How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

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Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. First I will show you how to remove the wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.
The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed out of the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. The upper control arm ball joint and tie rod can get stuck in the knuckle so I show some tricks on how to easily remove that. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to remove and replace.
Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts:
Rust Paint:
Impact gun:
Torque Wrench:
Bearing Press:
Ball Joint Puller:
Slide Hammer:
Ball Joint Press:
4lb Hammer:
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12 avril 2019

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ChrisFix Il y a 2 mois
Did you guys get notified by FRvid that the video was posted? Also when you watched the video, was there a screen that said "this video was flagged by the FRvid community and may be offensive" or something like that? Just wanted to check because I had issues last night which is why I had to postpone publishing the video. I hope it's all fixed and you guys learn a lot from the video! Stay tuned for the next video and then for a video that, well, covers a life changing event ;) Also for those asking why I am wondering, here is what happened last night when I went to publish:
Willie Powell
Willie Powell Il y a 3 jours
Notified, no flags
T T Il y a mois
No, you don't offend any one at all.
brendan taylor
brendan taylor Il y a mois
ChrisFix hey. Can u make a video on installation of radios & speakers ( in the delsol )
Bassem Dwidar
Bassem Dwidar Il y a mois
ChrisFix ok
John B
John B Il y a mois
ChrisFix what kind of pry bar is the curved one?
Riley Massie
Riley Massie Il y a 4 heures
Thanx chris i have the same del sol as you and I've used your vids of your del sol ever since I got it!!
Nick SE
Nick SE Il y a 8 heures
What’s suspension
Mario Pavic
Mario Pavic Il y a 10 heures
Hey Chris, I enjoyed your video
Standard Nerd
Standard Nerd Il y a 10 heures
This isn't meant to be a criticism, just an honest question because I don't know. If you are going to all that work to replace the entire suspension and even rust proof before putting everything back in, why wouldn't you just replace the control arms rather than remove the bearings and refurbish? Cost? Refurb is just as good? Thanks for the awesome video!
AutoJack Il y a 11 heures
Thank you so much man, you have inspired me to start working on cars!
Ya boy Brook
Ya boy Brook Il y a 13 heures
Ve Ce Papir.
Ve Ce Papir. Il y a 17 heures
This is how much times he said "remove" V
Adrian Loreño
Adrian Loreño Il y a 18 heures
Hey Chris, what’s up with flipping the nuts over before hitting them with the hammer? Couldn’t you have just loosen the nut, get it flushed to the bolt and hit it that way? Or am I missing something?
Noe Contreras
Noe Contreras Il y a jour
This is how many times he said remove V
Scheurer Il y a jour
in german a common name for the slide hammer is "wanker"
Salvador Artiga
Salvador Artiga Il y a jour
When will you stop using "Common" tools and get your hands on some "Legendary" or "Epic" ones
Tyler Hanks
Tyler Hanks Il y a jour
That poor screwdriver
el morenaje809
el morenaje809 Il y a 2 jours
hey chris big fan am trying to replace a radiator on a bmw x5 that am trying to flip cant manage to do it have any idea how to do it am from new jersey
Guillermo Vivanco
Guillermo Vivanco Il y a 2 jours
Chris you are the best, all over FRvid,
Emmanuel Gutierrez
Emmanuel Gutierrez Il y a 2 jours
What is the nut had a spring. I have been trying to remove it but is hard to take out
Anglo Saxon
Anglo Saxon Il y a 2 jours
Great vid. Good work.
Leonard Wood
Leonard Wood Il y a 2 jours
7:00 neighbors are like "Wtf is he doing??? touching himself outside?"
percy garcia
percy garcia Il y a 2 jours
Very helpful and very informal, thanks! I have a 1999 toyota corolla that I want change my front suspension on, do the same rules apply for every type of car?
Mike Il y a 2 jours
7:10 is how I do it 😎😉
y. o.
y. o. Il y a 3 jours
19:00 that's the most useful tip I have ever heard
RAFI MOSSADEQ Il y a 3 jours
I just want a legend friend like you you're a legend and awesome ❤️
RAFI MOSSADEQ Il y a 3 jours
Give a like to me if you like Chris fix a lot dis guy Is a legend
Adhithya Randeni
Adhithya Randeni Il y a 3 jours
I would say beeautiful
OG Fight night
OG Fight night Il y a 3 jours
7:06 🍆💦
gaming tv
gaming tv Il y a 3 jours
New Subscriber!!!! just 11 years old and i don't have a car but i still watching chris fix
Adonis E
Adonis E Il y a 3 jours
Nice work Chris! New subscribers here. I just bought a 2005 LR3 SE and the hub, arm control, brakes, rotors needs to be changed. Would you say it is the same way it will need to be replaced or do you recommend taking it to the shop. Don't have much experience (can do brakes, oil change) doing major work like that. Kindly advise. Keep up the good work!
