I Let My Dogs Walk Me For A Day

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19 juil. 2018




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Alunawolf Il y a 10 heures
She should do this again but on there usual walk. I tried it with my dog in two places, one she hadn't visited before and our regular walk. The one where she had not been before just led us in circles. The other one she knew exactly where she wanted to go.
Gacha Animations
Gacha Animations Il y a jour
Me: *Turns up screen lightness* Jenna: *GlOWing* Me: GoD? Jenna: She can see it- Me: SCrEEe
Letícia Santos de Almeida Souza
I did that once, and guess what? It sucked too. Never let your dog choose the walk.
Michal Zisman
Michal Zisman Il y a 2 jours
Who else here hates it when the leash gets all swirled and isn't straight?
Cthulhu Mythos
Cthulhu Mythos Il y a 4 jours
here, water....water.... *squirts peachy in the face*
izzy_spfx Il y a 5 jours
Marbles is the alpha of them
Hannah Louise
Hannah Louise Il y a 5 jours
Why are you dragging your dead stuffed dog around the street?
it's Eryika
it's Eryika Il y a 7 jours
Your shirt translates to I love corn dogs
katherin soto
katherin soto Il y a 8 jours
I once did this with my dog and it was the dumbest think it was because I wanted to know where my dog curiosity goes and it was just going all over my neighborhood also
whats life
whats life Il y a 9 jours
"I dont know where I am or what day it is " ....... ME
Logan Laskowski
Logan Laskowski Il y a 9 jours
Yes, it says I Love Hong Kong, Just go to google translate and put in I love Hong Kong for english, and have it translate it into Chinese (Traditional).
Angelo Louters
Angelo Louters Il y a 13 jours
Jenna:Marble are you exited to sit and watch . Marble: Mission active find the squirrel .
Colored Pencilz
Colored Pencilz Il y a 13 jours
This was a year ago? Damn
Cole Robison
Cole Robison Il y a 14 jours
*Sexual Wednesdays* Jenna: I LET MY DOGS WALK ME FOR A DAY
Liv Dentoni
Liv Dentoni Il y a 17 jours
What the hell was up with that dog owner who shoved the dog’s shit back in the bag dispenser??
Imuplate Il y a 18 jours
I lokked it up you top could say "I love Hong Kong" or " I love HK"
Katie Il y a 18 jours
jenna’s hair looks nice
Elicia Mary
Elicia Mary Il y a 20 jours
I'm sorry but when they let the dogs just walk all over people's property it bugs me. They remind me of the people that live near me and just let their dogs walk in everyone's yards and pee.
The great Gold gamer
The great Gold gamer Il y a 24 jours
so basically, "Jenna marbles walks to hell and back"
Banshee Candee
Banshee Candee Il y a 26 jours
Who else reads the comments befor videos even officially start
Lord Gremlin
Lord Gremlin Il y a 28 jours
Marble would burglarized a house if you let him lol
Aliana Lopez
Aliana Lopez Il y a mois
Cermit/marbles/the fat dog go to the volcano Jenna: HOLY SH*T/F**K ME
Lost_ Madalion productions67
Imagine if Kermit had his own merch, saying “its cry time” 😂
Hilda D
Hilda D Il y a mois
Marble should be named Douch because hes a dog that loves couches
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Johnson Il y a mois
I would love to meet Jenna but I would slightly love it more if I could meet marbles peach and cermit
JustMe Il y a mois
I just realized marble’s name would be marble marbles right?
MrPotato Man
MrPotato Man Il y a mois
I honestly got anxiety when you let your dogs go on other people’s property
K•R•O•M •P•I•R
Jenna: I am gonna walk my dogs Kermit: *puts uno reverse card* Jenna:Oh,sh*t
Lav Jeanne
Lav Jeanne Il y a mois
The sun making you sneeze is called photoptarmosis. Now you know, you're welcome.
Emma Joy
Emma Joy Il y a mois
I want nothing more than to see Kermit with a perm in a toy car, aka Kermit with a Permit.
softandcherries Il y a mois
Do you ever just sit and wish you were one of Jenna's dogs?
