How To Make A Tres Leches Gelatina Cake | Q&A With My Mom!

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28 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
J. Brown
J. Brown Il y a 3 jours
pinche sergio bailadorr
Laura Vazquez
Laura Vazquez Il y a 3 jours
How does your mom talk so good in English
Yennevy Cervantes
Yennevy Cervantes Il y a 3 jours
I like how your mom dresses and does her makeup!😍 unlike some other females her age that dress like they’re 18🤣
Laura Vazquez
Laura Vazquez Il y a 3 jours
Is that shade for Candy😂
Mia Luna
Mia Luna Il y a 12 jours
Ok but did she say New Mexico cuz that’s were I am fromm
Nora Gandarilla
Nora Gandarilla Il y a 19 jours
I love your mom! She’s so humble and gives great advice! ❤️😍
Veronica Sandoval
Veronica Sandoval Il y a 24 jours
Love to watch channel i using your recipes saludos from Seattle Washigton
Sugey Gallardo
Sugey Gallardo Il y a mois
Facts! I’m 27 and invested my money in a home and drive a Honda. I felt better knowing that I invested my money in something that doesn’t loose its value.
Lizett Avila
Lizett Avila Il y a mois
she spoke facts in this whole video 😌
AntonioTheGamer Il y a mois follow me
Fred Vigil
Fred Vigil Il y a mois
I'm From Animas NM
Sharquisha Dafuq
Sharquisha Dafuq Il y a mois
I guess this is very true for a stay at home mom but not every girl is going to be a stay at home mom lmao
pretty BabyMomma life
"" if you wanna have em 💅🏻you gotta know how to work emm " sooo dammmmm TRUE lol
pretty BabyMomma life
I love how she explains everything so perfect and how honest and opened she is to the public with CONFIDENCE "🤍
Eleyna Aguayo
Eleyna Aguayo Il y a mois
Wow, your mom is nothing what I was expecting. She sounds down to earth, smart and blunt. My partner is a Leo & Leo's are hard to deal with. I'm not surprised why Melody is quiet around her 😂
lareyna Il y a mois
Laurita Garza
Laurita Garza Il y a 23 jours
lareyna you are a hater!! porque te cai mal pero bien que estas aqui mirando sus videos que sube😂 si no te gusta go troll somewhere else with your bad comments! Al fin todo lo que asen los youtubers es parte del show for the followers and the haters of course!! Your doing a great Job Jose you and your mom!
lareyna Il y a 23 jours
Alyssa Fernandez I’m not a Hater dude no más ke caí mal por hechon su mamá no le enseñó eso pero como dice su propia mamá ke es bien fachoso su Propia mamá le dice y eso le aplaudo 👏🏼👏🏼
Laurita Garza
Laurita Garza Il y a 23 jours
lareyna Hater!!! Let the kid be
Kimberly Chavez
Kimberly Chavez Il y a mois
Your mom sooo prettyy😍😍😍💋her makeup popping tho
Angel Marquez
Angel Marquez Il y a mois
You want a stepdad
Jasmin Lopez
Jasmin Lopez Il y a mois
Y’all talking about she’s a real women not like candy.. she could beat her ass. You think she’s gonna look at the comments and be like “yup I’m better than her” a REAL woman also doesn’t bring down other women like all of you grown ass women in the comments sounding dumb
Veronica Gamez
Veronica Gamez Il y a mois
Look delicious for sure i’m making the strawberry horchata my kids will love it thank you for sharing your receipt 🙏👏🏻💖
Tania Munoz
Tania Munoz Il y a mois
I love your mom ❤️ beautiful humble and strong🦁🌹Leo
Kay Lopez
Kay Lopez Il y a mois
her nails are so pretty
Ima Eema
Ima Eema Il y a mois
Mom is a true beauty
Jess Ma
Jess Ma Il y a mois
I just love how ur mom is so down to earth!!!!! She has a new fan ... how can she be so damn classy, fancy and humble.. a true queen!!
Ángela C
Ángela C Il y a mois
Jess Ma educated too she gives good advice
Christian Leal
Christian Leal Il y a mois
that cake looked so good. I want to make it now but need a bit more explanation to detail, your mom should upload a video on her page, just saying. I would definitely follow.
Franci Aguilar
Franci Aguilar Il y a mois
She has a youtube account now
Angelica Chavez
Angelica Chavez Il y a mois
How are u guys going to call him stuck up u don’t even know him personally 🤣
Angelica Chavez
Angelica Chavez Il y a 29 jours
El Ángel ok why don’t u see that for yourself instead of listening to what others say I judge him based of his videos and he don’t seem bad
Ángela C
Ángela C Il y a mois
Angelica Chavez girl open your ears even his mom said he can be selfish and very self centered and called him presumido , inpatient etc
Belinda S
Belinda S Il y a mois
Uuhh yes momma got it right. Selfish and self centered!