pellergin Il y a 4 jours
The pointy part of the puller screw at 9:40 is not suppossed to come in physical contact with anything while in use; if it's blunt, the puller is might move under a lot of force, making the tool useless.
white lash 14/88
white lash 14/88 Il y a 4 jours
What a wonderful channel
Riley McCallister
Riley McCallister Il y a 5 jours
Me: uses a dollar tree screwdriver to put in brake to take out axle nut Screwdriver: snaps in half Me: crap Me: wait i think my dad might have a few snap-on screw drivers in his tool box Me: yaaaayyy And get the axle nut off So what im saying kids is if you use your tools and they brake. Always head to yourd dads tool box. He always has the good tools like snap-on
Kenneth Ebel
Kenneth Ebel Il y a jour
I'm the opposite. My dad is an IT guy and I'm a mechanic. He borrows tools from me
Riley McCallister
Riley McCallister Il y a 5 jours
Sent ti ago
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson Il y a 5 jours
7:06...that looks wrong
Jz Play
Jz Play Il y a 5 jours
I miss your videos so much 😭
Tün Il y a 5 jours
What car is that? Looks like a Porsche 944 but it’s a Honda.
BaruzA Il y a 5 jours
Ok buddy ok 7:01 xD
Seraphim401 Il y a 5 jours
How does one rent something for free?
999 Visible
999 Visible Il y a 6 jours
7:06 lmao
Monkeytz Il y a 6 jours
Hi Chris. Big fan here :) . Great video as usual. Do you have a video on how to fix Del Sol's water in the trunk/rear window problem? Or do you plan on making one? Keep up the awesome work. Peace and love from Romania :)
Mr Mr Jims
Mr Mr Jims Il y a 7 jours
I had same job done on 2008 Infiniti for 4000$
THE NK CHANNEL Il y a 7 jours
Is there a way to super clean the bottom of a car?
Jussihin Il y a 7 jours
Is there a chance to accidentally drain all transmission oil out when pulling the driveshaft out?
Anand Persad
Anand Persad Il y a 7 jours
you living in a nice place!
parales03 Il y a 7 jours
Do one on your 98 civic. You explain everything very detailed and make it easy!!!!!
parales03 Il y a 7 jours
If i replace the upper control arms will need to get an alignment redone even tho I already had one done?
Braden Doughety
Braden Doughety Il y a 8 jours
Anywhere I can find parts number list? I have a 94 del sol I’m trying to do this on. Thanks in advanced
MR E Homeskills
MR E Homeskills Il y a 8 jours
As I age I cuss less :o) I do use an electric corded torque gun.
ShadowLMG Il y a 9 jours
ChrisFix: this is so easy to do Me: cant even find a bolt
Miron swyst
Miron swyst Il y a 9 jours
Going on a third axel replacement from firestone...first 9 months, second 12 months, I drove 8k miles per year, the keep asking for labor costs...b.s. sick of firestone replacements parts. The original parts on my 1998 toyota Avalon hold ..@ 250 k miles...but everything that’s replaced breaks under 9k miles ...
ChrisFix Il y a 8 jours
Get OEM parts and replace it yourself to get the job done right.
jim green
jim green Il y a 10 jours
Chris if you can make a video about diesel engines and turbos that will be perfect thank you for your efforts .
jim green
jim green Il y a 10 jours
Samantha Gulcharan
Samantha Gulcharan Il y a 10 jours
Saran Gulcharan
Domitila Medrano
Domitila Medrano Il y a 10 jours
How about brembo brakes
crazy videos *
crazy videos * Il y a 11 jours
Please make video on how to install turbo kit in car ?
- YaBoyGrind -
- YaBoyGrind - Il y a 11 jours
After which suspension part replacement should you get a alignment done or check?🤔
Kiba Kun
Kiba Kun Il y a 12 jours
Does that apply for all the vehicles?
kevin miranda
kevin miranda Il y a 12 jours
Watching this video before I change my whole suspension in my truck.
ChrisFix Il y a 12 jours
David Horowitz
David Horowitz Il y a 13 jours
If you don't have one, you should buy an ultrasonic cleaner.
