I Decorate Gabbie Hanna's House (BIG FAIL)

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this week i decorate gabbie's dining room and in the process give an unexpectedly dangerous powerpoint presentation, absolutely fail a DIY, then come back STRONGER THAN EVER FOR HER.
Gabbie's perspective:éo-MZFAUQTRS4s.html

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About MeganBatoon:
I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm still gonna do it. My comedic lifestyle channel has dance choreography, vlogs, styling, cooking, DIY, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Wednesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. you deserve it.
[I Decorate Gabbie Hanna's House (BIG FAIL)]
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10 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 408
Natasha Zeiler
Natasha Zeiler Il y a 2 jours
I feel like you and Meghan rienks would either really get along or really not get along lol. Either way is cool but just a thought hahah
allissa doud
allissa doud Il y a 3 jours
I commented this on Gabbies too but literally I’m obsessed with your dynamic so much
shree desai
shree desai Il y a 4 jours
Weird question, but does anyone know if she has uploaded the lyric thing up anywhere, cause I kinda want it as a print..
Giselle Zavala
Giselle Zavala Il y a 4 jours
2:19 only megan can gracefully fall off a chair and make it look like choreography 😂
Darby Wallis
Darby Wallis Il y a 5 jours
Me: went to college for graphic design Also me watching her find a font: WE LOVE DAFONT.COM
Rhob-Roch FM
Rhob-Roch FM Il y a 10 jours
Off topic but please record another Just a Tip Podcast together. Loooove you two
Secret Identity
Secret Identity Il y a 13 jours
Hiram Méndez
Hiram Méndez Il y a 16 jours
I love Megan, amazing energy
allis.Inwanderlust Il y a 17 jours
Loooooove how the "don't stop me now" turn out. Definitely gonna try it
AllofMae Il y a 19 jours
So much talking.
Jennifer Easters
Jennifer Easters Il y a 21 jour
Don't know how internally mad it makes me that she worked all hard on that book thing but never used it
Christian Cecilia
Christian Cecilia Il y a 21 jour
What kind of camera do you use??
Derek Hervey
Derek Hervey Il y a 21 jour
I love the natural light of joy you give individuals around you! Being selfless and a friend are Blessings🕊 to both giver as well as receiver. 💛
XeroRez Il y a 22 jours
"okay Lie-nux" xD it's killin me xD Linux is usually pronounced like *Len-nucks* /Linux (the operating system)
shree desai
shree desai Il y a 4 jours
Actually, I'm British and we all pronounce it as 'Lie-nux' too... :') :')
Bonny Day
Bonny Day Il y a 23 jours
What paint color was used for the accent wall
idk my name
idk my name Il y a 23 jours
2:12 *puts bread an eggs after talking about all the animals gabbie has*
Miranda Wallace
Miranda Wallace Il y a 24 jours
“look at all these animals” shows toast and egg pepper shakers.. me2
MorningStar Il y a 24 jours
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Il y a 24 jours
What goodwill did she go to? The one I went to tried to sell the hardcover books for 10$ each
ashleighmarie14 Il y a 24 jours
Your new series should be decorating subscriber's rooms...You can start with my house, choose a room, any room, 'cause they're all trash ;P
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Il y a 24 jours
megan is the best best interior designer!
Elizabeth Tamarelli
Elizabeth Tamarelli Il y a 25 jours
AAAaah I love queen so much!!! And I love Megan so much; it's perfect!
Reel-Living Films
Reel-Living Films Il y a 26 jours
megan batoon is the best friend we all need
Christopher Texcucano
Christopher Texcucano Il y a 26 jours
Natalie Arceo
Natalie Arceo Il y a 26 jours
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Il y a 26 jours
Hey Megan!! What kind of camera do you use your videos???
