I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

Safiya Nygaard
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Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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1 mars 2019




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Commentaires 100
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Il y a an
HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf
Debbie Williams
Debbie Williams Il y a 25 jours
@Jerica Barbee n
Najifa Najha
Najifa Najha Il y a 7 mois
hello saaf! i was wondering if you could make a video where you try disney princess outfits from ali express that looks promising? and tylor could try the opposite prince with each princess? and you guys recreate those iconic disney dance scenes? you two will look so amazing in those romantic scenes!!!!
ItsReallyRosa Il y a 9 mois
Ya hoo
ItsReallyRosa Il y a 9 mois
Wow I’m your friend c:
Emi_Draws Il y a 9 mois
i am the 500 reply
سعاد عيسى
سعاد عيسى Il y a 13 heures
Alternate title: Saf spending all her money on wedding dresses she isn’t gonna wear anyways
Denyse Rhodes
Denyse Rhodes Il y a 19 heures
Dresses are awful, hope you got a refund on the dirty ones
Mango Roblox
Mango Roblox Il y a jour
I never have more then like 5 tabs open at a time because it stresses me out. Looking at all her tabs kinda makes me mad but it’s ok Bc it’s not my computer Edit: also this sounds I like weird but I love safiya’s body shape. It’s like the perfect body in my opinion. :3
Ak Ansari
Ak Ansari Il y a jour
Your queen saf!!
Vera Honen
Vera Honen Il y a 2 jours
I love the way you say “alright”( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
SERENA WU Il y a 2 jours
Bella D. The StarWars lover
“As some of you all might know I am engaged, betrothed, fiancé.” And now married
McKenna Gray
McKenna Gray Il y a 3 jours
you should do a video titled "getting fancy "vintage" dresses from wish"
Xavier Rodríguez
Xavier Rodríguez Il y a 4 jours
I can hear greensleeves behind the medieval section. Also, I love your EXTREMELY liberal use of the words "medieval" and "renaissance".
Misty Il y a 6 jours
You should order some for your fiance to try someone it would be so funny
mitch asana
mitch asana Il y a 6 jours
Who thinks why the dress has a Oder cause they didn’t wash it yer
Captain Cave man
Captain Cave man Il y a 6 jours
Why is the music in the background so soothing 😂😂📯🎷🎻🎺🎼
PDS_Ginger Il y a 6 jours
This whole video makes me think of Bernadette Banner's video about when her dress got counterfeited. I feel like it might be nice if Safiya also talked fast fashion sometimes.
Siham Aljumaili
Siham Aljumaili Il y a 7 jours
This is so funny cuz wish is a scam
twinkles world
twinkles world Il y a 7 jours
didnot you buy a NAKED WEDDING dress from SAY YES TO THE DRESS?
Zee Il y a 8 jours
When she's buying 2xl, you know sizes are shit
Angry Grandma
Angry Grandma Il y a 9 jours
Let’s just say, that first black dress is for someone who weighs 50kg, I weigh 50kg and I’m 14.
Julia V
Julia V Il y a 9 jours
It is because of this video that I often call my boobs "bazongas" and that I flap my sleeves really fast whenever I wear bell sleeves 😂
T Prkr
T Prkr Il y a 9 jours
I think if you're super strapped, the ballgown one looks cute :P
I sea you
I sea you Il y a 9 jours
The white fluffy one kind of looks like it came from the 1950s
MaleFemale Burrito
MaleFemale Burrito Il y a 9 jours ladies. Pay the small extra fee for a "couture" fit to your exact measurements! I spent $167 on my wedding dress and it was made like and looked like a $1600 dress.
Daniela Baci
Daniela Baci Il y a 9 jours
With all that cheap material, I'm sure u can cut, mix n match tops n bottoms together and add extra material to the other dresses. U could make a few outfits for just going out. U just need to wash n spray crap loads of perfume on it
G Mom
G Mom Il y a 10 jours
I didn't like any of the wedding dresses-they all look cheaply made and your right the waist is off..too high.
Chip Dale
Chip Dale Il y a 10 jours
They are ugly dresses!😡
Peppermint Llama
Peppermint Llama Il y a 9 jours
Austin Il y a 10 jours
Please make or buy knife bat wings
Spring Ranch
Spring Ranch Il y a 10 jours
Actually have watched this twice begore, for some reason. LATER: Because it's are so much fun to buy from WISH with someone else's money!!!😁
Ms. C
Ms. C Il y a 11 jours
The ballgown is cute with low heels ☺️.
