I'm a Dad now!

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Our Baby Boy Asher was born on the 5th January. We will not be sharing his face on FRvid or social media to protect his privacy so please respect that. I will be back soon!
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11 janv. 2020




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Lmr 99
Lmr 99 Il y a jour
When he is older will you make videos with him btw good luck
Ian Lugsden
Ian Lugsden Il y a jour
Dan I'm British as well
Alexandria Denise
Alexandria Denise Il y a jour
Congratulations but please keep uploading
Ki-Adi- Mundi
Ki-Adi- Mundi Il y a jour
marie gould
marie gould Il y a jour
Kubuta Il y a jour
I remember watching your videos when i was 8. i grew out of your content and personality but im very hapy for ya!
Numan Hussain
Numan Hussain Il y a jour
Imagine asher being a youtuber"hi guys, Asher here the diamond minecart and welcome back to another video when today,we are going to play minecraft."LOL
BroMcSkillz Il y a jour
Dan is good dad by keeping his son's face private
Blue Il y a jour
DanTDM Junior????
Numan Hussain
Numan Hussain Il y a jour
Congrats dan!!!Asher looks so cute!😍I hope Asher will have a splendid life with you.🥳
Breadstickfiend Il y a jour
Congratulations Dan, I have been subscribed to u when u did mod reviews and have followed u all the way, I have even met u in person before, keep going
Carson Streit
Carson Streit Il y a jour
My man Dan you are now blessed with a child I'm happy for you! BTW I'm 10
Scarlett Leader
Scarlett Leader Il y a jour
Perkaholic Il y a jour
Coming back to Dans channel and i gotta say for a kids channel its actually good content compared to other kids youtubers
DARK Il y a jour
Who else thought the title is ' I am dan now'
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep Il y a jour
Im big sad so late
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Il y a jour
who remembers his name should be pugman!
The Mad Admin Rblx
The Mad Admin Rblx Il y a jour
Me:Can u show us your Child?-Guy:BUT U CANT TOUCH DA CHILD!!
Ferrallezz Il y a jour
Well, we all know what Dan did in order to have this child... Paste Lenny here:
Gamer Simon officially
Gamer Simon officially
Me too
Doggygamer Il y a jour
aiso subscibe
TheBlue1Gamer Il y a jour
Poppy is red Lapis is blue Asher is the best And so are you
neff Il y a jour
Taryarus would be happy
TechnoX Il y a jour
You need to focus more on your son than FRvid. FRvid is not that important.
- ritzonite -
- ritzonite - Il y a jour
The comment section: *all excited and happy* Me: I know what you did last summer
Mohammed Owais Syed
My birthday is on Jan 5
Draws Stuff234
Draws Stuff234 Il y a jour
You’re Dadtdm
Thomas Plays
Thomas Plays Il y a jour
Jean Dieu Luvibidila
Mr. king Ram
Mr. king Ram Il y a jour
His son is going to be a mincraft legend and maybe even more better then dadtdm
the first hack online
He has much experience with raising a baby because of who’s your daddy ps yeet the toaster out of earth
koffing stinks
koffing stinks Il y a jour
Everyone congrats dantdm. Me remembering how baby's are born
Rhayted Il y a jour
i care?
Rhayted Il y a jour
lol jk
Morgan M
Morgan M Il y a jour
Me: Forgets about Jemma being preggo Dan: I'm a dad now! Also Me: wAiT wHaT
Tilly Smith
Tilly Smith Il y a jour
I havent watched him since I was 10 and he’s a dad now what???
Mayank Upadhaya
Mayank Upadhaya Il y a jour
Luis&Ana Santiago
Luis&Ana Santiago Il y a jour
Can u do a vid with him
Gaming KitKat
Gaming KitKat Il y a jour
You are legally allowed to make dad jokes
Harry2Plays Il y a jour
Sarah Bradford
Sarah Bradford Il y a jour
im about to be an uncle
thegreenblob2 m
thegreenblob2 m Il y a jour
Forge HD
Forge HD Il y a jour
Congrats on the baby dan
Winston YANG
Winston YANG Il y a jour
lol maybe in a few years there will be an channel called kidTDM. who knows?
Potato Gaming
Potato Gaming Il y a jour
Dan: his name is Asher. Everyone: *names their child asher
Amberlance Il y a jour
ThirdPartyEJJ J
ThirdPartyEJJ J Il y a jour
I hope his son will continue the legend of what his dad started. Cheers to you Dan!
Anita Pickett
Anita Pickett Il y a jour
I'm imagining Asher to be a young little kind gentle men and congrats Dan enjoy your time with him love u
derp turtle
derp turtle Il y a jour
dan, just in case you forget, *babies cant fly*
BlockBread Il y a jour
Dan:am playing games Asher:dad hate you
Joel Megginson
Joel Megginson Il y a jour
I’m so happy for you and your wife
Caleb Scott
Caleb Scott Il y a jour
Asher was the name of my old dog and and the dog was a female
iicloydxx Il y a jour
It's sad how Dan's fanbase think immaturely just because he has to do the natural thing to get a baby Also why hasn't dantdm's comments been disabled? Cos he makes kid friendly content, not adult.
Daniellaplays 24
Daniellaplays 24 Il y a jour
Kids at school: My dad is lawyer Asher : so do you know DanTDM Kid: yeah, he is so amazing! Asher: Well, he is my dad.
Thing1 1979
Thing1 1979 Il y a jour
My little sister was born on the same day as Asher
Savanna Jhonson
Savanna Jhonson Il y a jour
Congrats Robert! I cried when is saw the title of your video..!😢😢😢😢😢
M Faris
M Faris Il y a jour
Im 5th janunay
Jacob Ljungvall
Jacob Ljungvall Il y a jour
(This was from the bottom of my heart) Congrats
Χρηστος Τσιπολιτης
I hope to your baby to live 100+
I'm a FISH!