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sPEcial thanks to myself miranda sings for being so amazing and talentd.




10 août 2019

mirandasingsmirandasings08beautifullipscomedyfunnylipstickparodyyoutubeHAIRCUTACCIDENTCUTHAIR CUTCUTTINGhairstylemistake




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Commentaires 5 765
Kawaii Lydz
Kawaii Lydz Il y a 13 minutes
Me accidentally cutting my hair when I was three 😂
Nathaniel n' Cryzza
Nathaniel n' Cryzza Il y a heure
Miranda:NoT hEre DoWn hEre,Not hErE dOwN HerRE,nOt uP heERe doWn heRe! ||~A few moments later...~|| Miranda:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Me:🤣😂
Sebastian Andrzejewski
Sebastian Andrzejewski Il y a 2 heures
Your booiful just the way you are miranda
Keith Green
Keith Green Il y a 2 heures
Sorry about your hair we still love you
Unicorn Galexy
Unicorn Galexy Il y a 2 heures
OMG this is fake
Pink Eye r Robot Gamer Girl
2:06 Are You Saying Mama?
Pink Eye r Robot Gamer Girl
1:58 OMG
Pink Eye r Robot Gamer Girl
1:54 We Get It.....Lol
Billie_Eilish Fan
Billie_Eilish Fan Il y a 4 heures
I think she said she wants us to cut it at the bottom
maldak309 Il y a 6 heures
Subzero 12345
Subzero 12345 Il y a 7 heures
Nancy Vijayadevy
Nancy Vijayadevy Il y a 8 heures
We luv a good trimmy trim trim😂
Heath Gower
Heath Gower Il y a 9 heures
It is mathematically proven that 73% of this video was Miranda saying “not up here, down here.” 💋
Monster_in_Black Il y a 10 heures
Crack entered the chat
Slime Girl
Slime Girl Il y a 11 heures
This is how many times she said not up here down here 👇🏻
JADE PAARMAN Il y a 12 heures
joshua fenton
joshua fenton Il y a 13 heures
You or a hadr😈
choco boi
choco boi Il y a 13 heures
air plays
air plays Il y a 13 heures
Miranda:if u wanna tape hair on a baby a doll Me:I have a baby sis/brother on the way so oki
Suria Aris
Suria Aris Il y a 14 heures
Its ugly
Suria Aris
Suria Aris Il y a 14 heures
I hate your toturial
Suria Aris
Suria Aris Il y a 14 heures
So sad🙄
Sophie Gacha gurl ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
Oh no ಠωಠ
DandyKawaiiPrincess Il y a 15 heures
This is how many times Miranda said “Not up here down here” 👇🏻
Donald Quacky Duck
Donald Quacky Duck Il y a 17 heures
emma davill
emma davill Il y a 18 heures
This is how many times she said not up here down here 👇🏻
shalimar thomason
shalimar thomason Il y a 19 heures
not up here, down here lol how many times did she say that
Ashelyy Walters
Ashelyy Walters Il y a 19 heures
I had so much anxiety watching this even though I had already seen colleens video 😂😂
sammi Maddox
sammi Maddox Il y a 19 heures
Hahaha it's so funny to watch after watching colleens video 😂💛
Wolfgalaxygamer Wolf
Wolfgalaxygamer Wolf Il y a 21 heure
bellaglitter 57
bellaglitter 57 Il y a 21 heure
who thinks there should be a miranda sings emoji?
CookieDoughChlo Il y a 21 heure
Who else saw Colleens video?
The White RickJames
The White RickJames Il y a 22 heures
You have a mighty big mouth 😍
Ajayla Frick you
Ajayla Frick you Il y a 23 heures
Your beautiful hair
Sandy Alyon
Sandy Alyon Il y a 23 heures
*This video’s likes are at 69k-*
_Kayleigh_0fficial _
_Kayleigh_0fficial _ Il y a 23 heures
You can tell that half of that scared face is real 😂😂bahahaha
Shreya Gupta
