I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America... 84HRS OF HELL

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This... Was probably a terrible idea. We found out about this bus ride a few months ago and have been trying to find a time to do it... And the day... Was finally upon us.
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13 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Yes Theory
Yes Theory Il y a 9 mois
THAT... Was insanity. But also surprisingly wholesome at the end... Check out Zac and Jay for their version of the experience and don't miss miss our Seek Discomfort x Lululemon Collab!! Much love everyone - Matt
Fox us
Fox us Il y a mois
Will u do Russia? That will be monumental!!! C'mon)))
Joe Bill
Joe Bill Il y a mois
Martin 14 gig Urhn9
Destiny Stockman
Destiny Stockman Il y a mois
Yes Theory that’d be dope to do the longest train ride
Jazabel Moreno
Jazabel Moreno Il y a 2 mois
Diamond D. Bullet
Diamond D. Bullet Il y a 2 mois
do russia pls
ava Il y a heure
Please do russia
Flamingninja 460
Flamingninja 460 Il y a 22 heures
You don’t have to say genders it’s only male and female
Flamingninja 460
Flamingninja 460 Il y a 22 heures
The thumbnail was pretty scary
katiecatcalloway Il y a jour
I be in SEAttle
BlackStarias Il y a jour
18:48 God : "You probably gonna need this after a long ass trip bruh"
targeted gaming
targeted gaming Il y a jour
I watch all of these videos with a huge grin on my face
Adams Nunez
Adams Nunez Il y a jour
iv been there bcause i live in mami iv gon from mami to gorga
Adams Nunez
Adams Nunez Il y a jour
@targeted gaming thats cool
targeted gaming
targeted gaming Il y a jour
I live in Georgia and I've gone to Miami lol
keith playz
keith playz Il y a jour
Huh i guess i am very cold towards other people because never really spoke with anyone other than my mother
Yukinao Aethanne
Yukinao Aethanne Il y a 2 jours
I’m laughing so hard on 14:09 - 14:19 🤣🤣🤣
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Il y a 2 jours
Since when did 5 days become 84 hrs? 😂😂
vepi Il y a 2 jours
What is a days bus?
Troubling Yogi
Troubling Yogi Il y a 2 jours
7000th comment
Unhumanized Il y a 3 jours
I wonder what the cost of this was..
Robbie? Il y a 3 jours
i got a head ache watching this i know how this must feel for you guys
Jaiden Mead
Jaiden Mead Il y a 3 jours
At 12:00 Welcome to Kansas!
Isis Darosa
Isis Darosa Il y a 3 jours
K but when Matt lifted his shirt....
Mark Tommy
Mark Tommy Il y a 3 jours
9:00 he probably thought he was one of the racist people
Beach Baby Hope
Beach Baby Hope Il y a 3 jours
Ducky Cat
Ducky Cat Il y a 3 jours
Congrats you have corona
Wolfie SilverMoon
Wolfie SilverMoon Il y a 3 jours
I understand how you feel with that lady. I had an 11 hour bus ride from minnesota to chicago and it was a night bus so we left at night and got there 7 am and there was this lady who would not get off her phone, just chatting and chatting i couldn't sleep. Also there was a tiny bathroom at the back of the bus and there was someone who was sitting in there the whole time.
Kyle Le Heup
Kyle Le Heup Il y a 4 jours
IN SOVIET RUSSIA. we go from far east, to siberia, to caspian sea area, to khola. ;)
howdy kid
howdy kid Il y a 5 jours
Abdu 5524
Abdu 5524 Il y a 6 jours
Jared Draney
Jared Draney Il y a 7 jours
drum corps would beg to differ😂
Tom Koszak
Tom Koszak Il y a 7 jours
FUCK YEAH do the Russia trip
Vampy. Il y a 8 jours
still waiting for that russia train ride
Sylvia Taylor
Sylvia Taylor Il y a 8 jours
**im a bus driver**
Laura Albertini
Laura Albertini Il y a 8 jours
please do the trainride in russia 😂🤩
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly Il y a 9 jours
Do the Russian trip!
Kal Wil
Kal Wil Il y a 10 jours
1000 miles is short. I have to take an 1500 mile ride from georgia to michigan four times an year.
Ferron Ward
Ferron Ward Il y a 10 jours
Please do Russia 🇷🇺
Life With Cash
Life With Cash Il y a 10 jours
The fact that no one told them to shut up on the first bus because they were loud is amazing haha 😂😅😅
Slanedoggy Il y a 11 jours
You should do this thing called the trek where you get cartons like the pioneers and walk miles and camp out its fun and scary
Sofiane Abdesmad
Sofiane Abdesmad Il y a 12 jours
I'm 6"9 this would be absolutely impossible for me
Mohammed waseem Ahmed
Mohammed waseem Ahmed Il y a 13 jours
This is no where close to India u can experience hell in India's buses
Sam Rothman
Sam Rothman Il y a 14 jours
haha try it in Indonesia bro, 7 days bus ride from Jogjakarta - Sumatra 😋
Brian O'Hara
Brian O'Hara Il y a 14 jours
Sovatey LIM
Sovatey LIM Il y a 14 jours
Try to live in the Floating Village of Cambodia for 3 days.