Lizbeth Andrade Aguilera
shes so cute and so organized we love herrrr
carol del cid
carol del cid Il y a mois
Jacqueline C
Jacqueline C Il y a mois
Arishna Cabebe
Arishna Cabebe Il y a mois
I love your mom shes definitely real love how she gives step by step instructions i cnt wait till she makes more videos
Latin Vybez
Latin Vybez Il y a mois
Yooo it looks soo bomb!! We are definitely recreating this soon. Saludos from NC 👋🏽
Yoselin Jimenez
Yoselin Jimenez Il y a mois
I think every Mexican knows momma don’t like his girlfriend 😂😂😂
Arianna Perez
Arianna Perez Il y a mois
What is the 3rd can she used for the 3 leches? Evaporated milk 1/2 of lechera and what was the other??
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia Il y a mois
Nestle media crema
Ana Cardona
Ana Cardona Il y a mois
Oooof la regañada que le dio 😂😂😂 but she said important things i hope he listens
Dana Ramirez
Dana Ramirez Il y a mois
Wow love the way your mom expresses herself and she seems sp humble and down to earth !
Brenda B
Brenda B Il y a mois
Mommas advice is A1 !!! She’s a real one !
Ilyyxxlari 805
Ilyyxxlari 805 Il y a mois
your momma is so smart and humble dude, I respect her she’s just looking out for you, give you consejos so that in the end it’ll benefit you. She sounds a lot like my parents, trust me she wants whats best for you she wants you to be happy too even if it is with your ‘Burberry ‘ just be educated and don’t forget where you came from.
Jimenez Celia
Jimenez Celia Il y a mois
I love how your mom is so straight up
Jimmy Cisneros-Gonzalez
I live there in Mexicali
Yolanda Chanez
Yolanda Chanez Il y a mois
Thalia Ojeda's Music
Porque es bien a locada como la Madre
Vanessa Palacios
Vanessa Palacios Il y a mois
Wow , she needs a yt channel 😬
Vanessa Palacios
Vanessa Palacios Il y a mois
Ana Arellano i know ?
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano Il y a mois
She does have one lmao
isabel perez
isabel perez Il y a mois
Does she have a channel? She should this is what FRvid channels should be filled with good content that can have you learn something beneficial. She explains everything really good.
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano Il y a mois
Her channel is Hilda Chavez
Yessica Velasquez
Yessica Velasquez Il y a mois
Wow your mom is soooo real and soo humble! She only wants whats best for you and she definitely knows! Very smart woman!! And beautiful..spend more time with her instead of Candy who only wants views
Jennifer Lemus
Jennifer Lemus Il y a mois
You could of just washed your hands 😂
Your mom is beautiful dude 😍
Celeste Polonia
Celeste Polonia Il y a mois
I feel that Jose's mom is afraid for her son getting in trouble for going out with a minor! I feel Candy is aware and in their vlogs Jose and Melody does not show any inappropriate behavior only friends having fun with family. BTW Jose's mom reminds me of Chucky's wife lol, SORRY
Thalia Ojeda's Music
Wtf?? Lol que mala
edna martinez
edna martinez Il y a mois
Dam yo momma real asf 💯
Clara Il y a mois
Do a taste test on future videos!!!
yajaira perez
yajaira perez Il y a mois
momma ochoa needs to make her channel!💕love her attitude, her humbleness &most important her real-ness about life &you! no tiene pelos en la lengua &that’s an amazing example of a mother! good job mom!💗👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻
Diana Gloria
Diana Gloria Il y a mois
Your mom is smart and humble. She really is the definition of a "mujeron" not some childish girl who tries to act grown, and Especially not a grown ass woman trying to act like a teenager still. Your mom will always have your best interest at heart, and don't ever let anyone belittle her by trying to make you do stuff yoir parents wouldn't approve or support. She threw some very eye opening shade that HAD to be said #SorryNotSorry.
Monique Gonzalez
Monique Gonzalez Il y a mois
Diana Gloria ong she so humble The Aguilar need to be like her they fs taking yt for granite when they need the pay check it there chose when they want to upload on yt ‘’ there so busy ‘’ Putting on a 20 minutes little show for you guys to watch so u guys can watch it when they don’t even act ‘REAL’ , that’s why MARIA FORM US ALWAYS PUT HER ON BLAST THAT ONE TIME
Alexa Il y a mois
My mom is just like your mom
Ricardo C.
Ricardo C. Il y a mois
Hermosa Reina 👑
Michelle I.
Michelle I. Il y a mois
I’d like for her to give me a reality check!lol
Mariah Ramirez
Mariah Ramirez Il y a mois
You should make more videos with your mom she’s a real woman ‼️she’s not childish.
