How to Use iMovie - 2020 Beginner's Guide

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iMovie is a free editing app that comes with every Mac laptop and desktop. iMovie has a lot of editing features from beginner to advance and it's a perfect tool if you already have a Mac.
For more advanced editing, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and you can try it for 7 days here and watch the beginner's tutorial.
If you want to record a voiceover on iMovie, here is the mic that I use: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
In this iMovie tutorial, we will cover the 15 most essential tasks in iMovie.
Advance iMovie tutorial is coming soon.
1. Creating a movie project
2. Import media
3. Bring footage to the timeline
4. Change clip order
5. Trimming clips on a timeline
6. Split clips command B
7. Adding music
8. Changing audio levels
9. Fading audio
10. Separating audio and video
11. Adding transitions
12. Titles
13. VoiceOver
14. Color correction and effects
15. Export
Get Adobe Premiere Pro free trial:
Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial:
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Commentaires 64
Keith So
Keith So Il y a 14 heures
Wonderful video! Now I can get started editing my video!
Letty Liên
Letty Liên Il y a jour
Good job!
Barrito Cambello
Barrito Cambello Il y a jour
Danielle Mulhern
Danielle Mulhern Il y a 2 jours
Great teacher, not too fast, not too slow, very clear. Thanks :)
Danny Meza
Danny Meza Il y a 3 jours
Love the video! I'm just starting to get into editing and this is a lot of help! I have a quick question. What website or app do you use to download music in order to get the file into the video editing?
Lex J
Lex J Il y a 4 jours
VERY helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this!
Linda Shelton
Linda Shelton Il y a 4 jours
Thank you! I’ve been fighting how to edit for three days! Just watching this has taught me what I wanted to know!
grt002 Il y a 4 jours
Hi, thank you for the excellent video. Started dabbling in the program today and felt like it was not very intuitive to just pick up and play with without a reference for all the features of the software but this video was extremely helpful. Thank you very much!
Big Mo Zak
Big Mo Zak Il y a 5 jours
Liked and subscribed. very impressive quality of a tutorial!
ChimereTrielle Il y a 5 jours
This was very helpful. Thank you so much!
vanlindtclassics Il y a 6 jours
I was making a slideshow train photos with a Choo Choo soundtrack for 18 sec to show the train speeding by with it's boxcars and I did not want the Ken Burns effect and went to preference and click fit to screen & I still got the Ken Burns which kills it? Is there anything I can do?
vanlindtclassics Il y a 6 jours
Never mind my above problem I just solved it !
Anthony Christo
Anthony Christo Il y a 6 jours
you said 2020 but this is made in dec 17 2019
Howfinity Il y a 6 jours
It’s been the same for years
ASKFOODTECH Il y a 7 jours
good video !
J F Il y a 8 jours
What if you don’t have any footage where can you get it? Unfortunately not everyone can go out to film a great footage can you recommend anything else? Thank you
Howfinity Il y a 8 jours
You can use pexels or shhutterstock. Google royalty free footage and you’ll see a few websites for this. I guess non of us can shoot new footage now
Carlos R Cordourier-Real
Thank you! It was really helpful. Quick and simple.
Kristi Forshey
Kristi Forshey Il y a 8 jours
As a complete beginner with iMovie this video was an amazing tool to get started! Thank you!!!
María José Pastor
María José Pastor Il y a 9 jours
Very good introduction to iMovie. Thanks!
Lewis Nordan
Lewis Nordan Il y a 9 jours
I've gone through the save procedures several times and all I get is some bizarre .mp4 format (.mp4.jaosiuaw;erpas) which doesn't work. I did the compatibility thing, nothing was found to be wrong. I hate iMovie, never works right. Thank you for the video. I hope the other stuff you taught will someday be usable once iMovie saves.
Larry Garf
Larry Garf Il y a 9 jours
A terrific teacher! This was probably the best tutorial--on any topic--I've ever seen. I'm a beginner, and he clarified everything I was curious (and ignorant) about. Thank you!!!
