I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

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i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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Commentaires 80
MrBeast Il y a jour
Subscribe for a free Lamborghini If you’re here from trending subscribe for 2 lambos
Jahrasi Artwell Positive Energy
Hey j
R-oa Il y a 2 heures
I'm here from my sub feed twice
Jimmy John
Jimmy John Il y a jour
Jenea Monae
Jenea Monae Il y a jour
HelloItsMarkXD Il y a jour
First Name Last Name
Deported Il y a heure
They have no idea how to really make him leave
Just Awful
Just Awful Il y a heure
Love how he’s trending more than all of the commotion that’s going on in America lmao
Frost YEET!
Frost YEET! Il y a heure
This happens when Jimmy doesn't get an award for best FRvidr in nickelodeon
paoloangelokritchever kritchever
Hi Mrbeast
Blu Soldier
Blu Soldier Il y a heure
I would love to do this and I know my friend would play 10 hours of never going to give you up then playing a very loud noise
Miguel angel Mariñez castillo
sawyer benedict
sawyer benedict Il y a heure
quarantine on crack
Prison Without Walls
Real Rankings
Real Rankings Il y a heure
Let's go watch anime
EZ Duzit
EZ Duzit Il y a heure
50 hours lol thats cute
Saira Ali
Saira Ali Il y a heure
jathniel saradpon
jathniel saradpon Il y a heure
this is a solution to everything: GO CRAZY
Steph Nic
Steph Nic Il y a heure
It's been a day and I'm still waiting for my lambos!!
Ryan Aguirre
Ryan Aguirre Il y a heure
Get the ostrich
Jeeven Roblo
Jeeven Roblo Il y a heure
JIMMY make a FRvid channel for Maddy yur gf
Brooke M
Brooke M Il y a heure
Danyo Il y a heure
“Wait you can’t do this” sounded so wholesome from jimmy when they stole his pillow
info dunia
info dunia Il y a heure
Sukses selalau
info dunia
info dunia Il y a heure
Hay mr beast, saya orang indonesia
Fart Poo
Fart Poo Il y a heure
Ok mr. breast
Emily Zollicoffer
Emily Zollicoffer Il y a heure
I do this every day
Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans Il y a heure
I don’t think the team tried to get jimmy out hard enough
David Miscaviage
David Miscaviage Il y a heure
Beast I did 5 days in solitary for smuggling drugs in jail
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Il y a heure
Poor Jimmy. He's trying as hard as he can to give us content during quarintine, and I think we all deserve to give him a thank you.
Mrigank Il y a heure
This is normal
BlueGreen Il y a heure
basically my life
Melissa Beale
Melissa Beale Il y a heure
dose chris moisturize
Tseye247 Il y a heure
How to annoy jimmy: *PLAY 10 HOUR DESPACITO*
Brayden Radcliffe
Brayden Radcliffe Il y a heure
omg how
sergei Il y a heure
my dad has been doing that challenge for 2 years
Yoop Productions
Yoop Productions Il y a heure
Hey, would any of you mind dropping a sub on my channel or checking out my videos?
Lamb Gaming
Lamb Gaming Il y a heure
this is amazing
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa Il y a heure
Esa habitación está mejor que la mía jsjsjs
Lia Moore
Lia Moore Il y a heure
everyone during quarantine- “am i joke to you?”
Shadow Hunter_227
Shadow Hunter_227 Il y a heure
This is how they re pay jimmy giving them tens of thousand of dollars just because they dont want to get slimed dang theyre cruel
Amelia Zen
Amelia Zen Il y a heure
I love that ending of the cameraman’s horror
The Living Gamer
The Living Gamer Il y a heure
This is higher on trending than a major action by NASA by putting people back into space. *Think about that.*
Thomas Mendez
Thomas Mendez Il y a heure
“Beware: need inside” 🤣🤣
GGalaxy Killer
GGalaxy Killer Il y a heure
Javier Carpio-jota
Javier Carpio-jota Il y a heure
Let's hope Morgz tries steal this idea
Gavin Pearson
Gavin Pearson Il y a heure
I would rather just get slimed honestly
Bennyboy Il y a heure
This looked staged
Orangecreem Il y a heure
Is it really solitary confinement if you talk to your friends?
