I Spent 100 Days in Minecraft Pixelmon.. Here's What Happened..

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7 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
AMS Law PLLC Il y a 3 heures
1:58 you can see he used a master ball on a uncommon Pokémon like bruh
Flarestone Il y a 4 heures
do rlcraft hardcore s2
Edward Piazza
Edward Piazza Il y a 8 heures
Why did he use a master ball on a ZIGGZAGOON
itzdamiann Il y a 22 heures
i bought your bandana 🔥🔥
Leo the killers XD
Leo the killers XD Il y a 23 heures
A master ball for a zigzagzoon relly
james Il y a 23 heures
james Il y a 23 heures
Why just why yooooo don't even know the type advantage bruuhhh
Devastatingly Il y a 23 heures
Wtf ur growing fast AF last I checked you were 450k
Kerfumpel Il y a jour
1:40 you mean beat your piplup to a pulplup
Rohannn Il y a jour
Hey youre that guy on vape
Phantom Il y a jour
U should do 100 days in Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
LYNXGAMEZ Il y a jour
sad for mewtwo
mineceener Il y a jour
CXLVXN: The most important day 25 Me: What CXLVXN: SOmeone sent me a pikachu! ME: YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!
FireLordSqoorl Il y a jour
If you want to do 100 days in another server There is this Avatar the Last Airbender one for 1.12.2 that is vanilla Called AvatarMc its a lotta fun playing on it and I think would fit your kind of content well. Has a great professions system and pvp along with war.
Calan Dsouza
Calan Dsouza Il y a jour
My name is Calvin
Haisam Ramzan
Haisam Ramzan Il y a jour
11:09 what were trying to do o_o
Frostedkyle16 GG
Frostedkyle16 GG Il y a jour
Mewtwo and mew OP and Charmander i dont actually play on a Pokémon server so i only like Pokémon cards and Pokémon animes & Hypixel minecraft things likr that
AmazingStream27 Il y a jour
I'm not Brooke. Hmmmmmmm (Dark skin tone).....
Gideon Garcia
Gideon Garcia Il y a jour
Where is the 1 block skyblock hardcore survival we are all waiting for 8 month please bring it back if you died you can just tell us right?😔
Let it go you should wait and see cox you never know where your going to be you should take it slow you could continue rlcraft instead of wishing dead wishing from wishing dead song
Swirl Sky
Swirl Sky Il y a jour
Pls do hardcore series
Schqomz Il y a 2 jours
Your almost at 1 millon subs AND NO TEXTURE PACK RELASE??????
Ateef Haque
Ateef Haque Il y a 2 jours
shoulda started with rowlet eh?
juliemcd61 Il y a 2 jours
Do 300 days on all our craft
Raul E
Raul E Il y a 2 jours
I like how he suddenly had a massive rise in subs And that instantly stopped a while ago
Arrow verse
Arrow verse Il y a 2 jours
Pls more pixelmon 👉🏼👈🏼
ItzMeJoBoy Il y a 2 jours
WHAT USING A MASTER BALL FOR ZIGZAGOON?!? U are different guy i found on internet
Tuber Pog
Tuber Pog Il y a 2 jours
10:52 demon slayer pog
Yen Nagashiki
Yen Nagashiki Il y a 2 jours
Every time i hear the Able sisters music i always hear "WATSUP CHAT"
Yen Nagashiki
Yen Nagashiki Il y a 2 jours
Why do you craft a sword when theres no mobs lol
HOLD1NG Il y a 2 jours
calvin slowly transforming into forge labs with the 100 days thing LOL
shawn Williams
shawn Williams Il y a 2 jours
U aint slick u said "that mf was hacking ur honor"
Glitchy Aftøń
Glitchy Aftøń Il y a 2 jours
Miss Joy
beyblade fan cannon
beyblade fan cannon Il y a 2 jours
Piplup is only weak to lighting types in their last evolution
El Truco
El Truco Il y a 2 jours
No more severecraft? I really like that series
the fake bucket
the fake bucket Il y a 3 jours
As a pokemon fanatic I am offended by this video
DaOpTIMist Il y a 3 jours
"I thought I'd go to the gyms, NOT THE KIND WITH TREADMILLS, I LIKE BEING CHUNKY LEMME ALONE." I love this man
aceo Il y a 3 jours
I love this mod
Blazing Dan
Blazing Dan Il y a 3 jours
Shovel comes 4th. Simplest answer.
brother _momentum
brother _momentum Il y a 3 jours
Bro did you die?