Larry Garf
Larry Garf Il y a 9 jours
@Howfinity I'm a teacher myself, so I know good teaching when I see it!
Howfinity Il y a 9 jours
So happy to hear that. Thank you
THOMAS MULLACKAL Il y a 10 jours
excellent job!
Linda Smith
Linda Smith Il y a 10 jours
Great video tutorial, just what I need to get me started, and subscribed. One question, I want to produce an exercise video for clients, is it best to video the whole class in one take or individual exercises then put it all together. Many thanks
Linda Smith
Linda Smith Il y a 10 jours
Howfinity many thanks will give it a go this weekend
Howfinity Il y a 10 jours
Thanks. I rarely do one clip for anything. I always break it down to smaller pieces and edit them together.
Floyd Floyd
Floyd Floyd Il y a 11 jours
How do you get the music from something like apple music? Ive been trying to find a video for ages but i cant find one.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies Il y a 12 jours
Excellent and clear
aerozg Il y a 12 jours
Is there a way to turn the volume of audio track down and then back up in one take depending on the narration in the video?
Alice MSP
Alice MSP Il y a 14 jours
imovie doesnt work for me anymore? please help
Eduardo Martinez
Eduardo Martinez Il y a 15 jours
great job on this tutorial. I felt confident to start editing right away. Just the basics - best way to start!
Ev C
Ev C Il y a 16 jours
Six letters S.U.B.B.E.D
vanlindtclassics Il y a 16 jours
Wow -after spending 2 weeks on other imovie tutorials and was still lost -you gave me all I needed to know to get me started...I took notes and know what to do THANK YOU
srikanth vidapalapati
srikanth vidapalapati Il y a 17 jours
Thank you ...very useful information for me.
John McAllister
John McAllister Il y a 17 jours
Thank you very much for producing this, it is exactly what I needed to get going with iMovie
Brent’s world
Brent’s world Il y a 18 jours
i want to thank you for your skill on geting me to understand iMovie i have watch otheres and i learn nothing from them
dave chmilar
dave chmilar Il y a 19 jours
Wondering if you can help. I have an older mac with el capitan and imovie 9. Apparently the are glitches when trying to drop stills onto imovie, they appear blacked out. Best I can find is to convert image to video format and then it should work. I can't find out how to do that and convert to what kind of file extension. Dave
Erick Dichosa
Erick Dichosa Il y a 20 jours
Sir i downloaded it on my iphone yesterday and i have struggling adding multiple audio files to play it at the same time. What happen is everytime i add a second audio file it keeps replacing the existing one. It won't allow me to add another one. Can you plese help me using imovie on my iphone? Thanks
Dulce Resendiz
Dulce Resendiz Il y a 20 jours
Very much appreciated. Thank you sir!
EternalStudent Il y a 21 jour
Thank you so much. A long time Mac user and this is the best iMovie instruction video I have seen.
Ian Mark
Ian Mark Il y a 21 jour
Great video I learned a lot. You said in the intro that you were doing a series of more extensive videos on iMovie. Where are they I couldn't find them.
Ian Mark
Ian Mark Il y a 14 jours
Great. Please send me a note when it is done.
Howfinity Il y a 21 jour
Coming up in the coming weeks. Still editing a couple of them
AthenaBeth Black
AthenaBeth Black Il y a 21 jour
I have been using iMovie on my laptop since 2015, but for no apparent reason I'm no longer able to record a video using my laptop's FaceTime camera. Do you have any advice for fixing this issue? It's very frustrating that apple just updates/changes apps, making them unusable (at least for me). Thanks for any help!
Mr Jamito
Mr Jamito Il y a 22 jours
I have a problem to import video file to my new iMac os Catalina its showing not enough space when I import to I movie. my desktop is new and have 1TB space available. anyway thank to your video its awesome!
