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The 15th plant in "365 Days of Plants" is Hoya carnosa, which is commonly known as "wax plant" or "porcelain flower". I've covered hoya plant care quite extensively in previous episodes, but it's always nice to see a specific plant up close and personal, and in this case, Hoya carnosa is quite a popular houseplant as far as hoyas go.
In this video I'll cover where Hoya carnosa is native to, how it grows, where it grows, and best conditions for lighting, watering, fertilizing and more.
You can check out more of these videos here and on my IGTV @homesteadbrooklyn.
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15 mai 2019




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Commentaires 60
ugnius ugnisu
ugnius ugnisu Il y a 11 jours
Mine has leaves turning pink and yellow (whole leaves). Is that normal?
Gary Christiansen
Gary Christiansen Il y a mois
I have one it has always been in a glass of water. That is the way my mother had it and I know not what to do with it. It just flowered on long tenderils, about four foot long. Beautiful star shaped flowers in a circle and a nice perfume filled the air.
Kim Randolph
Kim Randolph Il y a 3 mois
I inherited my grandmothers Hoya carnosa when it was a couple of stems in a pot 40 years ago. It’s grown huge and I’ve ignored it too much over the years. I’ve put it in my screen house in the summer and forgotten to bring it in before frost but it survives. It weighs 25 pounds now. I am thrilled when it flowers but want to find a way to tame it down.
S l e E p Y P e G u I N
Can someone help me? Why is my Hoya leaves turning yellow?
Jasmina Mitrici
Jasmina Mitrici Il y a 5 mois
My grandmother calls it "mother mary's teardrop" :)
rustown1 Il y a 5 mois
I pretty much ignore it and it's very happy...easiest houseplant to's about 10 years old...I just top dress it maybe once a year and put it under the shower about once a month. Differently one of those houseplants you can kill with to much love LOL!
sadie sadie
sadie sadie Il y a 5 mois
I just brought home my first hoya! 💗🌿🌿🌿💗
Tayba Il y a 5 mois
Shouldn't we just pot all plants in a succulent mix? Well/fast draining seems to be the advice trend,,,
Arthur L
Arthur L Il y a 6 mois
When you say chill factor please be more specific. Do you mean 40 degrees F or 20 degrees F? How warm do they like it? I have a sun porch that gets to 110 F in the summer and down to -10 F in the winter.
Escape From NY
Escape From NY Il y a 7 mois
Does Hoya carnosa have thick rubbery branches, similar to jade?
Anthony Il y a 7 mois
Can I offer my 2 cents on Carnosa? I have 2 hanging is 35 years old and a 'baby' from the mother plant, 30 years old. I found that they do not like to be moved from one room to another, at least not during its adolescent stage. I keep mine in a unheated north room that emits only bright light through out the entire year. I rarely Fertilize, and under those conditions it blooms 2 or 3 times during the Summer months here in the east. BTW, i have only used potting soil. Like you said it does like to 'travel' and at times find some of them tangled to its neighbors. I just made an unusual move today. I took the 'baby' one and moved it to our south bedroom, where its warmer and some sun. The fact that is a mature plant, we are hoping to get the smell of the flowers in our bedrooms instead of being 'wasted' in the North facing room. Maybe that its a mature plant with its existing spurs, it may take the move nicely. Very nice video.
Brendan Dean Visual Art
I have a Hoya Carnosa, though the leaves are much darker green than this one, shiny with small silver flecks on them growing in a south-east window on the south-facing side, it's about 15 yrs old now and is pretty huge, approx 14ft of thick growth up, across and down the window, framing the whole view outside, I love it and usually have to prune it a lot every year. as you say it doesn't mind the cold in winter as long as it's dry. It is growing in a peat-based mix with compost and leaf compost and only gets watered once every two to three weeks in spring and autumn and once a week in summer. no water at all from October to March I recently got lots more Hoyas, It's becoming an addiction!