Shreya Gupta Il y a 23 heures
not up here, down here
Yavette Hurt
Yavette Hurt Il y a 23 heures
Are you OK
Jay Il y a jour
When she went “👁👄👁” I died😭😭💀
Chloe Reid
Chloe Reid Il y a jour
Who else saw Colleen recording this video on her Chanel?! 😂
Landyn M
Landyn M Il y a jour
Wig type beat
Brody Bear
Brody Bear Il y a jour
When she yelled it scared me also was she being serious when she frealed out?
Cio & Jam
Cio & Jam Il y a jour
It’s a frickin hair extension
mayas camera roll
mayas camera roll Il y a jour
who else already saw this on her channel
Ms Beast
Ms Beast Il y a jour
Omg wig snatched 😲
Clive Vernon
Clive Vernon Il y a jour
Hi Miranda I am a big fan and this is my grandma's phone I didn't get my phone here and in my school they say that the ugly but I know what you say haters back off Kohl's girl
Keanon Van der Walt
Evie Gibson
Evie Gibson Il y a jour
I saw the video of you on your channel Colleen Ballinger 😋🤣😂☺☺😂😊
Pithuja Jeyakanthan
You should be more careful
Toast Girlz
Toast Girlz Il y a jour
I watched the other video and she was so nervous how to say Miranda will have short hair. She was so shocked and would not do it and then just did it.
Tri Pix
Tri Pix Il y a jour
Not up here down here not up here down her not u- *snips* *Stares in fear* Miranda:aaah! Mom!
Rayray Cute cute
Rayray Cute cute Il y a jour
She did not cut her hair
Dark wolfie2019
Dark wolfie2019 Il y a jour
bruh like isf u have u have short hair i do ↓
Cinder Wolf
Cinder Wolf Il y a jour
OMG!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sophie Rees vlogs
Sophie Rees vlogs Il y a jour
Did she actually cut her real hair?
Benita Paul
Benita Paul Il y a jour
That’s meat up😂🤣
rhinoknight plays
rhinoknight plays Il y a jour
Hahahahahahah u looked unglyer not ur look even mor uglyer
Love Mitzi
Love Mitzi Il y a jour
Amiya Miller
Amiya Miller Il y a jour
Sketch 0w0
Sketch 0w0 Il y a jour
I have short hair :3
Dalia Ghaleb
Dalia Ghaleb Il y a jour
OMG are you ok
Daniel Lai
Daniel Lai Il y a jour
please like my comment
Daniel Lai
Daniel Lai Il y a jour
Carissa Calvit
Carissa Calvit Il y a jour
We know ok not up down
gacha lea
gacha lea Il y a jour
2:02 the miranda voice went gone it was like collen's voice.......
Alice Joseph
Alice Joseph Il y a jour
Hailey Highlen
Hailey Highlen Il y a jour
Hey I have short hair!
Devon Rust
Devon Rust Il y a jour
This is by far. The most annoying fucking person on the planet.
Malaya Roberts
Malaya Roberts Il y a jour
I love you so much Miranda
CAJ Il y a jour
Who else came to watch this after seeing Colleen’s video lol
Hermela T
Hermela T Il y a 2 jours
Who is here after watching her vlog that she filmed this video in ?!?
Daria Georgiana
Daria Georgiana Il y a 2 jours
Holly& Toys
Holly& Toys Il y a 2 jours
Holly& Toys
Holly& Toys Il y a 2 jours
I don’t live in America but I’m still going to your tour
Emma R
Emma R Il y a 2 jours
her face at 1:59 🤣🤣🤣
Always Alexis
Always Alexis Il y a 2 jours
Long is gorgeous Guess you don’t look gorgeous anymore 😂
polok Il y a 2 jours
So braaav ahhhhhee
Mm Rr
Mm Rr Il y a 2 jours
Marinda you don't have to worry about your hair it's just a case of nothing you look buitiful just the way you are 💇💇💇💇
Mageratle2011 Cooper Cooper
That was so funny
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