I am the Love Doctor.

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I give the people the love advice they need.
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CallMeCarson gives love advice and BOTW

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2 juin 2020




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Commentaires 80
Mr. boi
Mr. boi Il y a 5 jours
Ur friends with madz... Dats pretty cool
scrubby Il y a 6 jours
He is the love doctor
kev Il y a 15 jours
they call me the Tomb Raider, You know Why
Heres callmecarsons last video if you didnt see it already happy scrolling ;)
Austin H.
Austin H. Il y a 17 jours
i know im late but if you ever do a minecraft sub server, you should use a queue system similar to 2b2t
Saotic Il y a 17 jours
After the kat situation, you have your doctorate!
Mike Hawkis ichie
Mike Hawkis ichie Il y a 20 jours
Fact of the video-#1: focus on friends more than girls. the last thing I focus on is being around a “soulmate” the only thing that happens is your happy for a month or two and then it all goes down, life sucks dick stick with someone you know you can trust, not someone who will act sad while your the real on dying
PutrIsCool Il y a 23 jours
in and JANG
in and JANG Il y a 24 jours
Im gonna try these tips and tricks
Ascid Il y a 25 jours
just me or carson is a love doctor
Lacoulas 555
Lacoulas 555 Il y a 26 jours
nimbu_ Il y a 26 jours
This just in: February changed to have 31 days for smp liv season 2
TheLightningTrident Il y a 28 jours
Right as you were talking about Arby's being the best restaurant I got an ad for fucking Arby's lmao
SavageGod101 Il y a 29 jours
how do you trust women again
Zaczz Il y a 29 jours
Dr poki and love doctor Cason collab??
BottomTier Il y a mois
What is this video carson?
Deqkzy Il y a mois
*no sweat off my back*
Chemical_ R-E-D
Chemical_ R-E-D Il y a mois
This vid was great! No sweat off my back.
BellaBean Il y a mois
MR MLG PRO Il y a mois
“You were hiding and shit, then you weren’t” That was deep, I felt that
En Ay
En Ay Il y a mois
"What genre of music is better for a deaf person?" *"N I G H T C O R E ."*
The Modern Assassin
I know this doesn’t have to do with Carson’s commentary but I’m so glad he loves Breath of the Wild
BambamPewpew32 Il y a mois
7:19 bruh
Charlie1875 Il y a mois
I’m actually going to use the locker one when I eventually go back to school
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Il y a mois
This therapy is better than horse therapy, and I'm not just saying that because I'm allergic to horses
Ali Fuat Yildirim
Ali Fuat Yildirim Il y a mois
HE CLEARLY LİKES ! and this is awkward
Lane Welch
Lane Welch Il y a mois
Carson is white Obama!
Seth Foster
Seth Foster Il y a mois
16:39 Top Right
DrakonxMustar2 Il y a mois
This is outrageeos >:( As soon as I start playing BOtw CALLMMECarson starts playing it and apparently before me
Pizza Rolls
Pizza Rolls Il y a mois
He is the love doctor
Fruit y pebbles
Fruit y pebbles Il y a mois
2:00 I fucking feel this man's awkwardness and channel it into my own
Emily D
Emily D Il y a mois
The smp season 2 joke is funny because we are never getting to 2021
Lily Grace
Lily Grace Il y a mois
As a girl who watches Carson, I deadass would go out with someone if they pulled a do you come here often.
Beetlejuice Is god
Beetlejuice Is god Il y a mois
My only move .... Callmecarson and chill
Zach Il y a mois
I got an arby's ad from this video
Deedock Il y a mois
I’ll use the Arby’s advice
Cinnamontoast999 Il y a mois
How do I make women cower before me?
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
thank you Carson you really helped me get the love of my life! i am now in a very s*xual and r*mantic relationship with my partner which was originally my crush believe it or not! from the bottom of my heart thank you for the tips AND tricks! -me edit:thank you for 3k likes!
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
i get entertained easily
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
not even reddit thats cringe dude you are based
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
i only use twitter and youtube....
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
Random Coast Bro
Random Coast Bro Il y a mois
shut up instagram user bet you like fortnite and tik tok
HuskyWolf Gamer89