Harley Reynolds
Harley Reynolds Il y a mois
Harley Reynolds
Harley Reynolds Il y a mois
I feel that peach was more the leader cus she knew what was wrong and right and to be safe it's just my terie
Kalie Vesely
Kalie Vesely Il y a 13 jours
adrian jalen
adrian jalen Il y a mois
you should let them decide where you drive based on which dog barks : peach - turn right kermit - turn left marbles - keep straight bunny - go to a place of your choice
Danni Harrolle
Danni Harrolle Il y a mois
Because Jenna is wearing all black, in some shots, it looks like shes pregnant. But then you see marbles head sticking out of the bag, and it's like "oh yea. there is a baby in there"
It'sYaz Il y a mois
i LOVE her hair like this!
Stella Babb
Stella Babb Il y a mois
Marbles is the John mulaney of dogs
Akii Ko
Akii Ko Il y a mois
“What’s it like to be Marbles?” Jenna: 0:33
XxSaulexX Il y a mois
This is the most random content on FRvid and I love it
Mila's Inside-Out Beauty and Lifestyle
"He's scared of nothing, and everything at the same time" - Straight Scorpio vibe.
Madison Tomassetti
Madison Tomassetti Il y a mois
Peach: ooh this way Kirmet: wait gotta pee Marbles: 👁👄👁
Mr. Penguino
Mr. Penguino Il y a mois
They need to redo this now that they have bunny
Sunflower Gaming
Sunflower Gaming Il y a mois
The only time marbles turns on his jets when he sees a dog a bike or someone he doesn’t like Me: literally everything
Tiff Il y a mois
marbles little legs while hes walking made me so happy
Kathryn Loudon
Kathryn Loudon Il y a mois
The description for the iggy’s being weird is just like my dog, except she’s a golden retriever so everyone assumes she’s gonna be goofy and hype
Cory Zhou
Cory Zhou Il y a mois
To answer your question: yes, it does say I ❤️Hong Kong in Chinese. (Even though it may be s bit too late.)
Will Manning
Will Manning Il y a mois
The thumbnail of this video is literally the story of what happens when I walk my dog They end up walking me😂
1spotted Wolf
1spotted Wolf Il y a mois
Do this with Bunny
Two with Dog
Two with Dog Il y a mois
Привет я из России🙋‍♀️💓 люблю тебя! (НАДЕЮСЬ ТЫ ЧИТАЕШЬ ПО РУССКИ)))
MountainGoaat Il y a mois
"This is the best part of making a video like this to me, because they are just so happy." You won't catch any other FRvidr saying this.
Beth B
Beth B Il y a mois
God I love Marble in that little hip sling. I could cry of happiness
KimYohan's Wifu
KimYohan's Wifu Il y a mois
WHAT???? HONG KONG???? I LIVE THERE :( I wish I saw you :) and yes that shirt does say I luv Hong Kong not something inappropriate lol
Squishy Lizards
Squishy Lizards Il y a mois
2019 anyone? Also DO THIS WITH BUNNY!!!!!!❤️❤️🐶🐶. AND AD!!!🐹🐹🐹
Josh Black
Josh Black Il y a mois
Coyte Coyte ad has passed 😢
Purple Lover 11 2
Purple Lover 11 2 Il y a mois
2 0 1 9 ?
kookie #2
kookie #2 Il y a mois
I'm placing my order for a marbles : Gender: Hotdog because it's 2019 Size: Small (•-•) Rage:100%
Redux 2424
Redux 2424 Il y a mois
1:17 - 1:24 Bitch please marble is a great swimmer if you don’t remember!😏😏😏
Elly Gonyer
Elly Gonyer Il y a mois
I love how in this video her dogs are being active and then I have my dog sleeping next to me under blankets and snoring very loud
C Michelle
C Michelle Il y a mois
Marble: .....lemme drive da boat
Hollie Martin
Hollie Martin Il y a 2 mois
*Marbles has entered the chat*
Charlotte Waring
Charlotte Waring Il y a 2 mois
Google translate to see what you think your shirt says to see if it matches
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