Ovid Bello
Ovid Bello Il y a 7 mois
I cant figure out if I have a hoya pubicalyx or carnosa. The freckles on my plant seem to be like a pubicalyx but not as exaggerated. I asked the store peeps but they weren't sure either
J Pat
J Pat Il y a 7 mois
Ovid Bello hey I got ones too it has silvery variegations freckles. I think if you provide it with more light with time it’s more pronounced.
anthony lewis
anthony lewis Il y a 9 mois
but they sure do well in water gardening, all my hoyas are in water but 1, they dont die on me in water
Red Butterfly
Red Butterfly Il y a 10 mois
All of my hoyas are attached on coconut husk, its crazy fast draining simply because its hanging air just dry it faster
anthony lewis
anthony lewis Il y a 11 mois
mealy bugs, om, once they get them, take cuttings and grow them in water, they tend NOT to get them in water grown plants, i just wish i could find them where i live in the south us
anthony lewis
anthony lewis Il y a 11 mois
i grow these in water ALL the time, they do well in plain water, i have several that have been in water for years, they root really quick in water, i love growing plants in water, and hoyas are perfect for that,
anthony lewis
anthony lewis Il y a 11 mois
i love them and they are impossible to find where i live, i have tons of them though, but they are not as easy to grow as people think, too much water, they die, not enough they die, i wish to heck i could find a hoya carnosa chelsea, but that one is impossible to find ANYWHEre unless you order from etsy and i wont pay what they ask
Sasha's Plants
Sasha's Plants Il y a 11 mois
Just picked one up today 😁
My Tiny Roots
My Tiny Roots Il y a 11 mois
Would hydrospikes be an option for watering?
Adri Acevedo
Adri Acevedo Il y a 10 mois
kelli Warkentin i dont think that would be ideal, since hydrospikes are constantly watering the hoya and doesnt allow for the soil to dry out.
Taylor Boyd
Taylor Boyd Il y a 11 mois
I need help, I have had a Hoya plant for over 15 years it is only bloomed one time I have done everything I can do and nothing works. Tell me what to do it is very big and long.
Taylor Boyd
Taylor Boyd Il y a 9 mois
@Iris I have tried that and it is in a south window for the last 4 years, Thanks
Iris Il y a 9 mois
Maybe use a fertilizer with more phosphorus? Or maybe it doesn't have enough light to bloom?
Sally Henry
Sally Henry Il y a an
I ❤️ THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Patino
Carlos Patino Il y a an
I’ve just got into plants and at first I didn’t understand the love for hoyas until I saw a Hoya Carnosa Variegated and loved the pattern. I got my second Hoya not to long ago it’s the Hindu Rope Hoya.
Tony Davies
Tony Davies Il y a an
a friend of mine gave me a start from his 100lbs hoya if cared for it can grow huge mineis 12 years old and over 15 feet long when i take it off the hoop it is on
NatureNaturally Il y a an
Summer, I love your videos but TBH I’m a little hoya’d out on your channel lol. Can we see more of a diverse selection of highlighted plants please? 😅😅
Matthew Aguilera
Great vid! I love my variegated Carnosas. I also really enjoy the close-up plant cam in your recent videos. It's very calming seeing you handle and displaying the leaves as you describe them.
Silia Valdez
Silia Valdez Il y a an
Is there a way to encourage blooming? Like specific lighting or nutrient needs. I have a Hoya that doesn't have any peduncles and would like to see if there is a way to encourage it.
Erin James
Erin James Il y a an
Mealybug Mealybug! Nasty!
Valium K.
Valium K. Il y a an
I love carnosa plants, they've also acclimated perfectly here in Attica, so we actually keep them outdoors!! In fact, both of mine actually remained unharmed throughout our unusually cold weather this year!! I only wish other hoya species were easier to find, but the local nurseries won't risk it. Have a great day!!