Paisley Taylor
Paisley Taylor Il y a 11 jours
Hi safia
Jamie Il y a 11 jours
Safiya was having WAY too much fun on the beach in that black dress😂
colette s
colette s Il y a 11 jours
what a charming host.....i enjoyed this video....the dresses were disappointing
Kristin Camyl Mendoza
Kristin Camyl Mendoza Il y a 11 jours
this gal has a great soothing voice! New subscriber here! 😁😊
Kyara HamilHollander
Kyara HamilHollander Il y a 11 jours
Finally found the time she used Safiyas new intro song for her intro
Wazko Il y a 11 jours
FOR THE BLACK ONE I HEARD 'LIKE LITTLE GIRLS DRESS' and I was kind of sad because I don't have a defined waist at all and I'm 16-
Max Oakland
Max Oakland Il y a 11 jours
Most of these photos are photoshopped anyway. Check out instagramreality
Wendy Gabbert
Wendy Gabbert Il y a 11 jours
I just recently found your videos. I really like them and I'm glad I bumped into you. 💜
questioning Il y a 12 jours
"I feel like I'm wearing a nightgown" you look like you're wearing a nightgown!
S B Il y a 12 jours
That stain is most likely blood (blood looks brown when dried on white fabric) from the cheap labor they use :(:(:(
Julia Kay
Julia Kay Il y a 12 jours
So I take it that women who are actually XL, XXL or even XXXL, need not bother with Wish. I’d hate to see what a small dress would look like when woman who is obviously a medium or large is buying an XXXL dress.
Savannah Stephens
Savannah Stephens Il y a 12 jours
I love the cat just a random comint like if you like the kie kie
coderedmtdew13 Il y a 12 jours
Funny...I got my first dress from Wish and yes they mislead you with the price but I was impressed with it. For my 5 year anniversary I thought what the hell, so I got the second dress....ughhh!!! I was 😡
evilpompom Il y a 12 jours
The big poofy dress made her look like a wedding cake 😊
Sharon Nahwegahbow
Sharon Nahwegahbow Il y a 12 jours
the medieval dress on line has lace all over it and a train.. the one you got does not. I am thinking all these dresses are either used or just made by children. I think the mermaid dress.. if you get one from a proper wedding dress store would be fantastic on you. Also, the medieval one, again, properly made, would be a good choice. I have bought clothes from Wish, I wear a 3X and so bought 4X.. could not get anything on past my thigh..singular not plural. my thigh is not 4X lol Wish is a great place to buy unnecessary stuff from but don't count on it being what you bought. also.. you got yours in a month, mine usually takes 2. sometimes longer. I'm in Ontario Canada if that makes a difference. Love your video. You are upbeat and express yourself clearly, as does the camera man. Got a few chuckles here. lol thanks for the fun. Oh, and inexpensive wedding dresses make great hallowe'en costumes.
Lee Laaa
Lee Laaa Il y a 12 jours
please making new content trying Asia Wedding Dress please:D because like in Indonesia have many wedding dress choice....
Raven Estrella
Raven Estrella Il y a 12 jours
Hahaha!!!! “Brief bride” in the keywords for the first ball gown style dress she almost got makes it sound like it’s the sort of dress bought by women only looking to marry for the sake of gaining citizenship to the country of their choice! 🤣
melanie f
melanie f Il y a 13 jours
the black one looked like a prom dress
Linda McLam
Linda McLam Il y a 13 jours
No no no. None of them . All are awful.!!¡
Madelynne Heiss
Madelynne Heiss Il y a 13 jours
Greensleeves on recorder in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Always Eilish
Always Eilish Il y a 13 jours
Tyler stopping the video and saying "you look very nice" almost made me cry, that was so cute
Zahra Zahra
Zahra Zahra Il y a 13 jours
tbh 1st one looked the most decent out of all
Trina B
Trina B Il y a 13 jours
Can’t stop, won’t stop...... flapping🤣
Cathryn Wyatt
Cathryn Wyatt Il y a 13 jours
Thank you for trying them on for us. I really enjoyed it. Love the dancing at the beach.
illawarrior hill
illawarrior hill Il y a 14 jours
All those dresses were horrible. I would definitely feel cheated, based on the pictures, but given the price, you already know you are being duped.