ThatGrumpyOldMother Il y a 3 jours
Calvin, I’m worried about you. Your second main Twitter is gone. Please dm, or tell me here that you’re okay. Here for you. ❤️
nene-is-cute Il y a 3 jours
Hey ik this is a bit out of your comfort zone but it would be cool to see you try to play ark survival evolved i think it would be a very entertaining video :)
Sunil Singh
Sunil Singh Il y a 3 jours
Idea: You should do a series of the world's largest modpack !
TheHunterGamer99 Il y a 3 jours
WE want more pixelmon pls😢
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop Il y a 3 jours
Piplup ;-; Honestly I woulda chosen froakie or smth
Superson#1 Il y a 3 jours
Another mod pack called “Mine shafts and Monsters” it shares mods with RLcraft and its in 1.16
It's Pernapple
It's Pernapple Il y a 3 jours
Nah u didnt play pokemon when u are young. If u did, u probably never knew what u were doing
Malie Nobob
Malie Nobob Il y a 3 jours
Pls do crazy craft plsssssss i miss it
Malie Nobob
Malie Nobob Il y a 3 jours
Or you should 100 day crazy craft
Gaming With Bijay
Gaming With Bijay Il y a 3 jours
PART 2 plzzzzzz
spluxxzy Il y a 3 jours
in that last battle am i tripping or did he fight Dialga
Shawn Rowley
Shawn Rowley Il y a 3 jours
Saying crap pokemon but it's actually Legendary 5:28
Shinobionvc Il y a 3 jours
Hello Calvin I'm a new subscriber. I watched your 100 days in rlcraft and was completely hooked with your content. I hope you have a great day and don't let anything get in your way to success
Ascended Steak
Ascended Steak Il y a 3 jours
ill subscribe with the bell if you say your bald
Calixe Annieca Umali
Calixe Annieca Umali Il y a 3 jours
Do 200 please🙏
Playlist Channel
Playlist Channel Il y a 3 jours
The pokemon GBASP start up is SO nostalgic
LordJynx Il y a 4 jours
That's not hardcore..
Devin Swihart
Devin Swihart Il y a 4 jours
Did anyone realize he used a master ball on a zigzagoon
XAVIER MAIS Il y a 4 jours
Clavin: I could never use these rare candy it just wouldn't be right 1 second later uses rare candy
/david\ Il y a 4 jours
Cxlvxn: "mind your buisness" Also Cxlvxn: *post video*
The captain Dragon
The captain Dragon Il y a 4 jours
200 days
RaGe Flare
RaGe Flare Il y a 4 jours
2 masterballs and he used one on a zigzagoon... you know what, at least it was ratatta or patrat
Prince Laurence
Prince Laurence Il y a 4 jours
i love this guy
Thomas Humbles
Thomas Humbles Il y a 4 jours
did he really fet a zigzagoon with a masterball 1:52
Jamie B
Jamie B Il y a 4 jours
join an smp of somesort
Realzwiggo Il y a 4 jours
Every ending in Cxlvxn had is : "I fish"
Serena the 002nd Or TacoCat
This video is so shoet
Kyle 23
Kyle 23 Il y a 5 jours
Hay calvin what songs do you play?
AI Metal
AI Metal Il y a 5 jours
Zara Ali
Zara Ali Il y a 5 jours
I like how Luke isn’t having problems and copy right striking people for doing similar challenges and is actually chill
Sophie Udo
Sophie Udo Il y a 5 jours
Day 10, 3:10 please. Not. TOMMYINNIT MUSIC AAAAAACCK Edit: removed the the 0 front he 30:10
Toxy Il y a 5 jours
Brings back some memories
Definily Not Aden
Definily Not Aden Il y a 5 jours
um i just noticed why does he have a zizagzoon in a master ball
Soluce Il y a 5 jours
Awesome video
Rompstir Rhombus
Rompstir Rhombus Il y a 5 jours
Dam cxlvxn you are gettin views
מאיה מאיה
מאיה מאיה Il y a 5 jours
rlcraft!!! seson 2 ep 8 now!!