Jocelyn Ramirez
Jocelyn Ramirez Il y a mois
So gorgeous and amazing personality !💜
unknown l
unknown l Il y a mois
I really like how Jose mom really is so mature she’s really nice classy and beautiful she speaks her mind out ❤️
Maritza Oliveros
Maritza Oliveros Il y a mois
A real woman love how blunt and smart she is!
Angela Il y a mois
I recommend more videos in the future with your mother
Angela Il y a mois
Your mom loves you! She's only teaching you and that's the best thing to get from a mother.
Joanna Il y a mois
His mom is a true Leo Woman that I look up to ♌️ she’s so classy, knows how to carry herself, and is beautiful!! I hope to be like her.
No One
No One Il y a mois
Now your mom is a REAL MUJERON ... PERIODDDDD .!!
lisa marie martinez
You two are sooo cute together! Love your mom!
Bonnie Doll
Bonnie Doll Il y a mois
Your video just popped up on my list ! I love the way your mom explains things ! I hope she makes a chanel ! I I can't wait to try this cake ❤
Eunice Orellana
Eunice Orellana Il y a mois
Such a sophisticated and intelligent woman on top of that she’s beautiful she needs her own YT channel!
Wendy Sanchez
Wendy Sanchez Il y a mois
Eunice Orellana i agree!
Michelle Olguin
Michelle Olguin Il y a mois
You should do more videos with your mom..we only have one mom and you for sure want to create memories with the one women that will love you unconditionally..saludos to you and your mom.
Marissa Marin
Marissa Marin Il y a mois
Your mom is so bomb!! So pretty ❤️
Celeste Polonia
Celeste Polonia Il y a mois
She looks like Chucky's wife LOL
L. L.
L. L. Il y a mois
I would have to say it’s better to finance in order to build your credit...
Karen Bahena
Karen Bahena Il y a mois
L. L. Yess
Yathziry Serrano
Yathziry Serrano Il y a mois
I believe your mom has a lot to tell Candy 💀
PrettyBoi FLACKO
PrettyBoi FLACKO Il y a mois
as she should 😌💅🏽
Wig snatched
Wig snatched Il y a mois
Tbh i wouldn't pay your car si fueras mi hijo especially si ya vas a cumplir 19 you should have a job by now 🤷🏼‍♀️ paying your own shit and no you don't need experience to work my brother is 17 he had 2 yrs to pay 3,000 for a bahamas trip once he graduated and he got a job and finished paying last month (trip got canceled 🙄) the mofo ya hasta cuenta de banco y todo tiene he loves that brand clothes and shoes but instead of thinking of himself he thought about my momma and pays for his own shit it's not about "imagine having a son that doesn't think about himself " it's about imagine having a grownass son that doesn't think about his mom como vas a endeudar a tu mama all over again
Wig snatched
Wig snatched Il y a mois
L. L. buying a new car is not an accident are you 10 or something?? oh for sure educating your kids to be lazy bums is always ok tf 🤣🤣🤣
3 days
Bonnie Silva
Bonnie Silva Il y a mois
Beautiful and yummy 😋
Sofí Rodríguez
Sofí Rodríguez Il y a mois
9:55 he looks like a niño regañado 😭😭😂
Alucard Peach
Alucard Peach Il y a mois
"Did you ever hit him?" "I still do!" I'm the same kinda mama lol
Alucard Peach
Alucard Peach Il y a mois
I'm just drooling seeing that big bag of abullita I can't freaking spell
Theresa Sanchez
Theresa Sanchez Il y a mois
I like your mom please do another cooking video with your mama😘 btw im new😛
Kayla R
Kayla R Il y a mois
Wow I really love your mom she’s so smart and humble! Just overall a fantastic lady. Hope she decides to make a channel!
Estephanie Monsivais
Kayla R she actually recently did!
Cristina Ruales
Cristina Ruales Il y a mois
What is her yt channel? I want to subscribe!
Cristina Ruales
Cristina Ruales Il y a mois
@Eveelyn Sahagun Ortiz thank u Chula
Eveelyn Sahagun Ortiz
Hilda Chavez Found it but.. she has no videos
Joanna Navarro
Joanna Navarro Il y a mois
Jose is more humble when he’s with his mom I like him better here
Annette Cervantes
Annette Cervantes Il y a mois
Josesito tell your mom to make a channel, we wanna see more cooking videos and her make vlogs!
Annette Cervantes
Annette Cervantes Il y a mois
K M thank you!!!
K M Il y a mois
She has one Hilda Chavez
Sandii L
Sandii L Il y a mois
Omg I love your mom!! I want to be like her when I grow up😍😍🙏🙏 Please do more videos with your mom. I love to hear her life advices.
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