Jean leconquérant
Jean leconquérant Il y a 15 jours
Now do it alone and it will be totally different
Yann Il y a 17 jours
“Am gonna murder you” 😂
Shannon Guevara
Shannon Guevara Il y a 17 jours
i hate greyhound buses
Will Cook
Will Cook Il y a 17 jours
lolol watching this living in Denver and I am almost positive I saw myself at the bus stop in the back ground, wish I'd known ya'll were there bahaha
Emily Stanley
Emily Stanley Il y a 17 jours
I done 31 hours in a bus to France wasn’t the best
Kalle Il y a 19 jours
Please do the russian cross country trainride
dixy Il y a 20 jours
the longest I've been on a bus was for like 30 hours (a trip from Poland to Bulgaria) and it was HELL.
CONer Whit
CONer Whit Il y a 20 jours
Realizing you have to go back
1-800-NOT-OKAY Il y a 20 jours
That’s some good kush
Kai Ellsworth
Kai Ellsworth Il y a 21 jour
I think it’s good that Matt doesn’t let anyone forget that he’s an Ironman. He worked hard for that, and he should brag to everyone that he’s accomplished such an amazing feat. Good job Matt.
Dominic J A
Dominic J A Il y a 24 jours
I did 12hour journey twice and I wanted to kill myself 😂 how you coped with this greyhound business is beyond me man 🤣
Bluelonden Il y a 26 jours
i didnt know atlanta was in tennesee or that saint louis in illinois
vidihika khanna
vidihika khanna Il y a 26 jours
DO RUSSIA!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Gong's Brand Cube
Gong's Brand Cube Il y a mois
Those joyrides caught my eye, made me thought this video is a promotion for Nike
Chicken wings
Chicken wings Il y a mois
Can’t believe they went inside the USA sign
Venny Nice
Venny Nice Il y a mois
Okay taking a bus for 5 days straight is not that difficult I alredy do it to visit my grandma
David Ramirez
David Ramirez Il y a mois
Have y’all heard of truck drivers 😳
EmīlsKristians FR
EmīlsKristians FR Il y a mois
I feel so sad because 4 comments ago (this one counting), there were 6969 comments.
Sampf Il y a mois
Faded Paper figures!!?!?! 8:48
Duck Il y a mois
does anyone remember that we could actually go close to eachother?
Serena Kam
Serena Kam Il y a mois
so you couldn't do miami to alaska?
Sophie ._.
Sophie ._. Il y a mois
I've never seen people that excited for Colorado but lets be honest here, it's the best state.
Anatoly Kruglov
Anatoly Kruglov Il y a mois
Omg, you should definitely visit Russia, it is gorgeous!) Good luck!)
Totinos Pizza Bagels
They should do one either from Cali to Maine or from florida to Cali then to maine
Imagine Breaker!!
Imagine Breaker!! Il y a mois
Me: sees title, thinks it says 8 hours that’s easy Me after I get glasses: :O
Princy Ragila
Princy Ragila Il y a mois
I have gone on a 5 days bus trip on hill slopes here in India . What's worse ?
Maria Badasian
Maria Badasian Il y a mois
My bucket list item - riding the trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow to Beijing My NEW bucket list item - riding the trans-Siberian railroad from Moscow to Beijing with Yes Theory!
Parker Treide
Parker Treide Il y a mois
Y͙e͙s͙ t͙h͙e͙o͙r͙y͙ n͙e͙e͙d͙s͙ t͙h͙e͙i͙r͙ o͙w͙n͙ s͙h͙o͙w͙ ❌ 🧢 Il y a mois
Yass do Russia
Bhavik Akshaj
Bhavik Akshaj Il y a mois
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford Il y a mois
go to mother russia
Mercedes Osawe
Mercedes Osawe Il y a mois
The longest time I’ve been on a bus was 2 hours 🚌
Grahamboigamer YT
Grahamboigamer YT Il y a mois
Anyone getting this in recommended
Big Booty Brisket
Big Booty Brisket Il y a mois
Me after going on cross Canada road trips my entire life every summer like 👁👄👁💅🏻
Ivan Ventura
Ivan Ventura Il y a mois
America is a continent not a COUNTRY
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman Il y a mois
2:30 best quote
Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell Il y a mois
Do Russia..
knug Il y a mois
I sware american transport is always late. last summer traveled from west virginia to toronto with a 2 hour train ride and a 20 hour greyhound bus. that train took 5 hours and i only was able to catch my bus because that was also late. of the four busses i rode during that trip every single one was either late to depart or arrived late on the next stop. there were a few times i tought legit thought id miss the connection. I did get to talk to a lot of interesting people tho so thats something
Slavic Dude
Slavic Dude Il y a mois
Do Russia
Winston Chou
Winston Chou Il y a mois
use this comment as a DO RUSSIA button
Winston Chou
Winston Chou Il y a 7 jours
um... ok?
Max Schardt
Max Schardt Il y a 7 jours
Tomato Cat nty
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Il y a mois
You should do russia