TIXSIYER Johnny Il y a 13 jours
5.17 random lifting quote that doesn't apply to the situation
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson Il y a 13 jours
about how much did all the parts cost. Did most of the parts come in the mail, or at a local store? I tried to figure the cost but kinda lost in the process, so if you have gross $ that would help me much. Thanks in advance
Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson Il y a 12 jours
@ChrisFix Wow, under $1000 for everything? I'm trying to price out the front end stuff like you did on the El Sol for a 97 Mazda. You giving me hope that I can get that done for a reasonable outlay. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, love your channel, and watch episodes multiple times to be sure that I get all the maneuvers
ChrisFix Il y a 13 jours
I’m in under $1000 including the cost of the car.
japspec96 Il y a 13 jours
What was the silver rust barrier paint? That's not linked.
D R Il y a 13 jours
7:04 me every night
Edilson’s dumb Videos
Edilson’s dumb Videos Il y a 14 jours
No one : Me 1am In the morning: 8:03
El Dwell
El Dwell Il y a 14 jours
Hey Guys! ChrisFix here, im gonna show you how to replace your entire wife!
Joni Ray
Joni Ray Il y a 15 jours
I'm in need of rebuilding the front suspension on my 89 ford bronco ii. My sway bar is barely attached, my ball joints are almost completely shoot, my breaks are a mess, no clue what else could be wrong. The problem is it's my only transport, and I'm not completely sure I can do the job. Wouldn't be a problem if I had the money to put it in a shop but I don't even think I have the money for all the replacement parts.
Tim L. PINE Il y a 15 jours
Hi Chris; Love your channel for so many reasons. One comment though- car repair and home mechanics can generate a lot of hazardous waste and contaminated wash water (note how you sprayed down the wheel wells, soaped it up, sprayed it down again). All that waste and dirty wash water has to be handled responsibly and not allowed to harm the environment. For instance, most wash water that goes down a driveway and into a gutter ends up flowing to a creek or lake or bay without any treatment whatsoever (there are some combined storm and sanitary sewer systems but they're pretty rare, especially in the West). Please make a vid where you show proper management of wash water and waste automotive fluids; it would really help your subscribers, and the environment, a lot. Cheers, Tim
boostedsil40 Il y a 16 jours
5:10 Lift with back in a twisting jerking motion,Ok got it.
boostedsil40 Il y a 16 jours
this is the second time ive heard camber wear but I was told by my teacher that camber doesnt cause wear its toe,But if you have camber negative or positive you will see this in the wear but the wear isnt from the camber is this correct?
mike andrews
mike andrews Il y a 14 jours
iv,e been a brake /front end mech. since 77 camber is a tire wearing angle
Jose Rodezno
Jose Rodezno Il y a 16 jours
Drinking game idea. Take a shot everytime he says beautiful.
Zachary Barksdale
Zachary Barksdale Il y a 17 jours
That would have been a great time to check if you had any play in the steering rack, it's really frustrating to put it all together and find out after the fact that the major problem was the rack. Then you would have to pull it all apart again to replace it.
Aysha's Kitchen
Aysha's Kitchen Il y a 17 jours
Hey if i boaght a car for 300 $ how much may want to spend on it to get it going
5uccme Il y a 17 jours
2:22 now i do understand that everybody has one
Blake Mcphillip
Blake Mcphillip Il y a 18 jours
Install turbo on mustang
Can Senpai
Can Senpai Il y a 18 jours
how did you learn that much about cars?
ToastyCornFlakes Il y a 19 jours
If you cant get your ball joint out of your lower control arm, jack up the suspension ever so slightly from the ball joint itself, and wack the sides of the lower control arm. It’ll release.
brushie _jp
brushie _jp Il y a 19 jours
Do you have something on replacing that upper ball joint on that control arm? The arm is rust free but that ball joint design looks like a pain to get out of it.
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts Il y a 19 jours
Great presentation Chris. As hobby you should take up filming. The camera shooting is excellent!
raymond tuzzio
raymond tuzzio Il y a 20 jours
Me: cris fix works smart not hard cris fix’s parents have entered the chat: only if you did that In school
Marcus383 Il y a 20 jours
“You wanna make sure you buy oem or better parts” please tell us how you find all these parts or kits with nice parts. Have a dodge truck and there front ends suck wanna get something better then oem
godhealedmefrmcancer Il y a 21 jour
I appreciate and enjoy your videos. Do you have a video on how to replace Timing Belt/Chain on Ford 2008 Territory Thanks
Khaled bishara
Khaled bishara Il y a 21 jour
Love your video's Mr. Fix Keep it dude! Ty
Sean Santiago
Sean Santiago Il y a 23 jours
Thank You Dad!!