Diego Mareto
Diego Mareto Il y a 26 jours
18:56 Daniel is doing the living room I'm deceased
breanna’s burrow
breanna’s burrow Il y a 26 jours
Never realized how much you and Gabbie sound and speak the same
Ellie Pine
Ellie Pine Il y a 27 jours
ok but does anyone remember her and andrews shane series
Charlotte Boettjer
Charlotte Boettjer Il y a 27 jours
Until she mentioned "queen" i didn't realize I was wearing the same shirt as Megan in the video. Love for Queen
Katie Il y a 27 jours
you are amazing at this! interior design and decor is your calling! so proud of you Megan!! :) awesome video
Emilia Modrusan
Emilia Modrusan Il y a 28 jours
Cane here from Gabbie's vid so I watched the whole photoshopping thing like damn this is way cooler than the end product
Carmela Aimee
Carmela Aimee Il y a 28 jours
This is great. Now I want Megan to cut my hair AND decorate me house. What will she do next?!
Littlest Hobo
Littlest Hobo Il y a 28 jours
Next time you should try staining the paper with the lyrics on it and burning the edges.. use teabags to age the paper.. i think it would look cool. I think we have similar taste btw and similar love of DIY :)
Stephanie McDonald
Stephanie McDonald Il y a 28 jours
just found you really love your videos!!
Lisa Baeza
Lisa Baeza Il y a 28 jours
Crafting tip - always use fabric glue when working with paper
Lexi Carroll
Lexi Carroll Il y a 28 jours
4:17 *the way she screamed "eww" sounds exactly like Gabbie😂😂*
ea0529 Il y a 28 jours
8:35 Casino? Or a Chuck-E-Cheese?
Tiffany LeClair
Tiffany LeClair Il y a 29 jours
90% of the time, 300 dpi is perfect for printing. The only time you’d want to go larger DPI is for printing incredibly large photos the height and width of a full wall.... and only if you’re willing to use a crazy expensive printer that has the capability to print that large and at that DPI, which can be rare. - graphic designer for over 13 years.
hayley Il y a 29 jours
megan has the best decorating tastes
Rachael Diffrient
Rachael Diffrient Il y a 29 jours
Where did you get your shorts? They're adorable!!!!!
CLPastones Il y a 29 jours
I Don't Wanna Stop At All.
XxEmilyDa _SavagexX
XxEmilyDa _SavagexX Il y a 29 jours
“2019, what isn’t disrespectful” Well, if that wasn’t said by someone-
Tara Rainone
Tara Rainone Il y a 29 jours
I wish you linked the items you found Incase we went to recreate something
Candido B
Candido B Il y a 29 jours
The floating jenga was the shit.
KhmerBoogie TonnaBoy
You look great Megan 😊 need more dance vids so I can learn more
Erin Ireland
Erin Ireland Il y a mois
Clickbait much..
Jared Grande ‘
Jared Grande ‘ Il y a mois
am i on crack or is that Daniel Preda in the background at the end ??
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Il y a mois
LOL WILLY WANKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brianna Williams
Brianna Williams Il y a mois
I would personally love a more in depth video of the Photoshop decor idea from you in the future!
Ivanka Owls
Ivanka Owls Il y a mois
you gals are soo good together.
Daniel Drew
Daniel Drew Il y a mois
You rock! ^_______^
Esther Anderle
Esther Anderle Il y a mois
Can you upload the queen art work? I'm way to lazy to do it my self
Allie Pocock
Allie Pocock Il y a mois
hey! i love the book art idea! i have a bunch of books and not enough space to display them all, i’ve been looking up the L shaped bracket that you used but i can’t find it anywhere :( do you, or does anyone, know what they are called?
KenyaJade Il y a mois
I love how she bleeped out when she sweared but didn’t when gabbie did.
KenyaJade Il y a mois
I like everything except the rug
Billie Eilish's Voice Slaps
Lol Megan wenty on a date with Gabbie's ex Awkward...
Lorena Nada
Lorena Nada Il y a mois
Look all these animals : shows toast and egg 🤣🤣🤣
Gladys Flores
Gladys Flores Il y a mois
I got an advertisement about juuling I'm like all I'm addicted to are cheetos
Vegan Prodigy
Vegan Prodigy Il y a mois
you are Female Version Of Jeff Wittek
Every Denny's Ever
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