Ruby Liu
Ruby Liu Il y a an
Hi Summer! Could you also include if the plant is toxic to cats/dogs in your future 365 days of plants video? As a cat owner who's also interested in house plants, this is a very useful category for me
GisForGangsta Il y a an
Have you ever tried sanitizing orchid bark in the oven? I bought a bag that was contaminated with fungus gnats & don't want to just toss it😫
Pam's Pretty Plants
Look at that lush beauty 😍😍😍 I have a tricolor? Crimson queen? Princess? To be determined... mine hangs in the Southwest window with a sheer curtain and it is so happy there! Thank you for this enormous 365 project!! This is awesome!
greenteavirgo Il y a an
Can you give some advice on donkey tail sedum?? My mom is having trouble with hers and I don’t know how to help!
แล้วแต่จะไป ฝากติดตาม
I hope you have video about hoya obovata, please​
Myshan Amakisi
Myshan Amakisi Il y a an
Got my first hoya 4 weeks ago. Hoya Obovata, I think, it's so lovely. Absolutely love the shape.
Kyra D
Kyra D Il y a an
I blame youtubers for my hoya obsession that I acquired only about 6 months ago. Enablers! :-)
Marion Botanical
Hahahahah I totally do too (not for Hoyas but for my 80+ collection of plants I have now hahaha)
Jessica M.
Jessica M. Il y a an
Can you include in your plant videos if the plants you talk about are safe for animals?
Thanks for posting this. I just bought my first hoya carnosa a couple of days ago. Now all I need is the sun to come back. What a dreary spring we have been having.
Hanna Miralles
Hanna Miralles Il y a an
I've never clicked anything faster 😂 thanks Summer
shining star
shining star Il y a an
My neighbor went to Italy on vacation and I am plant sitting for her. She has one of these and it is huge! It is on a 4 ft. Stainless steel shelf stand in her kitchen. What surprises me is it is growing in a itty bitty 6 inch pot! She said she is going to repot it and I will get some cuttings😊😊😊 The blooms are beautiful and smell wonderful.
Rita Eagle
Rita Eagle Il y a an
I have a Hoya carnosa that I got from a cutting more than 20 years ago. She’s very happy and blooms a few times a year. I think you may be off a bit on origins. I read elsewhere that they’re from SE Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands- which makes more sense re where I got mine.
goddess131 Il y a an
hi Summer, thanks I just got this plant last Saturday.
Andrew Schoonover
Hey Summer! I know you said you're not super into orchids, but you should do a video on paphiopedilum orchids! I just got one and really do not want to kill it, I've been able to keep one phalaenopsis alive for a couple years now, but other than that am not super experienced.
She's my President
I am moving my hoya into perlite dense soil.. I have them growing in straight compost and they dont grow that much .. I think they like aerated soil
Sandy G
Sandy G Il y a an
Hi Summer! I think I have this plant. I was given cuttings, so don't know for sure. I need to repot some Hoya's so this was very helpful. Thank you for sharing!
givemeGumGuuuum Il y a an
btw summer, I kept my hoya cutting in soil under a plastic bag and it got some air roots ^^ so it seems to work pretty good in casual soil 👍 looks good so far!
Funshine4u Il y a an
I got terrible scale on my variegated Hoya. I nearly killed it trying to get rid of it. I used neem oil and hand on removal. I love my Hoya plants. I have 6 of them.
Payel Mishra
Payel Mishra Il y a an
I have the variegated one for past 6 months .. no growth.. still looks same !! How can I have it grow some leaves ?
Andrea K
Andrea K Il y a 2 mois
Payel Mishra brighter light
zooscientist1 Il y a an
Fahrenheit? lol. Muppet
Ruthie's Succulent Obsession
I recently purchased a Hoya carnosa so this comes at the perfect time for me. Thanks for sharing😊👍❤.
dee rojas
dee rojas Il y a an
I think I have this one. My didn’t have a tag 🏷. Thanks for all the info.
Holly Hasegawa Nielson
I have the Hoya carnosa and I love this plant, she is about 20 years old, and I got her as a cutting with just a stem and two leaves, she is much larger now, not huge, but really long trails, if I would have known about trimming she might be bushier now. But she blooms, it took at least three years before she bloomed but I love the flowers, so unique and pretty. I also just got a hindu rope and a hoya obovata. Thank you again for this series, loving it.