LEQI LI Il y a 5 jours
You can’t do this your not tommy
Peanut Man
Peanut Man Il y a 5 jours
Jho Pelobello
Jho Pelobello Il y a 5 jours
Mimikyu is awsome if you look to his bottom you will see your Worst nigthmere
crozier 08
crozier 08 Il y a 5 jours
How do you get pixalmon
Amprewski Il y a 5 jours
Hey Cal, I don't know if you're going to see this or not (and I hope this does stand out from the swarm of people asking for more RL Craft 😛), but I saw the tweets you posted a couple days ago and that you deactivated your Twitter earlier yesterday or today. From that, I infer that you're not doing too well, and I want to leave you a message of support. I just want you to know that whatever you're going through, you will be able to come out the other side. I may not know everything about you and you know nothing about me, but from what I do know, you've been a ton of shit before, and you've always come out the other side stronger. From being here since 10k, I can tell that you deserve all of the success you have. Your content makes me laugh, and in turn makes my day and the days and hundreds of thousands more better; that's your job, and you have succeeded. You're probably one of, if not my favorite creator that I've come across in the past couple years. I hope that you take the time you need to sort things out, talk to your friends about your situation, get the help you need, get your shit back together, and again come back stronger. You are a man of steel. You got this. 👍
JackOnside Il y a 5 jours
Hi cxlvxn pls notice me
Ryan Morrison
Ryan Morrison Il y a 6 jours
WHAT!?!?!?!?! on day 1oo you didnt fish!!!!!!!!!
General Gaming
General Gaming Il y a 6 jours
General Gaming
General Gaming Il y a 6 jours
xixi zhang
xixi zhang Il y a 6 jours
Become a farmer in the Vietnam era
Ja'Myrah Greene
Ja'Myrah Greene Il y a 6 jours
post more of these i LOVE them plsssssss
Ja'Myrah Greene
Ja'Myrah Greene Il y a 6 jours
not these one's the other one's
Ja'Myrah Greene
Ja'Myrah Greene Il y a 6 jours
And u are good at building i love the house
Balls Il y a 6 jours
1:11 you did the pickaxe and shovel backwards smh everybody knows pick in 2 sovel in 3 axe in 4
Balls Il y a 6 jours
wtf happened to half heart hardcore
Mizo animations
Mizo animations Il y a 6 jours
FIREBALL GAMING M Il y a 6 jours
Can you do more ro craft
Daku Naito
Daku Naito Il y a 6 jours
a master ball on a zigzagoon oh yeah..... he's cultured like
Red Il y a 6 jours
used a master ball on a zigzagoon?
Nightdraklin Il y a 6 jours
Me: *finally excited that he's playing pixelmon* Also Me: *sees him catch a low leveled HM slave pokemon using a master ball*
Fahim Faruk
Fahim Faruk Il y a 6 jours
Nurse Joy OwO
Sevens Il y a 6 jours
can u try blood n bones?
Olive Hornet2583
Olive Hornet2583 Il y a 7 jours
How do you fight
DoritoDemigod 64
DoritoDemigod 64 Il y a 7 jours
im mad but its ok you said you havent played in a long time but dont ever use a masterball on a comman pokemon only legendary pokemon like mewtwo also nurse joy OwO
Yoshi Plays225
Yoshi Plays225 Il y a 7 jours
Kawaii CS
Kawaii CS Il y a 7 jours
This video was not very good, starting with a master ball and then having people just giving you lvl 100 Pokémon then doing a shameless plug for keys on a sever that you played on is just not the series that you should play. SMH
asd asd
asd asd Il y a 6 jours
Yeah kinda annoying how he just got everything handed to him, kinda ruins the point of the series
X_ttv_aspeckt-YT Il y a 7 jours
You should do 100 days in dragon block c!!!