Freya Cesare
Freya Cesare Il y a 14 jours
She is funny 😂👍
hopeangel1970 Il y a 14 jours
Dress 1, looks like over sized flower girl. 2. Need a fur trimmed house coat, furry slippers, a rich widow. 2. Dracula meets Penny Dreadful 🤣
Ik Hoi
Ik Hoi Il y a 14 jours
Lol the medieval dress literally looks like pajamas. But you gef what you pay for i guess, its not bad for the price
E LL Il y a 14 jours
Lets not forget about the horrid environmental impact wish and products from wish have. Those clothes are made from plastics that will be around for hundreds if not thousands of years before they break down to micro plastics that then poison our environments. There’s also the emissions from the shipping and sweat shops wish employs. Please don’t support wish and other companies like them
galaxyplayz 2223
galaxyplayz 2223 Il y a 14 jours
like 3 minutes into the video i got an ad for wish- tHeY aRE WaTCHINg
Suu Il y a 14 jours
I feel so sorry for the original professionals whose pictures had been stolen to be displayed on wish.
Bella Fall
Bella Fall Il y a 14 jours
Safiya is getting more subscribers everyday Yesterday, she had 9.02 million subscribers The day before yesterday, she had 9.01 million subscribers But today she had 9.03 million subscribers!
hi_its_neo Il y a 14 jours
is it just me or is safiya literally moriah elizabethes cousin lmao i think im the only one who sees it xD
•{Røse Mißt }•
•{Røse Mißt }• Il y a 15 jours
saf: not really a black wedding dress maybe reception? me: meh and meh brocken heart
Kelhi Macmillan
Kelhi Macmillan Il y a 15 jours
There's a reason why they call it wish... You always end up wishing you hadn't bothered!
Articxuno Dorseggnej
Articxuno Dorseggnej Il y a 15 jours
The background music fits
Blair the cat
Blair the cat Il y a 15 jours
Just so you know y’all when you see the same image recolored in different versions, that means that the photo is being taken and used without the original seller/artists’s consent. Any product with a listing like that is a knockoff.
Guilty Artist
Guilty Artist Il y a 15 jours
I love the dresses lol, btw idk if its just me but when I click on the merch link it doesn't work. It'll say 'your connection is not private', it will also say 'attackers might be trying to steal info from' Idk if it's just me but can someone help!
Gloria Koch
Gloria Koch Il y a 15 jours
If you follow “say Yes to the Dress”, you would see that actual wedding dresses cost a minimum of. $1,000 and up.
Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves Il y a 15 jours
im sorry to ask but r u from afghan?
Kat Il y a 15 jours
The black dress was actually nice, not much of a wedding dress but decent as just a plain black dress for a minor event
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl Il y a 15 jours
Gurl your bazongas are definitely _not_ small
H. DiSalvatore
H. DiSalvatore Il y a 16 jours
See I would totally order a wedding dress online, but not on wish lol that's just asking for disaster. Especially since the sizing is so off.
Celestestation Il y a 16 jours
What wish calls a scrunchie : scrunched hair restrainer cloth and elastic hair holder
Tina Marie Gonzalez
Tina Marie Gonzalez Il y a 16 jours
I do order from wish but never clothes except this t-shirt recently so I'll see if it fits. Its hit or miss with they're stuff but you get what you pay for. If you want a cheap nice wedding dress go to the thirst store, I got a really nice one (I used for Halloween) for $45 . If I ever get married I might use it who knows
Rose Da Gacha
Rose Da Gacha Il y a 16 jours
Can u guys help my friend she only has four subs and she trys her best in vids but never gets any likes :( Her FRvid Channel is called; Stitchy Shorty
Victoria Ruble
Victoria Ruble Il y a 16 jours
These where made in a sweatshop.
Lillian Haulmark
Lillian Haulmark Il y a 16 jours
Okay so I love that they show the Adams family tango dance and then they did that dance at their wedding
nightlight Il y a 16 jours
I love how she looks beautiful in all of them, even though most of them are horrendous on their own.
Lamys Nasser
Lamys Nasser Il y a 16 jours
2020 anyone? No? Just me …
Isyfan Ihda Aulia
Isyfan Ihda Aulia Il y a 16 jours
"....sort of like marriage, i guess" "HEY" 😂
sajini art . com
sajini art . com Il y a 16 jours
Look like princess
sajini art . com
sajini art . com Il y a 16 jours
I loved this 🌹🌹🌹👏👏
Caprice O
Caprice O Il y a 16 jours
If you would possibly wear any of wedding dresses from Wish and started raining they fall apart bc they're mostly glued together so wasted money anyway.
