I Took My Pizza Delivery Guy Around the World

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This week, Matt and Thomas ordered pizza and asked the delivery driver if they had a passport. If the answer was yes, then they asked them what their dream destination is...and actually went.
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14 juil. 2019




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Commentaires 100
Yes Theory
Yes Theory Il y a an
Subscribe y’all! Much love and thank you for watching ❤️ - Thomas
aljahi wanker
aljahi wanker Il y a 2 mois
I'm from Jamaica I just want a car are travel to another country
Alec A
Alec A Il y a 2 mois
Subscribe to TexasBassFishers for good luck
Undaunted 07
Undaunted 07 Il y a 3 mois
New subscriber here ☝️😍
Michael Akoto Debrah
Michael Akoto Debrah Il y a 4 mois
Just subscribed, you guys are so kind, can stop watching your videos. Please surprise me on my birthday this 24th of May 2020. I will be really excited.
Axei mash
Axei mash Il y a 4 mois
Doing my homework to get into college would be one thing I could do, thank you for asking
erlisa gjikokaj
erlisa gjikokaj Il y a 19 heures
is it not normal to have a passport in America?
Aaron Whitesel
Aaron Whitesel Il y a jour
"were taking a water boat to Venice" You mean a boat Thomas?
Rajendra Il y a 2 jours
man they prob got passports but just felt you guys are sketchy and lied about not having a passport
Erum Mehfooz
Erum Mehfooz Il y a 3 jours
The Italian guys: WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thomas:yes! Comparisons tho 😂😂
Melony Il y a 3 jours
9:43 Dixie? is that you?
Justin Dadswell
Justin Dadswell Il y a 4 jours
Give the people two weeks to accept. Because I need two weeks for my boss to accept time off. 4 day work week, 3 vacation days left. I can take 6 day off total. Just saying.
Always Falling Short
Always Falling Short Il y a 6 jours
Please rename this video to "Yes theory day drinks" so I can find it easier.
Quirky Harshad
Quirky Harshad Il y a 6 jours
Awesome work Bruh'sss 👍
King San Pedro
King San Pedro Il y a 6 jours
that is water7 try to find franky's house
Manuelito Torres
Manuelito Torres Il y a 7 jours
First Steps: Learn, Have a Job, Save, Express Yourself, Travel, Meet People, Communicate, Inspire
vaperainzero Il y a 8 jours
I subbed because of the pushy message 2/3rds of the vid. I felt like I had to....
Sixten Lindgren
Sixten Lindgren Il y a 8 jours
My dad:what do want to be When you’re old” Me:basketball player” After watching this video Me:I think I wanna be a pizza deliverer instead”
alex fabulous-inaba
alex fabulous-inaba Il y a 8 jours
wait omg i know what exact bar they were at in venice. I WAS THEREEEE literally a month after them
Viktor Tsvetanov
Viktor Tsvetanov Il y a 9 jours
The first thing everyone has to do in Venice is... get lost
FishHardOrGoHome Il y a 9 jours
I wanna go fishing in the amazon for peacock bass sometime in my life first step i guess would be to get my passport and probably amp up my bass fishing game
As1an Prodi9yYT
As1an Prodi9yYT Il y a 10 jours
9:40 y’all can’t tell me you didn’t think that wasn’t Charlie d’amelio
Yatoo Il y a 10 jours
Think about other people who would kidnap u besides yes theory.
tall blonde girl
tall blonde girl Il y a 12 jours
Love this and love you guys ❤
Lego Guy
Lego Guy Il y a 12 jours
*its pizza time*
not miiles
not miiles Il y a 13 jours
One day I delivered pizza and the guy gave me a blanket for my tip. 😐
Matt Olds
Matt Olds Il y a 13 jours
How do we edit the subtitles? 😂. These ones are terrible
Not Your Average GLOW Up
Not Your Average GLOW Up Il y a 13 jours
I swear to God, if I ever seen Matt, Thomas or Ammar in person I’m just saying yes. I don’t GAF what the question is. “Yes” is the only answer. “You wanna go to another...” yes “you wanna be..” yes “ would you be willing to” yes.... maybe this is how I die but you know what.. I’m saying yes 😂🤣😂🤙🏻
sathish kumar
sathish kumar Il y a 13 jours
its like dream come true not everyone's dream come true like this.....!!!!
professional Pooper
professional Pooper Il y a 14 jours
Is he the goodmorning ya'll guy?