Stuart Beverly
Stuart Beverly Il y a an
Thank you that's cool preciate the video
Chelsea Mullins
Chelsea Mullins Il y a an
I love these videos!! You've done a few plants that I have and I get really excited when you do 😁 I don't have any hoyas because I've killed all the flowers I've tried so far.....I do really want a Variegated Hoya Compacta, though! Almost got one, but got an Alocasia Amazonica instead 😅 I hope you do Monstera Deliciosa at some point 🌱💚 I just got one
Peter Cardona
Peter Cardona Il y a an
I'm not Asian but I grow my carnosa in 100% coco chips with worm castings as a slow release fertilizer. I always soak my chips overnight then rinse & drain three times before planting. When bloom time is on the horizon I hit it with Espoma Bloom organic fertilizer (not sponsored😆) diluted at half strength. Personally, I'm a terrestrial hoya guy but this keeps my hoya carnosa happy and she rewards me with her beauty 😊💕🌿
amethyst stone
amethyst stone Il y a an
Well I'm going to subscribe in hopes of you one day getting your own channel.
Peter Cardona
Peter Cardona Il y a an
@Plants and Piggies thank you so much. If something I was rambling helped you then I'm a happy plant guy 😊🌱
Peter Cardona
Peter Cardona Il y a an
@Pam's Pretty Plants thanks you legendary Plant Mama. That's very generous of you to say!
Peter Cardona
Peter Cardona Il y a an
@Earth Boy Sun And Rain. The short answer is I don't really have the time at this moment to devote to making videos that would be up to my standards. That may change soon but I enjoy talking about and sharing information on plants and if someone can learn something to make themselves a better grower by something I can contribute that makes me happy. I did however set a goal for myself to start up an Instagram page this year! 😊
Plants and Piggies
Thanks for your comments! I love them too!
Deyanira Gómez González
Morgan Stevens
Morgan Stevens Il y a an
Great video! I recently got a Carnosa and I love her so much. One question - you mention trimming it when it gets a little out of control. I’ve heard a lot of people say not to trim the stems as that prevents the plant from growing flowers. How can I tell which stems are ok to cut? Or should I not worry about this?
Zion Lee
Zion Lee Il y a 4 mois
Morgan Stevens You don’t have to trim! Just install a tomato cage, let vines climbing on it.
巨人の肩 Il y a an
Btw, hoyas are very rewarding to propagate. When you cut off the ends, put them in water and let them root.
巨人の肩 Il y a an
The stems that flower have peduncles.
Pretty Bad Seed
Pretty Bad Seed Il y a an
i got a beautiful hoya recently, its huge and lush, but was heavily watered at the garden center it came from. When I went to repot, the soil was so dense and compact around the roots..any tips to go about getting all of the excess off of the roots to allow it to be put into a more well draining mix?
this is why we can’t have nice things
Oh Hey It's Jai You’re most welcome. Don’t need to feel intimidated by hoyas, they’re generally quite easy as long as you don’t overwater them. 😉
Pretty Bad Seed
Pretty Bad Seed Il y a an
this is why we can’t have nice things thank you so much! I’m so intimidated by this plant because it is easily my new favorite and I want it to be happy 😭
this is why we can’t have nice things
Oh Hey It's Jai I usually use water to get the excess soil off the roots. Just wash the rootball under a faucet, best do it outdoor because it can get real messy and you don’t want your sink clogged. Once you’ve cleaned off the soil, make sure to let the roots dry out before repotting the plant into new soil, especially for hoya because they hate wet feet. You can also physically and carefully dry out the roots with dry cloth or paper towels.
Robin Kumar
Robin Kumar Il y a an
Got this 2 days ago. So this is perfectly timed.
Hilary Bilary
Hilary Bilary Il y a an
Robin Kumar same. I had 4 hoyas delivered this week :)
vinod kumar
vinod kumar Il y a an
HOYAS XD Hmm native hoyas in my country tend overlooked compared to the Phillipine species. I see the small.flowered species on trees in parks. While the rare large flowered ones grow on trees near streams in the jungle.
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