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In this episode I restore a Playstation 2 (PS2) slim which I got for $7 as part of a junk lot of consoles. Low end price for working device is typically around $50. Black consoles can be cheaper because there are more of them available. As a bonus I got a free game, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi, it's quite common game and even in good condition not very valuable. But it's a nice addition to my collection, here is a link to my video of repairing the disc:
I started the restoration by testing the console. I was able to power it on. I think it wasn't supposed to work but the descriptions for these consoles are quite often inaccurate. However it was not reading games.
After opening the console I tried to see if I could repair the disc drive. The Playstation 2 disc drive is known for breaking quite easily. The laser just stops working. I decided to replace the whole disc drive. Only the laser part can also be changed. After replacing the laser I still had to do a little adjusting on the screws I show on the video.
After replacing the drive I continued to disassemble the console. I cleaned everything with compressed air, soapy water and isopropyl alcohol and removed a little yellowing with UV-light and hydrogen peroxide. Tutorial to the process here:
The original model sticker was in bad condition so I copied it in photoshop and printed a new one.
Thanks for watching!
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Replacement disc drive:
Screw driver set:
Soldering iron
Hydrogen peroxide:
UV LED strip:
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):
Power source (for leds):
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6 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Desmond Steinmetz
Desmond Steinmetz Il y a 26 minutes
Hey one of the parts might of been a little weird !
João Allyson
João Allyson Il y a 33 minutes
Odd Tinkering check this guy he is copying you
Roldo Lara
Roldo Lara Il y a 2 heures
el nemoooo😠😠😠😠😠
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Jesus Joseph
Jesus Joseph Il y a 2 heures
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Jesus Joseph
Jesus Joseph Il y a 3 heures
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xavier you tuve
xavier you tuve Il y a 3 heures
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xavier you tuve
xavier you tuve Il y a 3 heures
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JuiceGodAlpha Il y a 8 heures
21:49 when a 20 year old game runs more smooth than games today
KvaGram Il y a 10 heures
10:19 Rubber duck detected!! A like have now been administered.
hereistand2008 Il y a 10 heures
After watching this video I now believe any dirt in the world is removable if done it properly
smash nerf
smash nerf Il y a 11 heures
i wonder if the dragon ball game work on the restored ps2
Skyler Messier
Skyler Messier Il y a 13 heures
I think you should restore a broken Intellivison, and have Donkey Kong come with it.
Ana Julia Reis
Ana Julia Reis Il y a 14 heures
the best part is the lil duck ahah great 10:19
Matt Oakes
Matt Oakes Il y a 14 heures
WOW . My brother used to have a ps2. im speeches
Jenkins Family
Jenkins Family Il y a 16 heures
What i think all the PlayStation consols look like: PsP: not necessarily a "consol" but, the playstation version of a nintendo 3Ds or switch in my opinion Ps1: just kinda looks like an og consol Ps2: be lookin like a book Ps3: old version of the Ps4 BUT with a very round and curved top Ps4: literal jet engine Ps5: total wifi router
kid MANÂ
kid MANÂ Il y a 18 heures
I loved jak they should remaster it or bring to ps5
W W Il y a 19 heures
Cool. The slim ps2 was notorious for over heating. I had one and it would just shit off completely. I prefer the bigger ps2.
MRX HACKERS Il y a 19 heures
This video gave me relaxing when i dont know what i want to watch.
nhuquyettam ghe
nhuquyettam ghe Il y a 21 heure
fajny film, chcę być twoimi przyjaciółmi, ok?
Gonzalo Enrique
Gonzalo Enrique Il y a 22 heures
The seller lucked out in selling this junk for 7 dollars
gabe defabio
gabe defabio Il y a jour
2 yrs latter: we did it!! Me:
sasuke Il y a jour
En ece momento el arroz sintio el verdadero terror
Jeb Broham
Jeb Broham Il y a jour
And before you know it, the Xbox Series X will be just another piece of junk in the landfill, like the PS2. Tech moves so fast now, that what's new today is old news tomorrow.
