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Perhaps the most underrated Ferrari ever? We take delivery of the 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso...
Massive thanks to Ferrari of San Diego for the opportunity to spend time with this car! Be sure to contact @FerrariSeller (Murray) if you have any Ferrari inquires or needs!
Thanks again @Ferrariofsandiego !
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8 mai 2019




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Commentaires 80
Josh Nunnelley
Josh Nunnelley Il y a an
Ferrari...v12...and it's a hatchback...what's not to love!!! Easily favorite car of the fleet. Congrats bro
Joshua Semer
Joshua Semer Il y a 6 mois
Should of got the F12
KB325 Il y a an
@My_Supercar_Life been out check out 5th gear up. V12 4 seater
Ferrari and station wagon? Um...
KB325 Il y a an
@Jeremy Boulerice just a hater hahaha
Zulu Male
Zulu Male Il y a an
Lol it’s not his
Aditya Bekti Pradana
Aditya Bekti Pradana Il y a 2 mois
Your friends Indonesians face?
francesco macchiarella
You lucky SoB.
Ronald John Pazcoguin
Ronald John Pazcoguin Il y a 8 mois
Does the white guy is FILIPINO?
ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 Il y a 9 mois
those panoramic roofs are the dogs balls. would love one in my next motor yous are saying dude waaaaaaayyyy too much
Voytek Szmigiel
Voytek Szmigiel Il y a 10 mois
TPM light on
Shafiq F
Shafiq F Il y a 10 mois
She fuckn
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker Il y a 10 mois
You made up a word LoL Let me Familiartize my self Were you trying to say Familiarize LoL Ohh k how ya'll go from One ferrari to 3 ferrari's Answervme this please? Your friend said lets go find some uncle toms to load our golf bags in here while looking at the trunk?
vlieg Tuig
vlieg Tuig Il y a 11 mois
My favorite ferrari
KennyMinigun Il y a 11 mois
Well, as for me that other looks not as aggressive as 458. Kinda Mercedes SLR feel (rather than a Ferrari)
alex mendoza
alex mendoza Il y a 11 mois
Calvin is loving that car!!!!!
Gibbor Defense
Gibbor Defense Il y a 11 mois
Haha you got put together by Ferrari salesman. 😂 Don’t get carried away, just stick to rebuilding.
Car los Villanueva
458 looks better for me.
falcosbejo Boo!!!
FRvid employees!!! Boo!!!
Mir Bashir
Mir Bashir Il y a an
Nice choice
Does it have launch control?
JohnFPV Il y a an
u live my dream life i think changing and upgrating expensive cars and just have with that ... i wish i can be like u 1 day
SayWhat IThink
SayWhat IThink Il y a an
Go over speed bumps with Sabrina inside next time
asif Il y a an
458 hips makes my pp hard
Emmanuel Charway
so this is how you treat my dream car the 458 italia is the greatest
Dilawar Lutfi
Dilawar Lutfi Il y a an
Its a 2017 GTC4 LUSSO in white guys
Trap 4 Days
Trap 4 Days Il y a an
You know they smashed at the end
Robin D.
Robin D. Il y a an
How many tickets did you get?
4:35 your my son lmao
Otis Horne
Otis Horne Il y a an
Lol how you were just filming sabrinas chest when she was in the car
Brian Philip
Brian Philip Il y a an
Ferrari with a V12 is just..WINNING!
Andrew Neuhalfen
VW Bug and Bugatti Veyron: distance cousins, essentially the same car? hahahaha
Damien Il y a an
Finally something I can agree with TJ on. "Always sport" mode.
Enrik bar
Enrik bar Il y a an
9:35 that's what she said
actionfaktory Il y a an
out here with montana plates saving on those taxes haha ...yessss lol
Ryan Figaro
Ryan Figaro Il y a an
Good video tho
Ryan Figaro
Ryan Figaro Il y a an
Who plays Gran Turismo anymore 😂
Luke Selby
Luke Selby Il y a an
What is your job/main source of income?
Choose a name
Choose a name Il y a an
When i saw the thumbnail i thought he gonna get the Ferrari superfast or whats its name
Karos Il y a an
8:58 thank me later
Charl'O Il y a an
8:56 thanks me later boys!!!
