I Explored A $200,000,000 Forgotten Space Colony

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Welcome to Seeker's Day. Thank you for being here and here's 30% off All Best Sellers from Seek Discomfort on for the next 48hrs. We won't do it again this year. Love you all.
We went to Biosphere 2 to explore and try to understand it's confusing past.
Check out Lexie’s version of the experience!
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry
Shot by Cory Martin
Produced by Lauren Rosen




30 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 60
Yes Theory
Yes Theory Il y a 13 jours
Thank you for allowing us to continue doing good with our platform and with Seek Discomfort. I know brands always say "We're in this together!" type of stuff but we do genuinely feel a responsibility towards the community to shine a light on positive stories and create a ripple effect of change in whatever capacity we can. So we're excited you're along for the ride and so curious to see where the rest of the year can take us :)
Jon Armstrong
Jon Armstrong Il y a jour
hi yes theory if your reaading this my birth day is seekers day so happy birthday to yes theory and me
dorian hale
dorian hale Il y a jour
B.Y Booga’s First Single “Lines” !! Leave your opinion in the comments - This was meant for you 🙏🏻💯
Maty in Thailand
Maty in Thailand Il y a 2 jours
10:14 sounds like farting hahaha
Jemark Rama
Jemark Rama Il y a 3 jours
Join Barkley marathon in Tennessee and seek the ultimate discomfort of your life.
S. A.
S. A. Il y a 3 jours
Why did they let you in there without masks? Really Presidential!
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley Il y a 9 minutes
Absolutely amazing what you guys have done and created for so many!! Thank you!’
John Il y a 16 minutes
FRvid is driving me crazy! With a double ad in the beginning and another double ad at 3:45! Where is there a decent alternative website???
matt aalbers
matt aalbers Il y a 2 heures
Fellas I'm dying to buy some seek discomfort gear but your shop shelves are darn near bare! Time to ramp production!
Leslie Cuevas
Leslie Cuevas Il y a 3 heures
This made me cry😭her story is similar to mine.. it made me feel better about my future and that everything will be ok❤️ I'm so happy for her and thank you for this video!
Gucci Panther
Gucci Panther Il y a 4 heures
No fucking way i actually been there before for a school field trip I think in 3rd grade. Crazy
Antonia Pošta
Antonia Pošta Il y a 5 heures
You're the most inspiring channel on FRvid, keep doing what you do, love you all❤️❤️
Louis Headbomb
Louis Headbomb Il y a 5 heures
Simply Amazing good job guys 🙏🏼 God bless you ❤️
Thomas Mendenhall
Thomas Mendenhall Il y a 6 heures
Im not crying, you are🥺
Angry Cupcake
Angry Cupcake Il y a 6 heures
respect !
Kacper Dobrowolski
Kacper Dobrowolski Il y a 7 heures
enough, to make a grown man cry
Royan Ponder
Royan Ponder Il y a 8 heures
Very everyone searching, the intro tune is: Discovery from Makeup And Vanity Set.
C Lay
C Lay Il y a 9 heures
Makin' a Filterrrrrr ! Let's Go To Biodome !!!!!!
JLMJ GR Il y a 10 heures
ttabani robert james ora
ttabani robert james ora Il y a 10 heures
This video gives me a lot of emotions😢
Nate Pasilis
Nate Pasilis Il y a 10 heures
" People love Biodome" i guess only 90's kids will understand this saying since the movie wasn't mentioned once in the video.
carolyn Hopkins
carolyn Hopkins Il y a 10 heures
You guys are amazing
Ritzzar Il y a 11 heures
bullshit the experiment whas a FAIL.
Colin Bauer
Colin Bauer Il y a 12 heures
This is amazing. Love you guys!
לי-אור שפירא
לי-אור שפירא Il y a 13 heures
Amazing. She so deserves it! So touching guys. You made me cry...
Diego Megi
Diego Megi Il y a 13 heures
okay but the editors funny af.
Chris Woy
Chris Woy Il y a 13 heures
Wait where’s Pauley shore and that one Baldwin brother?
Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim Il y a 15 heures
we want the without money in new country challange
KiNgKaWn AKA OpTiKaWn Il y a 16 heures
Must be all little weird millenials on here 😅 there is actually a entire comedy movie called bio dome from 1996 🤷🏻‍♂️ these young kids don't know about all the good old movies lol the 80s were the best movies ever 😅
Avery B
Avery B Il y a 10 heures
I was born in 2007 and that's like one of my favorite movies ever
Rodrigo carolino
Rodrigo carolino Il y a 18 heures
Everything going great, till i star crying
We Are A Bond
We Are A Bond Il y a 19 heures
It was cool being there. It’s so cool that you were able to see more than we were able to see
Predii Il y a 20 heures
This would make a amazing show/movie idea of Biosphere 2
AR High
AR High Il y a 21 heure
its not forgetten either like what
Laina Gordon
Laina Gordon Il y a 22 heures
One of favorite videos so far!! ❤️
Afro Ndiritu
Afro Ndiritu Il y a 22 heures
Beautiful ending! You guys rock!!!
Flávia Franqueiro
Flávia Franqueiro Il y a 22 heures
Almost Amazon rainforest
Amudo Il y a 23 heures
If i see a mask again i will murder someone...
Jonathan Beshara
Jonathan Beshara Il y a 23 heures
is it just me or do you have a crush on symphony too
EbChubs Productions
EbChubs Productions Il y a 23 heures
I was so happy with this video until you explained that you donated money to a domestic terrorist organization.
Steven Fields
Steven Fields Il y a 23 heures
I saw the movie you late! Lol
Ponzoe Il y a jour
Anyone else hear about this in school?
You guys are amazing. Hoping to meet one day for putting smile on people’s face. Best thing ever someone can do.
Alex Bosell
Alex Bosell Il y a jour
Ben Stevenson
Ben Stevenson Il y a jour
This video got better and better the entire time
Tia Montiero
Tia Montiero Il y a jour
I rarely get through a Yes Theory video without crying. I truly admire and support the work you guys do and how you’re making a difference in the lives of so many people.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Il y a jour
Located just outside of Tucson. And, there are daily tours of this place. Well worth a visit if you're in the area.
Jax Teller
Jax Teller Il y a jour
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Il y a jour
oh my, this was touching and amazing guys great work, you have changed some ones life, and she will change so many others
Tim Meinert
Tim Meinert Il y a jour
Remember when Pauly Shore got into the place
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Il y a jour
One of the best youtube videos I've ever watched! 🥺❤
SV Il y a jour
Enough to make a grown man cry
Harrison John
Harrison John Il y a jour
This is a great video👌
Noli Global
Noli Global Il y a jour
You guys make me happy about life.
thomas pryor
thomas pryor Il y a jour
Rajiv shahi
Rajiv shahi Il y a jour
Bro big fan from india, assam want to be with u guys for a tour at least once in my life its a dream!!
Shane Heldsinger
Shane Heldsinger Il y a jour
I hope one day I meet you guys.
Leonard Lord
Leonard Lord Il y a jour
that was simply beutiful! I think she must be the single sweetest girl I have ever seen. One love!
Sujata Singh
Sujata Singh Il y a jour
,hey so Phineas and ferb actually We're smart and did real world things
Ak & Mop
Ak & Mop Il y a jour
Can I get a shoutout
Flamey Il y a jour
Anyone else think this looks like an ancient futuristic building complex
Blasko xx
Blasko xx Il y a jour
You haven't heard about it because you weren't even born in 1991.
Emily Joy
Emily Joy Il y a jour
This was the best video I've watched in a very long time ❤ I'm crying now
Vitor Vieira
Vitor Vieira Il y a jour
Yes Theory and their magic powers of making you cry.. You inspire me in many ways to help people and change the world, bit by bit. Thank you for such a good energy and for emanating pure love
James Whelan
James Whelan Il y a jour
oh my, this was touching and amazing guys great work, you have changed some ones life, and she will change so many others
Amber Nadira
Amber Nadira Il y a jour
Bro. I just cried.
Michael -M2HB-.50
Michael -M2HB-.50 Il y a jour
You lost me at the precautionary covid tests! Goodbye forever