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Let me help you learn Japanese in a really neat, cheap and easy way!
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15 mai 2017




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Commentaires 3 137
laundry basket
laundry basket Il y a 19 heures
I can speak English and polish, and I’m going to start spanish next year in school. I want to learn Japanese also, because I’ve never been challenged when learning a language. Polish and English I learned before I even went to preschool. Spanish is very easy, so I want something difficult, and Japanese is definitely hard.
Adeeb Jagirdar
Adeeb Jagirdar Il y a jour
The only doubt I have is that do you really play Candy Crush
Abdulmalik Mandani
Abdulmalik Mandani Il y a 3 jours
I think this is the worst way to learn japanese. But good to meet people
Reitō Kirā
Reitō Kirā Il y a 4 jours
Delete candy crush right now.
eckyhecky gaming
eckyhecky gaming Il y a 5 jours
0:05 Fans: Joey how did you get so god damn fluent in Japanese Meanwhile in Vietnam Friends: how did you get so god damn fluent in English Me: FRvid ???
Luffy Ichigo
Luffy Ichigo Il y a 5 jours
Are you Indian?
MattiTheFuckingWeeb Il y a 6 jours
i'm japanese so i can help u if u want.... 勉強したいなら日本人の俺に頼っても良いぜ
wolfystar Danielle gacha kid 动漫生活
I cannot find Hinative on the app store where is it. *._.* I'm on android, wait, what, *IT ISN'T FOR ANDROID?!*
howaboutme Il y a 9 jours
a little tip for you people who want to learn japanese. use lingodeer, it's free, and it's more useful than duolingo. duolingo specializes in languages like french, german, etc. while lingodeer focuses on languages like japanese, korean, and chinese.
Lisa Luther
Lisa Luther Il y a 10 jours
So it's kinda like a pen pal in an app.
xd Zypherhacker
xd Zypherhacker Il y a 11 jours
hello or should i say hallo im german myself and i am allowing myself to test you a bit .... translate :hallo mein name ist the anime man und ich liebe anime
Kaimetsu Il y a 11 jours
Lol he said talk to Japanese people how can I talk to people speaking a different language if i can't even talk to people who speak english
stavr 1
stavr 1 Il y a 11 jours
ふぉれあl。。。。 しっ。。。。。 じゃぱねせいっ れあぅふぁきごはろど。
Andrzej Wanoski
Andrzej Wanoski Il y a 11 jours
I tried Polish and found it hellish. My ancestors had very flexible tongues. But, why Hungarian and German?
Jai Il y a 12 jours
My man says "Tagalog" like Catalogue...
NWinnStudio Il y a 13 jours
The problem with this app is you have to have a pretty high understanding of the language you are trying to learn.. Doesn't seem good for beginners. Y-Y
Mohamedou 33
Mohamedou 33 Il y a 17 jours
first it's not free as the title says second if you are zero in Japanese why talk with a native speaker if you have no vocabulary to use third hi native is only effective when you have tons of passive vocabulary that you want to transfer to active vocabulary by speaking hence improving your ability to speak
Max Does Almost Everything
Wait so whats the best way to learn Japanese??
sagar singla
sagar singla Il y a 28 jours
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about fastest way to learn to speak japanese try Sovallo Amazing Japanese Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe Il y a mois
I'm using Duolingo. It's going great!!
Yellow Vintage
Yellow Vintage Il y a mois
When you're watching anime for so many years but you still can't understand Japanese ಠ_ʖಠ
Synthetic Symphony
Synthetic Symphony Il y a mois
ありがとうございます! Also, when do you use spaces in 日本製?... If... at all...
Suga's hoe
Suga's hoe Il y a mois
he was learning hungarian wow so cool im hungarian
Uciha Afifah
Uciha Afifah Il y a mois
I learn japanese by watching anime for about 18 years....since I was small...I don't remember how old I am,that time I still can sit on my father's lap XD.but I'm not fluent, just can understand anime or japanese drama and film without sub but not 100%.and I can't read unless easy one with hiragana.btw I use duolingo to learn new japanese kanji character its nice until its crash on my phone:)
René Gauthier
René Gauthier Il y a mois
I tough it was an application to share. Like i help you in french and you help me in japanese. But you actualy need to pay to use it. I dont realy want to pay, to help someone in french. 96 000¥ per year just to share with native poeple is pretty dumb. I'd rather go on one of the 10 000 others match apps.
Zeppeli Zeppeli
Zeppeli Zeppeli Il y a mois
please dont be a phase, please dont be a phase, please dont be a phase
hentai hero
hentai hero Il y a mois
Watch ...
Keen Il y a mois
The problem with native speaking apps is that you will need to come up with a plan and a topic to discuss and make sure you atleast know hiragana and katakana first. Also people who you practice with will most likely stop appearing online after a while. I had that happen quite often so speak to as many people as you can and you may form a permanent friendship with someone but just so you know that there will be many Japanese people who use it for a while and then quit suddenly. I dont know why this happens but I had it happen frequently with most people I practiced with.