HuskyWolf Gamer89 Il y a mois
Carson literally went mad with power when he announced “I am the love god”
Shawny Il y a mois
I like how while theyre talking about love Carson automatically thinks of Icarly
Pen Island
Pen Island Il y a mois
16:36 Ganen pog
MrAnd MrsSkye
MrAnd MrsSkye Il y a mois
Thank you Carson! I kidnapped the girl of my dreams and held her for ransom to have her parents force her into marriage with me. I can’t wait to grow old with my wife, thank you Dr. Carson!
nerdygmr5 Il y a mois
this is my favorite version of carson
Christian Knight
Christian Knight Il y a mois
Sha warvo kadooshen doo had me crying
Travis Il y a mois
He is the love doctor
farisha aqilah
farisha aqilah Il y a mois
Nope I don't like when he like killed POKIMANE'S dogs in Minecraft so I'll thumb's down idk if you thumb's down at my commit I'm still going to do it EDIT:I'm goingt o thumb's down at all of his vids -_- (revenge!) >:)
Panzer Maxx
Panzer Maxx Il y a mois
be MY love doctor XD
emily ramirez
emily ramirez Il y a mois
It's all fun and games until February 31st actually comes around
gunlock177 Il y a mois
Carson mate read the rationale male it will help through the trauma
moe Il y a mois
How to get *da woman* Step 1: *van*
• Lvnoma •
• Lvnoma • Il y a mois
First time dating my boyfriend we watched CallMeCarson all the time, can confirm it strengthens relationships.
Nekaa Parasi Ch.
Nekaa Parasi Ch. Il y a mois
carson im asexual how do i get girls to stay away from me?
Me? Obama
Josh Cass
Josh Cass Il y a mois
His advice worked, I went to mc Donald’s with a girl. I’m now a sex offender and I have no legs thanks so much Carson
Virtual Fire31
Virtual Fire31 Il y a mois
Nobody: Me being Cringe: 3:50 Fire Chungus
It's Auch
It's Auch Il y a mois
Is it just me or is cal my carson a doctor of love
PartyCasacade Il y a mois
If you get a girl a trolls watch she will automatically wanna be your girlfriend.
Your Dad
Your Dad Il y a mois
Katerino be like: I’m bout to head out
Abyssaracnis Il y a mois
i shall reeeee
islump Il y a mois
Carson is my dad
Sam Halligan
Sam Halligan Il y a mois
I could not take dating advice from a more experienced person, he TURNED DOWN MIA MALKOVA FOR A GAG
grxcce Il y a mois
If u really want a woman in ur life, u have to be Harry Styles
Lastat Stately
Lastat Stately Il y a mois
Carson, I love your videos and how you have been making me happy again with your content. You are a true king that deserves the best, continue making the content and don't worry, be happy king.
Dragonwings206 Il y a mois
I started uncontrollably giggling when he entered the trial of hidden wind because I was imagining it as a fart joke
wams Il y a mois
just gotta say that i really love these botw streams and vids!!!!
Yu5efTyrAli Il y a mois
'2020 is a year of love and I'm the love doctor' - CallmeCarson, from SMP live finale stream
Yu5efTyrAli Il y a mois
Somewhere around the 3 hr mark
Unga Bunga
Unga Bunga Il y a mois
This is my favourite video of yours in a while, you're having so much fun in your own company and it's really nice
31gunsnroses Il y a mois
Happy to see Carson doing solo content and seemingly taking to heart that one video of a guy giving their opinion and advice on what’s been going on with him
Memes and weird stuff Daily
His server is going crazy, everybody is spamming its him
i5kilo Il y a mois
its him
Kohia Il y a mois
Literally the last person I would ask for dating advice
Floriansis Il y a mois
I decide to check out botw due to your streams now I’m addicted , carson.
Got Lost
Got Lost Il y a mois
President Obama Hotel Trivago
Kestrel 2045
Kestrel 2045 Il y a mois
Carson if you make a full compilation of you wheezing I will become the next dictator of Venezuela and make it not communist.
Thotimusprime Official
7:08 trauma
Fishy Scout
Fishy Scout Il y a mois
Wilkers Il y a mois
Poop, now give me my like
Honeydew Il y a mois
I want a Carson dating sim
udck Il y a mois
What's the outro song called? Anyone?
buzz Il y a mois
Dang, I thought you were gonna be charging one gold coin per love advice, and I was like, “in this economy? Dang” ya know?
AZNightFury Il y a mois
I like my own post becaused
it was my birthday!
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we don't know how to draw
Merry Christmas!
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