How to Crash a Wedding

Joana Ceddia
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Hello my dudes what’s up how’s everybody doing? I have a couple things to say.
1. This is my 69th video so everybody give themselves 69 pats on the back. I wanted to thank you guys for getting me here. To my camera: you’re a real one. To imovie: this is all your fault. So claps all around guys!
2. I wanted to thank you guys for the generally positive reaction on my last video. It’s great that I can be honest and you guys will still listen. Also, to stan twitter: thanks for getting butthurt over my comments and proving my point.
3. I have to make a note about my PO box. I will be closing it in two weeks because I will be travelling a lot in August (more on that later) and then I’m off to University so I won’t be able to respond to those who send me stuff. So, if you want to send me something, now’s your chance! If you did send me something over the past few months, I just wrote 100 letters to 100 random people who provided a return address so check your mailbox!
Joana Ceddia
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9 juil. 2019




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Bxby_ Bxlla aa
Bxby_ Bxlla aa Il y a 5 jours
“I look really good in white” -Kelly Kapoor
Pandora Gacha
Pandora Gacha Il y a 8 heures
Twenty Øne Neighbørhøøds
Bxby_ Bxlla aa thats what I thought!
Hannah Robinson
Hannah Robinson Il y a 2 jours
The offices yessss
Allie Animates
Allie Animates Il y a 2 jours
love thattttttttttt
Matthew Holten
Matthew Holten Il y a 3 jours
I was thinking abt this too
It's Sienna
It's Sienna Il y a 16 minutes
rachello .yello
rachello .yello Il y a 23 minutes
Omg cristine would ne proud of this video The nails btw
xXTHELEECHXx Il y a 26 minutes
I'm so glad this was in my recommendations! Had me laughing the entire video! I love your rhetoric!
MONIKA #MMD Il y a heure
OMG! You ate paneer pakoda and samosa... You made my day with your humour. Lots of love..❤ from, India.🙏
ahhh 234
ahhh 234 Il y a heure
Joana ceddia jokes make me laugh so hard my 50000th cousin can feel it
ahhh 234
ahhh 234 Il y a heure
Joan you are amazing and I love how much your videos make me laugh and you are butyful
Julia Grudges
Julia Grudges Il y a heure
simply nailogical is shook
viviana salazar
viviana salazar Il y a heure
Dear, Shrek Start posting 2 a week ur on vacation so that means u have more time to post and if u could post part 2 of Minecraft PLEASE!!!
Lotus Hatanaka
Lotus Hatanaka Il y a 2 heures
nobody: not a soul: Not even god: me walking into the school play as a mary 0:00
its rewind time
its rewind time Il y a 2 heures
Nobody: *That pesky mosquito flying across your food: **0:01*
Team Parkhill
Team Parkhill Il y a 2 heures
“I’m a boobie guru now, so fite me.”
XxParis xX
XxParis xX Il y a 2 heures
Not being rude but good luck on the toilet
Acrotwins __Official
Acrotwins __Official Il y a 2 heures
anyone know what she uses to edit besides imovie?
Zhulsya Louise
Zhulsya Louise Il y a 3 heures
She should be in Big Bang theory cause she has their vocabulary
you are in a j- 14 magazine!!!
Always Honey
Always Honey Il y a 4 heures
l. Gjhjbubyvuy
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez Il y a 4 heures
I feel like you could be the next Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Mad Die
Mad Die Il y a 5 heures
Your mom is adorable
They can bounding over *inaudible noises*
2:59 Joana: it's time to strain them. with no strainer in sight😂
Vicki Gotschall
Vicki Gotschall Il y a 5 heures
Simplynailogicl has entered the chat
Arielle Julia
Arielle Julia Il y a 5 heures
I love your parents’ accents omg
kindest kai
kindest kai Il y a 5 heures
oh you're so cute
『 v e l u 』
『 v e l u 』 Il y a 5 heures
Persona encargada de subtitularlo al español, hazlo :((( por favor
Lia Baskerville
Lia Baskerville Il y a 6 heures
what's the name of the powder you used to shine the nail polish?
Abby Steele
Abby Steele Il y a 6 heures
I honestly want to dare you to make a homemade hair brush, like 💯% try to make a real hairbrush. I feel it would make for a interesting * hilarious * video 😅😅
Sally M
Sally M Il y a 6 heures
I had a dream you dIeD! So I had to watch this video immediately after I woke up 🤪😳
Avery Fallon
Avery Fallon Il y a 6 heures
I just found u Watched all ur vids Showed u to all my friends learned that we should be speaking German u are my new idol
Just Random
Just Random Il y a 6 heures
Your parents look so nice, and I was positively surprised to hear their voices
anime weeb
anime weeb Il y a 6 heures
so is no one gonna point out the Joana went to that wedding looking great but her hair...its not done in any special way?
dorkylust Il y a 6 heures
buffing your nails isnt a 'trend' its just a technique.....
Art Stuff
Art Stuff Il y a 6 heures
I love how supportive your parents are! My mum would decapitate me if I filmed a video when we had to go out, your parents are wholesome goals and look v cute in their outfits
Amelie Il y a 7 heures
You're dad's a meme
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez Il y a 7 heures
I honestly liked what joana was wearing.Plz notice joana.
cowgirl Brianna
cowgirl Brianna Il y a 8 heures
Can't you have a dog now sence you have more time
OklahomaBorn1970 Il y a 8 heures
I have no idea why this was in my recommended. But I did enjoy your energy and the nature of this video's content. Oh yeah the food did look awesome! Thumbs up for the random cute girl vid enjoyed it a lot. 2.4 million subs is nothing to laugh at.
feather heart
feather heart Il y a 8 heures
okay, i want you to have bangs.
Emily Kaurin
Emily Kaurin Il y a 8 heures
You need to do your self portrait from a year ago and remake it
I like Waffles
I like Waffles Il y a 8 heures
“Extremely Extra, Extremely unnecessary, and exactly what I need to do”😂😂👌
Izzy Jaramillo
Izzy Jaramillo Il y a 8 heures
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Il y a 8 heures
Just found out that she created this channel like a year ago... wth
Rolando Torres
Rolando Torres Il y a 9 heures
Crimson Cloud
Crimson Cloud Il y a 9 heures
Micheal Scott
Micheal Scott Il y a 9 heures
do you use a camera or just your phone camera- btw I literally love you more than my own mother but lets not talk about that. and what do you use to edit bc like me want know gracias
최고 Il y a 9 heures
It's nice that joana appreciates other cultures and does not make fun of it. we stan a culturally respectful youtuber
최고 Il y a 9 heures
Joana is now a nail guru, cooking channel, and PARTY ANIMAL
최고 Il y a 9 heures
apparently you're not allowed to wear white at a wedding because you're not supposed to look better than the bride, which is hard because i look better than everyone. *gags*
This Slice Of Cheesecake Deserves Better
"i look better than everybody" - My foot
Hannah Il y a 10 heures
I was today years old when I learned that your parents have accents
that one artist
that one artist Il y a 10 heures
Question: are you gonna swim in college like on their team?
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