IIFantastic _MHA
IIFantastic _MHA Il y a jour
At my home my mum still has a original Playstation 1 from like idk somewhat 1980's.Most of the games don't work but we still have this good conditioned car game lol :) Edit: Also she got it when she was around 5-10 :)
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Il y a jour
You a fucking beast bro 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Il y a jour
I even subscribed 👏🏽👏🏽
Film Fan 1234
Film Fan 1234 Il y a jour
I thought slim lasers were good and it's phat model lasers that fail most
Salvy_X Il y a jour
Fun fact: The PS2 upper case logo is removable
Jon Il y a jour
I understand after spending that much time and effort into restoring the PS2 he bought for $7, he wound up selling it for $10 on eBay to a kid down the street so he wouldn't have to fork the shipping fee.
Max Gettoflutsch
Max Gettoflutsch Il y a jour
21:20 maybe he took a new one
Garnet Dragon
Garnet Dragon Il y a jour
The memories I had with my silver ps2 slim 😭
Rockk Il y a jour
This channel is just bullshit now
Nik Sin
Nik Sin Il y a jour
couldve gone for a portal 2 look and let the dirt on
Ross Marinov
Ross Marinov Il y a jour
I was hoping for a brand new Nemo sticker :(
wxAriaxw x3
wxAriaxw x3 Il y a jour
ps2 is one of the retro's now ..damn how time flies ....i still remember back then that we were excited when we got one and played ffx on it's glorious days.. i feel so old ...i dun wanna be old 😭😭😭😭
Il y a jour
Mizudori Shinobi
Mizudori Shinobi Il y a jour
Man its look like a brand new ps2!
Mo Taha
Mo Taha Il y a jour
Just go to 0:47 and you'll be happy
KoolGaemrCid Il y a jour
when in doubt, use rubbing alcohol
Faultedalloy171 P
Faultedalloy171 P Il y a jour
The person who sold him it: Good. Now give me it back
S0RTAN0 Il y a jour
No it said no data cause you didn’t have a capture card in it (Edit) /red screen of death
Clay Ski
Clay Ski Il y a 2 jours
Evans Picolo
Evans Picolo Il y a 2 jours
I can't believe he didn't put the nemo sticker back... How does it even work without the sticker? I feel so incomplete..
Christian Williams
Christian Williams Il y a 2 jours
Can I have it back now
Phönix Plays
Phönix Plays Il y a 2 jours
Nice a German Batterie
Mocacola4 Il y a 2 jours
Do you look through eBay to find electronics that need to be repaired? Where do you find these things?
21:05 i dont think anyone notice i opened the console 8.592.428 viewers: ok
aboobada obada
aboobada obada Il y a 2 jours
Hastomo Hadi
Hastomo Hadi Il y a 2 jours
Finally the ps2 slim is back alive again. I hope more person like you Mr odd tinkering, so many old game console can be restored and saved. This retro gaming console don't deserve to end up in trash bin 🤗.
MODS-APP Il y a 2 jours
I have PlayStation 2 and still good and smooth I bought 2006
Elias Gillberg
Elias Gillberg Il y a 2 jours
ken i get tat pl i dont haw sontig to play on
PA_Fe4R Il y a 2 jours
The nemo sticker is gone :(
YaDirect Il y a 2 jours
11:59 and that's how you fillet a fish
Dylan Hudnall
Dylan Hudnall Il y a 2 jours
like damn does no one take care of there ps2 i dust that shit off and play it ever 4 weeks
Fun4Kidz Il y a 2 jours
It looks like a guy who repair game
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Il y a 3 jours
I lot of people get rid of their consoles so you can just fix them and sell them thats amazing I wish
Matheus Moreira
Matheus Moreira Il y a 3 jours
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Yeetus_Beetus Il y a 3 jours
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Escorpion Matero
Escorpion Matero Il y a 3 jours
Budokai tenkaichi 3 best game ever
Andy MacRae
Andy MacRae Il y a 3 jours
What is the hissing noise between every transition in the video? Really noticeable on headphones. As always, amazing resto!
Gregory Sohn
Gregory Sohn Il y a 3 jours
i have 1 :]
dylanjones761 Il y a 3 jours
lad you need to reign it in with the ads holy shit i can tell january cpm getting to you xd
Sam Doucette
Sam Doucette Il y a 3 jours
I like these video. I have a tinkerer's nature. I repaired my old Electrolux vacuum cleaner many years ago. Strangely, I had a few parts that didn't manage to find their way back in when I put it back together, but it still worked for years.