Jimin's jams that Namjoonie stole
The fact that i got a Duolingo ad makes this weird
Gaby Iero
Gaby Iero Il y a mois
I'm a Jojo fan, I don't need Japanese lessons, I've learned enough... KONO DIO DA!
shalom 1989
shalom 1989 Il y a mois
There are a few components to speaking Japanese online . One resource I discovered that successfully combines these is the Japanese Magic Method (look for it on google) definately the most incredible remedy that I have ever seen. Check out the great information .
Van Michael
Van Michael Il y a mois
I've been researching into speaking Japanese and found an awesome website at Japanese Magic Method (check it out on google)
jhon L.
jhon L. Il y a mois
There are many components to teaching yourself to speak Japanese easily . One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Japanese Magic Method (check it out on google) definately the most useful remedy that I've seen. Check out all the amazing information .
Faith Rowat
Faith Rowat Il y a mois
Is it safe are they going to send you bad stuff
Faith Rowat
Faith Rowat Il y a mois
Can they spell it in romji
Alan Felipe Gomes
Alan Felipe Gomes Il y a mois
Kojicoco Il y a mois
my mother is a native Japanese speaker. but i don't want to look like a fucking idiot asking a question to her
Schrodinger's Cat
Schrodinger's Cat Il y a mois
when you actually encounter the real guy without knowing
DeviDoesEverything Il y a mois
You wanna know how to speak tagalog? O0o ME COUNTRYYYY
Neon Spartan
Neon Spartan Il y a mois
Non disclosed sponsorship?
「 yen_luxx 」
「 yen_luxx 」 Il y a mois
*Taga log*
I Am Orange Juice
I Am Orange Juice Il y a mois
Literally the most useless app for beginners. This is more useful for intermediate people. You can’t know something you don’t understand.
Stingray 2000
Stingray 2000 Il y a mois
In language apps What I hate the most is the leaderboards and users levels It make me unintentionally use the app as a game
Aikah Lu
Aikah Lu Il y a mois
I can read Japanese (except Kanji) but learning it is tons harder.
Vandana singh
Vandana singh Il y a mois
Ummmm... Google Translate
EdwinRmz45 Il y a mois
1-Learn Hiragana 2-Learn Katakana 3-"Try" learning basic Kanji 4-Get a book course 5-Talk with people (Japanese ones) Step 1 and 2 are really easy, believe me.
Seadric Il y a mois
Tag-a-log shudders Its ta-ga-log
ツX_Riplezz Il y a mois
"How To Learn Japanese in The Best Way Possible For Free!" This vid is a whole ass sponsor video lol
Raven Margot
Raven Margot Il y a mois
I heard the noun kanjy (I hope that this is how you spell it) and want to know is this it or is t something else: 東京喰種. It translates to Tokyo ghoul (my favourite anime I have already leant how to write it on a sheet of paper. Please someone give me an answer.
Raven Margot
Raven Margot Il y a mois
How can I learn to write Japanese and all that stuff
Za Zithym
Za Zithym Il y a mois
Watch anime
Sumit Harsh
Sumit Harsh Il y a mois
Are u on amino ?
Yamiko Il y a mois
Well, there's a problem, I can't speak with someone even in my native language
Snowstorm Il y a mois
IThinkHe Il y a mois
Yeah its called anime
雲川春太 Il y a mois
damn u read fast, I'm fucking slow
Nora Kulcsar
Nora Kulcsar Il y a mois
Kpop Potato
Kpop Potato Il y a mois
Dude I use Memorize it’s amazing and uses real Japanese people to teach you so it’s really good
Colin Henley
Colin Henley Il y a mois
If anyone feels like they aren't ready to use HiNative just yet and want to find a pretty comprehensive introduction to the language, here are a few of the platforms I've used: 1.)The Japanese From Zero! Video Series by George Trombley 2.) Learn Japanese Pod Podcast on Spotify 3.)JustKana (app) and/or RealKana (online website) for hiragana and katakana. For Kanji, I think it's best to use a method that at least hits the 1.)definition, 2.)reading and writing, 3.)stroke order, and 4.)context aspects of the Kanji. I'm using a less conventional deck named Kanjidamage, which is PG-13 but great for mnemonics that will stick, and also a few apps called Kanji Study (for Android) and Satori Reader (for reading and context). I hope this helps someone!
Colin Henley
Colin Henley Il y a mois
Also about the Kanjidamage deck comment, that's referring to an Anki Deck from Anki, which is one of the most powerful study methods an individual can use if they want to self study a topic with a lot of content (i.e. a language). There are several great pre-made decks for Japanese Kanji, hiragana, vocabulary, grammar, and more, but you can also create and customize your own deck for study.
Darrell Calabia
Darrell Calabia Il y a mois
bruh the way your man says' tagalog', reminds me of how my irish teacher tried to pronounce my spanish surname (he never got it right for entirety of the year, well mostly because he was afraid of saying it wrong again).
FBI Il y a mois
Твое имя
Anime in 2019