Andrez !
Andrez ! Il y a 23 jours
Why couldnt you get a new knuckle
Shutto Il y a 23 jours
didn't make sense when we were having our theory lesson
John Doe
John Doe Il y a 24 jours
Dude.... I've watched, idk how many videos on FRvid, spanning many different content segments, and I gotta say (after only watching just one video of yours this one). That your ability to speak, to explain, to provide examples of when, why and how, your pace, your voice (yes your voice and how you sound is important in FRvid videos) patience, and how you even considered the thought of someone not owning a power tool and made this video accordingly. I'm not impressed easily at all, but when I am, I give due credit. You have a gift, you'd be a incredible teacher or lawyer best FRvid video I ever watched on ANYTHING sir make this your template in terms of execution cuz you did the damn thing on this one a dumb-ass can change a entire suspension after watching one of YOUR videos lol kudos to you sir
Boldrin Erasmus
Boldrin Erasmus Il y a 24 jours
Hey Chris just saw the video, very helpful, I'm in south Africa cape Town, very informative and helpful, replacing tie rod ends now after watching your video, Keep Up the good work.
Japie Bruce
Japie Bruce Il y a 19 jours
Howzit!! From Vereeniging
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons Il y a 24 jours
Nice video going to rebuild the front end in my truck relaxing built not bought
Drew Trailer
Drew Trailer Il y a 24 jours
Wish I had that impact. I go Neanderthal hand tools. Sucks. I’d have to save for a year for that
Martin McSoar
Martin McSoar Il y a 25 jours
Have you done an easy interior detailing video? I couldnt find one and honestly I need it. I buy and sell more cars than i ever thought I would and detailing the exterior is easy enough for me, but I'm tired of paying for interior detailing but I'll also never sell a dirty car. Lol.
Fernando Chavez
Fernando Chavez Il y a 25 jours
I love ChrisFix
Joe Orton
Joe Orton Il y a 26 jours
Great video now I'm headed to my garage to dismantle my leg and rebuild it
Michael Dailey
Michael Dailey Il y a 26 jours
Extremely helpful, thank you so much.
Diego J. Vazquez Ferrer
Diego J. Vazquez Ferrer Il y a 26 jours
You should get a 350z
Johnny Martinez
Johnny Martinez Il y a 27 jours
Hey, Chris. How do I know which hub bearing specifically to purchase for my car? My 1996 Toyota Corolla is 4 lug and would like to make it 5 lug like this. Do I order the 5 lug hub bearing for a newer model Corolla that is 5 lug?
Syed Mohammed Osman Hassan
Please do a video on how to Remote start your car/ installation of remote start. Thank you for all the videos. Love to see new suspension on car.
DjNaresh Il y a 27 jours
dude u the man! your videos have help me so much thank you man.
David Craner
David Craner Il y a 29 jours
Paint it
Ben Oehlschlaeger
Ben Oehlschlaeger Il y a 29 jours
Hi Chris. My wife's 2004 Sienna has a shimmy when braking. I've replaced, rotors and pads, calipers, wheel bearings, and lower control arms. The control arms were clearly bad and that helped, but I still have shaking when braking. Tires are good and they are balanced. What else could it be? Struts? Sway bar linkage seems tight when pulling on it. Tie rods won't wiggle when I pull on them. Thank you for helping.
Lance Patterson
Lance Patterson Il y a 29 jours
He has the best easy to follow videos,very informative and helpful. Keep it up. Hope to see a toyota project sometime
Corey French
Corey French Il y a mois
id like to personally thank you for your videos. they have helped me thought hell. i drive a 95 honda civic dx. seeing the fixes to all those common honda problems is great. keep this stuff coming chirs.
Your Mommy
Your Mommy Il y a mois
First, big thank you for your videos. Almost every video motivates me to do car repair by myself. Here is my experience: 8:08 I would rather use special removing tool right from beginning instead of hammering it down with nut on the stud. As you said after you hammer it down you can have problem to unscrew nut. And it can be tricky to clamp down stud hard enough to unscrew nut. Also it's possible to damage rubber. I would like you shed some light on how to screw nuts when you install new knuckle. I had same problem with spinning studs and nuts. And you cannot just clamp down stud because: 1. After you tight down nut it's hard or impossible to remove clamp tool. 2. Most likely you damage rubber with clamp tool. P.S. Did this job last Saturday. I'm very proud of myself. Thank you again!
Aiden Harrison
Aiden Harrison Il y a mois
I don’t know what bolts have more rust. The ones on that car or the ones on the titanic