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid Il y a 16 jours
They look like prom dresses at best and I bet none of them would survive actually being worn for an entire day.
Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen Il y a 17 jours
When buying on the wish website check the reviews, the higher ratings the better. I know it can be a hassle to do...get a professional to measure your body. Read the description of item. Do research on type of fabric use. And more. Side note the shipping cost is quite high compare to aliexpress and gearbest. i bought electronic from aliexpress like power banks there are good, Bluetooth earbud is a miss, Mobile device are working great. i boought clothes from them, wish me luck.
MarieClaireLucaMusic Il y a 17 jours
These are terrible- omg I wouldn’t pay $25 for that even, terrible.
Toni Weatherman
Toni Weatherman Il y a 17 jours
just started watching you and maybe I missed something, but why are you ordering XXL. you don't look an XXL?
Robin Nguyen
Robin Nguyen Il y a 17 jours
@Toni WeathermanTo be honest Chinese people are petite slender that goes both with males and females. So, comparing sizing chart with the US vs China or any other countries will leads to failure when shopping for clothe online. get proper measure from a tailor, remember up to 3 cm of error of measurement, always size up. PS cotton material clothes mostly shrinks. hope this help. I just some clothing from AliExpress for special need younger sister. wish me luck. Side inch and cm is more helpful than xs s m l xl.
Toni Weatherman
Toni Weatherman Il y a 17 jours
Ok, i never buy clothes online. now I see. China has noooo concept of size. I would have bought the XXL and it would have never fit me. and I where XL tee shirts. but i have hip and butt. Yeah, it would have never fit me. You are not a XXXL. Is china just trying to give American girls a complex about size, Like we already don't have one. LOL Good Video
DIAMONDGOIL Il y a 17 jours
Why glamorize buying garbage from China...really sad
DAYBROK3 Il y a 17 jours
you do realize that places like wish borrow other artists work 🤔
Willow Sanders
Willow Sanders Il y a 17 jours
8:17 You said my name even thought I am not buying dress on wish
Jody Dickson
Jody Dickson Il y a 17 jours
You look beautiful and the first one wedding dress that you tried on💗💗
Emily Gheart
Emily Gheart Il y a 17 jours
The sizing is so crazy - there’s no way she’s a XXXL!!
Koganusan Il y a 15 jours
thats asian sizing for you
Bailey Camp
Bailey Camp Il y a 17 jours
That black dress giving me prom dress vibes lol
*tygfr* *me*
*tygfr* *me* Il y a 18 jours
The plasticy fishy smell is from asian food, spices....
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy Il y a 18 jours
Please stop buying chinese products. Support your local business! PLEAAAAASE
MSU Activists
MSU Activists Il y a 18 jours
You did not check the size chart for the first dress before you added it to your cart. Much of the merchandise on with comes from Asia, and in Asian sizes, from what I’ve observed. The size charts often need to be converted from centimeters to inches, and from pixie sizes to US equivalents. The big problem with Americans wearing Asian sizing is more than a matter of heights. Americans tend to be taller, but also heavier and with more muscle in the upper body. American Women who are thin have had their skinny hearts broken trying to squeeze into and Chanel suit which should have been their size. Because the body envisioned by the designer was that of a thIn French woman who was not as muscular. A garment should fit your bust (chest) and shoulders very well. And the fabric makes such a difference. Thank you for describing the odor. I am certain every gown you reviewed was syntheticAF. My Actual friend did have her actual wedding in a gown purchased from Etsy. She looked fantastic, Felt comfortable, and the gown had a highhigh-quality appearance up close.
KitKats Korner
KitKats Korner Il y a 18 jours
I brought a huge blue long dress from wish and it was actually pretty good quality
Katharina Wolf
Katharina Wolf Il y a 18 jours
Why is title of the video in German on my phone?
Eowyn bla
Eowyn bla Il y a 18 jours
I liked the ballgown the best💝💝💝
Suzeth Hawkins
Suzeth Hawkins Il y a 19 jours
How fun! I’m not getting engaged or anything but buying wedding dresses seems fun lol
Suzeth Hawkins
Suzeth Hawkins Il y a 19 jours
Wooooo baby got back!!
Kittens Okopnik
Kittens Okopnik Il y a 19 jours
“This is... Boobs.” Safiya Nygaard, 2019
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