Fork Warrior
Fork Warrior Il y a 3 jours
Ahh yes, "teh".
McKenzi Parker
McKenzi Parker Il y a 3 jours
The little prongs that hold in the clock battery though..... 16:13 on top vs 17:08 when they got squished to the side of the battery instead of holding the top. Hurt my soul a bit
Æbd Çhãkøür
Æbd Çhãkøür Il y a 3 jours
make video restoration ps2 fat
YOYO Il y a 3 jours
I have PS1
SrBlack Music [NoCopyright]
0:48 oh my god
SrBlack Music [NoCopyright]
@GLUA14 same :’)
GLUA14 Il y a 3 jours
my childhood was that sound
HYPER GAMING Il y a 3 jours
I wish I can fix my PS2 like this man.great work though
Zahran Abdillah
Zahran Abdillah Il y a 3 jours
the plot twist: He use the different console to playing game in the end of video
Alexio Abrahams
Alexio Abrahams Il y a 3 jours
Dragonball on ps2 hit differently back then so many memories on this console
ИГРОФИЛЬМЫ Il y a 3 jours
My best friend in youth.
SLA MAH Il y a 3 jours
Massa pivete 👌🏾
Gabriel McLeod-Kerr
Gabriel McLeod-Kerr Il y a 3 jours
That was impressive. Well done!
Hereyo Il y a 3 jours
Can please Give me the PS2 ? My lil bro would like to play PS2 since he just 2Years Old when my PS2 was broke.. he is not in time to play game Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 with me and my elder brother. I feel bad for my lil bro cause he really like to play Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 with me but we can't help cause we dont have money to buy more PS2/3/4..
Jason Christian
Jason Christian Il y a 3 jours
On March 4 2021 PlayStation 2 will have its 21 year anniversary!
Awaken Slim
Awaken Slim Il y a 3 jours
Reading small subtitles and watching the vid is kinda boring..... Bro add voice... It will be fun
mr bshay
mr bshay Il y a 3 jours
Saf MEX Il y a 3 jours
its 3 am and I really just watched a man restored a PS2..... No regrets im go buy me one now from a flee market thanks
McwattGRA Il y a 3 jours
I don’t know what your talking about mine still works
Lifewith Naeee
Lifewith Naeee Il y a 3 jours
The red screen of death scares me always did
Slick L
Slick L Il y a 3 jours
teh laser is broken
I like Apples
I like Apples Il y a 4 jours
How can you just let your console get this dirty how does this even happen
Dot. Il y a 4 jours
That sweet ps2 sound, ohhhhhhhhhh
MiloඞtheRAT Il y a 4 jours
Is that Nemo?!?!? 😳
Little César Reinoso
Little César Reinoso Il y a 4 jours
i like and love how there is a ducky in the pond pool
Ezaquiel Moura
Ezaquiel Moura Il y a 4 jours
Eu compro que quanto no PS2?
maxtik parra
maxtik parra Il y a 4 jours
Viejo voy a llorar yo tengo una PS2 EN BUEN ESTADO AL VER ESTO voy a llorar
vishal gill
vishal gill Il y a 4 jours
The obeisant adapter posteriorly punish because water partially live onto a military karate. irate, cut underwear
Ivo Romero
Ivo Romero Il y a 4 jours
Dbz budokai tenkaichi 3. Me: beautiful!
Robby Fink
Robby Fink Il y a 4 jours
I JUST got done beating Jak and Daxter a few days ago on a little nostalgia trip, fascinating.
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan Il y a 4 jours
I wonder what the rooms of the people look like that get their consoles this dirty on the inside.
santi cerino
santi cerino Il y a 4 jours
samsve Il y a 4 jours
why has everything you fix the same shade of dirt?
Abraxas Il y a 4 jours
budokai tenkaichi! best dragonball game series!
2hottie89 Il y a 4 jours
Almost forgot about that PS2 but yeah I like this one better then the original and looks better then PS5 as well.