Ultimate Cricket
Ultimate Cricket Il y a 14 jours
Did anyone notice that this video was posted on the greatest day of Sports history (July 14)? (day of the Wimbledon Finals and Cricket World Cup finals)
Anirudh Kashyap
Anirudh Kashyap Il y a 15 jours
Omg....46% who watch are subscribed....that's high for a yt channel....nice!
Campino Milligan
Campino Milligan Il y a 16 jours
Who is paying for all this I wonder......
Snickidy Il y a 16 jours
dude could be zac efrons cousin
limor9963 Il y a 16 jours
This man really said “we’re taking a water boat”
Aditya Rout
Aditya Rout Il y a 16 jours
When your tip becomes a trip
Sharon Grace
Sharon Grace Il y a 16 jours
Why dont come get me ....!! no one does stuff like that here in india
Aqua Dragon
Aqua Dragon Il y a 16 jours
This is litteraly mrbeast
RXFX Il y a 16 jours
Damn yall covered A LOT of ground, you were on like both ends of the city lmao
Andrea Menzato
Andrea Menzato Il y a 16 jours
Te ghe da sajare el spritz
edcel roi tabion
edcel roi tabion Il y a 16 jours
ako din sana
Keem Beckford
Keem Beckford Il y a 17 jours
They picked the perfect guy to do this with !
Lissy Maggie
Lissy Maggie Il y a 18 jours
I was so confused why so many people didn’t have passports and then I remembered I live in England and a lot of Americans just go on holiday around america
TooMuchRage Il y a 18 jours
the guys pictures looks lit
Abbi Lynn
Abbi Lynn Il y a 19 jours
What if the guys without passports wanted to go to Puerto Rico or Hawaii tho
John K
John K Il y a 20 jours
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Jacob Maule
Jacob Maule Il y a 20 jours
I’m a duns. I’ve been watching and liking unsubscribed for months. Smh my b fam
Paul Marin
Paul Marin Il y a 20 jours
I dare yes theory to go to Romania, and do a tour of the country, along with a group of travelers, just like how you did in Budapest
Harry V
Harry V Il y a 20 jours
One of those businesses in Venice must not have paid the sign guy lol. Did you notice their sign was upside down....the one as they were getting off the boat to get to the hotel. lol
Yoko Oh No
Yoko Oh No Il y a 20 jours
Those 3 dudes though 😄
Cillian Geary
Cillian Geary Il y a 21 jour
5:38 “So we are taking a water boat to take us to Venice” a posed to a land boat I assume
100 Subs with no videos challenge
They weren't just taking a boat. They were taking a water boat.
Chrillo Il y a 21 jour
I like how he Said "we are taking a WATER boat to venice
jahrasta kim
jahrasta kim Il y a 22 jours
Love the pink hoody seek dscomport..
DigChad Il y a 22 jours
it's just like Yes Theory is visiting italy but he have his own photographer
Ben Leszczynski
Ben Leszczynski Il y a 23 jours
Alberta > Italy
Ravish kr
Ravish kr Il y a 23 jours
Bro you all guy's are amazing love ❤️ from india
boracay hallelujah tribe
boracay hallelujah tribe Il y a 24 jours
Nice trip iiiiihhhhaaaa……… awesome story…
Exposed Il y a 24 jours
9:45, is that Charli D’Amelio working at a pizza shop in italy?
ELAN LOVES MUSIC !!! Il y a 24 jours
I need that JOKE
Just Riki
Just Riki Il y a 24 jours
Venice is a really beautiful city, but it isn't the most beautiful place in italy lol
Abeer Sethia
Abeer Sethia Il y a 24 jours
I am 16 years old and I aspire to be an aerospace engineer. I have been putting that goal off because of my laziness and been watching videos on youtube. After seeing this video and listening to the last part of the video I am going to leave behind all these distractions and chase my goal. If I do reach there, it's going to be because of you, Yes Theory... So thank you for the motivation :)
Donita Trencio
Donita Trencio Il y a 24 jours
1:24 ammar is so cute 😂💖
DLP automotive Media
DLP automotive Media Il y a 25 jours
have you been to malta ?
Bills FTW
Bills FTW Il y a 25 jours
13:53 “Alease don’t forget to subscribe” 😐
FutSquad BR
FutSquad BR Il y a 25 jours
Alyssa Farin
Alyssa Farin Il y a 27 jours
Imagine going here in the Philippines after a pandemic and asking people here to go on an adventure with you guys!! it would be lovely for us Filipino fans.