James Bond
James Bond Il y a an
I had no idea Ferrari made hearses
Mr dolla bills
Mr dolla bills Il y a an
Sabrina has fat tits
ARL Pictures Co
ARL Pictures Co Il y a an
Lol that dance is epic!!!!
ZenGamer97 Il y a an
its not a new ff
Mr. Canteatberries
Get the f12!!!
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Gregory Il y a an
7:35 Calvin looks like a hilarious 14yo who stole their dad's Ferrari.
baba Burnweedsan
Ballin hard@
Rashid Muse
Rashid Muse Il y a an
RIP gas prices lol
Lewis Madine
Lewis Madine Il y a an
I’m sorry but Lamborghini is kingpin
Tom Il y a an
Close your eyes at 9:28 ..
When u hit the juice in the lusso u sound like sponge bob squeaking his rubber duck
Brayan Campos
Brayan Campos Il y a an
Keep the 458
Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa Il y a an
WTH! Lol
der.herzog Il y a an
I need that outro song!
CarspottingUK Il y a an
I love that car so much wtf
bbyspectr Il y a an
sabrina got some tiddies
Risen Il y a an
we can both say the 458 is a nicer lookin' car
Pauli G.
Pauli G. Il y a an
Should of grabbed a superfast
TTime685 Il y a an
Lamborghini over Ferrari anyday..
liifeofpierre Il y a an
458 sounds way better ngl
Uri Flores
Uri Flores Il y a an
Dud get rid of Calvin he sux..
USMC Drifter
USMC Drifter Il y a an
Sabrina is cold again!
The Oddball Salamander
Alec K
Alec K Il y a an
Scott ToastToGo
Scott ToastToGo Il y a an
I love those shootingbrake Ferraris. You guys are feeling pretty fancy today!
Shaheed Madyun
Shaheed Madyun Il y a an
Before the video even loaded , I can tell from the thumbnail this is the Ferrari dealership in Kearney Mesa lol love visiting here, congrats
Because Racecar
Because Racecar Il y a an
What's up with your GF and seatbelts? She don't believe in seatbelts? When she drove your RX7 she placed the seatbelt in a VERY unsafe way, and now she doesn't put seatbelt at all... this is VERY unsafe and as a youtuber - you need to set an example that safety COMES FIRST.
roeken87 Il y a an
btw, bad tire pressure in the new ferrari ;)
roeken87 Il y a an
@I Am Sekou The error display for faulty tire pressure is lit on the new ferrari, was maybe just me who caught it
I Am Sekou
I Am Sekou Il y a an
Bryce Y
Bryce Y Il y a an
You gonna upload and delete the VIDEO WTF
pew series
pew series Il y a an
8:59 what a view......ahhhhh🤤🤤🤤
Annie Huang
Annie Huang Il y a an
Hi neighbor 😂
Elvis -
Elvis - Il y a an
My way to modify : new black wheel, tire bomb and all new side skirt😁 BTW : u earn a subscriber 😆
Daniel Zambrano
Daniel Zambrano Il y a an
You can be my dad as long as I get the keys to ur cars lol
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez Il y a an
My question is when is Calvin gonna do his own thing ? Stop living in his shadows do your thing! Create your own channel I’ll subscribe
Supercar Scott
Supercar Scott Il y a an
458 is still cooler looking
natran21 Il y a an
You just became our generation’s Jeremy Clarkson
Bellal Azimi
Bellal Azimi Il y a an
The fact that you have one hand holding the camera gives me anxiety
TechGuy Il y a an
yes you are my dad
Manuel Morelos
Manuel Morelos Il y a an
That enzo tho 😍😍
Big Man
Big Man Il y a an
It’s funny how very few Ferrari’s have center screens or even radios but the FF has screens in places no other car has not they just needed to prove they had the capabilities and they did
Big Man
Big Man Il y a an
It looks like a f12 in the thumbnail
Joël van Twillert
8:56 thank me later.
GV Motoring
GV Motoring Il y a an
My favourite Ferrari hands down even when they launched the FF. So dope
julian galgano
julian galgano Il y a an
v12 swap the 458? hahaha