il y a mois
All I needed from this video to convince my mom. 7:08
Now it’s only $1780
Mikky Il y a mois
Is the 1660 ti version of this laptop a good option for 1400 dollars?
Jiří Urbánek
Jiří Urbánek Il y a mois
Oh, that's sexy
Zuzu Pali
Zuzu Pali Il y a mois
Is this good for every day use for internet & video editing?
iiElysium x
iiElysium x Il y a mois
personlly i hate the gamer design asthetic, reason why i will never buy an asus ROG or any other gaming laptop tbh
krish jack
krish jack Il y a mois
click bait .. linus in underwear not a chineese girl.. 🤣🤣😂 .. He said that's just uncomfortable but he decided to dance in his underwear.
Meo Chan
Meo Chan Il y a mois
So this intergrated version of Tobii Eye tracker doesn't support Windows Hello? Wow didn't expect that cause my 4c supports Windows Hello out of the box.
Rafael Canillo
Rafael Canillo Il y a mois
Birthday gift idea 👉🏼👈🏼
Kc Kimball
Kc Kimball Il y a mois
144 hz with a 2070 and 16gb ram costs 2k.
Rhino got a hand tattoo