Alyssa Farin
Alyssa Farin Il y a 27 jours
OMG YES THEORY!!! you didn't go to the Philippines?? I've been researching about you guys going here in our county, omg guys you must visit Philippines and ask people here!!! i could be your tour guide
Zane Zoolander
Zane Zoolander Il y a 28 jours
New subscriber here! Fell in love with your videos today! Unbelievable. I wish something like this would happen to me. Amazing!
Euphorix Il y a 29 jours
13:55 Alaese don't forget to subscribe?...
Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio Il y a 29 jours
4:58 looked amd behaved like Toby from The Office
Azeem Siddiqui
Azeem Siddiqui Il y a mois
Wow. This feels like it shouldn’t be free
Una Petrovic
Una Petrovic Il y a mois
I was smiling thru the whole video
Lordshie Diego
Lordshie Diego Il y a mois
Yes theory ur inspiring people.
ethan Cowan
ethan Cowan Il y a mois
Americans can't handle the drink like us Europeans
Manuel Rodrigues
Manuel Rodrigues Il y a mois
There's no Luck.. I'd say, luck is where opportunity meets preparation
Emmaleia Il y a mois
I live in Alberta, it's not worth all the hype jk no one really gives it hype
Demy Cruz Jr.
Demy Cruz Jr. Il y a mois
I have a passport. Let's go! *after covid tho*
Michelle Taruc
Michelle Taruc Il y a mois
Get a passport!
J 4 S 0 N
J 4 S 0 N Il y a mois
if you guts were unlucky you guys might die from eating too much pizza
mahendra kanodiya
mahendra kanodiya Il y a mois
Will you take me outside of my country? bcoz firstly I Never been outside of my country and secondly I can’t afford to go outside ☹️☹️☹️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Xam Plaza
Xam Plaza Il y a mois
That girl who serves those cocktail look likes Charli D'Amelio
Rene Garza
Rene Garza Il y a mois
No one: Yes Theory: do you have a passport?
Lara Il y a mois
It surprises me how many Americans dont have passports
AVL 57
AVL 57 Il y a mois
9:42 This girl look like charlie d amelio Lol
Nuri Issi
Nuri Issi Il y a mois
I was looking for this comment
Gary Wallen
Gary Wallen Il y a mois
Should get this guy to join Yes Theory. Totally good vibes
Emily Sup
Emily Sup Il y a mois
Bro I wish this happened to me
Code Emperor
Code Emperor Il y a mois
This guys made me believe how unpredictable the life actually is...
Auston Preece
Auston Preece Il y a mois
Sad they didn’t come to Alberta :(((
vinothkv25 Il y a mois
I do hv a passport.. No use of 😂
McRey Banderlipe II
You're right in saying that opportunity is where luck meets preparation. And I have started doing steps to make things happen. I am grateful to have known your channel because it helps me visualize what I want to happen. Maraming salamat from the Philippines. Hoping to travel with you once this pandemic is over. 😊
Shreyas Neupane
Shreyas Neupane Il y a mois
1:07 wash your hand before eating.
tech abdul
tech abdul Il y a mois
A random person asked me for a tour and now i am kidnapped!
Mogli Il y a mois
Well u want to know what i am doing to achieve my dream? Well i am watching your FRvid videos. Does that help?
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Il y a mois
So, yeah. I guess I am getting a passport.
Mac Mills
Mac Mills Il y a mois
Yes Theory makes me want to dream and dream, I hope one day i get to chance to travel to my dream destination.
santosh pai
santosh pai Il y a mois
Just subbed to Yes theory ,thank you FRvid for recommending !!
santosh pai
santosh pai Il y a mois
What a fun video !! :)
Nicky Dunn
Nicky Dunn Il y a mois
Loving your videos, you guys always make me smile, thank you for sharing.
juangstar Il y a mois
Yukon Il y a mois
Everybody in canada: whats wrong with us?
Matt Il y a mois
Everyone in Alberta: why didn’t you come to Alberta?
Gabriel Camberos
Gabriel Camberos Il y a mois
I’m sorry I thought you were gonna order form a place across the globe 😅
oma traveling
oma traveling Il y a mois
Nice video and traveling, good boy..... Look at it my chanel... Thanks you
rien smeets
rien smeets Il y a mois
but i do wonder if the pizzas were actually good
irsha Vlog
irsha Vlog Il y a mois
Take some homeless people for tour