Ksenia*Fitzgeralde Il y a heure
So basically qaurantine
DISTRESS Il y a heure
I’m protesting this youtuber
Hunter Doggett
Hunter Doggett Il y a heure
Nahomi A
Nahomi A Il y a heure
This is white privilege at its finest! There’s black men being incarcerated every day for petty chargers. Black men being taken away from their families because of a system that PROFITS off their bodies and you want to have some sort artificial experience for FRvid views
Nahomi A
Nahomi A Il y a heure
Nadia Il y a heure
Sosa Sosa
Sosa Sosa Il y a heure
Se tomó enserio el distanciamiento social xd
Shanta Acharya
Shanta Acharya Il y a heure
Kian Colman
Kian Colman Il y a heure
What did Terek do?!?! (Besides give him FOOD) Also I prob spelled his name wrong sorry XD
Mike Vaknansky
Mike Vaknansky Il y a heure
*well, he is social distancing...*
Creations PATY G
Creations PATY G Il y a heure
WOW!!! Friends... I' WOULD go CRAZY ... Greetings FROM Colombia
Austin Greene
Austin Greene Il y a heure
all i see in this comment sections are a bunch of ❄️ who stand up for people who deserve to be in solitary confinement for years
Katanaツ Il y a heure
This was so entertaining I have to rewatch :)
Mikey Morales
Mikey Morales Il y a heure
The shining in real life
AJDEV Il y a heure
How long till Morgz does this
Mike Vaknansky
Mike Vaknansky Il y a heure
That’s alarm thing was cruelllllll
Gecko Gamer
Gecko Gamer Il y a heure
You guys should have just slimed jimmy
Mad Fox
Mad Fox Il y a heure
I voluntarily went to prison. 6 years of bs because i wanted to reshape who i was. no recognition...yet.
kelly rowley
kelly rowley Il y a heure
You commented on tikos banana dis track
Basic_ZIZER Il y a heure
Queen bee
Queen bee Il y a heure
OMG that's solo funny that u have to hear that stuff lol 😆
I subscribed can I have free robux
Mk 7101708
Mk 7101708 Il y a heure
#1 o trending! Congrats brotha!!!
Jackson Fonzo
Jackson Fonzo Il y a heure
Do you a 24 hour challenge on Lakeland near in Georgia
Colin Wammy
Colin Wammy Il y a heure
Hey chris.. 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤 𝙢𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧
Cereal 27
Cereal 27 Il y a heure
ok again but actual solitary confinement
admral aokiji
admral aokiji Il y a heure
أفضل يوتيوبر على الإطلاق ❤❤🌹
Zyrodius Il y a heure
Look at MrBeast face at 10:08 when he throws the microphone LOL
Mason Prinzo
Mason Prinzo Il y a heure
he has more fun in solitary confinement than i have had in 13 years
REHSIF HUNTER Il y a heure
At least we know he ain’t no simp
tahira tareen
tahira tareen Il y a 2 heures
To Mr.Beast Remember you are loved by all of you’re subscribers, family, and friends! You are a great entertainer! And I still don’t wonder why you aren’t the most popular youtuber 🤔 We are all Impressed of the great things you do for other people 😁 We all love and support you. -Leyla Mae LaSure Edit: I am also 9
Pi Com
Pi Com Il y a 2 heures
This just proves that jimmy is just way smarter than his friends lol.
عبدالعزيز الشمري
عربي اثبت وجودك 👍
Fareeda’s Gaming Corner
You guys should first test for corona
Rylan Witty
Rylan Witty Il y a 2 heures
Wow this is on trending
Henry churchin
Henry churchin Il y a 2 heures
ngl this vid felt kinda manufactured
Rest in Peace.
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