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson Il y a 23 jours
Damn, I needed this tutorial. Thank you very much, and I have subscribed, because I can use more of your tutorials.
JustbeingKatherine Il y a 23 jours
This was a VERY useful video. Thank you!
Donald Munro
Donald Munro Il y a 24 jours
I've been struggling with Apple's constantly changing versions of iMovie off and on for years. This is the best "instruction manual" I have come across. Thanks.
Marcos Il y a 25 jours
One quick question, is there a way to "save" the content in the "Time Line" for instances where a second movie needs to be created while not finishing the first one? I'm familiar with saving an "Event" but not a Time Line. Thx in advance.
A Hobbyist Photographer
A Hobbyist Photographer Il y a 25 jours
Excellent tutorial. Quick question: Do you need to clear the timeline after you export your video to start a new one?
Brenda Yu
Brenda Yu Il y a 26 jours
Thank you very much, it's super easy to follow the steps and very useful!
Dr. Mo Speaks
Dr. Mo Speaks Il y a mois
Thank you for this tutorial. I am just beginning my FRvid uploading and I need to learn how to edit. This has helped me. Thanks.
Simple to Success
Simple to Success Il y a mois
This is an awesome beginner tutorial!! I love you cover the important thing in concise manner. Do you have the 1 hour tutorial link?
Enrique M
Enrique M Il y a mois
When will The hours long class be released ?
Paul Bridge
Paul Bridge Il y a mois
Great video, am just starting out, and this helped me out a bunch, thx for that-
Gini Jarms
Gini Jarms Il y a mois
I’m not new to iMovie but I’m here because I haven’t used it in a while and it won’t let me select a clip to cut it keeps going back to the beginning and it’s annoying I was really hesitant to watch this video but hopefully it helps I will check back soon
Steven Matthew Hahn
Excellent tutorial. Thank you.
Basics With Priya
Basics With Priya Il y a mois
Very informative for new youtubers like me..Thanks 👍
Eldridge Palmado
Eldridge Palmado Il y a mois
Thank you for sharing, very helpful
GUNES KILIC Il y a mois
Great tutorial, thanks a lot!
IAM JNICOLE Il y a mois
Bryce ALMIGHTY 16 Il y a 2 mois
Bob Wagy
Bob Wagy Il y a 2 mois
I get an error message saying "Not enough Disk Space" when trying to import media. Have 80 GB available.
Brady777 Il y a 2 mois
thanks this is a great tutorial. Now i can edit my FRvid video!!
Drew C
Drew C Il y a 2 mois
Great and informative video ... but how do you delete a clip from the timeline if you don't need /want it ?
Tore Il y a 2 mois
Great - to the point - video. Lot of info in short time without lots of repetition. I liked and Subscribed :-)
Robert Chalmers
Robert Chalmers Il y a 3 mois
Excellent intro, thanks. There’s some good info in this.
Sley kid
Sley kid Il y a 3 mois
I just love this man, Am a beginner i just have an idea to start apploading videos to FRvid
noahsduck 4
noahsduck 4 Il y a 3 mois
I have about 5 years of editing experience using iMovie😂 Though I didn't learn anything new from this video(cause it's a tutorial of basic features) I still enjoyed and was entertained! Thank you!
Nitrogen29 Il y a mois
Do you recommend Movie?
noahsduck 4
noahsduck 4 Il y a 3 mois
@Howfinity yay
Howfinity Il y a 3 mois
Thanks for watching! Hopefully I can make more advance videos on this soon
ACleverCalf Il y a 3 mois
This. Is. Awesome. This is why I sub
Drew's Roofing & Home Repair
I want the Iphone i movie video I do not have it on my computer only phone I am a subscriber
Howfinity Il y a 3 mois
Ok. I'll make that soon. You can get it on a computer for free if you have a computer and it's easier than mobile version. I also have this video on another mobile edit software called adobe rush in the meantime.
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